Emmaville Primary School

Antarctica Year 5

Welcome to the Antarctica Year 5 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 26th March

After a few months in lockdown, the children were a little rusty with their times tables so we had a recap of our 7s, 8s and 9s by creating our own sets of times tables cards and playing old-school games such as snap and memory with them. We also got ourselves outside and played physical games with balls, hopping and jumping to practise our tables too. It was great and felt like the kids didn’t even realise it was a lesson; just fun!  

Friday 19th March


This week the children have continued their development of tennis. We have been familiarising ourselves with the racket and ball, thinking about ready positions, moving our body and shape to strike the ball and how to play a forehand. Over the three sessions so far, the children have had great fun and made good progress. They are more confident, moving better and striking the ball better. It was great to see them having some rallies over the net and enjoying themselves.

Friday 12th March

Wow, our last class page post was Friday 11th December. We were not expecting that! The children have been amazing in their first week back at school after lockdown. They are resilient, adaptable and full of enthusiasm. Amazing! This week we have had a big focus on creativity and well-being which included our work on sculpture. During lockdown, the child took part in workshop by The Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery that explored sculpture which we have followed up. They practiced different methods of sculpting paper and then created a combined image or pattern using these skills. I was so impressed with their products and our display has been complemented on by so many adults.  A huge well done to Antarctica.

Friday 11th December


This week, the children of Antarctica have been developing their ICT skills. They have been programming using variables. They used the programming blocks to make their sprite count. They then created a sprite and programme to count in Roman numerals. Combining both, the children had to have both sprites counting at the same time. As an extra challenge, the boys and girls who were displaying confidence in their skills were tasked with creating a sprite to count in French as well. It was a lot of fun and I was very impressed with the skills on show.

Friday 4th December


The children continued their learning about materials this week by investigating the separation of materials.  They observed what happens when materials are mixed together and separated. From this they described what happened but then were able to explain why this happened. They got physical and hands on and used scientific vocabulary such as particles, dissolve, residue, microscopic, filtrate, filter as well as soluble and insoluble. They kids had fun and learnt a lot.  

Friday 27th November


The children of Antarctica have been getting creative again this week. To bring a bit of festive cheer and sparkle to Crawcrook, they were tasked with creating their own Christmas stars. I am sure you will agree; our class have produced amazing ideas that will put a smile on the faces of residents.

Friday 20th November


Class Antarctica have had a lovely week, with one of the highlights being our science learning about properties of materials and the language to describe them. The children had a great time getting practical by explore materials and using the language they had just learnt. 

11th November 2020


November 11th was Remembrance Day. To remember and commemorate the people who lost their lives, we explored the poem ‘In Flanders’ Fields’. We then created our own poems based on this and performed them. In addition to this, we each created a poppy and came together as a class to make a wreath. At 11am, on the 11 day, of the 11th month, we stood in silence for 2 minutes to remember.

Friday 6th November


The children of Antarctica have worked amazingly hard over the first term creating their ‘All About Me’ bunting. They created their designs, learnt and practised how to do a running and back stitch, choose their materials, cut them out, created their initials and logos and then stitched them all together using the skills they learnt. We are all very proud of our creations and can’t wait to decorate our class with them.

Friday 23rd October


This week the children of Antarctic have been editing and improving their suspense stories from which they created their final published product. There are lots of amazing stories and they look great published.

Friday 9th October

The girls and boys had a great time continuing their sewing skills for their ‘All about me’ bunting. They continued practicing back stitching, which they had found tricky last week. We then moved onto choosing our bunting template, bunting fabric and cutting our shape out. The children also started making their initials from the left-over fabric. Great fun and good progress.

Friday 2nd October

In Class Antarctica we have had a fab week again. We loved science; naming and describing our planets, had a ball in PE developing our passing and shooting skills, learnt how to do a running and back stitch in DT, and got super(hero) creative in ICT, designing a comic book sketch with a digital citizen superhero to save the planet from inappropriate online practice. To end the week, we had lots of fun recapping negative numbers and coordinates by playing alien attack. If anyone wants to give it a try and play with their kids, the link is below. Can’t wait for next week.

Alien Attack


Friday 25th September


Well done to Antarctica on another super week. The children have been wonderful getting back into the school routine and I have been hugely impressed with their attitude and work this week. They have improved their ‘Journey’ descriptions with fronted adverbials and correct punctuation, displayed confident maths skills for place value and rounding, learnt about biomes and climate zones in geography, and in science they justified how they knew Earth was a sphere with evidence. Fab. What stood out, though was their progress in football. They worked on their passing skills and over the week they moved from control and pass to confident one touch and move passing. They were amazing.  

Friday 18th September


Well done on a lovely first week to Class Antarctica; they have been little stars. We have had a great week researching Antarctica and presenting this information, starting our writing journey about ‘The Journey’, creating images of what would we find if we had our own magic crayon that opened a door to a fantasy world, problem solving in maths through trial and error, developing our dribbling skills in football and discovering the events that lead to World War One.  The children have been fab and I can’t wait to see them progress through the year.