Emmaville Primary School

Asia Yr 4

Welcome to the Asia Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 17th June.
The end of an action packed week. Congratulations to all of the children that competed in the Quadkids competition. They were all amazing and the Year 4 team secured bronze medal and 3rd place. A super achievement.
Today was a very colourful day, as it was the Rainbow Fun Run. The pictures below show how much the children enjoyed the run. Another fabulous day, congratulations to you all.
We also said goodbye to Miss Prior and wish her well in her future teaching career, we will all miss her,
Miss Brewster.
Wednesday 15th June.
We are super proud of every single one of our dances that performed at The Sage. The performance was amazing and there were many very proud parents, teachers and friends who thought you were INCREDIBLE. Thanks to Miss Rochester for working so hard with the Year 4s.
Miss Brewster and Miss Prior
Friday 10th June.
A very busy week. The children in Asia Class have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum. 
Dance rehearsals are in full swing for the Dance Festival next week, the multiplication checks have started, children have been working hard in PE as we are trying to pick the team to represent the school at the Athletics Festival in July.  Alongside these activities the children have been working really hard in Mathematics to tell the time, recognise analogue and digital clocks as well as know the days in the week, months in the year etc.. 
I just want to celebrate all of the class for their incredible enthusiasm and determination to do well in everything. 
Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it.
Miss Brewster and Miss Prior.

Friday 27th May.
Happy half term, enjoy the jubilee. We have had an enjoyable day celebrating the jubilee in school. There are photos below of the bouncy castle, picnic lunch, mindfulness and ice creams. If you click on the two links below the photographs, you may even see the Queen.
Miss Brewster and Miss Prior.
Thursday 26th May.
Another half term completed and what a way to end it! The children absolutely loved working with Adam Bushnell yesterday. Adam, an author and story teller, is a regular visitor to Emmaville School but it is a couple of years since the children have worked with him. To fit in with the Queen's Jubilee, the monarchy and history.. Adam took Asia Class back in time to the Romans. The children looked at battles and the role of the Centurion. The children were able to handle Roman artefacts, try on some helmets and hold some of the weapons too. 
The class also worked outside, making formations and going into battle!
All of this helped the children write creatively about the battles. Whilst writing, the children talked about adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and created some very powerful sentences.
Look at some of the photos below which show the fun the children had. A wonderful Thursday.

Friday 20th May.
Yesterday, the children in Year 4 used iMovie to create their own movie trailers. After Miss Prior had modelled how to use this program, the children were left in their groups, to make their own trailers. There was a lot of laughter, posing, taking pictures, editing words and character names before the class were able to watch some of this work. It amazes us how incredible adept the children are at using technology. Hopefully, if there is time, the children will be able to become even more creative with this program. Here are three examples of the children's work to enjoy. Congratulations to Asia Class. Have a wonderful weekend,
Miss Brewster and Miss Prior.

Week ending 13th May.
What a gorgeous week with Asia Class. Once again, they have produced some incredible work in many subjects.
However, this week we want to share the Science work and also the fabulous dance from the Jubilee Dance workshops that the children completed today.
Jubilee Dance Workshop.
What a treat for Asia Class. They were involved in a brilliant dance workshop. Classes from Years 3 to 5 were each given a decade of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. Asia were lucky enough to get the 1980s and produced a wonderful dance to Wham's 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go'. The children were so enthusiastic and engaged in the dance. It was a pleasure to see them all involved. In the afternoon, each of the classes performed their dance to the school on the field. Miss Prior and I were incredibly proud of the children. Congratulations.
Enjoy your weekend,
Miss Brewster and Miss Prior.
Wednesday 11th May.
In Science, we have looked at the digestive system and a class experiment was carried out to show how our bodies digest food. A memorable lesson - the experiment showed how food enters our mouths and the journey it goes on before the waste leaves our bodies. The experiment was done on the field as it was quite messy trying to show the stages that food goes through from the mouth, into the stomach, intestines and once all the goodness nutrients and water has been removed how the waste leaves. There was lots of laughter and enjoyment but plenty of learning too. Look at the photos below.
Friday 6th May.
After a lovely long bank holiday weekend, the children have worked extremely hard in all curriculum areas this week.
In History, the children have been learning about Hadrian's Wall. They found out some amazing facts about why and how it was built. I think the children realise how lucky they are to have history on our doorstep. 
In Art, the children have been finding out about mixing colours and how to create a mix of colours using the primary colours. Next week, they will be using this knowledge to create pictures of living things. Look out for the photographs next week.
Congratulations to the children who represented Year 4 in the orienteering competition. Mrs Toward informs me that you were all incredible. Special congratulations to the winning team
Miss Brewster
Friday 29th April.
A great first week back from Asia Class. It was lovely to return to some sunshine. This week I want to celebrate their enthusiasm for fitness in PE and also their netball skills. The children were very enthusiastic about completing a selection of fitness skills and completing a time sheet. Over the next few weeks the class will work on building up their stamina and strength to see if they can increase the number of each exercise that they can complete.
In Netball, the children looked at the different types of passes that are allowed and also learned about pivoting on one foot. It was a great lesson filled with lots of fun.
Congratulations to all of the children that were chosen for the Dance Festival too.
Miss Brewster