Emmaville Primary School

Africa Yr 4

Welcome to the Africa Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 8th April.

The children have had a great time preparing for the Easter celebrations.

We’ve thought about why we celebrate Easter, written stories and poems. We’ve enjoyed decorating eggs – have a look at our ‘eggsellent’ winners…Mr Tickle, Discoball and Alien.

We have really enjoyed a Easter hat/bonnet parade this morning. The hats were all fantastic! Well done to our winner – Libby.

Today in PSHE we thought about Friendship and how to be a good friend. The children have written some gorgeous Friendship Recipes which I wanted to share with you. We hope you enjoy them!

So, here we are at the end of a lovely half term. The children have worked so hard and I hope they have a lovely Easter break.

See you after the holidays!

Friday 1st April

Today in France poisson d'avril is celebrated and we’ve had a great time trying out this timeless French tradition. The children have been stealthily sticking fish to each other throughout the day and trying to do so unnoticed…They just about managed it! But they definitely enjoyed it!

We’ve had such an incredible enrichment week exploring diversity. The children have really shown just how they are;


Accepting and aware of others,

Friendly and a bit fiery,

Resilient and ready to try,

Inquisitive and interested in new things,

Caring and a bit crazy at times.

Africa – you are the dream team!


We’ve written some fantastic poetry about what diversity means to us…


Although we might be different, we can still be friends. The kindness never ends.

Friendship is the greatest thing, to love, share and care is what it’s all about.

Ready to take it on, be a fellow friend, don’t be shy – give it a go!

Invested in things, give it a shot but learn it’s more fun to do it than not!

Caring in the good pact of friendship, always with you and caring about you.

Accepting that there will be people who love you and people that don’t but those that do love you…they love you a lot!


by Gabriel T


We also practiced our Oracy and everyone in the class read a poem out loud – we have shared some incredible pieces of work…

We have also thought about the vocabulary we associate with Diversity and created a gorgeous classroom display.

As part of our RE work this week we found about Ramadan and Eid celebrations and created some Henna handprints which depict aspects of the celebrations. Aren’t they beautiful!

All in all, we’ve had a fantastic week this week, well done Africa class!


Happy Weekend!

Friday 25th March


We've had a fantastic week of writing this week. We wrote our suspense stories.

Here are some examples of our work - we hope you enjoy them...


On deck, the wind blasted through the sails. In the cabin, Daniel quietly searched for the telescope.

Max C

Suddenly, the waves went silent. a shadow crept through the water. Nova and Jake hid behind a rock, their hearts pounding, questions tumbling through their minds.

Rebecca W


Frozen to the spot, Jack began to think back to how he had ended up in such a nightmarish situation. He was tidying up the classroom and he thoughtlessly put the diamond case onto a shelf beside the green books thinking it was one of them.

Sam W


So here he was, heart nagging with fear in the darkness, head pounding with questions. Jack was frozen like the Statue of Liberty waiting for the thing to leave.

Luca T


Suddenly, the lights flashed on, practically blinding Mia as she peered around the large box like a petrified mouse! There in the open doorway stood her best friend, Isla and she was holding the gem. “Come on!” she hissed.

Jasmine P


Half an hour later, they were back at the cottage. The star was back on the table, mum would never know, Harry had laughed and Ava now lay snuggled on the sofa. In the street, nothing moved. The rain fell to a sprinkle. Nobody stirred. Nobody except for a swift, cruel voice…

Ruby L


We've also been developing our gymnastic work with some fab bench balances. Hope you enjoy the photos :)


Happy Weekend!


Friday 18th March.

We’ve had a lovely week this week accompanied by some fantastic sunshine! The children have proved themselves all to be rays of sunshine and in our RE lesson we thought about how to be good friends and the importance of forgiveness.

In our music lesson this week we looked at different forms of music we listened to some of our favourite songs as well as some blasts from the past and thought about how they are structured. We then listened to Mozart’s Twinkle, Twinkle little star variations and the children we amazed by all the different ways he used a simple melody.

We have taken another leap forward with our gymnastic work building routines involving rolls, jumps and balances. Hope you enjoy the photos

Friday 11th March

The children have been incredible again this week showing great growth mindset and stickability. This week we have started our Suspense writing unit in English and the children have taken to it so well! Their use of descriptive vocabulary has been incredible and I’m really looking forward to seeing the writing the produce over the coming weeks.

