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Africa Yr 4

Welcome to the Africa Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 26th March
This week in Africa class, as part of our work on Ancient Egypt we have made shaduf's during our DT lesson. Egyptian farmers use shadufs to get water from the river to dry land. The bucket is dipped into the river, and the weight on the other end of the "see-saw" makes it easy to lift the water. We used clay and our pencils to help design, and make our own model of a shaduf. The Ancient Egyptians would have used them along the River Nile to help water their crops in a process that we learnt is called 'irrigation'. 
Friday 19th March
Our second week back at school and what fun it has been. One thing I would love to share from this week was our hockey lesson on Tuesday 16th. It was great to be outside with all of the children back together and we had some great fun playing games with each other. We jumped over our sticks, played a game using the compass points and practised dribbling in and out of cones - which was much harder than it looked! Overall, it was a fantastic lesson and I cant wait to see how their hockey skills develop over the coming weeks.
Friday 12th March
Wow, our first week back together has flown by! I just want to say a huge thank you to all of Africa for welcoming me on my first week with all of the children. It has been great fun getting to know each and every one of you with lots of fun activities planned to ease you back in to school.
We have had a real focus on kindness this week and we all contributed an idea into our 'Random Acts of Kindness' jar. We have all agreed to spread some love and joy as we know the lockdown period has been tough for so many. Our first 'act' was to be kind to 3 people today, so hopefully you have managed that and we will see what other things we pull out of the jar next week!
Thank you for an amazing first week.

Friday 18th December.

Well, we’ve come to the end of a lovely term! Well done to all the children for settling back in to school so well and for having such a great attitude towards Year 4 life.

It’s been an absolute pleasure teaching the children this term and they have all made great progress in their work :) Well done!

This week, we have particularly enjoyed creating a performance of ‘Jingle Bells’. We used our science work on pitch to help us work out which notes to play. We then looked at the glockenspiel and, without playing a note, worked out which keys would be high and which would be low and explained this brilliantly using our scientific understanding.

Enjoy our performance!

We have also had a lovely time getting excited for Christmas this week. Enjoy the photos and spot familiar happy faces from our Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Panto afternoon, Christmas lunch and The Christmas Party!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas and bring on 2021!

Merry Christmas!

Love Ms lamb xx

Friday 11th December
We've got to the end of another lovely week :) The children have been working really hard and completed some excellent writing based on the nativity story. They've written from the point of view of the donkey who takes Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. It's been lovely to see how the children have interpreted the story. Well done!
I would also like to celebrate their fantastic dancing. We have been looking at expressing emotions and feelings through movement. The story we used as inspiration was 'Giraffes Can't Dance'. The children worked really well as a team to develop a series of movements that would portray different animals as well as confidence, clumsiness and joyfulness.
I hope you enjoy their performances as much as we enjoyed creating them.
Happy Weekend :)
Ms Lamb

Friday 4th December.

What a lovely week we’ve had this week. We have completed our work on instructions and produced some more beautiful writing and in math's we have put our addition skills to the test using mental methods to support our work with lengths.

I’m really impressed with the work we have done during R.E over the last couple of weeks. We have been learning the familiar story of the nativity but looking at it in depth and finding out more about the symbolism within the story. It’s been lovely to find out more about what these familiar symbols mean and how they are used within the nativity story.

The Star which guides the Wise men represents how we all can get lost sometimes but there will always be a light to guide our way.

The gifts represent how we can show appreciation for those we love by giving them a present.

The donkey and stable represent how Jesus came from a humble family then went on to become a great but kind and humble man and shows us that we can achieve great things but we must also remain kind.

We also thought about symbols we might use to portray ideas within Christianity and came up with some lovely suggestions, for example, a heart to represent the love we are shown and that we show our friends and family.


Finishing on a very exciting note - We have filled our marble jar! Great effort everyone :) have a great weekend.

Ms Lamb

Over the last week we’ve been treated to two different types of online author talks, one from poet Matt Goodfellow and the other from local author David Almond. It was great to hear about how much they enjoy the work they do and how they each found their own styles.

Matt Goodfellow told us that poetry is a really great way that we can express ourselves. He told us about how poetry can be great to write because we can make the rules and we can find our inspiration anywhere. He then read us some of his own poetry which was great fun to listen to.

Matt set us the task of finding some poetry inspiration during play time and then to ‘write, not get it right’ which means to jot down our initial thoughts which we can turn into poems later. We used our rough ideas to create our own playtime inspired poetry and the results were fantastic! Not only were all the poems well written, but the children read them brilliantly as well. I hope you enjoy listening to some of our poems :)

Happy weekend!

