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Welcome to the Crawcrook Nursery Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week Beginning 13th July
Hi everyone,

I can’t believe we are approaching the final week of the Summer term! It has been a very strange time for everyone and we feel you have all coped brilliantly. I just want to say how proud we are of you all and the amazing work you have produced over the past few months. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful support you have given the children and the updates you have shared with us.

With this in mind, I have planned a mindfulness week which has activities that can hopefully be used over the summer in preparation for returning to school. We also want children to have lots of fun in their last week and we can’t wait to see your updates of them playing and any exciting days out you may have.

Have a lovely final week and fingers crossed that the sun shines for you.

Lots of love,
The Nursery Team
Week Beginning 6th July
Hi Everybody,
Next week has a seaside theme - hopefully, the weather will be a bit better and you might have a chance to get to the beach to try out some of the activities?
We would love to see some photos!
Love from The Nursery Team

Week Beginning 29th June


Hi Everyone!


We hope you are all well and are enjoying this beautiful sunshine! As always, we have loved seeing your brilliant work and photos on Tapestry.

Here are next week's suggested activities. We will all be going 'Down in the Jungle' with lots of jungle themed activities.

As Monday is also the start of Children's Art Week, we thought it would be nice if all children across school could incorporate some art based activities into their home learning to celebrate the week. In the home learning booklet you will find many jungle themed art ideas.

We have given all our children access to a free online library called Epic. https://www.getepic.com/students  It is an American site so there may be a few different spellings to be aware of. However, there are many books that you can read online and the site looks like it should be very useful. I have attached more login info but your class code is: jee4285.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,


The Nursery Team ❤️

Week Beginning 22nd June
Hi Everybody,
Next week we have a Transport week so there are lots of activities involving buses, cars, trains and hot air balloons!
I am sure lots of you have transport toys at home as well so it would be great to see some pictures of you playing with these. Perhaps you could set up a garage or a bus stop? Maybe you could make ramps for your cars to travel down?
Or what about seeing how many different types of transport you can spot whilst out on a walk?
We can't wait to see what you get up to.
The Nursery Team xxx

Week Beginning 15th June


Hi everybody,


You have all been working so hard. We are very proud of you all! This week we have loved seeing your gingerbread men, story maps, photos from lovely walks and listening to you retelling fairy tales.


We have unleashed some dragons for next week! Good luck on your dragon quests. Maybe you’ll even catch a few to show us?


We miss you all a lot!



The Nursery Team

Week Beginning 8th June 2020
Hi Everybody,
We hope you are all doing OK?
The weather hasn't really been on our side this week and it doesn't look that great for next week either...but none of this seems to matter to 3 years olds anyway and they seem to be happy going outside in all weathers!!
Next week has a 'Fairy Tale' theme, so it includes all those traditional tales such as Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man etc...
The maths work is based around another Julia Donaldson book, The Princess and the Wizard.
It is also national 'Bike Week' next week so we have included some resources and ideas to encourage everyone to get out for a bike ride.
Have a lovely week and let us know what you get up to.
This week we have loved seeing: whale models, snail hunts, snail paintings, lots of reading of books, number games, playing of board games and lots and lots of walks.
Missing everyone,
The Nursery Team

Monday 1st June 2020


Hello everyone,


We hope you have had a lovely half term. I'm sure you have been making the most of this gorgeous weather and have been having lots of fun outdoors!


Next week, our theme is 'The Snail and the Whale', a story which many of you will know from nursery. Please find attached a list of suggested activities. Remember that you do not need to complete all of these.


As always, it would be lovely to see your photographs and updates on Tapestry. We love to see what you have been up to.


Stay safe everyone and enjoy the sunshine!



The Nursery Team

Monday 18th May 2020
Hi Everybody,
Please find attached / below, this weeks activities which have a dinosaur theme. We know lots of you are dinosaur experts already so it will be great to see if you can show us what you know!
Please keep in touch on Tapestry and have a lovely week.
Love The Nursery Team

Monday 11th May


VE Day Competition 


And the winner from Nursery is…. George!


It was a very difficult decision to pick the winner as there were so many brilliant entries.


We loved that George and his family made a VE Day cake and took it to the care home for the residents to also have a celebration.


All of the photographs of Nursery’s brilliant decorations, cakes and hats can be found on the class page of our school website.


A big well done to everyone who took part. Keep your eyes peeled for a little treat on your doorstep over the next week.