Today we had the treat of a library visit. We were read a great story then played a game of true or false – the winner played Library sweep to win our class a selection of books!

We have also developed our gymnastic work with some balance and jump routine – we hope you enjoy the photos!

Have a great weekend!

Friday 4th March
What a fantastic week we've had in Africa class this week. I couldn't have wished for a better welcome back to school - Thank you! 
This week we have been celebrating 25 years of World Book Day as part of our English work. The children worked together as a team to create our classroom door book cover - The Avengers. When I suggested this as a cover, I didn't realise how many real life superheroes I had in the class! The creativity, empathy and memory power amongst the children has impressed me on a daily basis!
As part of our World Book Day work we read the book, 'The Invisible' and used it to help us to think about how description and pictures are used to support our understanding of a text and I am looking forward to reading more of their own descriptive ideas.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and am looking forward to seeing the work we complete together next week :)
Friday 18th February 
Well, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of Africa class. It has been an absolute pleasure to have the dream team and I'm so sad to be saying goodbye (please come and see me over the fence). 
This week we have had lots of fun, particularly in our final art lesson, where we all painted a pebble and decorated it with something that means a lot to us. We had a huge variety or drawings but it was a lovely way to round off our time together. 
Hope you all have a wonderful half term!
Miss Stevens
Friday 11th February
This week in Africa class we have had a fantastic week. On Tuesday, the children got to meet Mrs. Toward who will be taking over the class after half term. During their history lesson the children were learning all about Bloody Mary and discussed whether she deserved that nickname or not (we definitely felt she did). As part of this, the class worked in groups to create a freeze frame showing the differing emotions of Protestants compared to Catholics. This was a great lesson and getting into character really helped us understand the point of view from each side. 
Today has been fabulous as well, celebrating children's mental health week and coming up with lots of strategies to help us calm down and to help us feel less stressed. I hope you enjoy the stress balls and all have a great weekend! 
Friday 4th February
This week feels like it has absolutely flown by! We have had a jam packed week here in Africa with lots of fun activities. To start the week off we had a very special art session with a guest artist Jammi. She showed us some Chinese painting techniques and helped us create our very own panda bear pictures to celebrate Chinese New Year. The children loved this session and it was so nice to have a special visitor in the classroom.
We also had the chance on Monday to complete a special activity to support our new English topic. As we have been looking at a text all about mummification, I thought it would be fun to have a go at doing the mummification process on a tomato! So we made a small incision, scooped out the insides, cleaned and weighed the body and finally, covered it with a special salt. The Ancient Egyptians used natron which is a natural salt, but we used an equal mix of table salt and bicarbonate of soda. This was such a fun day and helped us see the process step by step. We will be checking in on our mummy's on Monday.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Friday 28th January
Another fabulous week here in Africa class. We have had lots of fun this week doing experiments, dance and some drama too! In Maths his week, we have been looking at area, which we have found out it the space a closed 2-D shape takes up. We used cubes to visualise the different shapes we can make with the same area, as these can look very different. We have all understood this topic very well and I am so proud of their hard work this week!
Hope you all have a brilliant weekend - we love Friday's in Africa! 

Friday 21st January 
A frosty but fun week for us this week in Africa class. Although it was cold and misty morning we went outside for our hockey session on Tuesday morning. We spent some time practising our passing skills and then we went into some matches. This was the first time the children have played a game and they all did brilliantly. Their team work skills were brilliant and they all worked so hard - I am so proud of all of them! 
It is fantastic to see their skills improving week by week and they all played excellently!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 
Friday 14th January
This week in Africa class we started our new dance unit in PE. The warm up was creating high and low travelling movements with our bodies. There was skipping, crawling, shuffling - you name it! This really got us into the spirit of dance. Then, we had lots of fun thinking about how a Spy moves and a dance to show this, we even danced to the James Bond theme tune! Some children felt really confident, enough to perform their dance in front of the entire class. We loved watching the performances and can't wait to continue working on our new moves. 
A quick mention of a super fun science lesson too - an experiment that involved chocolate!! We each placed a chocolate button in our hand and then closed it to test if our body heat would be enough to melt the chocolate and guess what... it is! We have been continuing our work on states of matter, and exploring how things can sometimes change from one state to another. 

