Emmaville Primary School

Asia Year 4

Welcome to the Asia Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 21st July.
The end of the year and I can honestly say Asia Class are so ready for Year 5. It is also the end of an era for myself as I leave my full time teaching post and hopefully start some part time work, allowing me to spend more time with my family and friends.
I want to congratulate all of Asia Class for their work ethic throughout the year, and their end of term reports were a true reflection of their hard work. I am delighted that we were able to have such a wonderful last week. They shared their skills at the GSSP Sports Awards Ceremony on Tuesday which was magnificent. 
Today has been great fun. We were treated to a magic show by George R, Edward C and Rachel C from Year 6 which had the children mesmerised. We ended the day in the dance studio playing party games and singing.
I have had a fantastic final year and it is all thanks to the amazing class that I have had the pleasure of teaching this year.
I hope you all have a wonderful summer and good luck in Year 5 next year.
Love Miss Brewster
Friday 14th July.
The whole school enjoyed an enrichment week all about well-being. The children enjoyed a fabulous session learning all about well-being including hand massage, breathing techniques and how to be mindful. 
They also had fun at a skipping workshop and I was really impressed by some of their skills. Throughout the week, we talked about being mindful, enjoying the moment and not overcrowding our brains. A very useful week for everyone - adults and children alike.
Have a lovely weekend, 
Miss Brewster
Friday 7th July.
What a wonderful sports day!  The children enjoyed the sports day which was supported by the GSSP. Congratulations to all of the children that participated.
Miss Brewster
Wednesday 28th June.
Today, the class were visited by Mr Harrison who normally works with the Year 6 children. He was blown away by the children's enthusiasm in the maths lesson all about division. They were talking about partitive and quotative division and learning the difference between the two.  What impressed Mr Harrison the most, was how the children continually have their hands up to answer questions and their involvement in the lessons. What a compliment for all the children.
Whilst I was completing other work this afternoon, Mrs Priestley taught the class. The children were doing a revision lesson on all that they have learnt in science this year. They also completed spelling work, completed information station and then performed their wonderful rap. She was also impressed with their conscientious attitudes to the work and said it was a pleasure to work with them. This made me very proud.
In English, we are starting to prepare to write an information text. They have used a story map with actions to embed a text about tornadoes. The hook this week was to create their own tornadoes in a jar. I think the photographs below show how much fun the children had with this activity.
Enjoy the weekend when it arrives, Miss Brewster
Friday 23rd June.
Another wonderful week in Asia Class. The children completed their portal stories and I am super proud of the stories they have written.  They used wonderful vocabulary and many of them tried to include the words of the week. The words of the week were: unforgettable, terrifying, teleported, landscape and exaggerating. Many of the children have worked hard to improve their writing by using more varied punctuation, features such as the power of three and figurative speech.
I am sure that we have a few authors in this class.
Enjoy your weekend,
Miss Brewster
Friday 16th June.
This week I am incredibly proud of all the children in Asia Class. They have worked so hard preparing for their Multiplication Check. Yesterday, the children completed the tests and they were simply brilliant.
We started by watching a video and practising our breathing techniques. We then completed a self belief mantra: 'I can do this, I can do this'.
The whole class completed their try it out test and then we were ready for the official test.
I was bursting with pride when I looked around the class to see Sophie and Millie applying breathing techniques when they were completing their test. Lilyann had her fingers crossed and was silently saying , 'I can do this, I can do this'...
The concentration from the whole class was wonderful and they were all confident that they had done their best and scored really well. We will find out the scores in two weeks and the results will be shared with the parents in the final reports.
Congratulations Asia Class and have a wonderful, well deserved weekend.
Miss Brewster
Friday 9th June.
In Design and Technology this term, the children have designed their own Egyptian collars. They had to plan their designs including running stich and cross stich and also use applique to add detail. The collars were to represent themselves and so include game controllers, hearts, footballs and books. The children had to show great growth mindset in order to have success with this project. Congratulations Asia Class. The pictures below show the resilience that many of the children showed throughout this activity. 
Have a wonderful weekend,
Miss Brewster
Friday 26th May.
The end of the fifth half term has arrived. The children have had a brilliant half term and I am so proud of all the work that they have produced. This week in computing, the children have finished their mini movies. The learning objective for the half term was ' to discuss videos made where a mystery object is shown, and how they could make their own video'. The children have enjoyed using the iPads and have developed their techniques over the last five weeks to complete some wonderful movies.
Another wonderful piece of news to share - the children were joint winners of the Blazing the Trail Rap competition. This entry can be seen on a video that was shared earlier this term on the website. Hopefully, the children will have the opportunity to perform at a PE Awards Ceremony next half term. Details to follow.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful half term and I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 6th June. Happy holidays.
Miss Brewster
Friday 19th May.
An action packed week with so much to celebrate. 
In music, all of the children brought in their trumpets and had a wonderful lesson with Mrs Lawrence. My two penny whistle students are extending their range of notes and have played a duet today!
In Oracy lessons, the children have worked on performance poetry and I was impressed with all of the children. Every single child stood up in front of their peers and performed. Well done to you all. 
In Science, we finished off our experiment to investigate the effect that different liquids can have on our teeth. The class have been recording the results and were really shocked that fresh orange juice can cause so much damage to our teeth. However, we also discussed ways in which we can reduce the damage that we do. Asia Class' top tips on looking after your teeth are:
1) Brush your teeth, twice a day.
2) Visit the dentist every 6 months.
3) Don't eat or drink too many sugary items.
Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday,
Miss Brewster

