Emmaville Primary School

Asia Yr 4

Welcome to the Asia Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 17th July.
The end of the school year. Asia Class - you have been amazing. It just remains for me to wish you a very happy summer holidays. I look forward to welcoming you back on September 7th.
Love to you all, Miss B
Monday 13th July.
Good morning Asia Class. The final week of the school year is here. It has been the strangest year in all of my teaching career and I hope that we do not have another like it. However, you have made this such an enjoyable year and i could not be anymore proud of each and every one of you. You are all amazing and I am already looking forward to September when we can have a week back together.
Below you will find the timetable and resources for the last week of term. Try to do some maths and English each day and read too. There are some lovely afternoon activities for you to enjoy. Do what you can, but change it up a bit if you want. Next week is the start of the summer holidays so it is important to try and do some work this week Remember to stay safe, healthy and smiling. I will continue to post my daily messages on Seesaw this week too. Have the best week, love Miss B
Monday 6th  July.
Hello, welcome to the penultimate week of the school year! On Friday, your parents will have received a letter about September and the return to school. I am so pleased that I will have you back in September for the first week so we can celebrate all that you achieved and also have closure to your time in Year 4.
Below is the timetable and resources for the work for week 16 of lockdown. The English can be found on the Oak National Academy website. You can see what needs to be done each day on the timetable below. I hope that you enjoy the tasks that have been set for you. Remember to use them as much as you want, but you can change activities to suit what is going on at home too. The most important thing as always, is that you remain safe, happy and healthy, Have a wonderful week, your reports will be coming to you via Marvellous Me on Friday 10th July alongside a letter which explains how your parents needs to send back a comment. Have a wonderful week. Missing you all so much, love Miss B
Monday 29th June.
Good morning Asia Class. First of  all, many thanks to you all; I have now received all of the personal comments for your reports and they have been attached to your reports. Thank you. I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for week 5 of Summer 2. Below you will find all that you need for the week. The timetable is at the top of the page followed by the maths and then the afternoon activities. The English continues to be about, 'The Impossibly Possible Bookshop'. The booklet can be found at the top of the resources. There is also history, Science, Ickabog work and art so plenty to choose from. Have the best week. Remember to post your work to Seesaw so I can see what you have been up to. Miss you so much, Love Miss B 

Monday 22nd June.

Week 4 of Summer term two. Hopefully, your weekend was lots of fun and you were able to catch up with family and friends (socially distanced of course).

Another busy week on Seesaw: all I can say is I have a very creative class. You are creating some wonderful models, gardens, recipes, art work. Wow!

Below is this week’s timetable and the resources you will need to complete the work set. Ickabog is getting so exciting – I love this book!

Try to do some maths and English every day as well as reading too. Enjoy the afternoon activities too. I hope you all have an amazing week. Missing my fab-u-lous class!

Love Miss B

Tuesday 16th June.
As promised, below is the Year 4 maths mastery quiz. Enjoy! Stay smiling, safe and healthy,
Love Miss B

Monday 15th June.

Week 3 of Summer term too. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Below is the timetable and the resources needed for this week’s work. Remember to keep reading as well (I know that the majority of you are reading daily). There is subtraction revision this week. I have also attached a mastery challenge quiz too as some of you have been asking for some more challenging maths.  It is a PowerPoint marked maths challenge if any of you would like to have a go.

I loved seeing all that you had been up to last week, please keep posting on Seesaw.

Remember to do what you can and stay safe, smiling and healthy.

Missing you all so much Asia Class. Take care

Love Miss B

Monday 8th June.


Happy Monday morning once again. Below you will find the timetable, and all resources, required for the week ahead. It is important to try and complete some maths and English each morning and then complete an afternoon activity. Today’s English is necessary in order that I can complete your child’s annual report. I would love them to write their personal comment for their report. There are ideas and prompts to remind the children of some of the activities we have completed this year on the PowerPoint, but I am sure the children will remember other things to include: perhaps swimming achievements, trumpet sessions, or particular subjects that they have enjoyed. Once your child has completed their report comment (they need to type it into Seesaw), I will be able to copy and paste it into their reports. I really hope that you will all be able to complete this task for me. The rest of English this week is short burst writing – I always love to read the children’s descriptive writing.

I am so proud of you all – remember to have a routine, but use the timetable and lessons to guide you. Adapt or change any lessons that you need to. Have a lovely week, and I look forward to receiving your work, messages and pictures. Missing you all, love Miss Brewster.

Monday 1st June.

Good morning Asia Class. I hope that you all had an amazing half term. You certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself from the pictures and messages you sent.

Today is the start of the final half term in Year 4, not what we were expecting but we will make the most of it. Below you will find the week’s timetable and then all of the resources and web links you need in order to complete the work. This is a guide to aid your home learning. Adapt any activities that you wish, complete work in any order you want. If you do something at home with siblings or family, then you can tell me about that instead.

As always, the most important thing is that you stay safe, healthy and happy. It would be really great if you could do some maths and writing everyday: it is so important to keep a good routine going. Writing keeps your imaginations growing and also means you are continuing to develop your handwriting styles.  If you feel that the White Rose maths is taking too long, just do a few examples to check your understanding.

Miss Lamb and I have hopefully planned some exciting and enjoyable afternoon activities: the music will run over three weeks; the JK Rowling task will last the whole half term. There are some really exciting and unique opportunities for you to be creative.

As I said in my letter to you on Friday, I am so very proud of you all for your desire to continue to learn. Keep this up. I cannot wait for you all to be back in school and I cannot wait to be standing in front of a class again. However, let us make the most of this new normal for now. Have a great week. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via Seesaw. Happy Summer term 2 Asia Class. Let’s have a brilliant half term.

Keep smiling, work hard … and then relax and continue to have some wonderful times with your families.

Love Miss Brewster.


Monday 18th May.

Good morning Asia Class. I hope this Monday morning finds you all safe, healthy and smiling and that you have had a relaxing weekend. Below you will find the timetable and resources for the week.  Have a look at the activities and do what you can. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at all.

It is great to see what you have been up to: your messages, photos, videos and work make me smile every day. Please keep in touch and let me know what you have been doing.

