Emmaville Primary School

Cape Town Yr 2

Welcome to the Cape Town Year 2 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Thursday 11th July 2019
Beautiful Beeeeeezzzzzzzzz!
This afternoon we practised our listening skills and followed instructions for how to draw a realistic bee. The results were incredible! What amazing artists we have in Cape Town class!
Tuesday 9th July 2019
Creative Homework
Here is a selection of some of the Creative Homework that Cape Town class has done this term. What a talented bunch we are!

Friday 5th July

Marble Jar Treat - Toys and Games Pyjama Party!


As a treat for filling their marble jar, Cape Town chose to have a toys and games pyjama party.

What a lovely afternoon it was! Everyone played nicely with each other, sharing their toys and having fun.

Wednesday 3rd July 2019
Times Table Fun
We have been having a lot of fun this week practising our 2 and 5 times tables. We have been singing along to the numberjacks videos which you can find on the internet. They start off slowly, but get quicker and quicker and quicker! It's great fun and we are improving our speed day by day. Have a go and practise at home too if you can!
Wednesday 26th June 2019
Roker Beach
What a fantastic day we had at Roker beach! 
In the morning, we worked with Amy from OASES Beach Schools. We created artwork with stones, shells and seaweed, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Then we searched for stones and shells with a hole in and threaded some sparkly string through to make necklaces. We also made sandcastles.
We enjoyed our lunch sitting on the sand with our friends. Some of our sandwiches got a bit sandy!
In the afternoon, we listened to the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We used binoculars to look for boats, seagulls and lighthouses. Then we used a pulley system to transport Mr Grinling's lunch across the beach.
It was a brilliant day! We were all exhausted but happy when we got back to school.
Friday 7th June 2019
Edible Coastlines
We have been learning about the physical and human features of the coast as part of our Seaside topic. During our lesson today, we used vocabulary linked to physical features such as mountain, river, cliff, ocean, soil, forest and beach. Then we used crushed biscuits, biscuits and sweets to make our own coastline that had sand, sea and cliffs. What fun! We were even allowed to take them home and eat them (after our tea of course!)
Friday 17th May
Gluten Free Cake for Coeliac Awareness Week
As this week is Coeliac Awareness Week, Maia and her mum made a Gluten Free cake. Maia brought the delicious cake in to share with her friends. Yum!  Maia's mum has put some information in our school newsletter this week about Coeliac Disease. You can find this on the website. 
Wednesday 15th May
Visit from a medical student
We were very lucky this week to have a visit from Miss Bretnall's sister who is a medical student. She talked to us about how doctors help us as part of our topic work. We had a chance to be medical detectives and try to work out which part of the body an x-ray showed and what might be wrong. We diagnosed a broken leg! She even brought in her stethoscope and let a few of us listen to each other's hearts. We also had to guess what some of the other things she brought in were used for. Lots of us have decided that we might like to be a doctor when we grow up!!! Thank you to Miss Bretnall's sister. We learnt loads and really enjoyed the afternoon.

Thursday 9th May 2019 – Paralympics at Thorp Academy

 We had a fantastic time at Thorp today! We were split into groups and worked our way around a carousel of activities. These activities were run by Thorp’s sports leaders, many of whom were ex-Emmaville pupils.  We played a game a bit like football, but in a circle. Then we learnt to play it blindfolded and there was a bell inside the ball, so we could hear it and work out where it was. We had to throw bean bags at a target that was behind us – very tricky! We also played Boccia, which is another Paralympic game. All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves and learnt loads of new games.

Friday 5th April 2019

Model Village

What a lovely afternoon we have had making our model village. Some of the children worked in pairs and others worked on their own. I was really impressed with how they used trial and error to make their buildings stand up and how they created windows, doors and roofs. Everyone remembered to use their manners and asked their friends politely if they needed them to hold something while they joined it together. I think we have got through several miles of sellotape this afternoon! We put all our buildings together and created Main Street! We have a school, a library, a florist, a church and even a shoe shop. Well done Cape Town!

Friday 22nd March 2019
Fractions - Make Equal Parts
The task was to use different colours to show how the shape could be split into equal parts. The children were encouraged to find as many different ways as possible. They absolutely LOVED this activity, and did a brilliant job! Well done Cape Town!
Friday 15th March 2019
Lovely Manners!
In Cape Town we have all been practising using lovely manners all the time. Listen out for: PLEASE, THANK YOU, YOU'RE WELCOME, EXCUSE ME, PARDON, SORRY. We are aiming to be be the politest class in the whole school! And we also smile a lot! Pass on the smiles! 
Friday 8th March 2019
Polar Animal Patchwork

Wow! I was so impressed with all the children! This was such a tricky job. They had amazing growth mindsets and were very supportive of each other. Their cutting and sticking skills were really put to the test!

What a beautiful quilt!