Week Beginning Monday 11th May


Hello Nursery Class,


We hope everyone is keeping safe and well and you have had a lovely weekend. We were so impressed with the entries for the VE Day competition. There were some beautiful decorations and hats and all of the cakes looked delicious!


Here are some suggested activities for next week based on the book The Very Busy Spider.


We are hoping that many children from Emmaville will also take part in the Gateshead School Sports Partnership dance project as we normally take part in the Dance Festival. All of the links for this can be found within this week’s plan.


We can't wait to see what you get up to this week, take care,

Nursery Team x

Week Beginning Monday 4th May 2020
Hi Everybody,
We hope you are all doing OK?
We have loved seeing all your pirate pictures this week...they have definitely kept us smiling!!
Here are some activities for next week based around one of ours (and the children's!) favourite books...The Hungry Caterpillar.
Please keep in touch on Tapestry, it's great to see what you are up to, whether that's activities that we have set or anything else!
Have a lovely weekend
The Nursery Team xxx 

Week Beginning 27th April 2020


Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRRR!!!!!


A big well done to you all for completing your first week of home schooling for our summer term. Starting on Monday, we will be having a pirate themed week for week 2. We can’t wait to see your eye patches and pirate ships!


Remember these are all just ideas, please do not feel like you have to do all of them.

Keep reading lots of books, play, sing songs and nursery rhymes and encourage as much mark making with pens, pencils, paint, chalks and crayons as possible.


Do keep sending us photos and posts on Tapestry. We love seeing all your happy smiling faces


Most importantly… Have a fun week!

We miss you all



The Nursery Team

Week Beginning 20th April
Hello Everybody!
We hope you had a lovely, sunny Easter holiday and that the Easter bunny visited your house and left you some treats! 
Please find below lots of ideas that you can use this week as we go back to home learning for at least the next three weeks. Don't put yourself or your children under any pressure to do them all. Remember, in a normal day at nursery the children would have a lot of time to learn through self chosen play and activities. This is still really important; you need to 'be' there to help them learn through their play...not by doing anything fancy; talking to them as they play and playing alongside them is really worthwhile.
Do keep sending us photos and posts on Tapestry, they are lovely to see.
Please give all your children an extra squeeze from us; we are really missing them all.
Love The Nursery Team

Friday 3rd April


We're so impressed with all your work over these past two weeks and have loved seeing it on Tapestry. You have all been working so hard and I want to say a huge well done to you all - children and grown ups!

It is the Easter holidays now and it is important that you all get a lovely break, to enjoy time with your families and take lots of time to relax. However, if you are feeling stuck for something to do, here are some ideas that might help to keep you entertained.

In addition, one of Emmaville’s favourite visitors, Adam Bushnell, is telling a story every day at 2:30 pm on his YouTube channel. You can even leave him a message if you want to. Emmaville has already had some shout-outs! Joe Wicks will also be continuing his workouts on YouTube throughout the holiday, I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter and I hope that the Easter Bunny manages to get out to deliver some eggs to you.


Take care everyone!

 Monday 30th March


Hello to all our lovely Nursery children!


I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend, and you have all made the most of the sunshine over this past week. I can see a lot of you have enjoyed your first week learning from home. Thank you to those children (and parents) who have uploaded photos, videos and comments to Tapestry. It's been wonderful to see what so many of you have been up to. You've really made me smile!


Please find attached some activities to keep you busy this week. We will be posting weekly updates on Tapestry and on the school website.


Stay safe and keep smiling.

I can't wait to see you all soon.


Miss Foster

Week Ending Friday 13th March

Week Ending Friday 6th March 2020
This week we had a very special delivery in nursery - an incubator filled with ten eggs. The children were so excited to find out more about them and we read lots of egg and chicken non-fiction books in order to become experts. After only waiting for one day, our first chick hatched and the next day we came into school to find seven more new chicks! The children helped to move them into their brooder box and began to look after them by making sure they had enough food, water and gentle cuddles. We have been amazed at how much they have changed in just two or three days. 

Week Ending Friday 28th February 2020


We have been learning all about ‘People who help us’ this week. We have thought about people who help us in the community and also people who help us every day at home and at school.

The children have enjoyed playing in our doctor’s role play area and have been very imaginative wrapping each other in bandages, writing prescriptions and taking telephone calls.

We had a very exciting afternoon on Wednesday with a special visit from police officers Phil and Jay. They came in to speak to us about what the police do and the children even got to try on some of the uniform. We then went outside to have a look at the police car and were lucky enough to sit inside!

