Emmaville Primary School

Crawcrook Nursery

Welcome to the Crawcrook Nursery Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Week Ending Friday 16th February 2024
This week in nursery, we learned all about two special celebrations - Shrove Tuesday and Valentine's Day.
The children enjoyed the story Mr Wolf's Pancake and were surprised to find lots of characters in the story that they already knew, such as The Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood!
Of course, we had a pancake-tasting session after some cold and sunny sessions in the forest. Our forest play included our own pancake races, which helped to practice lots of physical skills such as balancing and running in a space.
On Wednesday, we shared love and kindness in nursery with lots of stories about families, friends, love, and feelings.
The children also enjoyed sensory play in pink jelly, red rice, and pink playdough.
In group times we talked about our family members, who we love, and why. Some children went on to draw and mark make special pictures for their families. 
Week Ending 9th February 2024
This week, has been a whole school mental health awareness week. We began by practicing our calming rainbow breathing and talking about things we can do to help us feel calm.
We have been learning about Chinese New Year ready for the celebrations at the weekend. The children in Nursery enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year traditions and looking at the props.
We read and acted out the story of Chinese New Year and also practised using chopsticks to eat noodles.
Week Ending Friday 2nd February 2024
National Storytelling Week
Today we had a special visitor, author Adam Bushnell.
The children's faces of excitement, giggles, and pure amazement just showed how much they enjoyed his storytelling sessions!
Adam then brought out his pet tortoise called Jet and we all had a stroke of its shell.
We children also drew their story characters on big pieces of paper.
Week Ending 26th January 2024
Week Ending Friday 19th January 2024
Brrrrrrrrr...that was a chilly week!
We still got outside to enjoy lots of lovely sunny, crisp winter fresh air though. The children are becoming much better at putting their outdoor clothes on independently...keep practicing that 'flip trick' for your coats!
This week the children enjoyed listening to We're Going on A Bear Hunt. We read the story over and over, encouraging the children to join in with the repeated refrains and actions to join the words.
We also went on our bear hunts around the school and the forest area; practicing teamwork, counting, prepositional language, and listening skills.
Week Ending Friday 12th January 2024
Happy New Year!
We have had a lovely first week back at school after the Christmas break. We have been signing Happy New Year to each other using Makaton, watched the 2024 London Firework display and then created our own firework pictures.
We welcomed some new starters to our nursery and enjoyed playing circle games to get to know each other.