Emmaville Primary School

Asia Yr 4

Welcome to the Asia Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Monday 29th March.
The children of Asia Class had a wonderful day, decorating their eggs for the Easter competition. They were all very busy, designing and then creating their wonderful eggs. There are pictures below for you all to see. Winners will be announced later this week.
All that remains for me is to congratulate all of the children in Asia Class for coming back to school and working so hard. It has been a fun four weeks and I am looking forward to the summer term with them. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all back in school on Tuesday 20th April.
Miss Brewster
Friday 26th March.
What an amazing week! The children have been on fire, and have worked their little socks off. We have been blasting times tables and there has been a big improvement in the whole class' ability to chant their tables, and use their knowledge of multiplication to solve problems. I am super proud.
In English we have completed our recounts about lockdown. Once again, the children have impressed me with their approach to this writing which has been honest, at times sad, funny and personal. Many of the class have tried hard to include some of our 'words of the week' to make their writing even more wonderful. There are a few children that are writing their recounts for display. When they are finished next week, I will add pictures so you can read some of their work.
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and a well deserved rest. Congratulations to you all,
Miss Brewster
Friday 19th March.
Another wonderful week in Asia Class. We had a very busy timetable and enjoyed lessons in all subjects. I think a firm favourite this week was the Science lesson about states of matter. After washing their hands, the children were all given a chocolate button which they held in a fist whilst watching Michael Rosen perform his wonderful poem, 'Chocolate Cake'. Whilst they watched strange things were happening to the chocolate in their hands; some children could even see traces of chocolate begin to appear from their fists. There was lots of laughter when they opened up their hands and observed what had happened to the chocolate. It had melted! Some of the children's had melted more than others. We discussed why this may have been and decided that some children must have hotter hands and that those buttons that had melted completed had more heat (energy) to it. This was a simple way of looking at the change of a material from a solid to a liquid. We also melted some chocolate in the microwave and then left it throughout the Science lesson. They were able to observe that the liquid chocolate turned back into a solid when left at room temperature.
The lesson was great fun, but the children were able to describe the changes that occurred using the particle model. A super impressive session which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Well done Asia Class.
Friday 12th March.
What an incredible first week back at school with Asia Class. Yet again, this class amaze me with their enthusiasm and desire to learn. They have achieved so much in this first week and really are a credit to both their parents and the school. We want to welcome Nicholas into our class. He joined us in January for one day but has now completed his first full week. It feels as if he has been with us all year as he has made so many friends and settled so well into school life..
Much of this week, has seen the class focusing on well-being, self esteem and feeling happy. The children have shown such great maturity in discussion about their safe places and safe people. They knew that they could share information if they wanted, but they didn't have to. The outcomes of the session made us all realise that we have so many places that make us feel secure and also so many people that make us feel safe. 
We are also looking at self-esteem and believing in ourselves. Each day, a child stands up, and the rest of the class have to think of a word that could be used to describe that child. Words such as smart, knowledgeable, clever, kind, caring, fast, funny, intelligent have been used to name but a few. It has been a joy to see the children's smiles grow as they hear what their peers think of them
In History, we looked at the importance of the River Nile in Ancient Egyptian times. The children made notes from a discussion and then we used E1T1 cards to embed this knowledge. The children then produced some quality writing about why the Nile was so important. 
It has been an absolute pleasure to have the class back together. There has been lots of fun and laughter, but also hard work, growth mind-set and partner work. I don't think I have ever been so proud of my wonderful class. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend and look forward to another great week next week. Congratulations on all that you have achieved.
Friday 8th January.
Although schools are closed again, I had to share the short burst writing that my wonderful class created together on Monday. Well done to all of those that have completed some of the home learning - it would be really helpful if you could try and do your Maths and English everyday as well as some reading and TTRS work. I want you all to take care and stay safe, Love Miss Brewster
Friday 18th December.
We have had a wonderful final week and have certainly celebrated Christmas in style. A class party, a movie afternoon and a fabulous production of The Emperor's New Clothes. What fun!
It was lovely to see everyone in their party clothes and the class party was full of laughter. I think my favourite was the 'blow snowball' competition. It certainly showed how competitive we can all be. Congratulations to Isaiah - you blew the rest of the competition away!.
The pinata was almost indestructible, but the sweets inside were a welcome treat whilst watching our second production of the season.
The week has been lovely, we are all feeling ready for the Christmas holidays and all that it holds. I wish you all a safe and very happy Christmas. I look forward to seeing you all in 2021! Lots of love Miss Brewster. 
Friday 11th December.
Another week has flown by and it has been a lovely 'Christmassy' week in Asia Class.  This week I want to celebrate all of the children and the commitment they have shown to improving their writing. The children have been working on the Christmas Story again this week... but with a twist! They have been writing the story from the point of view of one of the animals within the Christmas Story. Their plans were great and at the moment they are in the middle of completing their full texts. I will definitely share a few of these next week.
