Emmaville Primary School

Crawcrook Nursery

Welcome to the Crawcrook Nursery Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week Ending 8th April 2022
We had a glorious end to our Spring term this week with lots of Easter fun!
Reading Easter stories, learning songs and rhymes, an Easter'Talking Table, drawing our favorite Easter symbols, trying Hot Cross Buns, making Easter headbands, Easter Egg hunts in the forest, making chocolate nest cakes, taking part in the Easter bonnet parade, decorating eggs, all finishing with an Easter party!! 

Week Ending 1st April 2022
Nursery loved joining in with the whole school Enrichment 'Diversity & Equality' Week.
We introduced some fantastic new books to the children to explore some of the topics of same and difference. 
We made a class diversity tree, decorated with our own very individual handprints.
We learned about the very colourful festival of Holi and had a go at one of the traditional Holi activities, paint bombing.
We also joined in with the whole school oracy competition by learning a poem about something that we all love - popcorn! Have a look at some of the children's rendition of it in the video. 
Week Ending Friday 25th March 2022
Well, we virtually moved all of our learning outside last week as the weather was so glorious!
We definitely made the most of it!
As well as lots of child-led playtime, the children enjoyed activities such as shape hunts, rhyming bingo games, some fun movement games, such as the 'bean' game, planting seeds and listening to stories in the sunshine.
Week Ending 18th March 2022
Our youngest nursery children, The Purple Poppies, enjoy group time activities at the beginning and end of every session.
These activities are all focused on practicing key skills in the 'Prime' areas of Communication and Language, Personal and Social Development, and Moving and Handling.
This week they had fun making and decorating shaving foam cakes, playing '5 little ducks', guessing and naming 'who is under my cup?', practicing body parts and colours by giving teddy stickers and lots of movement, and tummy time with a fun snake song!
Week Ending 11th March 2022
This week nursery had a very important job to do - we had to take very good care of a large and mysterious egg that we had found.
There was much speculation about what could be inside the egg; was it a dragon, a unicorn, a giraffe, or even a dinosaur?
As the week went on, we made drawings and pictures for the egg, we made sure it had a comfy nest; we were all beginning to think it probably was a dinosaur egg...and then on Friday, we discovered that the egg had hatched!
There were footprints but no dinosaur to be found. The children spent the rest of the afternoon looking for the missing dinosaur...I think some of the children may have also spent a large part of their weekend looking for the dinosaur at home!
Week Ending 4th March 2022
This week was a very busy one; we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancake stories, rhymes, pancake races, and of course, pancakes for snack! We also thoroughly enjoyed lots of reading, speaking, and listening activities for World Book Day on Thursday...and it was great to see all of the children dressed up in their fabulous costumes.
On Friday, we had a visit from The Barefoot Theatre Company. The children enjoyed a workshop; joining in with the telling a story through music and movement. 
Week Ending 11th February 2022
To celebrate the end of Children's Mental Health Week on Friday, we enjoyed joining in with some meditation activities.
We lay on the carpet and listened to some relaxing music whilst we watched bubbles blowing around us.
We then talked about hot air balloons and watched some videos of them on the internet. It was very calming watching them fly high in the sky.
We then decorated our own hot air balloons. Some of us coloured them in and some chose to stick coloured paper on them.
They are all colourful and unique, just like us!
Week Ending Friday 4th February
This week we have loved learning about Lunar (Chinese New Year). From dragon dances to noodle tasting, lantern making, and acting out The Great Race story.
Kung Hei Fat Choi everybody!
Week Ending 20th January 2022
Today we had a very exciting visitor who came to see us twice throughout the day.
Adam Bushnell is a storyteller and author who visits the school regularly but this is the first time he has met this year's nursery children.
Adam is so animated and had all of the children so engaged and captivated. They had so much fun.
Adam told us two different stories about superheroes. One story was about animal superheroes. He even brought in his own real tortoise and dressed it in a Batman cape and Spiderman costume.
The second story was about a princess and a prince who were kidnapped by a dragon. Thankfully they were saved by superhero’s who had lots of special weapon powers. Adam had brought in an axe, helmet, sword, and gauntlets for the children to hold and even try on.
We look forward to Adam visiting again!
If you would like to check out more stories from Adam check out his YouTube channel ‘Adam Bushnell’
Week Ending 14th January 2022
This week we have welcomed our new cohort into the nursery - we have been blown away by how easily they have begun to settle in.
We have focused our group times around speaking and listening skills, team games, and calming activities. 

Week Ending 17th December

What a fantastic term this has been! We have had so much fun! 


We have ended the term this week with lots of Christmas celebrations. We enjoyed playing games and dancing the afternoon away at our Christmas party. I must say, all of the children looked fantastic in their party outfits and it was so lovely to see them all enjoying the Christmas excitement. We also enjoyed a delicious school Christmas dinner with our friends, pulling crackers and singing along to Christmas songs.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year everyone.

Week Ending 10th December

This week has been a whole school STEM enrichment week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Over the week, children have been working together to complete problem solving challenges based on some of our favourite fairy tales.


We read the story of the Gingerbread Man and were given the challenge of building him a boat to get him across the river. The children worked well in teams to talk about the materials and built a boat together. We then tested the boats in the water tray and discussed improvements to help them float better.


One of our other challenges was based on the story of The Three Little Pigs. Each group used different materials to build a house for the pigs. We then tested them with a hairdryer to see which one would be best against the wolf’s huffing and puffing.


We ended the week with a VIP guest, Santa! It was very exciting going to visit him in his grotto and the nursery children were thrilled to receive a special gift.

Week Ending 3rd December
This week we have welcomed December and started the build up to Christmas! Our Makaton sign of the week is 'Christmas', and we are learning to sing and sign the Christmas Pudding song.  We also looked at some Christmas objects to expand our Christmas vocabulary.
Our kindness elf called Eric arrived this week. He has a door to the North Pole and has been leaving us kindness challenges to complete every day. When he sees us being kind or thoughtful to our friends he leaves chocolate coins!
We have started on some lovely Christmas crafts and decorations this week. We made paper chains which the children have proudly hung in the classroom and we began our salt dough tree decorations. The children all helped to pour in our ingredients and stir the mixture to make a dough. We then chose our shape cutter and cut out our decoration. Our creations are currently drying out and will be ready to decorate next week.
Week Ending 26th November

What a SUPER week it has been! We started by reading some superhero books- Superkid and Supertato. We then found that some of our nursery animals had been trapped! We used the tongs carefully to rescue them so that we didn’t touch the lasers.


The children were asked to build a superhero city with Numicon. They had to use the different sized Numicon to match the shadows of the buildings. Those that could match the towers were then asked to count the number of 'windows' in the buildings/ holes in the Numicon.


We did some Spider-Man yoga when all children listened to the instructions very carefully and were able to copy all the spidey moves.


Take a look at our fantastic superhero pegs. We all chose the colour of our superhero, coloured in the peg, added a cape and mask, then drew on their eyes. We enjoyed lots of creative imaginary play afterwards with our superhero pegs and also exercised our finger muscles by pegging them onto things.


We ended the week by making some super smoothies. We decided that this is what the superheroes drink to give them powers. We blitzed up bananas, strawberries and milk and all the children had a try. There was some super flying and super strength going on during choosing time!