On Wednesday morning, we got our wellies on and got wrapped up for our Welly Wednesday activity in our forest school area. We explored natural materials like leaves, sticks and stones and painted them to see what shapes and patterns they would make on paper. The children made a lovely piece of group art with all of their individual marks on it.

Week Ending Friday 14th February 2020

This week we have looked at lots of story books about numbers. We have counted ducks, made dot pictures from sticky dots, counting them as we went, and we have made balloon faces after reading about Kippers 10 balloons.

We have also ventured into our forest school area again to make dens for the fairies and elves who wanted to escape the very windy conditions! The children worked together to hunt for sticks and leaves to build little miniature shelters.

We have also been talking about love as we prepared for Valentine’s Day – who we love and why. You will be glad to know they all love you all very much!! We have made Valentines pictures from swirly marbling ink and made some yummy Valentines marshmallow pops.

Week Ending Friday 7th February 2020
We have been learning all about the jungle this week with our 'Rumble in the Jungle' theme.
The children have looked at lots of jungle animal photos and videos and talked about how they move. They have had fun moving around the outdoor space as different jungle animals. They thought carefully about how the monkey might swing from the trees, the frog might leap across the rain-forest floor or how the tiger might stalk prey in the bushes.
We created some jungle instruments using plastic bottles and adding lentils or rice to make a rain sound. We made drums using cereal boxes and empty plastic tubs. The children made sounds on their instruments to represent their chosen animal e.g. banging hard on the drum for an elephant stomping.
We have enjoyed Welly Wednesday this week when we went on a walk through the jungle. We spotted many jungle animals in the trees and around school. The nursery children were great at listening for the noises and guessing which animal was making the sound.

Week Ending 31st January 2020


This week, we have looked at animals, in particular animals that we would have as pets. We started the week by looking at our class pets; the tortoise, Rambo and our guinea pigs, Polly and Nibbles. The children then had the chance to talk about their pets at home or what they would like to have as a pet.

Our new story that we are learning is called ‘The Squeaky Story’. There are lots of noisy animals in it that keep the children awake. We are learning the story by using actions and a story map and we are re-telling it every day.

The children have also practised their listening skills by singing songs that keep a steady beat- we tried to keep the beat by tapping our knees or stamping on the floor as we sang the songs.

Week Ending Friday 24th January


We started this week with a winter theme. We wished for snow but unfortunately it didn’t come!

As part of the RSPB bird watch week we talked about how in winter time birds find it difficult to find food and how we can help by making bird feeders. The children looked at some photos of garden birds before going for a walk around the school grounds to bird spot. When we got back to classroom, we had lots of messy fun making bird feeders to hang from the trees.

As part of our winter week we have also made cardboard tube penguins, designed our own winter clothes and the children created icy pictures and patterns with melting coloured ice cubes.

The end of our week has been focused on Chinese New Year. The children created beautiful paper lanterns and made some yummy spring rolls- filling and rolling them themselves.

We used Chinese New Year fancy dress to role play the story of the animals competing in a race that we learnt during Jigsaw time last week.

After learning about Chinese traditions, we had great fun using chopsticks to pick up noodles. This linked to our Jigsaw topic about perseverance- some things can be tricky but when you keep practising at something then it becomes easier.

Over the weekend, you may be able to watch some of the Chinese New Year celebrations either on TV, YouTube or even go to the parade in Newcastle city centre on Sunday 26th at 11.20 am.

Week Ending Friday 17th January 2020
This week we say a big ‘welcome’ to our new children that have joined us this term. Lots of them have graduated from our two-year-old Purple Poppies class but some are brand new to the school. They have all begun to settle in and find their feet. Our existing children are doing their best to show them the ropes.

Our theme this week was dinosaurs and it turns out we already have lots of dinosaur experts in the class. We have read non-fiction fact books and storybooks to learn more about particular dinosaurs. We have drawn, painted and modelled our favourites.

We have also continued our theme on ‘perseverance’ with Jigsaw Jennie. Being in nursery provides lots of opportunities to try something for the first time or to try to manage something by yourself. We always encourage the children to keep on trying and that practice makes perfect.

We have also started to learn a little bit about Chinese New Year in preparation for Saturday 25th January. This week, we watched a story about the animals who had a race in order to become the zodiac animals for Chinese New Year. If your child missed this session at nursery or would like to watch it again, it is on Cbeebies:


Week Ending Friday 10th January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! We have had a lovely first week back at school after the Christmas break and have welcomed in our new January starter children for their visits.

