Emmaville Primary School

Crawcrook Nursery

Welcome to the Crawcrook Nursery Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Week Ending Friday 14th July 2023
What a lovely week we have had for our Enrichment Week all focussed around healthy bodies and healthy minds.
Nursery has had a go at lots of activities that will hopefully help them to recognise how they are feeling and that give them a toolkit to support some of their 'big' feelings.
We have practiced lots of mindful breathing exercises, including a teddy bear relaxation activity. We have also revisited the 'Zones of Regulation' to talk about what zone we feel we are in, and some of the things we can do to help us if we feel angry or sad, or nervous.
We have also talked about how calming activities that slow down our bodies and our brains can help us; such as drawing, colouring, and threading. (Look at those fantastic calm, concentrating faces on the threading photographs!)
To support our bodies, we have of course taken part in the annual whole school Rainbow Fun Run...again, it was so lovely to see all of the smiling faces of the children as they ran around the school...proof that exercise really does make you feel better inside and out!
What a fabulous week...we are all looking forward to our last week with the children before the summer. 

Week Ending Friday 30th June 2023
This week we delved into the past...the children loved looking at photographs of each other when they were babies or toddlers. We used these to generate discussions about how we change as we get older.
The children also used the words 'past' and 'present' as they looked at objects from our museum boxes. We looked at different household objects from the past and compared them to the same object from the present. They loved the old heavy iron, and the telephone with a dial!
We also learned the poem 'Five Fat Peas' as part of our ongoing 'Poetry Basket' project.
Week Ending Friday 23rd June 2023
This week has been all about bugs! We have had a wonderful time making the most of our forest area to do lots of bug based outdoor activities.
We started the week with a bug hunt and learnt all about insect habitats. We have made homes for bugs and had a lot of fun digging in the mud.
We have made natural paintbrushes and used these to create some group artwork, as well as drawing our favourite bugs on log slices.
Week Ending Friday 16th June 2023
This week has been all about birthdays! We found out that it was Starry Bear's (our class bear) 4th birthday! This led to card making, invitation writing, decoration making, party hat making, fruity ice lolly making, party games, cake eating, and much more! 
The children have also made the most of the gorgeous weather with lots of outdoor play in the forest. 
Week Ending Friday 9th June 2023
Our Talk for Writing focus for this half term is the story Rosie's Walk. We have learnt the story using a story map and told it using actions.
We acted this out in the forest area, focussing on prepositions to go 'around', 'over', 'under' and past our play equipment.
Everyone drew their own story maps, which we were very impressed with as all children remembered the key parts of the story.
Week Ending Friday 26th May 2023
This week, we received another very special visitor in nursery - a flower fairy left the children a clip to watch; it showed her flying around our nursery classroom!
This was accompanied by a letter saying that the flower fairies had decided to move into our forest.
The rest of the week was taken over by much excitement - the discovery of a special fairy door and windows in one of the trees in the forest, the children then made the fairies a garden, wrote them letters, drew them pictures, read them stories, sang them songs, made them buns, made them magic wands and decorated the forest with special clay face decorations...what an amazing and magical way to end the half term!
Week Ending 19th May 2023
This wee has been super exciting as we have had some special visitors. We received a letter from the farm asking if we could look after 5 duck eggs until the ducklings hatched. After a few days, they had all hatched and we were able to hold them. The children have been learning how to take care of the ducklings and have learnt the life cycle of a duck.
I think the ducklings have enjoyed listening to our singing of 'Five Little Ducks'.
Week Ending 12th May 2023
This week we set off into outer space!
We started the week with a fabulous book, Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. We looked at the props that Baby Bear used on his mission to space. We then put lots of similar, open-ended props out, and the children were so imaginative...the collection of large empty cardboard boxes were so popular! They also made excellent rockets to practice counting and number recognition.
We also looked at the planets and experimented with balloon printing to make our own fabulous planet paintings.
We have also kept a close eye on our caterpillars this week and observed them as they turned into cocoons. We hope that next week we may have some butterflies!
Week Ending Friday 29th April 2023
This week, our youngest children in our two-year-old nursery were introduced to some new special guests to look after - their own caterpillars!
They have loved looking at them closely all week, describing them, and listening to caterpillar stories and songs.
They will continue to follow their changes over the next few weeks.

Week Ending Friday 21st April 2023


This week, we have been learning about Springtime. We read the book ‘Hooray For Hoppy’ to find out about the signs of Spring and how Hoppy uses his 5 senses to discover Spring. The children were great at identifying what Hoppy could hear, smell, see, taste and feel.

We learnt the ‘Little Seed’ poem as a group and recited it with actions.

Children listened to the story ‘Jasper’s beanstalk’ and talked about what Jasper had to do to make his bean grow. Everyone planted a bean using a broad bean, wet cotton wool and placed it in a clear bag. Our beans are stuck up on the nursery window and the children can’t wait to see the growing process.