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Crawcrook Nursery

Welcome to the Crawcrook Nursery Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Week Ending 14th May 2021


This week we have been Mathmagicians and have completed lots of Maths tasks.


We have focussed on a different skill each day such as reciting numbers in order to 10, matching numerals and quantity correctly and thinking about simple number problems. We have played lots of games and sang number songs to practise these skills.


We have also learnt about 2D shapes, making shape pictures and played a ‘What’s in the bag?’ game to learn about their properties.

Week Ending Friday 7th May 2021
This week I would love to celebrate the children's effort and enthusiasm that they have put into our new Talk For Writing story - The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
After reading the book at the start of the week the children began to learn the story using actions and prompts on a story map.
To build upon the children's knowledge of each of the characters and the sequence of the story, we practiced taking on roles and acting out the story outside using props. The children pretended to be the Baby Goat with a small, squeaky voice, the Big Billy Goat with his big horns and big, booming voice, and of course, they loved being the horrible troll, growling 'who's that trip trapping over my bridge?'
The children's enthusiasm for the story also emerged during their independent play as they began to role-play the story with their friends, building their own bridges and taking on the roles of the characters.
Week Ending 23rd April 2021
We have had such a fun week learning all about pets. Monday morning we discovered our role play area had been changed into a veterinary surgery and the children have loved being vets this week. They have taken very good care of the animals.
We had a special visitor at the start of the week- Nibbles the guinea pig. During circle time, we learnt about what she eats and where she sleeps, then all the children got to stroke Nibbles.
We looked at a lovely book called the Bug Hotel and then placed our new bug houses in our forest school area. We can't wait to see which bugs make a home there. The children then made their own bug houses using cut and stick materials.
Then at the end of the week the children were visited by Miss Foster's dog Buddy. Everyone was very excited when he arrived and even more so when they found out it is his 6th birthday! We talked about how to take care of a dog- feeding, walking, bathing, brushing. Some volunteers came up to brush Buddy and everyone watched the tricks he can do. We finished by singing happy birthday to Buddy and the children had the option to give him a treat.
Week Ending 23rd April 2021
Welcome Back! 
We started off the summer term with a bang! 
We enjoyed the book Whatever Next, played in our own space station, made planet pictures using marbling inks, made a space picnic, made rockets, backpacks, and boosters, and watched real space rockets blast off to the moon.
We also loved meeting up with our friends after the Easter holidays and playing in the lovely sunny weather we have had this week. 
Week ending 1st April

What an ‘egg’citing Easter week we have had!

We have decorated boiled eggs for a competition, sang Easter songs and decorated eggs using repeating patterns. We also played a great game in the forest where everyone picked a card that described something that they had to find. We found round, smelly, straight, orange and bendy things! The children were super at listening to what we had to look for then going off to find it!

At the end of the week the Easter Bunny left us a letter. It said that we had to follow the clues to find our Easter Eggs. It turns out the promise of an Easter egg turned everyone into super sleuths and we cracked all the clues in no time!

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break everyone!

Week Ending 26th March
After some successful settling-in sessions, we have welcomed some new 'Poppies' into our two-year-old provision. They have enjoyed finding their feet amongst the existing children.
They have had fun playing outside on the bikes, playing in the forest, making playdough, getting messy with gloop, and learning to follow the routines of circle time. Well done to all of our youngest, but very fabulous nursery members! 
Week Ending 19th March
This week, we have continued our Spring theme and started thinking about Easter. We have found out about the life cycle of a hen and linked to this, learnt the story 'Rosie's Walk' using Talk For Writing. All the children learnt the story and actions off by heart with the help of a story map. They then went on to draw their own story maps.
We celebrated St Patrick's Day on Thursday by finding out what people do in Ireland to celebrate this day, we listened to Irish music and even made shamrock badges to wear.
We ended the week with some Comic Relief themed activities. Take a look at our silly face pictures and red nose headbands!
Week Ending 12th March 2021
What a great week - we genuinely had tears in our eyes as the children came together on Monday morning and sang our 'good morning' song for the first time in weeks! It has been so good to have them back, learning and playing together.
We have tried to make the most of the sun this week and have been outside at every opportunity getting some fresh spring air!
Friday 18th December
We have had a very festive week in nursery. We really enjoyed the Pantomime Sleeping Beauty earlier in the week. The children thought it was very funny seeing the staff dressed up as panto characters. We loved seeing the children dressed in their Christmas jumpers, t-shirts and dresses. We have also really enjoyed designing our own Christmas jumpers.
The Christmas party was fantastic on Thursday. We played lots of party games, danced our socks off and even had a special Christmas message on a video from Santa!
Nursery class have been absolutely amazing during this very different school term. I wish them all a very happy and restful Christmas!
Week Ending 11th December 2020
Well, our fabulous, new outdoor waterproof sets arrived just in time!!
We spent a lot of time in our forest area this week road-testing them. Our favourite session was on Friday afternoon when we made 'jingle sticks' - the children found sticks and then carefully wound and tied bells onto them. We hope that the children can use them on Christmas Eve at 6 pm when local families will be stood outside their doors, jiggling bells to get into the Christmas spirit and let Santa know where they are. We finished off the afternoon with an alfresco hot chocolate...yum yum. 
Week ending 4th December
We have had a great week in nursery starting our count down to Christmas.
We have read lots of Christmas themed stories and enjoyed doing activities linked to these like making our own snow friends from snow foam.
The children have enjoyed writing their letters to Santa and we even got a visit from the elves who brought us some special treats.
We have been learning the makaton for jingle bells with the help of Mr Tumble and also enjoyed learning the the first Christmas and using stick puppets to act this out.
Week Ending 27th November 2020
We have had a magical week in the nursery this week. We have read books all about making spells and potions. We played with lots of different textures and colours in a potion lab outside. We have also made magical wands in our forest area with sticks that we found - we decorated them with wool, ribbons and materials. We even made a fruity magical wand treat for a snack.