The most important thing is that you remain happy. If you want to do something different please feel free to do so.

Take care Asia Class, Love Miss Brewster.

Monday 11th May.


VE Day competition … the winner is Sophie B.

It was a very difficult decision to pick the winner. The pretty flowers on the top of the cake swayed me. Congratulations to you all that entered, I am very proud of you all.


Miss Brewster.

Monday 11th May.
I hope that you have had a great bank holiday weekend. I have enjoyed spending time in the garden, baking, walking Izzy and reading. I was overwhelmed by the entries for the VE Day competition, the winner will appear above here by 9 am on Monday morning. It was lovely to see how you celebrated the VE Day 75th anniversary. The bunting that many of you made was wonderful too. I will add pictures to the website throughout this week too.
Below are the timetable and resources for next week. As with all of the other classes in school, the English is based on the PWP and the maths is the White Rose approach. The videos and worksheets are there to help you with the work but remember just do what you can. If you find it is taking too long to complete the work, then either break up the activities into smaller units or just complete one or two of the questions to make sure your child has understood the concepts being taught.  We hope you enjoy doing them and look forward to seeing your work. The work is a guide to support you and help to structure your day. The most important thing is that you continue to stay safe and happy. Enjoy what you do (remember just do what is right for your child) and please share what you get up to on Seesaw, it's so lovely to see. Many of you send work regularly; thank you for that. It would be great if everyone could send something once a week as it means I can message each child within the class. Also, if you have any questions at all, please contact me via Seesaw. I hope that you all have a lovely week.
Miss Brewster

Monday 4th May.

 Time is flying by and I cannot believe that we have not been together as a class for 6 weeks. The messages, work, photographs and pictures that you have been sending make me feel happy and so proud of each and everyone of you. You are all amazing and it is a real privilege to be your teacher. The timetable for the week ahead is on here with the resources. Please do what you can but remember being happy, safe and healthy is the most important thing. I look forward to seeing all that you get up to this week. Last week, I saw dinosaur fact files, how to make a chicken coop, how to make banana bread, some fabulous keep fit activities, baking, some wonderful Roman mosaics and telling the time in French! Keep smiling everyone, I miss you all so much. Love Miss Brewster.

Friday 24th April.

Hello again at the end of another week in lockdown. Once again, I have been so impressed with all of the activities and work that the children have been doing this week. From learning songs in French, to performing story maps and completing work on decimals. Asia Class are amazing. Please just continue to do what you can with the children, adapt activities if you need to and just enjoy what you do as a family.  I hope that the children find what has been planned fun, but if they cannot do something then just miss it out. I want everyone in your home to remain happy and healthy. Learning to bake, looking after plants, helping with younger siblings are wonderful life skills. It was wonderful to see Luke, Ross’ brother take his first tentative steps. I am seeing incredible art work and learning more about the children’s amazing talents. I am looking forward to the weekend as there is sunshine predicted for the north-east of England. I will be spending time on lovely walks with Izzy and reading in the garden. Keep smiling: all of the children are doing incredibly well. Relax and enjoy the weekend. The timetable and activities for next week can be found underneath this message but don’t look at it until Monday. Happy weekend, stay safe, smiling and happy. Love to you all, Miss Brewster.

Monday 20th April.

Hello my lovely class. I am missing you all so much. I hope that you are all safe, healthy and still smiling. I also hope that you have been able to relax and enjoy the Easter holidays (even during lockdown). I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about, and seeing, what you have been up to on Seesaw. Thank you to all of the children who have been posting their work, photographs and messages for me to see. If you haven’t yet, please do so, as it enables me to stay in touch with the children and also mark their work.

Now the school holidays are over, we need to try and get back into a school routine. Miss Lamb and I have been working hard to put together some work for each day. I still think it is a good idea to start with some physical activity so start with Joe Wicks. We have then used White Rose for the Maths and there is a PowerPoint which takes you through the English day by day. We are looking at explanation texts for the next three weeks. In the afternoon there are activities in History (two week activity), MFL, music/art, Science and RE. You can do these in any order. Please do not get stressed about the work. If you have any questions, remember you can ask me via Seesaw. I will be online twice daily, 9.30am and then 3.30pm. Do as much as you can but still enjoy the outside, take time each day to relax and enjoy your time with your adults within your homes. Remember that if you are in school, you should take your learning journals with you and access the Asia Class website page and complete the work that has been assigned. Another three weeks of lockdown were announced yesterday, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we are back at school together in our wonderful classroom. Until then, stay smiling. Lots of love, Miss Brewster.

Friday 3rd April
Spring term ends today, perhaps not the ending we were expecting. I have been overwhelmed by the children of Asia Class and the commitment they have shown to completing their work over the last two weeks. It is not easy completing the work away from school, and I know so many of your parents are having to work too! Well done to you all. It is the start of the Easter holidays tonight so please make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy your family's company. It would be great if you could continue to read daily, do your daily multiplication checks and also go on TTRockstars. There is a timetable of Easter challenges that starts tomorrow if you are stuck for ideas to do. I will still be going on Seesaw daily so please keep in touch, your messages and work keep me smiling. Also, remember that Joe Wicks is continuing his daily sessions Monday to Friday. Adam Bushnell is also telling stories on his YouTube channel. He has already done two shout outs to our school, I wonder how many we can get? You have made me so proud Asia Class, I miss you all so much. Please keep in touch. Happy Easter, love to you and your family. Stay safe and smiling.
Monday 30th March.
Good morning. Congratulations on winning the TTRockstars challenge. I am super impressed with you all. Work for the week and the timetable can be found below. Can I remind you to share some of your work on Seesaw if you want me to comment or mark it. Your individual code was sent by Marvellous Me last week. Stay happy and healthy. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to this week. Miss Brewster

Friday 27th March.

Hello Asia Class.

