Emmaville Primary School

Africa Year 4

Welcome to the Africa Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 31st March
We have had a lovely week in the run up to the Easter holidays - topped off by a marble jar treat this afternoon. The children have had great time sharing their board games :)
This week we have done lots of work on the Easter story. The children showed their incredible depth of knowledge in our Prayer Space session on Monday and then wrote beautifully in their short burst writing, about the resurrection and the story around it, on Thursday and finally, they decorated their eggs in celebration of Easter eggsellently! 
We hope you enjoy the pictures!
Happy Easter Holidays Everyone
Friday 24th March
Enterprise Enrichment Week
The children have thrown themselves into the business world this week and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 
I have been really impressed by all the children and their attitude to group and team activities. We've recognised that it isn't always easy to work as part of a team but that everyone brings something to the work and what we can produce together can be really impressive. 
The children started the week being inspired by Marie Curie and created human sculptures based on her life and works. We then got creative designing and building bridges, which was harder than we thought it would be! Our next task was to create a Lego of a business product which we then had to pitch in front of the whole year group. We have some brilliant minds out there! Later in the week we wrote and shared our own businesses as part of our writing and oracy work. 
At every stage of the week I have thought, this is the best bit or, they have produced their best work here, only to be blown away by the next bit. 
Well done to each of you, you should be really proud of what you have achieved and I hope you are inspired for what you might achieve in the future! 
Happy weekend!

Friday 17th February

In science we are learning about living things and their habitats. This week we went on an Invertebrate Hunt.

Invertebrates are living things which have no back bone.

We went on an invertebrate hunt to see what we could find in our local habitat.

We found lots of pictures of invertebrates and we collected them and used a classification key to identify what each invertebrate was.


Friday 10th March
Africa class this week we have enjoyed creating some dance inspired by books and stories as part of our World Book Day celebrations.
We worked with West End in Schools to create our work based on The Enormous Crocodile and the children really enjoyed the session. 
Here are some pictures of the dance we created.
Happy Weekend!
Friday 3rd March
We have had a lovely week this week, World Book Day being a particular highlight. The children have all joined in so well with the work we have done as part of this. As a class we worked together to create a book inspired by some of the work we have done in class. We hope that you enjoy the results of our work...! Can't wait to share it with you!
Here are some photos of us hard at work in our fabulous outfits!
Happy Weekend!
Friday 17th February
We have worked really hard during our last week of this half term. We have completed our explanation texts in English, explained the processes involved in the water cycle and explained our viewpoints on the Tudor Monarchs. 
We had a discussion about whether Queen Mary I deserved the title 'Bloody Mary'. We thought about how the people under her rule would feel about her reign. In groups, we created a freeze frame of 'the burning of heretics' and tried to think about how different members of society would feel about the 300 people she had burnt at the stake. We were a bit divided as a class so we had to explain our reasons to try and win over those who disagreed with us.
We think that Mary I did deserve the title, 'Bloody Mary' because she had 300 people burnt at the stake as they had a different religion to her. We would argue that this was unfair of her. 
On the other hand....
We do not think she deserved the title 'Bloody Mary' because Henry VIII had 70,000 people put to death and he doesn't have the title 'Bloody Henry'. He also had two of his wives beheaded simply because they didn't have a son and we do not think this was very fair.
What do you think?
Happy Holidays!
Friday 10th February.
We had a real treat in English this week with a visit from Adam Bushnell. We based our work on our knowledge of the Tudors and learnt about explorers and the places they visited. 
We put on conquistador armour and held their weapons. This was great fun! We then thought of adjectives to describe our conquistadors and wrote about what they were getting up to. One of the things we found most interesting was the types of fruit they brought back to England and how much you could rent a pineapple for!
We hope you enjoy the pictures!
Happy weekend!
Friday 3rd February
We have had a really fun invention week in English lessons. We have been using a video called The Dreamgiver as our inspiration.
The children have then written descriptively about the character of the dreamgiver, developed ideas for and written about their own dream adventures using their own special items as inspiration and have created comic strips about either one of the dreams in the video or their own dreams. 
We have been blown away by their creativity and descriptive ideas. Well done everyone.
Have a lovely weekend :) 

Friday 27th January.




This week we have really enjoyed completing our action stories in our English lessons. We have practised using speech punctuation to support our writing and have incorporated this really well into our work.


In our Art lesson we have been developing our painting skills. Over the last few weeks we have been learning about tinting and shading colour. We have used a colour and then added white to create tints then added black to create shade. We have learnt how this helps us to create depth within our artwork and in particular how it helps us to create 3D effect paintings. Today we looked at different textures in paintings and learnt how using different painting tools created different textures.

Hope you like the pictures of our work.



Happy Weekend!

Friday 20th January

We are lucky to have a Hockey coach working with us during our Tuesday PE sessions this term. The children have all been working hard to perfect their skills and remember two hands on the stick, keep the ball low and shoot accurately. We are looking forward to our Hockey competition in March!

We have also started choreographing our own spy dance. I have been blown away by their imaginative and creative approach to their dance! Well done everyone.


Happy weekend! 

Friday 13th January

What a fabulous first week back we had. It was lovely to see all the children back after a lovely holiday.

We started the week with a great science lesson where we found out about States of Matter. The children put their knowledge to the test by acting as molecules in each state. See if you can work out which ones they are showing.

We also had a wonderful music workshop this week. We learnt about fashion and news stories from each decade and were treated to some classic hits.