Week Ending 20th November


This week, we have been celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week. We have had fun doing activities based on a different rhyme each day like wheel art for Wheel on the Bus. We also role played being bus drivers and passengers, counting how many people were left on the bus. We have jumped like speckled frogs and linked our phonics to this, learning about rhyming words. In groups, children have learnt and performed the British Sign Language for the rhyme ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ and made their own mice to run up the clock. We have enjoyed circle games whilst singing ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’ and the children in nursery have been excellent doctors when looking after Miss Polly’s dolly in our role play doctor’s surgery.

Week Ending 16th November
This week we began our new Talk For Writing unit, based upon the nursery rhyme, Incy Wincy Spider. At the beginning of the week, the children used props to act out the rhyme and look closely at what all of the words in the rhyme meant. We then used a story map to draw the rhyme and the children took it in turns to be the teacher as they guided the rest of the group through the rhyme using the map. After that, we looked at the Makaton signs for the rhyme and attempted to learn to sign alongside our recital. 
Fabulous work this week Nursery. 

Week Ending 6th November
Remember remember the 5th of November... As it was Bonfire Night on Thursday, we have done lots of firework and bonfire themed activities this week.
We have talked about fire safety and as a treat, the nursery children made their own smores by toasting marshmallows on tealights. They all thought they were yummy!
The children have been firefighters in the outdoor area and put out the bonfire (chalk drawing) in our tuff tray using water spray bottles.
Lots of lovely artwork has been done this week such as hand print bonfires and toilet roll tube firework paintings on black paper with bright paints.
We have watched video clips of fireworks which helped us make the noises of fireworks when learning the ‘Fireworks’ poem. We even introduced a movement for each firework.
The week was finished off nicely in our forest school area making autumn crowns. I'm sure you'll agree that the children looked fantastic wearing them.
Week Ending 23rd October
To end our first half term we had lots of Autumnal and Halloween fun! 
We went outside and collected leaves and added them to our autumn baskets. We made pictures and models using the leaves. We also looked at acorns and had a go at planting them in our forest area.
After reading '5 Little Pumpkins' we used our senses to look, touch and smell whole and chopped up pumpkins. The children made some wonderful pumpkin face pictures.
The children were also showing an interest in pretending to be doctors so we got the doctors sets out and turned the nursery into a makeshift hospital! 

Week ending Friday 16th October


This week we have been learning all about fairy tales. Our nursery children have become storytellers and have used puppets and role play to retell The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks.

We have put the gingerbread man’s buttons back on him in our maths activity using 1:1 number correspondence. We also ordered the sizes of the three bear’s belongings in our Goldilocks maths activity.

After listening to The Three Little Pigs, we looked at a selection of items and ask children to predict which will blow away. They sorted them into the two columns and used a fan to test which materials are best.

Week Ending Friday 9th October
What a lovely, busy week. The newer children have settled in so well and are becoming more confident in their surroundings. This week the children have learned more about themselves as they drew around their friends and named parts of the body. We also started our Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle early writing program which helps the children practice gross motor movements that will help them mark make. The children also enjoyed bathing the babies, exploring gloop, building structures, and climbing and balancing on the new ladders. 
Week Ending Friday 2nd October
Well, what a lovely week that was - we had the pleasure of our new September cohort starting with us this week after some little visits last week. They have settled in so well and it is going to be so exciting to find out more about them and their personalities in the coming days. 
This week we had fun in the forest, playing and exploring and having a go at some bark rubbings with crayons. We enjoyed small group times; listening to stories, having snacks, and singing nursery rhymes with the stretchy lycra and puppets. We also had some tasty fun; trying lots of lovely exotic fruits - some were more popular than others! 
More than anything though; we just loved seeing all the new children find their feet and the older children were there to help them all the way.

Week ending Friday 25th September


Oor arrrrr me harties! ☠ We have had a fun filled week learning all about pirates.

We started off the week with the story Pirate Pete and dressed up with Pirate props. The children enjoyed investigating pirate/ beach bits and bobs in the tuff tray- drift wood, shells, stones.

We have been learning to sing the song 5 Little Pirates with props and children were able count how many pirates are left each time. Later in the week we sang this song using the parachute and one child jumped off ‘the ship’ each time.

Our favourite activity this week has been our pirate treasure hunt. We looked at a treasure map and talked about what it could be. We jumped on board our pirate ship and went exploring to find the buried treasure. Nursery used their map of the forest school area to locate the golden coins and were amazed at how much treasure they found.

We are so proud of our nursery children and how well they have settled back into their routine over the past two weeks. So much so that we have made them all stars of the week this week!

Week Ending 18th September
This week we welcomed back our older children and they all settled back in so easily...like they had never been away!
We spent as much time as possible outside in the sunshine and the children loved digging for worms, playing in the mud kitchen, and climbing trees. We also played games altogether with the big parachute.
It has just been so lovely to see how excited the children were about coming back to school and we have loved having them back.