We are very proud of our existing nursery children, who have been so welcoming to our new starters by making friends and showing them the different areas they can play in.

This week, in our Jigsaw session we have been celebrating people who keep trying, even when something is difficult. Our nursery children have a great Growth Mindset and never give up when they find something tricky. We have talked about how sometimes we may come across things that are difficult and discussed how we could overcome them, working together and not giving up.

The Nursery children have been working hard to learn something new such as, putting on their own coat, pouring a drink, beginning to write their name or some letters of their name.

We were very lucky to also have Zara join this week to help us learn about Road safety. The children learnt how to safely cross a busy road and loved taking turns to role play being the vehicles, lolly pop person and pedestrians.

Week Ending 20th December
What a fun-packed way to end the term!
This week we were so busy in the run-up to Christmas - we decorated baubles, played Sound Bingo, made jam sandwiches, played a Santa shape game, looked for treats from the Elf - chocolate coins and hot chocolate - and went to 'Reindeer School'...phew!
We hope you have a lovely Christmas - see you in January.

Week beginning 9th December 


We have had a very exciting Christmassy week this week. We have enjoyed our Christmas party and were lucky enough to have Santa visit us! We had a lovely Christmas dinner on Thursday, when we pulled crackers with our friends and sang Christmas songs, and we have continued to make beautiful Christmas decorations.

We have been learning the story of the Christmas Nativity and read a story about the very first Christmas. Children then went on to role play this story with small figures and fancy dress. They also created their own nativity stable scene in the cut and stick area.

We have enjoyed learning lots of Christmas songs in our group times. Two of our favourites are ‘Christmas pudding’ and ‘When Santa got stuck up the chimney.’

Our Stay and Play sessions have been lovely this week, when parents came into nursery to enjoy making Christmas crafts with their children. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing our nursery children working with their parents to create some beautiful crafts.

Week Beginning 2nd December 2019

This week we have begun our Christmas celebrations and preparations.

The children have helped to make decorations for the tree and the classroom. The children also made a big class advent calendar from glittery stockings to help us count down the days.

We have practiced our rhyming skills by playing ‘silly soup’ – the children had to choose two things to go into the soup that rhymed; for example a cat and a bat.

You can keep practicing rhyming skills by reading a story together that has rhyme in or you could try playing this game:


We have also continued our circle times with ‘Jigsaw Jennie.’ This week we talked about families and how our families are all different. The children told the group about their own families and drew pictures of them.

Week ending 29th November


This week, we found poor Daisy the cow stuck in some frozen mud outside! We talked about how we could rescue Daisy and the children came up with some great suggestions.

After hearing the story 'Stuck in the Mud' (Talk For Writing), we decided to let the other animals in nursery help pull Daisy out.

The children were all brilliant at joining in with the actions for each part of the story and remembered it very well. They then used a story map to retell the story by following the pictures.

Hopefully we can get Daisy out of the mud over the weekend!

We have also had another fun session with Jennie and Jerry this week in our Jigsaw time. We began with our calm time, when we use our musical chime to help us relax. We used some new breathing techniques and closed our eyes as we relaxed.

Jennie brought us the book 'Barry the fish with fingers' to read and then we talked about how some people are different, how it's good to be different and that’s what makes us all special.

Week ending Friday 22nd November

This week we have celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week.

Each day we have tried to learn a different nursery rhyme and have tried lots of activities related to each rhyme. For example, we made playdough spiders on Incy Wincy Spider Day, we learned the British Sign Language version of Baa Baa Black Sheep and we made boats and explored sinking and floating on Row Row Row Your Boat day.

This quote helps to explain why we place so much importance on nursery rhymes, not just in weeks like World Nursery Rhyme Week, but every single day in Early Years:

‘If children know 8 nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are 4 years old, they are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are 8.’

Please continue to practice nursery rhymes at home with your children. Here is a link to some lovely CBeebies nursery rhymes:


Week ending 15th November


We started this week by doing some lovely poppy themed activities for Remembrance Day on Monday. The children in nursery watched an animation about a bunny in a field of poppies, which set the theme for the day. They then went on to talk about being kind to others, we made poppy biscuits and printing with apples to make the shape of a poppy.

The rest of this week has been Children in Need themed in preparation for the big day on Friday. We have used Pudsey stick puppets to retell the story of Pudsey’s Great Fundraiser, done spot printing with corks and even went on a Pudsey Bear hunt in the trees.

We have focussed on what makes people special and how everyone is different. After reading the book ