Enrichment Weeks

As part of our Creative Curriculum, we spend a week every term, linking all our lessons and activities to a specific area of the curriculum around an unusual or exciting topic. This enables the children to benefit from deep learning, and to develop their understanding, knowledge and enjoyment of the world around them. The range of themes has been varied and has represented the full curriculum. Take a look at the videos for a flavour of what we do.

Music, Fashion and Art Through the Decades

There was a distinctly retro feel to the week, as we kicked it off with a fancy dress day to represent the different decades. During the week, classes learnt about the music trends and fashion icons from the 2000s right back to the 1940s and 1950s. We listened to popular music of the time, studied artists and sculptors, participated in drama workshops, designed album covers, and created outfits that would dress a person from a particular decade. We even learnt some dances, so great fun was had by all, and the adults certainly enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

A Sailor's Life for Me

Based on the book, 'The Snorgh and the Sailor', this week had a distinctly seafaring feel. In the book, the Snorgh meets an adventurous sailor, who tells of fantastic adventures and amazing creatures, causing him to dream like he's never dreamt before and eventually inspiring him to follow in the sailor's footsteps. Workshops from the Seven Stories team began a week of adventures in other lands, challenges and creative activities, including painting a giant underwater frieze with artist Paul Belcher.

Active Lifestyles Week

Keeping fit and healthy was the name of the game this week, when we learnt about healthy diets and kept our hearts pumping and muscles active with a whole range of activities: zumba dancing, hoola-hooping, scootering, basketball, football and judo!

International Week

Visits from inspirational story-teller Adam Bushnell, Lingotots and educational chef Sarah McAllister meant that every class was able to experience a range of international-themed activities. We learnt how to cook paella, crepes and omelettes; we listened to legends from around the world and invented our own story characters; we sang songs in French and made smoothies to Spanish instructions.

Horrible Histories Week

With each class learning about a different British monarch, from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II, the whole school became a hive of royal activity. Story-teller Chris Bostock told each class tales of kings, queens, knights, princesses and bravery, and the week was crowned with a Royal Banquet and fancy dress parade.

Bootcamp Week

All things fit and healthy dominated this week, with each class focusing on a particular sport. The highlight of the week was an army-style assault course and training day. Atten-tion!

Chocolate Week

Heaven is a week filled with chocolate! From the history of chocolate to designing, making and marketing our own chocolate creations, this was a week to remember...

Crazy Tables Week

Who'd have thought that maths could be such fun? Learning our times tables was the name of the game, but we also got to dance to maths with Dance Equation, problem solve on a giant scale with The Problem-Solving Company, as well as make and solve maths trails around the school grounds and lots more.

Africa Weeks

This started in style with the amazing Lions of Zululand, who sang and danced for us, before leading various workshops. The next two weeks were filled with activities and lessons linked to the theme of South Africa, from World Cup maths and mask-making, to Nelson Mandela's fight against Apartheid and collages inspired by South African artists.

Bootcamp week
Healthy Lifestyles Week
Maths Week
Africa Week
Horrible Histories Week
Water Week
International Week