Emmaville Primary School

Crawcrook Nursery

Welcome to the Crawcrook Nursery Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week Ending Friday 24th May
This week in nursery the children have been very busy working in the Ice Cream parlour.  We have been making ice creams choosing different flavours and designing our own ice cream.

We have also been learning the story The Enormous Turnip and have done lots of work around this story. We have been role playing and acting out the story using actions and re-telling the story using a story map.  We have also changed parts of the story and made our own story to retell the new story to our friends.

As part of our minibeast theme we have listened to the story The Hungry Caterpillar and tried some new snacks of our own, including melon, grapefruit and salami!

Week Ending Friday 17th May
This week we have taken full advantage of the great weather - we have taken our packed lunches outside to enjoy picnics on the grass, played outside games such as 'Stuck in the web' and danced and played instruments on the outside stage as we had a 'Minibeast Bop'.
Week Ending Friday 10th May

The children enjoyed learning about Superheroes so much last week that we are carrying on with their interests this week.

We are reading the Superworm books and have learnt all about the superpowers that he has. We are then challenging them to make their own mini-books about Superworm or a superhero of their choice.

We are making worm necklaces and bracelets; practising tricky threading of pasta tubes.

We are also using non-fiction books to find out more about real life worms and other insects. We learnt about the kind of places they like to live in. We then had a go at making our own ‘bug hotels’ to take home to see if we can attract some more bugs into our gardens. 

We then had an amazing visitor into nursery to show us some awesome giant bugs and reptiles – Guy from ‘Bugs N Stuff’. The children were so patient and brave as they waited and then held the creatures that he had brought.

Week Ending Friday 3rd May

We have had a super time in Early Years this week.  Our new children have settled so well and our ‘kindness pot’ is overflowing with coins now thanks to our kind and helpful children – well done everyone!


This week we have been very busy using our superhero powers to save the nursery classroom from bad guys.  We have been making superhero outfits, superhero badges and models.

We have also started doing some work for our ‘Magical Mysteries’ topic.  We have played hide and seek to help us find our missing friends, found fairy families and explored patterns and tower building.  We will be continuing this theme for the rest of this term.

Week ending 26th April 2019

Welcome back after the Easter holidays; we hope you all managed to get out and about to enjoy the lovely weather we had. The children have come back with lots of lovely stories about what the Easter bunny brought them and trips out.

This week we have started a superheroes theme. We are looking at superheroes from not only TV, books and films; but also ‘everyday’ superheroes. We have looked at people that do special jobs such as policemen and firemen and why they are superheroes. We have also talked about what might make us superheroes – what kind, brave or special things can we do?

We also have some new faces in nursery this week – some new children are starting with us this term and are visiting with their parents this week. We also have a student teacher; Miss Smales, starting her final teaching placement with us from the Gateshead SCITT programme.

Week Ending 22nd March

This week we have all been excited by the newest members of nursery – out tank of frogspawn and tadpoles! We have looked closely at them to see what shape they are and what they do in their tank. We have been amazed by how quickly some of them are changing and growing into wriggly tadpoles. We have learnt that they will turn into froglets next and then into frogs.

We have read fiction and non-fiction books to find out more about them and to look at pictures of what they will look like. We have made life cycle headbands to practise sequencing the changes that happen between frogspawn and frogs.

We have also been talking more about Spring and looking at what we can see in Spring – daffodils, tulips, chicks, lambs and Easter eggs!

We have continued our Three Billy Goats Gruff work by acting out the story using the stage and props and we have made models of boats and aeroplanes that the children thought they could use to escape the troll!

Week Ending 15th March

This week we have enjoyed looking at patterns. We have read lots of books with different patterns in such as Elmer the colourful elephant and ’10 Black Dots’. We have made repeated patterns, painted our own Elmer’s and made spotty and stripy pictures.

After reading ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’ we also had a go at planting seeds in our own mini greenhouses – have a look in the classroom windows, they look great!

We have also enjoyed PE sessions, playing super-fast stopping and starting games.

Our new Talk For Writing book is The Three Billy Goats Gruff – we have made maps to tell the story with actions to try and remember the important parts. See if your child can remember what the goats or the troll say!


Week Ending Friday 8th March.


We have had a fantastic week celebrating books, reading and story-telling as well as World Book Day.  We had lots of fun during World Book Day and all our character outfits looked amazing!


We have also had a great time celebrating Pancake Day! We made pancakes and talked about what we are celebrating. Our pancakes were yummy!


During this week, the children have shared their favourite stories with us and we have enjoyed sharing our favourite stories with them.

We have also used story dice which characters, settings and props on to help make up our own stories.  We used the stories we know already to help give us ideas and then we made our stories into books!  We are all really good story tellers now!