The timetable for next week, and activities are now above this message on the website. Please don’t even read them until Monday. I want you all to take some time for yourself over the weekend. Enjoy the sunshine. Spend time in the garden, read, draw, play games. If you have a few tennis balls, can you learn to juggle? Or even take a blanket outside and have a spring nap. For those who have used Seesaw, thank you for sharing your work. It has been great to see how many of you are completing the work that has been set. I have enjoyed reading some of your losing tales too. If you haven’t been on yet, please try to do this next week. It means that I can respond to your work and also answer any questions that you have. Your adults will have been sent your code for this and instructions via Marvellous Me earlier this week.  Congratulations to you all (including the adults in the house) for completing the work. I hope that you are enjoying it. Miss Lamb and I are working together to keep you all focused throughout these difficult times. Well done on completing the first week of home schooling. I am missing you all Asia Class. Stay happy and healthy.

Friday 20th March.


An unprecedented week in school! This has been a very unsettled week as information around schools and closure has changed daily. All I can say is how very proud we are of all of the Year 4 children this week. On Tuesday, they heard that we had to cancel Hoodwinked. As you can imagine, the children were gutted because of all of the hard work, effort and amazing acting that everyone had contributed. We have recorded the children singing 3 songs and they will appear on the website as soon as we can reduce the size of the files!

Then came the news that Broomley Grange was cancelled due to the coronavirus. Once again, another disappointment but the children were very mature and understand the need for us all to stay safe and healthy. We are hoping that this visit can be rearranged in the future for your children.

On Thursday the children awoke to the news that schools would be closing until further notice. Again, we have been amazed and quite humbled by the children’s reactions and maturity in understanding this unusual step that has been taken. We have taken time to talk to your children about why the closures have taken place, and prepared home learning packs. They are very well organized and will be accompanied by a weekly timetable to guide you through what the children should do. Each week, a new timetable and additional activities, when required will appear on the website by Monday morning. The children who have to remain in school because of their adults’ jobs, will be following similar activities as they are cared for within the school environment.

The most important thing is that your child remains happy and healthy. For this reason, these are guidelines to help you keep a routine for your children. They understand the importance of keeping their minds and bodies active. That is why we have prepared a mixture of maths, reading and writing as well as physical, creative and well-being activities. We do not want you, or your child to panic. We want the time spent as a family to be a stress-free time. Building a routine and understanding what everyone in the home is doing is important for family life.  You may build in activities where the children are helping around the house, bake together, play a boardgame or watch a movie.  Have fun and enjoy the time together. We will be in touch again soon.

Friday 13th March.

In Geography this week, the children looked at earthquakes and the impact they have on human life. In the session, we started by looking at what we felt was precious at home and created thought showers. Ideas included pets, family members, PS4, iPhones, diaries, special toys, jewellery and photographs. The children then looked at photographs on a Power Point showing the devastation caused by an earthquake, which included the loss of whole villages, homes, transport, schools and even life! The children then went back to their initial thoughts of what was precious and made changes. Many of them removed the toys, technological devices, even jewellery and added warm clothes, some shelter, food and water. This activity really made the children think about what is important in life.

We then looked at the Red Cross and the amazing work they carry out when there have been natural disasters. The children had in-depth conversations about the need for search and rescue operations, medical attention and provision of food and water in the short term. We then looked at the help people would need over a longer period of time which included: rebuilding of homes and schools, hospital provision for those with continued health problems and emotional support to help those who had lost everything and needed to rebuild their lives. All of the children thought carefully about the impact of earthquakes on human life and communities and showed great maturity throughout.

Thursday 5th March.
What a wonderful 'World Book Day,' we had in Year 4 today. The children looked amazing in their costumes and so many authors and books were represented within Asia Class. We had a very special trainee teacher in school called Miss Parsniperwick from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I think all of the class agree that she was a very good trainee teacher. She delivered lessons in Potion Making and Controlling Spells. Unfortunately, there was no time for Flying Lessons or Defence Against the Dark Ages! This may have been a good idea as these are the lessons where many pupils are hurt, injured or worse...
Potion Making was a very creative lesson and the children worked incredibly hard with their partners to create spells that allowed you to be invisible for 20 minutes, tidied your room (without lifting a finger) and even one that enabled you to make an enemy sick! They practised and perfected their potions until the spells worked. A magical and incredibly enjoyable lesson.
This week a special mention must be made of Reuben. He came into school on Monday minus his long locks. He had his beautiful long hair cut off and his hair was donated to the Little Princess Trust. This charity makes wigs for children and young people who are suffering from cancer. Alongside the donation of his hair, Reuben also managed to raise over £1700 for the charity too. What a remarkable achievement Reuben!  Asia Class are very proud of you.
Friday 28th February.
This week, the children have continued to learn about fractions in maths. The children are applying their skills in order to work out a fraction of a number. By using the mantra 'divide by the denominator and times by the numerator'. the children have been working out amounts such as 5/6 of 42 Whilst problem solving I was blown away by the explanations that the children wrote. One  problem was; 
' a child has been given a set of Russian dolls. The largest doll is 24 cm high. The smallest doll is 1/8 of the size of the tallest doll. The medium doll is 3/8 of the size of the largest doll. Work out the height of these two dolls'.
The children were able to work with their learning partners and talk about the processes involved in working out this problem. However, it was the explanations that they wrote and shared that showed an incredible understanding of the maths involved. Sophie wrote,
'If the largest doll is 24 cm, then the smallest doll, which is 1/8 of the size will be 24 divided by 8. This makes the smallest doll 3 cm tall. I can now use this to work out the medium doll. I know this is 3/8 of 24 cm. I now also know that 1/3 of 24 cm is 3 cm. If I work out 3 x 3 which is 9 cm, I have worked out  the size of the medium doll
Fantastic work in maths Asia class. Keep working on your times tables too, there is a battle going on!
Friday 14th February.
An excellent week to finish off the half term. The children have been working so hard in all curriculum areas. Today, we had a fabulous history lesson all about the Tudor monarch, Mary 1. The children have a good knowledge of the kings and queens that reigned during Tudor times and were able to place them in chronological order. Their understanding of this period in time is developing well and this lesson enabled them to discuss whether Mary earned her nickname 'Bloody Mary'. The class was full of conversations as the children found out just how many people were burned at the stake for being Protestant. The children were really interested to discover that because of her behaviour, and the fact that she lied to the people during her five year reign, all those that were happy for her to become queen, were equally happy to learn of her death and the end of her reign. The discussions were very mature and I was super impressed with the vocabulary and maturity they used whilst discussing different opinions. The written work that the class produced was equally impressive and here is Amber's written work for you to enjoy.
I also want to congratulate all of the children who were brave enough to audition for our Easter production of 'Hoodwinked'. The children were fabulous and were so confident singing out in front of their peers. If the auditions are anything to go by, we are all in for a treat when they put on the production nearer to the end of the Spring term. Happy half term everyone.
Tuesday 4th February.
Over the last half term, we have been studying the religion of Judaism. We have looked at their beliefs, rules and the laws that Jewish people follow and also learnt about the celebration of Passover. Jewish people follow very strict rules about food and do this in order to obey God. During Passover, which is a Spring festival celebrated at the same time as Christian's celebrate Easter, Jewish people remember their escape from slavery in Egypt. They have a meal called the Sedar Meal, where specific foods are prepared and eaten to help them remember the different elements of their escape. Today in RE, Asia Class prepared the foods that are eaten at the Seder Meal. As a class they then tried the different foods and talked about what they all represent. It was a very enjoyable lesson and I am sure that the preparation of the foods and the sharing of the meal will help them all remember it. The children were very enthusiastic about the lesson and are showing a good understanding of the Jewish religion and the reasons why they follow and obey God. Well done Asia Class.
Monday 27th January.
What a start to the week! The children have planned their next writing within the PWP. They are writing adventure/action stories based on the learned text, 'Adventures at Cambury Park'. I cannot wait to read their completed stories. 
In Maths, we are looking at the area of rectilinear shapes. They are investigating how different shapes can have the same area. They have quickly realised their knowledge of multiplication facts can make this work so much easier too.
Monday afternoons have become a firm favourite with the whole class. They are thoroughly enjoying their football sessions with Mr Elliott. He is putting them through their paces; and they are learning all about dribbling, passing, tackling and are working so well with their team mates. Mr Elliott is already making notes on future teams too. Here are a few pictures of them enjoying their training.