Ms Lamb

Friday 20th November

This week we have learnt about the Tudor family tree and talked about the importance of the Tudors in our History. The children were able to recognise each family member and talk about the dates that they were crowned (or married to Henry VIII). We also talked about the Windsor Royal family and their family tree and the children were really interested in how it all worked. We then put together a family tree for the Tudors to use to support our future learning about them.

A big well done to Myles and Max who came 1st and 2nd in our class on TTRSs in the latest tournament – really proud of your efforts and the whole class for pulling together so well :) 

The children are also working really hard on Accelerated Reader and last week we had 16 children get full marks on their quiz! I'm so impressed with this! Well done!

Happy Weekend!

Ms Lamb

Friday 13th November.
Another fabulous week under our belts! Well done everyone. 
We've had a great week learning about working together and helping each other in our PSHE sessions finished off with a great Children in Need celebration with Joe Wicks this morning. I hope you enjoy their 'Silly Billy' dance as much as we enjoyed doing it.
Well done everyone for your fantastic Bake Off entries - it was SO hard to choose between them all and I'm very sad there wasn't a taste test involved as they looked delicious - enjoy eating them!
Have a lovely weekend
Ms Lamb :)

Week ending 16th October

We have had a very successful week this week, we have completed our Persuasive Writing unit and edited and written up our persuasive writing texts. Look at our fantastic handwriting as well!

Over the last few weeks I have been particularly impressed with the development in our explanations during maths lessons. The children have really focused on making sure we explain their approaches and  working clearly to show off their great understanding.

This week we have been learning how to read and write using Roman Numerals. First of all, the children have had a great growth mindset towards this new task and secondly, they have been particularly brilliant with their explanations and reasoning. Listen to the examples below.

Well done everyone – great effort!

Happy Weekend

Friday 9th October.

Happy weekend everyone!

This week the children have blown me away with their fantastic persuasive writing. Having studied the 'I Spy' text so well, they were able to use it to support their own persuasive writing. I am looking forward to seeing the finished write ups next week.

In our Geography lesson, as part of our Human Geography work, we picked on our knowledge of the Roman invasions of Britain and learnt that they laid our early road systems which have been developed into the road systems we use today. We then used a transport map of the UK to help us think about how people might travel around the UK. We also thought about which of these transport options would be the most efficient for example, you could travel by car, train or plane from Edinburgh to Newquay but it would be most time efficient to fly. We then developed our knowledge of the compass and used it to find out where places were in relation to one another, for example, Newcastle is east of Carlisle, London is south of Cambridge, Dublin is nest of Liverpool and surprisingly, Edinburgh is due north of Bristol!

Well done everyone

Have a lovely weekend

Ms Lamb

Friday 2nd October.
We've had a lovely week to start October.
We started our Roman History topic and used our mapping skills to chart the spread of the Roman Empire through time - we are so lucky to live so near such important landmarks linked with the Roman Empire! We also shared facts we knew about the Romans and what they have done for us and had some fun sharing the strange facts we have remembered - ask your child what gladiator sweat was used for...
In our P.E lessons we completed our first cricket match - the children have put all their batting, bowling and fielding skills to good use and we had some high run totals, great wickets and excellent catches! Well done everyone!
Our persuasive writing skills are also developing well. We've looked at different types of persuasive writing and on Friday we produced a poster advert for a spy gadget. I think the children are both great at using persuasive devices and brilliant at thinking about what a spy might need :)
Well done all.
Have a lovely weekend!
Ms Lamb
Friday 25th September
We've had another great week this week thanks to the hard work and positive attitude shown by everyone :)
We've developed our cricket skills, mastering bowling, batter AND fielding - we are ready to put our skills to the test with some games now...
I have also been really impressed with the children and their 'stickability' and great 'growth mindset'. I set the class the task of learning the 17 times table in 10 minutes. To start with we weren't sure we would manage but were excited to give it a try! Taking it a step at a time (to their delight) within 10 minutes they were all chanting it from memory, Let's see how we do on Monday!
We had a fantastic Science lesson this week. We have started learning about electricity, what it is, how it was discovered and how we can generate it.
Take a look at our photos of our static electricity experiment - it was amazing :) 
Happy weekend! 
Ms Lamb

Friday 18th September.

What a lovely week we’ve had! Well done to all the children for settling in so well in to Year 4. I’ve had such a great week with you. Thank you!  You’re all being so sensible, SO polite and trying your absolute best with all our work and to remember all the news rules, I’m really proud of you.

We’ve had a great week learning about African history, geography and culture and we have also created some beautiful writing, collected and represented data, and worked as a team to create art work – please see the picture below.

We have also started our cricket work in P.E and I have to say, we have some excellent cricketers within our ranks and that really has made my week!


Well done Africa – here’s to a great 2020-2021 school year!

Ms Lamb