Emmaville Primary School

Asia Yr 4

Welcome to the Asia Year 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Friday 16th December.
An action packed enrichment week all about festivals. The emphasis has been on singing, music, languages, geography and festivals.
On Monday, Asia Class took part in a rather loud, but enjoyable Samba workshop. The children learnt about Samba rhythms and the instruments that are used. It was brilliant.
We have also learnt to sing Silent Night. Mrs. Richter taught us the first verse in German and we also learnt the Makaton version too. It is a beautiful song and watching the children use Makaton was very moving.
The children have looked at the Christian Festival of Advent and the Hindu festival of Diwali. The class also spent time researching Christmas traditions in French. Ask the children what they can remember. I really want a French Nativity scene now!
On Thursday, the children enjoyed their Christmas lunch which was beautifully prepared by Paula and the other ladies in the kitchen. There were many empty plates and full stomachs.
In the afternoon, the children made Christingles and learned about the history of Christingle services.
Hopefully the pictures below give you a taster of our amazing Festivals Enrichment Week.
Enjoy your weekend.
Miss Brewster
Friday 9th December.
Another great week in Asia Class. The children have been working exceptionally hard in maths to master their tables. Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at our 3x, 6x and 9x tables and the relationship between them all. Well done Asia, keep up the hard work.
Miss Brewster and Miss Whiteley
Friday 2nd December.
December has finally arrived! The Christmas decorations are up and the children enjoyed a short session altogether making paper chains whilst listening to Christmas songs, It was so enjoyable. I have included a few pictures. However, apart from that, the children have continued to work incredibly hard in all subjects across the curriculum. Alongside the instructional writing, the children have all had an opportunity to write a poem for a writing competition. There are some super entries, two will be picked for the writer of the month board. Next week, is a 'normal' week before enrichment week and then a week of Christmas festivities. 
Enjoy your weekend, Miss Brewster and Miss Whitelely.
Friday 25th November.
This week the children thoroughly enjoyed their tag rugby session. I was super proud of their attitude and teamwork. The children were concentrating on their throwing and catching skills. Mini games were played with 5 children ( attackers and defenders). !0 metre by 6 metre pitches were set up and the attackers had to try and get from one end of the pitch to the other without their tag being removed. The children worked well in their teams and the defenders were determined to stop the other team scoring. I am already looking forward to watching the children develop their skills further next week.
In Maths. the children have looked at finding the perimeters of regular and irregular polygons. I wonder how many of the class can work out the perimeter of the 10m by 6m pitches?
Have a great weekend,
Miss Brewster. 
Friday 18th November.
Children in Need Day again. They seem to come around so quickly. Thank you so much for all the contributions to the cake sale. As you can see from the photographs, we have some Star Bakers in our class. The children all looked delightful in their ears and spots. It is incredible to see the whole school coming together to raise money for such a worthy cause. A special thanks to Millie and Riley. They were amazing helping in the hall and there are more photographs of the children enjoying the delights of the hall.
As well as Children in Need, I have been delighted with the children's writing and I have included some photographs of this writing. 
Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Brewster
Friday 11th November.
Second week done, and so much work covered. The children are completing work across the whole curriculum and have been learning about sound in Science, suspense and descriptive writing in English, international travel in Geography, Remembrance Day in RE, column addition and subtraction in Maths and Tudor portraits in Art.
The children followed instructions on how to sketch a face and then added detail to make Tudor portraits. Look at the photographs below and see how incredible the portraits are. Well done Asia Class. 
Enjoy your weekend.
Miss Brewster
Friday 4th November.
A fabulous first week back. The children have worked wonderfully across the whole curriculum. In Science we have started a new topic all about sound. The children looked at the energy model and how it is the transfer of energy into the particles that travel in soundwaves that enable them to hear. We talked about noise sources and how vibrations make these particles collide and move quicker. Many of the children were fascinated to learn how the brain also has a role to play in their hearing and not just their ears! The whole class went outside and listened for sounds. They then discussed what noises they could hear, whether they were loud or quiet, and also about different pitches. They are all looking forward to exploring sound through practical activities during this half term.
I also want to congratulate the whole class for working so hard in French. They looked at days of the week and practised our pronunciation of French words.
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys Guy Fawkes night tomorrow.
Miss Brewster.

Friday 21st October.

A fabulous final week of this half term.  The children have engaged in so many activities this week and thoroughly enjoyed their learning.

On Wednesday, the children were engaged in Prayer Station activities. This was a half hour session when the children were given time to reflect on things going on in different parts of the world, think about what they are thankful for, spend time thinking about their gamily and friends and also think about the recent changes to the British monarchy. The activities were varied and the children enjoyed them all. I think the photographs below show the enjoyment the children had during this session.