Tuesday 21st January,

There is so much to celebrate this week, and it is only Tuesday!  In Maths the children have been looking at division with, and without remainders. They have been using place value counters to exchange tens for ones. Working with concrete resources enables the children to physically move and see the Maths!  I have been super impressed with the determination and skills they have used to apply their understanding to reasoning questions.

In RE, the class have been looking at the Jewish religion, and, in particular, the rules that Jews follow to keep their food Kosher. They were keen to learn about the strict rules that they follow in regard to not mixing meat and dairy foods in a meal and looked at forbidden foods according to Jewish law.

Geography has been great fun this week. The children were looking at the Earth’s layers and also the processes involved in the movement of tectonic plates. After watching a PowerPoint, the children played a game which allowed them to answer either easy or hard questions. It was wonderful to observe the children challenging themselves and going for the more difficult questions (and getting them correct too). When they had played this game in small groups, the lesson ended with a class game of taboo. An image was shown to all of the class except one child. The other children then had to describe the image without actually saying the word or words associated with it! The children were incredible and certainly shared their amazing knowledge of how and why the tectonic plates move as well as the layers of the Earth. A fun way of learning so many difficult but interesting facts.

Thursday 16th January.


This week, Asia Class welcomed Mr Clarke and Miss Palmer who will be with us until the 23rd March. The children have made them both feel very welcome and we hope that they enjoy their time spent at Emmaville.

In Art this week, the pupils completed their 2020 art in the style of graffiti artist Keith Haring. Haring is well known for his bright colours, black outlines and cartoon style images. I think you will agree the children were very successful in their Haring inspired work. It looks amazing on our class windows.

In Science, the class completed an investigation finding out what materials would be most appropriate to make blinds for the classroom. They recapped on the meanings of translucent, transparent and opaque. The children were fantastic and used scientific vocabulary to explain their conclusions. The class decided that blackout material would be the most effective.
Friday 10th January.
Happy New Year! Asia Class have made a wonderful start to the New Year. Congratulations to the whole class for their success in the second battle on Times Table RockStars, which took place over the Christmas holidays. Particular congratulations to Lewis - his score of over 33000 points means that he is the top scorer in the whole school for this battle. Well done.
Multiplication tables are so important and it makes maths so much easier. This week, we have looked at our 11x and 12x tables. The children investigated patterns within these tables. They have also looked at multiplying three numbers together and factor pairs. It is fantastic to see how much progress the children are making with multiplication.
In English this week, we worked on 'playful poems'. Using abstract nouns and places/containers, the children played around with words and alliteration to write some incredible poems. They were very enthusiastic about the poetry writing this week and they all produced wonderful writing. Here are a few of the poems for you to enjoy.
Lunchbox of Stars by Amber,
In the lunchbox of stars, I saw
a huge pizza shaped like the moon
sandwiches floating like stars 
and star shaped biscuits prancing around.
In the lunch box of stars, I heard
a bag of crunchy carrots chatting at shooting stars
a group of stars singing and dancing about food and sweets
and a chocolate bar leaping with glee.
In the lunchbox of stars, I smelt
the scent of chocolate drifting eagerly around
fresh fruit just waiting to be eaten
and the smoke coming from hot soup.
In the lunchbox of stars, I felt
the sugary raindrops pounding on my head
dribbling ketchup spreading from a burger to my own
and the pepperoni falling from a yummy pizza
In the lunchbox of stars, I tasted
the sweet honey as I bite the toast,
chocolate sauce dripping from a cake
and a sugary drink dropping in my mouth.
In the lunchbox of stars, I created 
a fizzy, rainbow clashing around,
a tsunami of laughter washing over everything and everyone
and a shooting star shining over me and everybody else.
Tower of Terror by Reuben
In the tower of terror, I passed
a room full of pools of lava,
a giant spider ready to bite 
and an enormous giant stomping around.
In the tower of terror, I met
a confused ghost which lost it's head,
a skeleton with a missing arm
and a tiny dragon flying in circles.
In the tower of terror, I saw
poisonous snakes slithering round my feet,
crocodiles running in and out of water
and a rogue gorilla locked up in a cage.
In the tower of terror, I felt
the fur of a tiger as it walks under a bridge,
the wind in a tornado as it sucks up everything 
and a tombstone which fell from the top of a building.
In the desert of silence by Leo
In the desert of silence, I heard
the sound of the wind whoosing past my face
while the cactus was falling to the ground.
In the desert of silence, I saw 
sandcastles being built by the hands of humans
and camels galloping around them.
In the desert of silence, I felt
the hardness of the sand and the sharpness of the cacti burning my skin
the calmness of the desert makes me fall asleep, the warmth of the sun falling onto my skin.
In the desert of silence, I captured
flies, mosquitoes and the sting from a bee
spiders and camels dancing with tender glee
and crabs, lizards and snakes with poison like a black widow spider.
The piggy bank of thoughts by Chloe
In the piggy bank of thoughts, I think of
families having fun and laughing
and love spreading around the room.
In the piggy bank of thoughts, I created
friendship spreading across the world
children loving their new schools
and stars twinkling in the midnight sky.
In the piggy bank of thoughts, I heard
nature singing through the enchanted forest
unicorns galloping across the land
and a butterfly fluttering with the wind.
In the piggy bank of thoughts, I discovered
every owl tweeting across the world
and birds setting off one by one 
and an island of love.
I think you will agree thchildren have shown incredible imaginations and have played around with words brilliantly. 
Well done to the whole class.