On Thursday, Lisa and all of the ladies in the kitchen, worked hard to provide Christmas dinner for all of those children that wanted it. The classrooms were set up with napkins and crackers, Christmas music filled the school and the children thoroughly enjoyed their dinner with all of the trimmings. There were many empty plates and happy, smiling children. I loved the fact that we were all in our Christmas jumpers - a very festive day! I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and congratulations to all of the children of Asia for working so hard - you really are a delight to teach! Have a lovely weekend, Miss Brewster.
Friday 4th December.
Another busy week, and so much to celebrate. Christmas has definitely arrived in Asia Class, with the decorations and the highly anticipated advent calendar! Each day, the children have to spot something new that is connected to Christmas. It is becoming trickier as time goes on because the classroom is looking so festive.
This week in RE, we have looked closely at the Christmas Story. We looked at the story in detail, and although the children knew the story, there were many parts that were new to them. We looked at the role King Herod played in the story, and how Christians believe that he was so worried about the birth of the baby king, that he ordered all new born boys to be killed. Joseph was then visited by an angel in a dream and told to flee Bethlehem. He travelled with Mary and Jesus to Egypt where they remained safe.
We looked closely at the symbolism within the Christmas story: how Christians believe that the precious gifts given by the kings symbolises how precious Jesus is to the world. Christians also think that the fact he was born in a stable (a place where animals were kept) show how humble he is. It was a really interesting lesson and the children were intrigued to learn more about a story that they have been looking at annually since starting school. Well done to all of Asia Class.
Thursday 26th November.
We have so much to celebrate this week. There have been many competitions and activities that the children have participated in. Although we did not win the TTRS battle, we gave Africa a run for their money and there were just over a 1000 point in it at the end. Well done, I was super impressed with the effort that Asia Class showed. Rachel scored the highest not only in our class, but had the highest individual score of the two classes. Rose came in second. They were rewarded with medals and trophies and the whole class were very proud of them.
Amelia was successful in our Joe Wicks healthy lifestyle competition and produced a magnificent poster which is now on display in the dance studio. Congratulations Amelia.
As part of the Christmas festivities, every child in Emmaville has decorated a star which will be placed on the school fence. It is hoped that they will brighten up everyone's day as they walk by. I was so impressed with the children's ideas and artistic skills. Mr. Saddington kindly chose the winner from our class (I found it too difficult to choose) and the winner was ... Noah!
Congratulations to Noah, and congratulations to the whole class on such beautiful art work.
Well done to the whole class for all that they have achieved this week.
Miss Brewster
Thursday 19th November.
This week, I want to celebrate all of the children who have completed their home learning work and have sent it via Seesaw.  I have been amazed with the learning that has taken place and I want to congratulate all of your personal 'teachers' at home who have completed copious amounts of work on subtraction, instructional writing, the Tudor monarchy, Leonardo da Vinci and data handling in computing. Many of the children have been reading on myOn and are continuing on their quest to become even better readers. TTRS has been incredibly busy and the children have shown growth mindset to improve their tables knowledge.
Many of the children enjoyed the Matt Goodfellow poetry workshop yesterday and I received a delightful video of a poem that Noah had written immediately after the workshop. Yet again, I am bursting with pride at my wonderful class who have coped magnificently with having to work from home. Congratulations to you all and I look forward to seeing you all back in school tomorrow.
Have a look at the PowerPoint below - it is a celebration of all that you have achieved. 
Friday 13th November.
Good afternoon Asia Class. Below are pictures of all the entries into the Children In Need Bake Off competition...
And the winner is ... drum roll please ...
Well done to you all but especially to Joseph. There is a prize waiting for you on your return to school.
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, Miss Brewster
Thursday 12th November.
The short burst writing that the children have produced whilst working from home has been amazing. I want to share Lily's and Ivy's work. Congratulations, you have made your teacher very, very proud!
Tuesday 10th November.
Congratulations to Rachel, the winner of our healthy packed lunch competition. Rachel was thrilled to receive her Emmaville packed lunch bag from Mr Elliott last week. All of your classmates are very proud of you, as am I.
Friday 6th November.
Asia Class have had a very busy first week back after the half term.  In English, the children have completed their losing tales. They tried very hard to include, speech, show not tell, fronted adverbials and more powerful vocabulary. Hopefully, we will share some of these stories next week.
In History, the children used E1T1 to develop their understanding and knowledge of the Tudors. It was a wonderful lesson and the class were amazed to find out some interesting facts such as:
  • Tudors used to watch people being burned to death in town squares, as a form of entertainment!
  • Meat was cooked on spits and the main meal of the day would be eaten over many hours.
  • Henry VIII had six wives and he had two of them beheaded.
  • Although Queen Elizabeth I appears beautiful in paintings, she was actually bald, had bad skin and rotten teeth!
Today, we worked as a team in Art to produce a wreath for Remembrance Day. As part of our Roman topic, we used a mosaic style to create our poppies. The class listened to music from the war years, as they carefully cut small squares of paper and created their beautiful poppies. They were then assembled together to make a wreath. This is now on display on our classroom door. Miss Armstrong is so impressed with our wreath, that she has asked if we will make one for her office door.  I am sure that the children will enjoy doing this next week.
