Emmaville Primary School

Basketball Cluster Competition - Through to the Finals!

2nd February 2018

Three teams from Years 5 & 6 represented the school at the first round of the Thorp Academy cluster basketball competition.  There were nine teams altogether, so there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to get a part of the action.  And action there was; passing, dribbling, shooting and amazing teamwork were all part of every game that was played, with a total of 20 baskets scored and 8 games drawn or won.  All three of our teams battled heroically through two rounds of group matches, with a silver and two gold places being achieved by the end of the afternoon.  Without losing a single game, Emmaville A were declared overall winners, which means that the squad of nine will be taking part in the Gateshead finals on Thursday 22nd February.  It was a real pleasure to watch our children, but special mention to Louis D, who fell heavily onto one knee during a match, but refused to be beaten by the pain. He got to his feet, received a pass, dribbled the length of the court and sailed the ball straight into the net – SWISH!