Friday 20th December.

And it’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! As I am writing this, we are enjoying a marble jar treat of watching Elf in our pyjamas, with hot chocolate and candy canes. What a lovely, well-earned treat after such a long term. Our week started with our Christmas party, where the children enjoyed traditional games and a party tea provided by Friends of Emmaville.

The children finished their brilliant Christmas quest stories – Lewis’ is here for all to read.

It was a tranquil, December evening at the North Pole.  Santa and the elves had just finished working. Santa was relaxing before he had to do his main job. He got ready his scarlet suit.  The majority of the elves were still working. Santa went to get his magical reindeer but realised that Rudolph wasn’t there.

“Rudolph, Rudolph where are you?” gasped Santa. No reply. “What can I do?”

Cautiously, Santa looked everywhere for him. He knew that he couldn’t take the sleigh without Rudolph.

“I will come with you and look for him,” Candy Cane said nervously.

“NO!” screamed Santa. He was frightened to go outside in the snow blizzard in case one of the reindeer blew away. Santa was getting really worried, because what if Christmas couldn’t go ahead? He knew he had to go and find Rudolph fast. Santa put on his suit and got all of the other reindeer warm, ready for the long journey ahead. Was it safe?

Unimaginably, Santa decided to on with the eventful journey. He had all of his eight reindeer with him. Santa and the reindeer set off to find Rudolph. Whilst the snow storm was at the North Pole, Santa could see in the distance, what looked like a huge ice rink.

“Oh no!” shouted Santa, “How am I going to get across?” Carefully, Santa and the reindeer slowly tip-toed across. All of a sudden, Dancer made a crack in the ice, it all started to crack! The crew had to rapidly sprint across the ice when it was still really slippery. Thankfully, they made it across safely. That was a close one thought Santa, gasping for breath. A life threatening moment. All of the reindeer had been very courageous. But that was just the start of the quest.

Later on, they came across a mammoth size lake. Santa and the reindeer had to think of an idea of how to get across. Santa had another brilliant idea. He had spotted an igloo in the distance. They flew towards it and then dug it up. The reindeer, guided by Santa pushed the igloo along. It was a huge igloo, so Santa and the reindeer used it as a boat and managed to sail across the lake. Suddenly, Santa dropped his telescope in the lake. Would he ever be able to find Rudolph? Then an icicle fell, narrowly missing Santa’s head.

“Aargh!” screamed Santa. “That icicle has just missed my head.”

Santa and the reindeer kept on searching for Rudolph. Sooner, rather than later, Santa spotted a penguin.

“Have you seen a reindeer with a red nose?” asked Santa.

“Yes I have, I saw him go into that cave over there about half an hour ago.” answered the penguin.

Rapidly, as quick as a flash, Santa sprinted over to the cave. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a glowing, crimson, red light shining in the cave.

“Is that you?” whispered Santa.

Then Rudolph came out of the shadows! Hooray, but Santa knew that he had to get back quickly to save Christmas.  He set off to head back to the North Pole and his Grotto.

Finally, a few hours later, Santa, the reindeer and the penguin reached the North Pole. Santa was already in his scarlet suit. Candy Cane and the other elves  got all the presents ready in the sleigh, so they were ready for the off.

They jumped in the sleigh, penguin too, and the reindeer were attached ready to guide it. They set off towards the beautiful stars. The penguin found it compelling, because he had seen nothing like it before. They delivered presents from city to city, country to country, continent to continent.  Finally, they arrived back at the North Pole at 7am. Mrs. Claus made everyone a hot chocolate and they all lived happily ever after… or did they?


In our RE lessons, we finished some newspaper reports about the Christian story of Christmas. The children certainly know what the real meaning behind Christmas is. Again, I have included two of the newspaper reports for you to read; one by Layla and the other by Sam.

I want to thank the children for working so hard and making this term so enjoyable.  Over the holidays, it would be great if the children could read and work on our Battle of the Bands. The new battle ends on Sunday January 5th.

All that is left for me to do, is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that you enjoy your time with friends and family and I will see you all in January 2020!

