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Africa Yr 4

Welcome to the Africa Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 16th December.
An action packed enrichment week all about festivals. The emphasis has been on singing, music, languages, geography and festivals.
On Monday, Africa Class took part in a rather loud, but enjoyable Samba workshop. The children learnt about Samba rhythms and the instruments that are used. It was brilliant.
We have also learnt to sing Silent Night. Mrs. Richter taught us the first verse in German and we also learnt the Makaton version too. It is a beautiful song and watching the children use Makaton was very moving.
The children have looked at the Christian Festival of Advent and the Hindu festival of Diwali. The class also spent time researching Christmas traditions in French. Ask the children what they can remember. I really want a French Nativity scene now!
On Thursday, the children enjoyed their Christmas lunch which was beautifully prepared by Paula and the other ladies in the kitchen. There were many empty plates and full stomachs.
In the afternoon, the children made Christingles and learned about the history of Christingle services.
 Enjoy your weekend.
Miss Middleton and Miss Brewster
Friday 9th December.
This week we are celebrating Africa Class' amazing Tudor portraits. The photos below show you how amazing their work is. 
Miss Middleton and Miss Brewster 

Friday 11th November

During Guided Reading this week the children read both fiction and nonfiction works covering Armistice day and reasons for wearing poppies. We also looked at how the effects of war has been captured in music. The children carefully read the news article, read the poems and listened to and discussed the songs.

They were very moved by the works and discussed the topics surrounding our work both sensitively and passionately.

Here is some of the art work we produced to accompany the poem, In Flanders Field.


We will remember them.

Friday 4th November

We are very proud of the excellent team work we have done this week. We have worked together well in maths, PE and English, teaming up to develop some very intense descriptive sentences. Another area where we felt we had really shown off our teamwork is in Art.

We extended our learning in History by examining two portraits of Tudor Royals and discussing what we can learn from them. We also discussed first hand accounts from the time and decided that maybe the famous portraits are not as reliable as we may have first thought. We feel that the royals have exerted their powers to encourage a more favourable image than real life. In Art we chopped the two portraits into 15 pieces and then each child took part of the portrait to copy, sketch and colour. We found it fascinating looking at each interpretation and learnt another important lesson about history which supported our previous discussion, not everyone experiences things in the same way. We will bare this in mind when we use historical sources in the future.

Friday 21st October

What a lovely week to end the half term on. The children have completed some fantastic persuasive texts. Watch out for their efforts over the holidays! They can put forward a point full of emotive language, facts and opinion and they can repeat themes and ask punchy rhetorical questions like pros now!

This week we particularly enjoyed our inter-house football competition! The children really showed off the skills they have developed this half term. Some of the things I was most impressed by was their ability to hold their positions, look for space to pass or dribble into and their ‘jockeying’, the ability to slow down the opposition player. Well done everyone in Africa class!


Hope you have a fabulous half term break!

Friday 14th October
We have had a really productive week this week and we are finding that all of our hard work is paying off. The children have been working really hard on their times tables this half term with a focus on the 9 x tables. It has been great to see our scores increasing week on week and today we got our first 25 out of 25 on the times mixed tables test! Well done! The whole class were really inspired :)
Keep up the good work and have a lovely weekend :)

Friday 7th October.

This week we have enjoyed studying poetry as part of our English work. We used the book, The Lost Words, to support our learning. We started the week by going outside and writing down everything we could see, then we created descriptive sentences about it. Then, disaster! We found out that some words had been stolen and we couldn’t use the anymore. Our sentences were decimated and we were very sad. With a bit of magic, we managed to bring the words back and using similes and metaphors we created our own acrostic poems inspired by The Lost Words. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

In Science last week, we looked at scientific circuit symbols and learnt what they represent in a real circuit.

We labelled circuits using the correct scientific vocabulary.

Then we designed and created our own circuits. We started using 2 wires, 1 bulb and 1 cell. Then we added in either a motor or a buzzer. We recorded the circuits we made using the correct symbols.

This week we built on our learning by recognising that it would be useful to be able to turn a doorbell or light off. The solution we came up with was using a switch in our circuit. We recognised that there is a difference between a circuit being on then switched off to a circuit that was incomplete. An incomplete circuit will never switch on because the electrons cannot travel all the way round the circuit.

As you can see we had lots of fun.

Friday 30th September.
We started the week with a bang celebrating the European Day of Languages. We talked about how important it is to have an appreciation of different languages and why learning languages can help us.  The children enjoyed talking about languages they have used while on holiday as well as languages either used at home or with their families and friends. We then created symbols we would use to represent the European Day of Languages and the ideas they came up with really should an appreciation of the multi-cultural opportunities we have.
Friday 23rd September.
During English lessons, the children have had a great time working hard on their own stories...watch this space! 
We have also developed our geographical understanding looking at human and physical geography and how we would define them. The children discussed and sorted pictures cards into Human or Physical Geography and gave reasons for their choices. We discussed the fact that human activity has a massive impact on physical geography and therefore it is important to be able to identify this when we look at areas of physical geography.
We then took a deeper look into Human Geography focusing on transport. We discussed how we would get around our immediate locality as well as further afield.  We then talked about what might impact our transportation choices. To help us do this we thought about a journey from Central Station in Newcastle to St James' Park in Newcastle. With the help of Google maps on the iPads, the children were quick to spot a variety of routes we could take using different modes of transport.
Being familiar with the location was highlighted as being a key factor in transport decisions as you would be likely to prefer public transport if you were unfamiliar with the location as it would be easy to get lost if you were navigating yourself.
We all agreed if it was raining we would prefer to travel by car, metro or bus rather than walk, although it was pointed out that it was only a short walk so a raincoat and umbrella would mean we didn't get to wet!
Have a lovely weekend - think about how you travel around and why your make the transport choices you do. We can chat about this next week!

Friday 16th September.

Well done for your stickability this week Africa class! you have come in with a great attitude and we have made lots of progress because of this. In maths lessons we have been really focusing on our foundation knowledge to support column addition and I have been blown away by their determination to develop speed as well as accuracy within their recall. They thought about different approaches to working out sums then were able to think about the most efficient method to use based on the addends we had. Well done!


We also spent some time thinking about role models with a focus on Queen Elizabeth II and her dedication to serving our country. The children thought of messages of celebration and thanks and we decorated crowns with our messages and pictures. I think you’ll agree they are thoughtful and moving.


Already looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday ready for our Yoga festival!

Happy weekend!

Friday 9th September

What a great first week back we have had. The children have settled in really well and taken to life in Africa class brilliantly. We started off the week with some ‘about me’ activities and some team building games.

One of these activities was had a DT theme. We had to create a bridge which a car could travel over. This really tested our architecture skills as well as our problem-solving strategies but the wowed me by never giving up. This class produced the most amount of stable bridges I have seen to date! Well done!

We have also had a great time learning about timelines and creating our class timeline to use in history lessons. The children were excellent at ordering both themselves and dates – well done!

In Art this week we looked at African artwork and the traditional story of Anansi the Spider. We then took inspiration from Roman mosaic artwork and created our own Anansi Spiders. I think you will agree that they are fantastic!


I hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend and come back next week ready to go again!


Happy weekend!