Emmaville Primary School

Antarctica Yr 5

Welcome to the Antarctica Year 5 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 8th April


What a fab way to end the Spring term. Class Antarctica have worked hard and had fun at the same time. As it is Easter soon, we made our own egg creations, from which, the top three were chosen and the winners each got an egg. Nobody was left out as each child got a crème egg too.


On Tuesday it was the girls’ football that took the spotlight. Thirteen girls made up two teams for Gateshead Girls United Football: Round 1.  The teams had trained well over the last 6 weeks, making lots of progress, and the hard work was rewarded with some super performances. What stood out most though was the sheer joy and enthusiasm of all the players whose attitude was brilliant. We can’t wait for round two in a few weeks’ time.


To end the week, the whole school had an Ester bonnet day and it was great to see the children looking so eggcellent. We also had a winner for this who got an Easter treat.


So well done to the children of Antarctica, who are a fabulous class to teach, on a great Spring Term, for all the progress they have made, but most of all, for having a super attitude to school and each other. Enjoy Easter everyone.    

Friday 1st April


This week it has been the Emmaville enrichment week about diversity. The children had a interesting week exploring many areas of diversity. We have looked at three diversity themed books, ‘The Oldest Student’, ‘Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag’ and ‘I am not a Label’. We have played sitting volleyball, learnt and performed the song ‘Let Love Shine Through’, learnt and performed poems of our choosing that reflect our uniqueness, explored languages and a religious festival, created a diversity door display, and learnt about the experience of refugees. It has been holistic week of learning which the children have embraced.  

Friday 25th March

This week, Class Antarctica continued their development of their rugby skills. The focus was on avoiding tackles and the children made good progress during the lesson. We started with a game of tag, followed by individuals scoring against gate defenders and finished with a 2v2 game. Well done class Antarctica.

Friday 11th March


Last term the children of Antarctica worked extremely hard innovating poems with the inspiration of William Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ and linking to the story ‘Voices in the Park’.  They then produced a final version which has now been turned into a book ‘Poems in the Park’.  The children (and adults) are very proud of their creations.


Further to this, the class have started to look at music using the pentatonic scale. This week the learnt about the pentatonic scale and practiced melodies with it. They had great fun developing their skills.

Friday 4th February

This week, the Children of Antarctica celebrated World Book Day. Not only did they get to come dressed on the theme of their favourite book (they all looked fab), but all through the week we explored a new book – The Man Who Walked Between The Towers - which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We even created a door display for it! On top of this, the class took part in a workshop with the amazing Michael Rosen.

Friday 11th February


This week the children of Antarctica continued their exploration of forces in science. Previously they had learnt about the forces that act on a falling object and how changes to the surface area of the object affect how fast it falls. On Wednesday, the children created their own investigation to explore how the time taken to fall is affected when we change one variable. They identified the possible variables, choose the impendent variable, the variable range and interval, and finally decided how to keep the other variables constant. From that, they carried out their investigation, gathered results and drew conclusions. During it, they also adapted their investigation when encountering problems.


Another significant day was Friday to recognise Children’s Mental Health Week. The girls and boys came in ‘dressed to express and explored a wide variety of mental health aspects.

Friday 4th February


It was Chinese New Year this week so Class Antarctica explored the history of this and the ways in which people celebrate the occasion. We found out some taboos, things people should definitely not to do, about Chinese New Year too. The class also had a special visit from an artist who taught them about Chinese opera masks as well as how to create their own. The children very much enjoyed the opportunity to apply their creativity, painting skills and take home a memory of Chinese New Year.

Friday 28th January

A team of Year 5 children represented Emmaville at the Thorp Cluster Basketball Tournament. They came up against four other teams of Year 5 and 6 children from Chopwell, Ryton, Rowlands Gill and Crookhill. During the tournament, the Emmaville team did themselves and the school proud; they performed as a team, worked hard, were tenacious in defence and creative in attack. They won one game, drew another and lost the final two, but throughout them all, their attitude was superb.