Friday 13th December.
What an extremely busy week we have had. Christmas within school is well underway. On Monday we went to Addison Court and sang to some of the residents there. It was a lovely afternoon and the children really brought smiles to the faces of the audience. I was very proud of my class.
The children have been looking at the true meaning behind Christmas. We looked at the sixty mile journey that Mary and Joseph made from Nazareth to Bethlehem that took them almost a week. After looking at the story, the children have drafted some newspaper articles and next week they will write them up and add pictures. Some of these will be shown next week.
On Thursday. the children had their final gymnastics session with Miss Troke. They practiced partner balances and there are some photographs to show the children;s amazing work. Well done.
It was also Christmas jumper dinner and Christmas dinner. Lisa and the other ladies in the kitchen did an incredible job and all of the children enjoyed their dinners. There was a lovely atmosphere in the hall and they all enjoyed pulling crackers and singing along to Christmas songs.
Friday 6th December.
If the workshop wasn't enough to cause great excitement, the children had their music lesson and were able to take the brand new ptrumpets home! They are thrilled to be the first ones to take these home. They need to be carefully looked after and the children have promised Mrs Lawrence and I that they will. Happy trumpeting Asia class!
On Thursday morning, the class were very excited to attend a bauble making workshop. It was incredible and the children absolutely loved designing their own baubles. They listened well to instructions and worked quietly, concentrating hard to make their own masterpiece. As the photographs show, you have a special something coming home before Christmas!
This week there is so much to celebrate! On Tuesday the children visited the 'Prayer Space,' stations in the dance studio. As the photographs show, the children participated in many activities which enabled them to think of others and also think about their own lives too. They thoroughly enjoyed this time.
Friday 29th November.
In gymnastics this week, I was so impressed with all of the children. They each performed a routine individually in front of the other members of the class. They used all that they have learnt this half term and their routines included: rolls, balances, stretches, handstands, cartwheels and linking movements. Each child worked well and I have certainly seen an improvement in their gymnastic skills. Congratulations to all.
Friday 22nd November.
The children in Asia have had another very busy week. After our enrichment week at the end of last half term, the children were set some creative homework that they could complete if they wanted to. I was delighted with many of  the children who produced some incredible homework. There were many families that enjoyed Naz' Indian curry. It was a real hit with many of the adults in school. Other children produced some wonderful art work celebrating major landmarks of Asia. Amber used her Dad's 3-D printer to make an incredible Taj Mahal. Also, some of our wonderful authors wrote some folktales based in the continent of Asia.
 Friday 15th November.
Congratulations to all of Asia Class for their win in Battle of the Band on TimesTables Rock Stars. They worked brilliantly as a class to secure the win, but special congratulations must go to Lewis and Sam for their individual contribution to the class' overall score. Lewis and Sam managed to achieve the 2nd and 3rd best individual scores throughout the score. An amazing achievement. All of the children will enjoy an additional golden time session prior to the end of term.
In Computing the children spent time exploring the program Scratch on the iPads. Although it was the first session that they had used this program on the iPads, they were quick to discover the controls that enabled them to move their characters around the page, speak to one another, change backgrounds and make stories. They instantly worked out shortcuts and proved to be a whizz on this program. Impressive skills.
 Children in Need was well supported by all of the children. Many thanks for all of your contributions towards the bake sale. We are still waiting for the grand total raised to be announced. Molly held her own bake stall within her neighbourhood and raised £23. Well done Molly and the rest of Asia class.
Friday 8th November.
Another busy week finished. This week, the children started a new history topic all about The Tudors. within Art, the children were introduced to the six monarchs of this historical period. They found out about the length of their reigns and who was the most successful.  They also found out that it was in Tudor times that Lady Jane Grey was queen for just nine days! After fact finding, we looked at the monarchs' portraits and created two class portraits of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. A portrait was cut up into fourteen pieces, and a section given to each person in the class. The task was to recreate the section as perfectly as possible looking at the size, shapes, colours, content and texture of the piece. It was quite tricky but everyone showed great growth mindset to produce their piece. The end results of our jigsaw portraits are pretty amazing. Have a look and see what you think.
The children are receiving coaching in gymnastics this half term from Miss Troke. I have been super impressed with the children's enthusiasm towards these sessions. They have been stretching their limbs and have already been taught, forward rolls, diving forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, handstands and headstands. All of the children are trying hard to improve their skills and some of the children are simply incredible. Well done to you all.
Thursday 31st October.
Happy Halloween everyone! The children have had an incredibly busy and productive first week back.  This week, I am celebrating and their Art and Science work.
In Art, they worked on creating Halloween silhouette pictures. Not only are they very seasonal, it enabled everyone to work on our cutting skills. Some of the children's designs were very detailed and they concentrated fully in order to produce these wonderful pictures. What do you think?
Our Science lesson this week enabled all of  the children to be Scientists. They were given soil samples to look at and  used equipment such as tweezers and magnifying glasses to look at the make up of soil. It was really interesting to practically look at the three soil samples. The children made many observations such as:
' I didn't realise there were so many different types of soil.'
' This doesn't look like soil, it is pink.'
As the children investigated and looked closely, they learnt that soil is made up of many different parts. Living and dead plant and animal matter was found as well as rocks, wood, sand and roots. The three samples were very different and the children labelled diagrams of the soil samples in their books. Research work showed the children that soil is actually made up of four different materials: water, gases, minerals and organic matter. Many of the children realised from our previous work on rocks that minerals are actually compacted, weathered rock. 
Discussions enabled the children to discuss four processes that are involved in soil formation too: losses, additions, translocation and transformation. I was super impressed with their ability to link the work we have already completed on rocks and erosion. They talked about how water is added into the soil through rain and yet is lost through the process of evaporation. Animals can transport minerals and organic matter from one place within the soil to another (translocation). Suddenly, Asia class were talking about the important job that worms play in the formation of soil. It was a very practical investigation which enabled all of the class to  develop their knowledge of soil. Super scientists all round.
Friday 18th October.
What an incredible week to finish the half term. The children have gained so much knowledge about Asia, our class name. Using 'Each 1 Teach 1' cards, they have learnt that Asia is the biggest continent with 48 countries and the only continent that has countries with populations of over 1 billion people! We talked about the differences between the different biomes that can be found in this continent. The children used the iPads to research different countries within this continent. The children now know that the Maldives has the smallest population within the Asian countries, that Russia is the biggest country by land area, but China is the biggest by population. There are many different languages spoken across this continent too and that time differences between the UK and the countries within Asia vary considerably. Dance, art, research work, cookery demonstrations and stories from this continent have enabled everyone to have a much better understanding of Asia. This afternoon, the children wrote up their folk tales ready for an audience. They took great pride in their work.