In Mathematics, the children have been concentrating on addition and subtraction throughout this half term. The children have been looking at different methods of addition and subtraction and their understanding of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones has definitely increased.

 It has been a pleasure to work with your children this half term. I hope that you all enjoy a lovely week off and I look forward to welcoming the children of Asia Class back into school on Monday 31st October.

Hayley Brewster

Friday 14th October.
Week 6 completed. Another full week of learning.
Asia Class are working so hard to get into a routine with their homework, and I was asked today if they could have their new spellings on a Friday evening so they can prepare as much as possible for the following week. Asia Class claimed top spot on Doodle Maths this week too. Also, many of the children have completed multiple reading tests on Accelerated Reader! Well done Asia Class and keep on working hard. It will really help you when you are in school. I am really impressed with the effort you are all making.
This week, the children continued learning about the Romans and why being part of the Roman army was a great career choice. It enabled the soldiers to earn a steady wage, they travelled the world, were given uniform and equipment needed and after 25 years could claim a great pension. It was also a job that made the men of the times more attractive to women!
However, the children were less impressed to find out how far they had to march each month and the weight of the equipment they had to carry. (25kg) Riley also thought that the sandals were an unsuitable part of the uniform, and after a class discussion, the whole class agreed.
As a class, we have used social stories to talk about playtimes, behaviour and how to have fun. I was so impressed with the maturity shown by the class and how they are all looking out for one another. It is so important that everyone feels that they can join in and play, but equally important that they have choices that they can make too. What a delightful class they are.
Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday,
Miss Brewster
Thursday 6th October.
In Science this week, the children continues to investigate electricity and circuits. The children introduced switches into their circuits. The investigation allowed the children to understand the role that switches play in allowing us to control the electricity that we use. They looked at switches allowing humans to control the light that we use.
The circuits they made allowed the children to understand how a closed switch allows the electrons to flow and completes the energy model. The delight from the children when their circuits worked was wonderful to see.
The children were able to use symbols to draw their circuits too. A great Science lesson.
The children are also enjoying the songs that we are learning to sing for whole school assemblies. At the moment, they are singing 'Cauliflowers Fluffy' and 'Big Red Combine Harvester'. Another week full of wonderful work.
Well done, Asia Class, Miss Brewster.
Friday 30th September.
A great week. I have really enjoyed my first full week with the children and also meeting some of their parents too.
In English, the children completed their losing tales. I was really impressed with this writing and Caro's and Oliver M's has been chosen for the Writer of The Month Board. Congratulations! I will add pictures to this next week.
In Mathemtics, we completed the unit on column addition and subtraction. It is fantastic to hear the children talking so confidently about minuends and subtrahends! In an assessment today, the children showed how much they can apply what they have been taught to problematic questions.
A wonderful week, enjoy the weekend.
Miss Brewster
Friday 23rd September.
On Tuesday, Year 4 visited Thorp Academy to attend a Yoga Workshop. Asia Class children really enjoyed this visit and had great fun doing all sorts of activities.  I think the photographs below show how much the children enjoyed this day. Well done,
Mrs Lowe and Miss Brewster
Friday 16th September.
Second week completed. The end of an era with the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The children have had time this week to discuss this and the historical significance of this queen.
Mrs Lowe was super impressed with the children this week when they completed some work about the North East of England in Geography. They looked at the counties that make up the north east of England and talked about some physical and human geographical aspects of this region. They talked about the population being over 2.5 million people, about manmade landmarks such as Hadrian's Wall and the Angel of the North and natural landmarks such as the Farne Islands and Holy Island, as well as the natural flora and fauna. many of the children had visited some of these areas, but were still learning as none of the class had heard of a tidal island (which is of course, what Holy Island is). Later in the year, the children will find out about an area in North America and then compare and contrast the two areas.
Another fabulous week, Asia Class. Enjoy your weekend.
Mrs Lowe and Miss Brewster
Friday 9th September.
A wonderful first week in Year 4. This week has been full of team work, settling in to a new classroom, PSHE challenges and teamwork.
On Wednesday, the children worked with a partner to complete a Design and Technology task.
The children were challenged to build a bridge that was at least 40cm in length. It also had to hold the weight of a car and it needed to be able to travel from one side to the other.
The groups could gain points from working well with their partners, the design and also for meeting the requirements of the challenge. 
There were other rules too. Each group had £100 to spend on the equipment. However, a sheet of paper was £10, sellotape was £10 for 15cm and paper clips were £3 each.
All of the groups showed determination to produce a well built bridge. It was wonderful to see the children working so collaboratively, as well as being so complimentary to each other and celebrating all of the successes. The winners of the best bridge were Leo and Sofia.
However, all of the children should be very proud of how they worked together. A great first week, I am so proud of them all,
Miss Brewster