Thursday 7th March 2019
World Book Day
We had a really good time on World Book Day. We loved going to each of the classes in Key Stage 1 to listen to stories and poems and complete different activities. It was really fun! We all dressed up as a book character and looked amazing! You can see us all sitting on the story chair. After school, we had a World Book Day disco and we all really enjoyed it. Everyone got a drink and some sweets and some people shared their sweets with friends. What a kind bunch of children you are! There was some really funky dancing and a giant conga train!
Friday 1st March 2019
Emmaville Goes Green
We had an amazing enrichment week learning lots about how we can save our planet. We really enjoyed activities such as Green Mascot junk modelling, making wallets from old juice cartons, going for a litter pick around the school grounds, collecting sticks and decorating them, relaxing yoga and using old magazines to make paper straws to create our straw face image. Have a look at the photos to see all of these things. Here are some comments from the children:
I'm going to recycle all the time now - Jessie
Stop using plastic straws and cups - Amelia
From now on I am going to try to walk to places instead of using the car to try to stop pollution - Rachel
We are now more in contact with nature - Louie
Stop littering - Roo
Less littering, more recycling - Dylan
I liked listening to the story and it made me want to pick up litter - Zoe
I love this! I feel really calm painting these sticks - Billy Joe
Friday 15th February 2019
As part of our English lessons this week we have been writing some poetry. We started off last week by reading and learning to say the poem The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. This week, we were at the independent application stage. We went on a sound hunt around the school. I have to say the children were AMAZING and listened so well that they heard even the tiniest sounds! Back in class they wrote their own poems using some of the sounds they had collected.
Here's RK's poem:
The reading of the children
The humming of the radiator
The talking of the teacher
The zooming of the aeroplane
The discussing of the people
The beeping of the fob
The clattering of the boots
The splashing of the tap
The singing of the man
The swishing of the paint
The sliding of the bead-bar
The ringing of the bell
The slamming of the cupboard
The crunching of the chocolate
The turning of the paper
The creaking of the door
The sharpening of the pencil
The hooking of the coat
The swishing of the writing
The scratching of the pen
And here's one by EC:
The stomping of the footsteps
The reading of the children
The running of the tap
The talking of the teacher
The music in the classroom
The whistling of the wind
The bubbling of the fish tank
The rattling of the pipe
The beeping of the door
The clicking of the computer
The beeping of the telephone
The giggling of the children
A stranger called this morning
He didn't leave his name
He left us only silence
Life will never be the same
Wow! Didn't they do well! And there were loads more I could have shared with you!
Friday 25th January 2019
Counting Money
I have been SO impressed with the children in Cape Town this week and how much they have learnt about counting money. They have learnt how to count pence and pounds and then how to count both together. Super work Cape Town. Well done!
Friday 18th January 2019
Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl
Ooooo! What's going to happen next? The children in Cape Town are really enjoying listening to our story at the end of each day. We got to a really exciting bit this afternoon, but it was time to go home. I'm sorry children! You'll just have to wait until Monday to find out what happens next. I can't wait either!
Wednesday 9th January 2019
Special Visitors!
Today we had two very special visitors in class. Merlin the medical detection dog and his companion Miss Bretnall. We learnt lots about how Merlin helps Miss Bretnall to know when she needs to take her medicine. We also learnt that we have to behave very sensibly when Merlin is in the classroom. Miss Bretnall is a student teacher who will be working in Cape Town Class and she will be bringing Merllin with her so he can detect when her blood sugar is too low or too high. Thank you Miss Bretnall for bringing Merlin in to meet us all. We are looking forward to seeing you both soon.
Friday 21st December 2018
William Morris Leaf Prints
Here are our gorgeous repeating leaf prints inspired by William Morris. We used the colours of Autumn leaves to print onto our red or black backgrounds. We were really excited to see what our print looked like when we peeled off the template for the first time. We discovered that we had to print quite quickly, or the paint would dry.
Thursday 20th December 2018
Christmas Cards
Cape Town have had a lovely afternoon making Christmas cards and listening to Christmas music. We used our growth mindset to get better at our cutting and sticking and persevered to complete our beautiful trees.
One of these lovely cards might even find its way to you!
Monday 17th December
Our Visit to Beamish for A Victorian Christmas
Wow! How amazing the children looked! They also behaved fantastically well on our visit to Beamish.
Here is what Isaac wrote about it:

A Victorian Christmas  by Isaac


On Friday 14th December we went to Beamish. We were very excited when we got there.

When we arrived, we saw a lady dressed in Victorian clothes. She took us to sit on Santa’s sleigh. It was fun! Then we got to see Santa and he gave us a present and reindeer food. We fed the reindeer outside.

After we walked in the woods and had lunch. Soon after lunch, we went into the Victorian school and Reilly and Jonny got whacked with the cane! (not really!) 

Soon after that we went to Pockerley Manor to do some activities such as charades, cooking and peg dolls.

Finally we went back to school. We were sad when we left. My favourite part was lunch because we saw the Geordie lamp made by George Stephenson. It was a brilliant day and you should go there one day.