Well done to each one of the children in Asia Class for working so hard this half term. It has already been an incredible journey. Enjoy your half term holidays, don't forget to keep working on Times Tables Rock Stars and reading. Relax and I will see you on Tuesday 29th October.
Thursday 17th October.
We looked at the Chinese art of origami. We had to listen very carefully to the instructions. The folds had to be accurate, and we needed to make sure that we folded carefully in order that we could make our swans. It was quite complicated, but our growth mindset and our ability to follow instructions meant that we completed the task successfully. We were very proud to be able to take our swans home.
Wednesday 16th October.
Asia Class had a visitor this afternoon. Naz Bashir came into class to give a cookery demonstration on how to make an authentic South Asian curry. The children (and the teacher) listened carefully to the step by step instructions on how to make this dish from scratch. The smells coming from the pan had many of the staff and children stopping at the doorway to our class. The ingredients and the recipe was simple. Naz made her own spice mix called Basaar and also added an enormous bunch of homegrown coriander to the curry.  All those that wanted to were able to taste the curry and the verdict was... delicious! The recipe will be coming home with the children as one of the enrichment week creative homework tasks. Enjoy!
Adam Bushnell spent three days in school, and finished his time with a whole school assembly. The ideas, story telling and writing certainly fired up the children's enthusiasm to write and become authors. Some of the children acted out a folktale and the audience loved listening to, and watching the performance. Have a look at a few pictures from the assembly.
Monday 14th October.
A wonderful first day to our enrichment week, when we hope to learn lots of interesting facts about our class continent name, Asia. We were lucky enough to start the week with a session from our friend, the amazing author and story teller, Adam Bushnell. We had a brilliant creative writing workshop about dragons. Adam taught us all how to draw a fabulous dragon, and then we completed five short activities which enabled us to name our dragon, think of three special powers that it has, think of verbs that described the movement, adverbs that added more clarity to these movements and then finally some expanded noun phrases. The lesson whizzed by with comments such as, 'This is such a fun writing lesson'. When Adam left, the hard work continued and we began to write and share some sentences to describe our dragons in further detail. We can't wait to welcome him back into our class on Wednesday, so that we can use all of our ideas and write our own folktales from Asia!
We really are a class of authors. 
Monday ... continued.
The fun continued in the afternoon when we had a dance session and tried our hand at dancing ... Indian style. Using some videos, we tried out different steps. All of the children were amazing and they showed great enthusiasm. The room was full of smiles, what a wonderful way to end day 1 of enrichment week.
Friday 11th October.
This week, we have spent time following up our amazing visit to tourist attractions in the area. The children wrote a recount of the visit and what they had learnt from their time in South Shields, Marsden Bay and The Angel of the North. They amazed me with their ability to talk about the different types of tourism that they had seen: historical attractions, physical attractions and man-made entertainment facilities built for the purpose of attracting more visitors. In the final session within this topic, the children were able to look at the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in an area. They spoke of increased money into the local economy and the development of jobs for local people as well as the negative impact of tourism on local habitats and the natural environment. Very impressive writing. Within Science, they wrote instructions on how fossils are formed. The children showed a very good understanding of the processes involved and used words such as cementation and compaction within their writing too. Vocabulary in all subjects is very important and looking at, and studying, new words in all curriculum areas is certainly impacting on the children's writing. As they continue to write their suspense stories, they are using words such as petrified, oozed, surged, heart-stopping, impending doom, terrified and ominous. This use of specific vocabulary is also evident in our maths sessions, where vocabulary such as descending, ascending, scale, steps and integers have been used as the children have further developed their knowledge of negative numbers, scales and addition of two four digit numbers.
Another wonderful week. Congratulations to all of Asia class.
Friday 4th October.
Didn't we have a wonderful time the day we went to ... South Shields, Marsden Bay and The Angel of the North!
We were incredibly blessed with the weather today; every time we stepped off the bus to go to the beach or Marsden Bay, the rain stopped and every time we were on the bus travelling it rained. Apparently, the worst of the weather was left behind in Crawcrook.
First stop was Little Haven Beach in South Shields. We spent time looking at all the tourist attractions and quickly realised the differences between man-made and natural attractions. We also had great views of Tynemouth and now understand that some historical buildings and artefacts (such as Tynemouth Priory and the Tyne Lifeboat) were built for a purpose and yet have now become places that people like to visit. Whilst we were at the beach, we talked about the money that is made from tourism and that some things are expensive to do (for instance, visiting the arcades, soft play and fairground) whereas visiting the coast and playing in the sand is free. We tried this activity out and had a sand building competition in our teams (see the pictures for our brilliant designs) but Hufflepuff were victorious as they had created a wonderful Forbidden Forest! The one and a half hours in South Shields enabled me to assess that the children are building up a good understanding and knowledge of tourism and the factors that can affect this.
After lunch on the bus, we then went rock and fossil hunting. The children's Science knowledge was on show and they talked about rock formation and were happily classifying the rocks to one another,, identifying layers and talking about the durability of the rocks too!  They were intrigued by Marsden Rock itself, especially when we had looked at photographs of what it used to look like! Again, they impressed us with their understanding of coastal erosion from both wind and rain, they talked about the salt within the sea water speeding up this process and understood that this would eventually cause Marsden Rock to be no more.
Our final stop off, The Angel of the North, was the only destination where the rain continued to fall. However, the children were keen to look closely at Antony Gormley's 1998 sculpture that they know represents hope and peace. They had some true or false questions to answer, and they had remembered lots of information from a previous Each One Teach One Card lesson. They were impressed by the Angel's size and again were able to talk about erosion and that the sculpture has been made to last 100 years. Twenty one years since it's construction, the rust and erosion was clear for us all to see.
A huge thank you to all the helpers who came with us today and made our visit such an incredible success. We will follow up the visit next week and I will share some of the work produced via the website and Marvellous Me.
Friday 27th September.
Another week has flown by.. time flies when you are having fun! The children are very settled and into the routines of Year 4. They are taking pride in their work and are so eager to learn. This is very evident on a Wednesday when I have the pleasure of helping to teach the swimming alongside the coaches, Paul and Denise.
Each class is divided into three groups. One group work in the big pool; those children that are confident, have excellent stamina and have the correct technique for multiple strokes. A second group are working towards perfecting the technique of the strokes and also correct breathing. When you teach swimming, it makes you realise how many different things the children need to think about in order to perfect the strokes.
My group are working on their confidence within the water, how to travel across the pool and also floating. The lessons consist of warm ups, concentrated work on stroke technique and breathing and also demonstrations. Some of the children in my group who were nervous about the water, are now swimming a full length with no flotation device. Wow! 
They also must be congratulated on their ability to dress and undress at great speed and be ready for the buses within 10 minutes. Both coaches have also commented on their excellent behaviour throughout the sessions too. Amazing work Year 4, well done.