Friday 12th May.
Another short week after the bank holiday weekend. The children have worked exceptionally hard in all areas of the curriculum. In computing this week, they have looked at making mystery movies using the iPads. Mrs. Hamilton was impressed by the children's ideas which will be further developed before the end of term. They enjoyed spending time planning what object they will use in their final movies. In the next lesson, they will learn to add split screens, animations and audio to make their short movies more interesting to the audience.  Hopefully, the short animations can be shared with you in the last week.
I also want to congratulate those children that are continuing to work on their times tables, Doodle Maths and spellings at home. This work is definitely showing in the children's results in their multiplication check development work.
Below is our Respect Rap that the class have written as part of the Blazing the Trail PE Award. I think they are amazing!
I hope that everyone enjoys the weekend,
Miss Brewster

Friday 5th May.


To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III tomorrow, all of the children were involved in a variety of activities about King Charles. The children produced amazing flags that have hopefully made it home for you to see.

We had a great lunch in our classrooms that Paula and the ladies had prepared.

The children have also worked on sketches of Charles III. Some of them will be used on a display in school to show the developing drawing and sketching skills of the children in our school.

Asia Class were thrilled when the ice cream parked on our front yard and they were all able to enjoy an ice cream.

A wonderful way to mark an historical event. Enjoy looking at the photographs and have a wonderful long weekend,


Miss Brewster

Thursday 4th May.


Today the Year 4 children were luckily enough to have an enterprise day with Miss Wilkinson. The children were involved in activities all day which included: making a city of their own, deciding what buildings and amenities it would have and then looked at the housing of different families according to their needs. The work really got all of the children thinking and they were amazed by the cost of living and how quickly the money that they had earned was used to pay bills, food and mortgages.

The day encouraged the children to work in teams and they were incredible. They had to decide how they would raise money to help the homeless and they had some incredible ideas. It really was an incredible day and Riley even said it was his favourite day that had been led by visitors to the school. Well done Asia Class.


Miss Brewster

Friday 28th April.


Another busy week in Asia Class. The children have completed their plans for their writing based on ‘The Unusual House’. There were some wonderful plans and I am really looking forward to reading their finished stories and I intend to share some of them next week.

This half term’s Design and Technology project is all about making an Egyptian collar. The children have been practicing sewing (which has been rather tricky) and today, have cut out their collar shapes in felt as well as designed what they want their collars to look like. I can’t wait to show you their finished collars by the end of the half term.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the additional day off.

See you all on Tuesday,

Miss Brewster

Friday 21st April.


A super start to the Summer term. All of the children have come back ready for their final term in Year 4.

On Wednesday, they all enjoyed a great Music Workshop all about Reggae music. It was so much fun, a great start to the term.

In Geography, the class have started a topic about Climate Change and the impact humans are having on our planet. It was an interesting lesson and the children looked at the differences between weather and climate, as well as looking at the activities that are causing changes in our climate and the consequences of these actions!

A really enjoyable week. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday.


Miss Brewster