Friday 7th January
Welcome back everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break. We have had a busy week this week in Africa class and we have started a new topic in Science. We began learning about States of Matter, and in order to help us understand how the different particles move depending on the state, we got into groups and pretended to be human particles. This was a really fun lesson that the children enjoyed and it really helped them understand how each state behaves differently. This was a tricky concept and they all understood it really well. We have a fun experiment planned for next week which I know we will all enjoy! 
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Friday 17th December
Can you believe that we are breaking up for Christmas? This term has flown by and I am so proud of each and every one of my class. They have been amazing from start to finish and make my job so much fun, so a huge thank you to you all! I wanted to share some of the Christmas cards the children have made this week. They were very tricky but they all showed great stickability and persevered until the end! 
I also wanted to share our classes version of 'Merry Christmas Everyone'. We had so much fun learning and rehearsing this song and it was fantastic to see the whole school together in one video, but we put so much effort in and I thought you should all see our version too. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get to spend some quality family time together, that's what it's all about! I will see you all in the New Year, refreshed and recharged ready for some more super learning! Until then, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year - I am so proud of you all.

Friday 10th December
What a fabulous enrichment week we have had! The children have loved being hands on, using computers and learning all about a record player and how they work. We have been so lucky to have the opportunity to complete a variety of tasks and one of which was based around a STEM fairytale - The Gingerbread Man. The children worked in small groups to act out part of the story, and then they had to try and create a boat for him to sail across the river in without getting wet and soggy. 
All of the children had access to the same materials; tin foil, sellotape, lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners and string. Out of all of the groups, we only had one successful boat! Well done to Jasmine, Archie and Sam!
We have all thoroughly enjoyed our STEM week, and I can't quite believe it but only one more week to go until we break up for Christmas! 
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Friday 3rd December
Another busy week in Africa class. We have been working our socks off this week in every lesson, including our fact finding lesson on Ancient Egypt, Sound Survey in computing but we have had a particularly exciting Friday afternoon. During DT, we were set the task of trying to make bridges out of Spaghetti! We found that by itself, the past was weak but when we grouped it together it reinforced the material and made it stronger. We worked in small group to design and make our bridges and then tested them to see if they could hold weight when raised off the ground. We had a brilliant afternoon and it has led superbly into our STEM enrichment week next week.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Friday 26th November
What another fantastic week we have had in Africa class. This week, as part of our 'sound' Science topic this half term, we all created string telephones and put them to the test to see if they were able to make our voices louder for our partner. We had a fantastic lesson working together, working outside and getting hands on with our learning. We found out that because the particles in the string are closer together the sound can travel along it much quicker which is why our partner could hear us better. 
Super science work everyone!
Hope you all have a great weekend. 
Friday 19th November
This week has been full to the brim with some changes to our timetable. However, the class have been absolutely brilliant and we have had another fantastic week. Today has been a non-uniform day to raise money for children in need so thank you to all that donated, it really is a fantastic cause. 
This week we have also been rehearsing a poem written for the school by Mrs. Hammersley in a bid to win a school-wide competition. Well I am pleased to say...............
An amazing effort by every single child, we put so much effort into this and they all did so well. We are absolutely over the moon with the sweets, book detective box and ice lollies that we got as prizes. Thank you to all of the judges and well done to all of the other classes, especially the overall winners Antarctica. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Friday 12th November
I can't believe it's Friday again! What another brilliant week we have had in Africa class. This half term in PE our new sport focus is tag rugby. We have had lots of fun learning how to hold and throw a rugby ball to each other, and how random they are when they bounce! The children loved getting to pass and chase each other, and especially liked the cat and mouse tag game they played in pairs. I can't wait to see their rugby skills develop over the coming weeks.
Have a lovely weekend everyone
Friday 5th November
The first week back after half term and what a wonderful week it has been! It was lovely to hear all of the fun things Africa class got up to during the holidays. This week, we have been looking at a new text in English called Zelda Claw. It is a story about an enormous rain cat that is set during a thunderstorm. To help hook the children in to the text, we got into character as weather reporters for a news channel and gave our very own broadcast to the class. We watched lots of videos of different storms and imagined that one was happening right over Emmaville. The results were fantastic and the children loved performing to the class. 
Hope you all have a great bonfire night and enjoy all of the fireworks. 
Stay safe!