Friday 20th September.
An incredibly busy and emotional week this week. We said goodbye to one of our classmates on Thursday.Noah has left us to spend a few years in Cincinnati. We had a lovely send-off for him and I am sure that he will keep in touch and tell us all about his new life in USA. We wish Noah, his mum and dad all the luck in the world.
 In English, we are coming to the end of our instructional writing. The children have worked incredibly hard and I cannot wait to share some of their finished pieces with you next week. If you do not know how to trap a fairy or an eagle, watch this space!
In Maths, the children continued to work on rounding and partitioning of numbers into the thousands. It is a tricky concept, but one that the children seem to be enjoying investigating with their classmates.
We also have some budding artists in our mists and we have our very own 'mini' version of Antony Gormley's Fields for the British Isles in our classroom. Why not come and take a look?
Well done to all of you and I look forward to sharing some pictures with you next week of their work.
Thursday 12th September.
A fabulous second week back. All of the children have settled well and are working hard across the curriculum.
In English, we have started our first PWP unit on writing instructions. We have had great fun finding out how to trap an ogre and will have a story map and words to learn over the weekend so we know the text word for word.
Maths has included a lot of problem solving and we have investigated Roman Numerals and how to make numbers up to 100. We know that I = 1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50 and C = 100! Our homework is based on this work.
We were very excited on Wednesday when we went for our first swimming lesson at Blaydon Leisure Pool. The children were impeccably behaved and were very patient as the first week was spent assessing the children and putting them into groups ready for lessons next week. I am looking forward to sharing some photographs of the lessons in a few weeks time and reporting on the progress being made.
In Science today, we have looked at the different types of rocks and how they are formed. The three types we  used for classification were igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. 
As a class, we have spent time over the last two weeks talking about the importance of reading, and how reading enables the children to learn more and opens up new worlds for the children to explore. The 50 book challenge has been introduced to all of the KS2 children (a letter will be going out to parents in the coming week). We have enjoyed reading, 'Bill's New Frock,'by Anne Fine and also enjoyed a very relaxed and sunny ERIC session in the sunshine outside. 
Phew, what a very busy and productive week. Congratulations to all in Jerusalem Class.
Friday 6th September.
Welcome to Jerusalem Class Page 2019. We have had a wonderful first week back and settled well into our new classroom. We have enjoyed some team building activities, PSHE and C activities and discovered our new topic of Tourism in the UK.  Here is a picture of the class of 2019.
Friday 15th November.
What a wonderful week.Even the horrible weather couldn't dampen our spirits this week and we have so much to celebrate. First of all, a huge well done to all of the children in Asia Class for their win in Battle of the Bands on Times Tables Rock Stars. I have been thrilled by their commitment to this and they have worked brilliantly as a class. Special congratulations must go to Lewis and Sam for their amazing individual contributions too.  
In Computing, the children had a great session investigating and developing their knowledge of Scratch. Although the children have used the program before, it is the first time they have used it on the iPads. They had great fun, working out how to move their characters around the page, record messages, change backgrounds and develop their knowledge of the program. 
Friday 15th November.
The awful weather outside couldn't dampen our spirits and there is so much to share this week.
First of all a huge congratulations to all of the children on their win in Battle of the Bands on Times Tables Rock Stars. I am thrilled with all of the children's commitment and enthusiasm towards this battle. Special congratulations to Lewis and Sam for their huge individual contributions too. The children will enjoy a golden time award later in the term. 
In Computing the children worked on Scratch. Although they have worked on this program before, it is the first time they have accessed it on the iPads. They thoroughly enjoyed working with their partners investigating how to move their characters around the screen, how to record messages, change backgrounds and generally develop their knowledge of the program. The controls are different on the iPad but the children were quick to discover how to use shortcuts.
On Thursday. the children had their final gymnastics session with Miss Troke. They practiced partner balances and there are some photographs to show the children's amazing work. The team work and effort shown by the whole class throughout this half term has been amazing. Well done.
It was also Christmas jumper dinner and Christmas dinner. Lisa and the other ladies in the kitchen did an incredible job and all of the children enjoyed their dinners. There was a lovely atmosphere in the hall and they all enjoyed pulling crackers and singing along to Christmas songs.
On Thursday. the children had their final gymnastics session with Miss Troke. They practiced partner balances and there are some photographs to show the children;s amazing work. The effort over the last half term from all of the children during these sessions has been incredible.  Well done.
It was also Christmas jumper dinner and Christmas dinner. Lisa and the other ladies in the kitchen did an incredible job and all of the children enjoyed their dinners. There was a lovely atmosphere in the hall and they all enjoyed pulling crackers and singing along to Christmas songs.
Monday 11th May.
VE Day competition. winner is ...
Sophie Brown.
I have to say the decision was not an easy one, but the pretty flowers on top of the flag swayed me. A prize will be coming to your house soon Sophie. Well done to all of those children that entered the competition. Once again, you showed me your creativity. 
Miss Brewster.
Monday 11th May.
VE Day competition ... the winner is Sophie Brown.
It was a very difficult decision but the pretty flowers on the top of the cake swayed me. Well done, a prize will be coming to your house soon.  I will be adding pictures of the entries throughout the week. Well done to all of you that entered. I am very proud of you all.
Miss Brewster

Monday 11th May.


VE Day competition … the winner is Sophie Brown.

It was a very difficult decision to pick the winner. The pretty flowers on the top of the cake swayed me. Congratulations to you all that entered, I am very proud of you all.


Miss Brewster.