For all of them, it was their first experience of a basketball tournament. They improved every game, very much enjoyed the experience and put in some excellent performances. Well done to the team!

Friday 21st January


This week in Class Antarctica the children explored the theme ‘Snapshop’ in dance, working in groups to create poses and link them together using transitions. They applied their prior learning of travelling, dynamics, formation, timing and relationships to their dance routine. The class had fun, worked well in teams and created some super dance routines.


In maths, we have been working on multiplying and one of the elements is multiplying 2-digit numbers using the grid method. To provide a strong foundation, the children used base Base 10 to physically represent the method and gain a greater understanding of what happens when we multiply 2-digit numbers.    

Friday 14th January

This week in art we continued our cherry blossom paintings. After using our skills with water colours and blending last week to create the skyline, this week the children learnt how to use controlled breathing to create the shape of the tree as well as adding the cherry blossoms to it. It was quite tricky but the children kept persevering and were very happy with the final results.

Friday 7th January (2022)


It has been so lovely being back at school with the children again; we’ve had a great week. The girls and boys came back to school full of enthusiasm and desire to learn. In science, we started our new topic ‘Forces’ and discussed the difference between mass and weight. The children learnt that we can use a newton meter to measure force, but they needed to know how to read the scales first. So, that’s what they practised.  

Friday 17th December


Well done everyone; it’s the end of the term and Christmas is here. The children of Antarctica have had a brilliant Autumn Term and it has been a pleasure teaching them. They have been a delight. This week it has been a lot of fun with our marble jar treat, Christmas dinner and Christmas party as well as festive crafts and treats. The Antarctica team wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing everyone fresh and enthusiastic on January 4th.

Friday 10th December


The children of Antarctica had a great STEM enrichment week. Key elements of STEM are curiosity and a growth mindset and the children used these plenty over the week. Our first task was to explore and explain how an electrical appliance works. We choose a hair dryer, and with the help of Dudley (the character from the book ‘Until I met Dudley), the girls and boys did a great job. Our next exploration was with Sonic Pi, an app that creates music but with coding. Everyone loved experimenting with this and applied their problem-solving skills as well as creativity skills. Our final goal was to create a better bridge for the Billy Goat Gruffs. The children tried at first without any teaching but after some input about how we could manipulate the paper and what shapes are commonly used in bridge building, the children went off again and applied their learning. They really had a great time and learnt through the process of trying, experimenting, making mistakes and learning from others. At the same time, everyone showed their curiosity and growth mindset.

Friday 3rd December
As a way to consolidate our science topic of Earth and Space, we spent the day at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle on Tuesday.  Being the first educational visit in oh so very long, we were all very excited to be going, and we weren't disappointed.  We started the day off in one of the Centre's laboratories to explore different aspects of life on the International Space Station, including repairing solar panels with robotic arms, tasting space food and even testing the effectiveness of Maximum Absorbency Garments (otherwise known as space nappies).  We also spent time in the amazing planetarium and explored the Space Zone, where we learnt about rockets, mission control and life in the ISS.   There was even enough time to explore a host of puzzles and activities in the Brain Zone, marvel at the models in the Lego Zone and see the Lumiere show, in which we were wowed by light-themed experiments.  What a brilliant day out!

Friday 26th November


This week in geography we were finding out about the characteristics of a Chaparral biome with the outcome of creating a board game based on our learning. The children had to research the biome and from this create questions (and answers) for the game as well as rules for the game. The children learnt a lot and had a great time making and playing their board games.

Friday 19th November


Another brilliant week for Class Antarctica, but two things stood out for us above everything else.


Firstly, congratulations to the whole class for being crowned winners of the ‘Emmaville Poetry Competition!’ All classes were tasked with performing Sarah Hammersley’s poem ‘Together we Grow’ and Class Antarctica took on the challenge with gusto. To the tune of ‘Blinded by your Grace’ by Stormy, the children combined singing with rapping and were fab; so much so that they were chosen by Miss Armstrong, Mrs McKie and Mrs Liddle as the competition winners.  Please see below for the class video, the original Stormzy video, and the poem (turn the music up loud as the sound quality is a little quiet).


