Aims of the School

It is our aim to offer a high quality learning environment, an environment where every member of our school community is valued and respected. To this end we will endeavour to create a happy, safe, responsible, well ordered and stimulating community in which children can flourish.

We want to develop children to their potential. To achieve this, school will help pupils to:

• Develop lively enquiring minds, to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills;

• Equip them to develop appropriate relationships with other children and adults and be sympathetic to the needs of others;

• Acquire the skills of self-discipline and self-management; to understand the need for rules in the school, the community and beyond;

• Appreciate human achievement and aspirations;

• Instil respect and tolerance for religious and moral values of their own and other cultures in society;

• Attain knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to our local and global communities;

• Understand the world in which they live, including the interdependence of individual groups and nations;

• Acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to subsequent stages in their education, adult life and employment;

• Use language and numbers effectively.

In this way we seek to work with parents to fulfill each child’s intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.