Week Ending 1st March 2019
This week we have enjoyed joining in with our whole school Enrichment Week, 'Emmaville Goes Green'.
The aim of the week was to enable the children to find out about environmental and world issues at a level that was relevant to them. These included:
Waste - can we recycle at school and at home?
Transport - can we walk or scoot / bike to school and use the car less?
School Grounds - how can we make our immediate environment better?
Upcycle - can we make use of things that we would normally throw away?
Healthy Living - can we try some new foods and eat snacks that are better for us?
We have loved brightening up our yard by making plastic bottle planters and dream catchers from old CD's.
Week Ending 8th February
This week we started with a book called 'Penguin Small' - we read about where penguins live an dhow they moved. We also found out about what they ate and who wanted to eat them! We made penguin cut and stick models and frosty, glittery pictures using paint and doilies. We also played a fun game to practise our spatial awareness skills such as running, stopping and starting in a space. We were the penguins and we had to avoid the polar bears!
One of our yummy snacks this week was a marshmallow pop - we looked at what we needed to do to a bar of chocolate to make it runny enough to dip our marshmallows into.
Our other topic this week was Chinese New Year - we have looked at pictures of Chinese Dragons and tried to paint our own. We also looked at videos of big dancing dragons and made a huge class dragon head!

Week Ending 1st February.

We have had lots of fun this week with our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic.  We have carried out scientific experiments like finding different ways to melt ice, how to make the best jelly and how to make mud pies!

We used salt, our hands and fingers, cold water and warm water to try to melt the ice.  We had great fun seeing who could melt their ice the fastest.

And we found that mud pies are easy to make but if you put too much water in them they won't stay as pies!

We have also been on lots of piratey adventures and made some yummy Pirate Pizza!  We have made and followed treasure maps to find pirate treasure.  We have read about the adventures of Pirate Pete and what it takes to be a pirate and we have made boats and sailed away to desert islands outside.

What a great week!


Week Ending 25th January 2019
This week we continued looking at The Little Red Hen story; we retold the story by thinking of big actions to go with the words. We then did a performance in our dance studio. We also talked about the ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’ of the story and drew pictures to show what happens in each section. After reading a story to your child at home, you could ask them what happened at the beginning, what happened next and how did the story end?

We also joined in with the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch by going on our own bird spotting hunt around our school grounds. We tried to count and write down how many birds we saw. To entice more birds into our school, we also made bird feeders; some children also made one to bring home to put in their gardens.

As part of our Muck, Mess & Mixtures topic we tried a fun science experiment to make fizzy ice! We used vinegar, food colouring, ice and baking powder to watch how they reacted together.

With the cold weather, we have also been experimenting with freezing lots of different liquids to see what happens and how they melt; we have used jelly, coloured water, shaving foam, and trapped dinosaurs and Lego people in ice mountains.

We have had a lovely week in Nursery this week.

We read our new ‘Talk for Writing’ story, The Little Red Hen, and we thought about how we can help our friends and work as a team. 

We showed off our teamwork skills by trying to move all our key worker groups across the yard without being eaten by crocodiles!  We had lots of fun and worked really well together.

We have also been showing our caring side by practicing our nursing skills in the Dr surgery role play area.  The children have been carefully monitoring heart rate, sore arms and sore ears and making sure our patients are very well looked after. 

Our other very special work has been thinking about the New Year and things we would like to learn how to do or things we like doing that we would like to be better at.  We have started to make a wishing tree to put our ideas on.  During groups times, we thought about things that we might try to do and came up with ideas like learn how to ride our bikes, run really fast, be a superhero, learn our numbers.
We are sure that the children will all achieve their wishes this year!
Week Ending 11th January 2019
Welcome back after the Christmas holidays. we hope you all had a lovely break. In our group times we asked the children to tell everyone about their favourite Christmas memories from the past couple of weeks; we heard about lots of lovely of lovely outings and presents.

We began our new topic this week called ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’. We will be looking at lots of different ways of making and mixing things; we started by making our own milkshakes from scratch with fruit and ice cream – they were yummy! We watched videos about where milk comes from and how it gets into the little milk cartons that we get for snack.

We also started a new gross motor programme this week which focuses on big physical skills such as running, hopping, jumping and bat and ball skills. We practised rolling and dribbling balls this week.

In maths we looked at number recognition and in particular the number ‘1’. We learnt the mantra:

‘’start at the top and down we run, that’s the way we make a one.’’

…to help us to remember how to write the number 1.

