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Welcome to the Asia Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.

Friday 15th March 2024


Micro: bit technology


In Design and Technology the past few weeks, we have been exploring the technology of Micro: bits. The aim for this unit in Design and Technology is for the class to make a timer for a mindfulness app.

A Micro: bit is a ‘tiny pocket-sized computer’ that can be used for a range of tools, such as creating a timer, a microphone, a compass and a thermometer. It is a great piece of technology and the children have explored some of the different things that it can do, such as making a ‘beating heart’ LED.

Friday 31st March.
The end of the Spring term has arrived! What a wonderful week it has been too. The children have completed many different activities this week, so I need to celebrate a few of these today.
On Monday, the children were involved in 'Prayer Space' activities which the children thoroughly enjoyed. All of the children, are given the opportunity to explore Christian beliefs, as well as an opportunity to be thankful for all that they have. The children all enjoyed the practical workshops and it was a great way to start the week.
In History, Asia Class continued to explore and find out about the Ancient Egyptian ritual of mummification. To start the lesson, the children had the opportunity to make their own mummies. Although the children know the process of mummification took over 70 days, they had 4 minutes to make their own. The pictures below show the children making their mummies.
Of course, we have also completed work about the Christian festival of Easter. They produced some wonderful writing in English using an image. They were able to share their own knowledge of the Easter story.
Asia Class also enjoyed their afternoon of egg decorating this week. There was a lovely atmosphere within the class and the children showed off their creativity with their designs. Pictures of the eggs can be seen below. The winners will be added later today.
Finally, I want to wish you a wonderful Easter holiday and hope that you all have lots of fun. I look forward to welcoming Asia Class back into school on Monday 17th April.
Miss Brewster
Friday 24th March.
What a fabulous week! The children have loved 'Enterprise Week' and have had many opportunities to work as part of a team. On Tuesday all of the Year 4s were set 2 challenges: one was to build a bridge, the second was to produce something with Lego and create a 'Dragon's Den' style pitch. The hall was full of creative, productive discussions and the end results were fabulous.
In English, the children worked in teams and made their own product! Again, oracy skills were used and the children 'pitched' their ideas to one another. I was super proud to watch the videos over the weekend and see how hard the children had worked on their products. Below are three of the presentations that the groups produced. Well done,
Miss Brewster

Friday 10th March.


On Tuesday, the children participated in a West End Dance workshop. The children were very excited about this activity and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The photos below show some of the work that they completed.

Also, the class completed the work on coordinates in Maths. An assessment yesterday, showed how much the children have learned over the last two weeks and they are talking confidently about horizontal and vertical lines, axis, plotting coordinates, grid and translations! Amazing work once again. Asia Class are also Top Doodlers again this week. Well done to all of the children that completed their homework. It really is making such a difference.

Finally, I have copied Drew’s History work this week. Each 1, Teach 1 cards were used to develop their knowledge of the importance of the River Nile and the roles that it played during Ancient Egyptian times. The children were then tasked with producing an information text about this (which meant transferring skills that they had gained in English into this lesson). The worked produced was incredible. I am super proud of them all.


Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Brewster and Miss Whiteley

Friday 3rd March.


Back to school after half term and what a busy week it has been

In maths, the class started looking at coordinates. On Monday they worked outside, explaining translations from one point on a grid to another. The photographs below show us completing translations. It was great fun and helped everyone to understand that it really does matter which way you read coordinates. Translation means moving a shape or an object from one place to another.

This linked to our Geography work where the class continue to find out about natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. The children used grid references to mark major earthquake sites onto a world map. Miss Whiteley and I were really impressed with the work the children completed.

Yesterday, was World Book day and the class were set the task of creating a class book alongside the illustrations. It was great fun and the children had such brilliant ideas. The book has now been sent away for publication … watch this space for more information.

As always, the children looked incredible dressed up as their favourite characters. Enjoy the photos below.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend and I look forward to catching up with you at parents evening next week.


Miss Brewster and Miss Whiteley.

Friday 17th February.

 Officially, half way through the school year! Time certainly does fly. Another successful week and successful half term. I am delighted with the work, attitude and behavior of the children in Asia Class.

Today has been a really fun day. The children enjoyed decorating (and eating) their biscuits which has been part of the CHUF fund raising day. There are some photographs below that hopefully shows the fun we have all had.