Tuesday 11th December 2018
LIGHTS CAMEL ACTION! - Christmas Performance
Well done years 1 and 2! You were amazing! Your dress rehearsal on Friday was wonderful and the children and teachers really enjoyed the show. Lots of your grown ups came to see it on Monday and lots more will be coming tomorrow. I'm sure they will all agree that your singing, acting and dancing were fantastic! You were all super confident performers. Well done!
Tuesday 11th November 2018
Aladdin Pantomime at Gateshead Stadium
Year 1 & 2 have been very lucky, spending the morning at the pantomime which Vienna's very own Sophia performed in. Oh no she didn't! Oh yes she did!
Thursday 6th December 2018
Gymnastics with Miss Troke, a coach from Grass Roots
We have been learning lots of gymnastics skills this half term.
At the beginning of the lesson, Noah and Loic showed us how to stretch after our warm up.
Today we practiced some of the different types of rolls we have been learning. We did: straddle roll, pike roll and dive roll. We all remembered to 'present' before we started our rolls. Later we did a bridge balance with our group. We were amazing!
Wednesday 28th November
Coding with year 5 & 6
It was lovely to get together with Toronto class on Wednesday. They showed us how to use a program called Scratch. We put instructions in order to made objects do particular things. This included movement and sound. There was lots of whirling creatures and loud miaows coming from the lap tops!
It was lovely to see how well the children worked together and in particular how kind, supportive and patient the older children were when teaching the younger children. Thank you Toronto!
Friday 16th November
William Morris
As part of our Victorians topic, we have been learning about the artist William Morris. We have studied some of his designs and learnt about how the printing techniques changed during Victorian times. We discovered that his designs were based on plants and flowers. We looked at lots of his wallpaper patterns and discussed whether they were repeated using mirror symmetry or not.
Then we went outside to collect leaves to use for our own designs. We had great fun drawing our leaves, and then using string and glue to create a raised surface. They are busy drying now and we can't wait to use them to make our own prints.
Friday 9th November 2018
Cape Town's Class Assembly
Well done Cape Town! You were fantastic this morning. Your assembly about Remembrance was amazing. No wonder you got 3 rounds of applause and 35 marbles in the jar!
Friday 2nd November 2018
Queen Victoria Line Drawings
Wow! How talented are these children? These look amazing! I just HAD to put them on the website!
Multiskills Festival at Thorp Academy
Friday 2nd November 2018

On Thursday 1st November Cape Town and Vienna classes went to Thorp Academy for the Multiskills Festival.

The children got changed into their outdoor PE kits and walked extremely sensibly with their partners to Thorp Academy, following instructions from the adults. When we arrived, there were children from lots of other schools there. They were split into groups of 8 and each group was shown their activity by a pair of Year 8 sports leaders. It was lovely to see that lots of these were ex Emmaville pupils! When the whistle blew, they had to move to the next station for a different activity. There was skipping, jumping over mini hurdles, basketball, duck duck goose with a ball, in fact there were 10 activities in total!

We were really impressed with how well the children behaved, how hard they worked at their activities and how smart they looked in their outdoor PE kits. Well done Year 2. You did us proud!

Friday 12th October 2018
We had fun scaring each other pretending to be a Jack in a Box. It was part of our PE dance unit lined to Toys and Games.
Thursday 4th October
The Snail and the Whale at the Northern Stage
We were so excited as we left school this morning.The Snail and the Whale at the Northern Stage was great. Our favourite part was when they squirted us with water!
Wednesday 3rd October
5 New Words
We are learning 5 new words a week. Today we had a fantastic time responding to a question from one of the children about how we could see the sea on a map, but we couldn't see it out of the window. We followed the River Tyne on Google Earth all the way from school to the sea! What a lot we learnt!
Friday 28th September
Over the last few weeks in maths we have been counting in tens and recognising numbers. We have also used part-whole models to partition numbers into tens and ones in different ways.
Friday 28th September
Teamwork and Design & Technology
We did this earlier in the term, but thought you might like to see it... We worked with our friends to design and make boats that float for the gingerbread man. Then we tested them outside in the sunshine. Occasionally the gingerbread man got a little soggy, but generally we did pretty well!

Friday 28th September


In our English lessons we have been learning the story 'Going For A Song'. We use this story map to help us (it's also in the creative homework books). See if your child can tell you the story using the map. In class they are really good at it and use a lot of expression in their voices, especially at the 'shouty' bit. You'll see what I mean!

We've also been learning some new vocabulary, and clarifying the meaning of some other words. Cape Town - can you give your grown ups a definition for one of these words and use it in a sentence?


Monday 24th September
In music today we experimented with percussion instruments to see what sounds we could make. We used surdo and repinique drums, agogo bells, tambourims, claves and ganzas. We also experimented with making sounds with our hands by clapping and clicking. Then we played the instruments in time with the music. You can see from the photos what fun we had!
Friday 14th September
Victorian Artefacts
To start our topic about the Victorians, we became historians for the afternoon. We looked at artefacts and asked questions, trying to work out how and why the items might have been used. Can you work out what some of these items were for? Why did the Victorians use them?
Friday 7th September
This week we had a fantastic time when a team of musicians came in for a Disney music workshop. We learnt about the history of the songs which were performed chronologically, joined in with the singing, played some musical instruments and danced. It was great!