Week ending 21st December 2018
In our last two weeks we have enjoyed our Christmas dinners; complete with crackers and paper hats, had lots of fun at our Early Years Christmas party and finished making lots of cards, decorations and gifts to take home.
We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and we will see you back at school in the new year. 
This week in Nursery we have been very Christmassy! 
We have been busy elves making presents and gifts to take home.
It was lovely to do Christmas crafts with some of our adults. We enjoyed showing them how to make tree decorations and candle holders.  Thank you to those who were able to join us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
We also enjoyed decorating (and eating) Christmas biscuits! We counted out the number of smarties we would need and carefully squeezed the iceing out of the bottle. We have really showed what good sharing we can do as well! Don’t our biscuits look yummy! 
This morning and this afternoon we had a very special treats, we went to watch the Reception class practise their nativity and then we went to watch year 1 and 2 perform their nativity play.
We are definitely well in the Christmas spirit now! 

Week of 19th November

This week in nursery we been celebrating National Nursery Rhyme Week.  We have enjoyed, joined in with, acted out and danced to lots of nursery rhymes this week.  It’s been lovely to see how many songs we already know and it’s been great sharing new ones with our friends.

We have also been retelling the story of ‘Dear Zoo’ using actions and pictures to help us remember the story.  We also got a letter on Wednesday saying some animals escaped from the zoo and hid in our wood area.  Thankfully we found them all and returned them safely! 

Another thing we’ve been doing is comparing the sizes of animals saying whether they are big or small, then we measured ourselves using the measuring chart in class and talked about being taller or shorter.

Week Beginning 5th November 2018.

 This week in nursery we have been talking about bonfire night and it’s been lovely hearing about the children’s experiences of bonfire night and all about the bonfire and the colours of fireworks they saw in the displays. 

Using bonfire night as inspiration, we have drawn colourful chalk and glitter firework pictures and created firework class paintings using natural resource, during our Welly Wednesday activities.

During the afternoons, we have put our balance, agility and throwing and catching skills to the test by completing an obstacle course in the yard.  We have been practising our jumping, hopping, crawling and playing catch.

Week Ending Friday 19th October
This week we've had great fun using our new interactive maths wall.   We have sorted out numbers and put them in order from 0 to 10, matched shapes onto the right picture and talked about what makes the shapes different.
We have also been very creative and using inspiration from our Leaf Man story; we collected leaves from outside and used them to make our own Leaf Man pictures.  They look fab!
At the cut and stick table, we made hedgehog houses for our clay hedgehogs.  We made sure the house beds were comfortable by using leaves and materials, then we put our hedgehogs in them.  They look very cosy.
At the construction table, we had a great time making jet packs.  We thought about what they should look like and what resources we would need to make them, then we have a great time 'jetting' ourselves round outside.
We hope you have a lovely half term holiday.
Week Ending Friday 12th October 2018
We're Going On A Bear Hunt...
This week we have been reading the book, 'We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. 
One of our activities this week involved playing hide and seek with the bear's friends. We recieved a letter from the bear asking us to help him find his bear friends around school. The children were so good at working together to find the bears, and used their ‘good looking eyes’ to find the sneaky bears hiding. 
We found all 12 bears! The children were very good sharing the bears, making sure that everybody had at least one. We then counted them together to ensure we had got them all. On the way back to our room, we were very surprised to see that Mr Saddington's year 5/6 class was also looking at a bear picture, so we went in to had a closer look! 
The children were very sensible walking around school, listened well and enjoyed the challenge. Well done!
We have als had lots of fun creating our story maps of the book.
We recapped the story first then discussed the 6 places the family visited while looking for the bear. 
We then went to the cut and stick table and created our own story maps. 
We cut green paper for the grass, used shiny blue paper for the river, brown paint for the mud, leaves for the forest and cotton wool for the snow storm. 
The children all showed great stickability on the task and created master pieces, I think you’ll agree
This week in Nursery we have done lots of exciting things.
During our morning session, we have been on listening walks, where we walked around school, both inside and out and used our best listening ears to hear what noises there are around school.
We could hear lots of lessons going on inside, including a fun P.E lesson in the hall.  Then outside we could hear birds, scrunchy leaves, cars and the wind.
Do you like our big ears? They really helped our listening!
We also learnt lots about shapes this week during our group time.
We learnt the names of some 2D shapes and we talked about how we could identify them.  We also coloured in some shapes and even tried out hand at cutting them out.
Look how well we did!
As part of our Welly Wednesday afternoon, we went out to the trees and read the story of The Very Helpful Hedgehog.
We thought, as the weather is getting colder, it would be lovely to build some hedgehog houses so we collected leaves and sticks and made them into piles among the trees.
Don't they look cosy!
Macmillan Coffee Morning
We loved our Friday morning cakes!
Meeting the guinea pigs
We loved meeting the guinea pigs that live next door in Reception class. We learnt how to hold them and feed them and we are really enjoying having a turn at looking after them.
Outside Play
Lots of Nursery children are enjoying playing outside at the moment - it means they get to be as messy as they want!