Secondly, the class were treated to a visit from Adam Bushnell who engaged and inspired the children’s World War 1 writing. They had a brilliant time exploring artefacts, getting outside and role-playing and ultimately producing some lovely descriptive writing about the experience of WW1 soldiers.    

Friday 12th November


Another fun filled week of learning.  The children have been developing their use of description in English for writing a suspense story, interpreting tables and graphs in maths, making a pop-up book in D&T, exploring the size and distances of planets, moons and stars in science, making great progress with their swimming and creating a performance for a poem. In addition, we had the Newcastle Eagles back in to continue Antarctica’s development of their basketball skills. The children loved it and the coach was very impressed with them.  

Friday 5th November


Our first week back at school for Autumn Term 2, and the children have been brilliant. Their enthusiasm, attitude and hard work is super. This week we have continued statistics in maths, started our suspense stories exploration in English, began dance in PE, discussed and evaluated evidence for the shape of Earth in science, designed a pop-up book in D&T to share this information and also presented data about planets in ICT.  We can’t wait for next week!

Friday 21st October


All term, Class Antarctica have been working towards creating their own individualised bunting. They designed it, learnt how to do running, back and over stitch, cut out their initials, bunting shape and created a fabric logo collage and then applied their stitching. The class are over the moon with their creations and we are proud of them.

Friday 15th October


The children of Antarctica had a fantastic treat this week when the Newcastle Eagles came into school for ‘Hoops for Health’.  The girls and boys were full of enthusiasm and loved practising their basketball skills as well as learning about the importance of water and valuing themselves.  We are all looking forward to two more weeks of sessions with the Eagles.

Friday 8th October


It was National Poetry Week this week, and Class Antarctica have been exploring different poems including 'Walking with my Iguana' by Brian Moses, 'Sandwich' by Valerie Bloom and 'People Equal' by James Berry. We also had a workshop with Simon Mole, from which, we created our own poems. The culmination of the week was a performance of the James Berry poem. 


On top of this, Class Antarctica are a very fit and heathy class, and love sports. This was highlighted by the fact that the top six runners from Year 5 chosen for the GSSP Primary Cross-Country came from our class. The run took place on Thursday the 7th and all six children were super. Each one of them ran so well and came off the course knowing that they had put their all into it. Very well done to you all.  

Friday 1st October

It has been another lovely week in Class Antarctica. We have continued out stitching development with the back stitch, learnt how Sikhs show their commitment to their religion, made progress in the pool for swimming, learnt how to track when defending in basketball, explored why insoluble materials that have been mixed with water can then be filtered, learnt about how WW1 started and by the end of the week we were creating Scratch programmes to count in numerals and Roman numerals. On top of all this learning, the children have been brilliant with their attitude and hard work.

Friday 24th September


Well done to Class Antarctica. I great week with lots of learning and fun. We continued our basketball skills development in PE, had our second swimming lesson, explored music vocabular with Gustov Holst’s ‘Planets’, gave presentations to apply to be part of the School Council, and investigated different materials to explore what their properties are and use the scientific language from the prior learning. On top of this, in D&T, the children learned how to do a running stitch and practised this in preparation for their bunting.  A lovely week all round.

Friday 17th September


A very positive second week back at school for the children of Class Antarctica. They have settled extremely well and gotten back into a nice routine. This week we have started developing our bunting designs in D&T, delved into some yoga as rain put a damper on our basketball plans and dipped our toes into swimming with our first swimming lesson; the children loved it. In addition, we started our science topic of materials and explored vocabulary so as to describe materials and their properties.  

Friday 10th September


Well done the new children in Class Antarctica – it has been a lovely first week. They have settled in very well and brought an abundance of enthusiasm. We have spent this week researching Antarctica and producing dioramas based on this, learning how to do graffiti art and using this skill to make tray labels and class decorations, and developing our basketball skills in preparation for the Newcastle Eagles sessions next month. It has been a good start and we are looking forward to the rest of the year.