We have also ended the half term with 100% of the children in green zone in both Maths and Tables.

As you have seen this afternoon, the children have worked incredibly hard to produce an amazing assembly for you. I hope that you all enjoyed it. I was incredibly proud of each and every child. I hope that you all have a wonderful half term. Relax and enjoy. I look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 27th February,


Miss Brewster

Friday 10th February.
An incredibly busy week! Wednesday morning was enjoyed by all of Asia Class as we welcomed Adam Bushnell back into our class. The children were engrossed with his story telling, historical knowledge and his numerous historical artefacts that enabled them to understand about what it must have been like to be a soldier and the weight of the weapons and armour! Adam also told them the history of the England flag and the changes that occurred during Tudor times. The children were then tasked with writing descriptively about soldiers and describing a character that they had fought in battle. I was blown away by the children's knowledge of the Tudors, vocabulary and enthusiasm for their writing. 
The pictures below show how much fun the children had during this morning. Well done to the class. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. 
Miss Brewster
Friday 3rd February.
Another wonderful week in Asia Class. Congratulations to the whole class. The class topped the school in Doodle Maths and Doodle Tables for the second week running. Well done, keep up the good work.
In English, it was invention week. In class, we have used the short animation 'The Dreamgiver' to write descriptively. Handwriting and using the 'Words of the Week' have also been worked on. Congratulations to you all. Our words of the week were; exquisite, mimicked, perched, miniscule and contented. Ask your child if they know what these words mean!
On Thursday, Asia Class had a well-deserved marble jar treat. The children have already half-filled the jar again. The class chose to play board games and do some art and crafts. The photos below show you how much the children enjoyed their treat.
Another amazing week... enjoy your well deserved weekend, Miss Brewster
Friday 27th January.
There are many things to celebrate in Asia Class this week.
In English, they have completed their action stories. We had worked on using different sentence types: complex sentences, short, punchy sentences, speech sentences and rhetorical questions. Many of the children are moving away from hugging the learned text so tightly and are also thinking about their vocabulary choices too. 'Words of the Week' are being embedded and this is shown by the use of words such as notorious, crevice, flabbergasted, palpitating and ominous. I know that my vocabulary was not this extensive when I was this age! Below are a few examples of the children's stories. I hope that you are as impressed as I am.
In Science, we are continuing with our topic about states of matter. This week, we had another wonderful practical session where the children investigated the particle energy model. They looked at changing ice into a liquid and a liquid into a gas. The children explained what was happening in order for these changes to occur. They realised that the addition of heat added more energy and the addition of cold reduced the flow of energy. At the end of the session, they looked at how adding heat to solid chocolate changes its state. Look at the pictures below that show what happened with the addition of heat.
A fun filled week. Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Miss Brewster
Friday 20th January.
This week in Asia Class the children have really enjoyed a coach coming in to teach them hockey. The children have been learning how to keep the ball under control and have been improving their skills. Mrs Lowe has been very impressed with all of the children.  They need to keep up this good work as some of the children will be chosen to complete in a hockey tournament, later this term.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone,
Miss Brewster
Friday 13th January.
Happy New Year to you all. An incredible start to 2023 from Asia Class. The children have had a very busy week and there is so much that I could celebrate today.
In Geography this week, the class started to look at physical Geography. They will be studying the Earth and natural disasters over the next half term. On Monday, they looked at the make up of the Earth and I was so impressed with what they could remember from Year 3 when they made plasticine models of the Earth to show the different layers. Using their prior knowledge, we looked at more detail of the Earth's layers and discovered some incredible facts. The children also learned about tectonic plates and the movement of these plates. We used two games to embed this new knowledge and the children all enjoyed the first geography lesson of 2023.
Then on Wednesday, we were treated to the first Music Workshop since pre Covid days. I don't know whether the children enjoyed it more or the teachers. We were taken through the decades from the 1950'2 all the way though to the current day. The hall was full of dancing children, loud singing and many smiles and laughter. We were treated to performances of songs that were made famous by Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Abba, Wham, Oasis and George Ezra to name a few. The study of musical genres through Information Station was apparent as the children were able to share their knowledge of different styles such as pop (popular), rock and roll and disco. I am sure that you will agree, that the pictures below show the enjoyment of all of KS2. I hope that you all enjoy your first weekend off since starting back at school.
Miss Brewster