Thursday 21st October
Well, what a half term it has been! I have loved every second of the new Africa class and we have achieved so much over the last few weeks. All of the children have given 100% and I couldn't ask for more of them. 
This week was our last football coaching session with Callum. We have loved having us every week and we have all improved our skills and worked brilliantly as a team. This week we also conducted a science experiment, creating switches using items from the classroom. This went brilliantly and all of the children loved getting to compare different types of switches. 
I hope you all have a wonderful half term with plenty of rest and lots of fun! 
Friday 15th October
Well another fabulous week here in Africa class, I can't believe it's half term next week - time is flying by!
This week in English we have been looking at persuasion and the techniques we might use to convince people to buy something. After experimenting with invisible ink last week, we then created our own spy gadgets and designed an advert to persuade people to buy it . We included special offers, rhetorical questions and bright colours to catch peoples eye. 
The results were brilliant and I was so impressed with all of the creative designs. 
Also, a special mention to Jake and Ebba who took part in a cross country event and represented Emmaville brilliantly! I am so proud of their efforts, and overall out of 29 teams the two that we took from Emmaville cam 6th and 12th - what amazing results! Congratulations to everyone that took part, it was a tough course and you all did really well!
Friday 8th October
This week has been a poetry focus week at Emmaville and we have had lots of fun learning and creating poems. Our class poem was 'The Treasures' by Clare Bevan, we have been answering questions, performing and exploring this poem. We discussed how all of the gifts were very precious and not something you could buy in the shops, and we wanted to represent each one with a different voice or action to represent that animal. Below is a video of our performance we hop you enjoy it!
This week we also had a wonderful trip up to Thorp Academy for a sports festival. We all had a brilliant day and the sun was shining. Thank you to all of Year 4 for representing Emmaville so well, you did us proud! 

Friday 1st October

Well, another fabulous week here in Africa class! We have had lots of exciting activities this week, from getting drenched during football to building electrical circuits in science. I am so proud of how the children have been working during every lesson, they have made such a positive start to the year.

During our art lessons, we have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We wanted to link him to another part of our learning and in geography we have been looking at modes of transport. So, we have been busy sketching, painting and recreating our own Van Gogh transportation pictures. We used bright colours in the style of Van Gogh and they all turned out brilliantly!

Have a great weekend everyone.
Friday 24th September
We have had another super week here in Africa class! We have also had the announcement of our new school council members........
Congratulations to Jasmine and Oliver! 
All of the children did brilliantly and I was so proud of how they all wrote and delivered their speeches. The class voted for their two new councilors (I wish we could appoint them all!), but I thought I would share all of the wonderful speeches we heard as they were all so special.
I also wanted to share with you our class Brag Tag's. These are a special reward that get handed out during the week to student that show amazing effort in different areas. We have:
Amazing Listener
Fantastic Friend
Writing Champ
Excellent Helper
Fitness Fanatic
Math Magician 
Super Speller
Awesome Artist 
and a Superstar one for the star of the week. 
The children really enjoy receiving these, especially if they have been working extra hard to make improvements. So if they are telling you about their 'Brag Tag' at home, that is what they are. 
I have had an amazing 3 weeks with the new class and they are all such a delight to teach, have a great weekend everyone!
Friday 17th September
We have had another successful week here in Africa class. On Monday, we had our first lesson all about exciting electricity. We discussed what electricity is used for and how much we rely on it everyday. We came up with lots of questions about the topic that we will aim to investigate  this half term, including:
When was electricity created?
How do solar panels create electricity?
Why don't birds get shocked by electricity when they're on the wires?
We also did a small experiment to show the difference between static and current electricity. Look at all of our crazy hair (styled by static electricity!)
Friday 10th September
Well what a first week back it has been! Thank you so much to all of the children in the new Africa class for giving me such a warm welcome back in to Year 4 -  I have loved it! 
On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have some football coaches come and take our PE lesson and what a fun, scorcher of an afternoon we had. We started off with some games of stuck in the mud and then went on to play in some mini matches. In the end, because she rolled 2 of the same number on the dice of destine - Cara Hewitt won the whole game for the red team! 
It was a great afternoon and we cant wait to have the coaches back every week until half term.