Congratulations to the whole class for some exceptional work this week. 
Friday 23rd October
The end of the first half term and what a half term it has been. Each member of Asia Class has worked incredibly well and I am so proud how they have all adapted to the changes that have taken place. Today in Design and Technology, we had so much fun designing and making bridges. The children were given £100 to buy materials. They soon realised that money doesn't go as far as you think. The partner work was incredible and they were committed to making a bridge 40cm long that a toy car could cross. With time restrictions, it proved a difficult task and there were many successes and failures. I think the main lesson that everyone learnt is that planning and designing is key. A thoroughly brilliant lesson to end the half term. Congratulations and enjoy your well earned half term.
Friday 16th October.
This week has flown by and the children have made me incredibly proud with all of their work this week. It has been very busy and we have covered everything from Electricity in Science, to the Renaissance Period of 1400 - 1600 in Music. We listened to Greensleeves ( a song that is believed to have been written by Henry VIII for one of his wives, Anne Boleyn). The children are building up an excellent knowledge of music through the ages, and how instruments, tempo and arrangements have changed. 
In Computing, we have continued to look at the reliability of the internet and whether you can believe everything you see or hear. Have a look at the photograph below and talk to your child about the importance (and humour) of this photograph. 
In English, we have been using short burst writing, to explore and expand our vocabulary, as well as look at show not tell and other language features to improve our writing. We had a visual hook of a picture and the children were asked to write a short descriptive passage. I was super impressed with the work they produced and I would like to share Ivy and Isaiah's work with you
The moonlit sky was shining off the lake as if it was the sun shining off metal. The stars were like little grains of sand on the beach. The water was pitch black, like a blanket. A boar was surrounded by the night, the only thing to see was the light on the boat. The tiny house, almost on the lake, as if it was about to set sail. The puffy clouds were surrounding the moon as if it was trying to block its view.
Isaiah A
The ominous moonlit sky makes me want to shiver.  The stars cast light against the night. The pointy turrets piercing the starry night sky. Bright lights make the castle look mystic from afar. The deep lake shines from the shadows. My heart is pounding with every sway of the boat.
Ivy H
Friday 9th October.
A fun packed week, with a whole lot of learning going on! 
Asia Class are very excited about the Science work about electricity. This week, the children found out about the symbols that make drawing circuits so much quicker and simpler. They then worked with a partner to create a circuit which lit the bulb. There was great excitement as the bulbs began to light up around the room.  Their scientific understanding was evident when a buzzer was added to the same simple circuit. The buzzer sounded but the bulb did not light up. After a discussion with James and Georgia, James worked out this was because, 'there was not enough energy/power for the cell to light the  bulb and sound the buzzer'. Impressive Science work.
In PSHE, we looked at the rights and responsibilities of children (UNICEF). We talked about Article 12 and 28 in detail. The children showed such maturity in the discussions and were appalled that some children their age do not get to have a primary education. They talked about their responsibility in their learning too: that they need to listen, do their best, use growth mindset, learn from mistakes and, most importantly, have fun whilst learning. 
Another wonderful week with the class. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday. 
Wednesday 30th September.
This week the children have worked incredibly hard in their art lessons. We have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh. Last week, we looked at his most famous paintings, 'Sunflowers' and 'Starry Night'. This week we looked at his impressive transportation paintings that are less well known, but still amazing. Below are just a few examples of the class' pictures. Within the lesson, they talked at length about sketching and using the whole canvas. We thought of the picture in quarters which meant it was easier to keep the size correct. I was very impressed - I think that you will be too.
Thursday 24th September.
Our second week back, and once again we have been full of busy. We have a full timetable and the children are relishing the challenges that they are facing. I am a very proud teacher.
In English, we have completed our persuasive text story map. The text has captured the imagination of the whole class; I think we may have some budding spies and MI6 workers within Asia Class. Everyone was amazing and came up with some great actions to support the retelling. Hopefully, we will include a video to show the class performing this next week. The children will have a map and text to learn over the weekend. 
In Science, we carried out an investigation about static electricity which caused great excitement today. (if your child or children ask for a balloon, it may be to carry out another experiment at home). In their written work, the children were using scientific vocabulary, including renewable and non-renewable energy, source, natural, geometric and hydropower. A very impressive first science lesson. Here are a few pictures of the class working hard on their Science write up. Well done. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
Friday 18th September,
It has been a wonderful first week back. The children have settled back into different routines well and are enjoying being Asia Class. They have all grown so much over the summer and they certainly look so much older. Personally, I have been delighted with all that they have achieved this week.
The children now know of my love of vocabulary and enjoyed our magpie session earlier this week. I have been so impressed that the children have being trying to use the words of the week in their work. This week the words have been scenery, panoramic, breathtaking, detail and observe. We have five new words each week, which will hopefully expand the children's vocabulary.
Physical Education.
We are working on athletics this half term and this week we looked at throwing in particular. The children were working on overarm throws, trying to keep the ball and howlers straight and the throws long. The children recorded their throws and are working on improving their personal bests. 
Here is a photo  of the lesson.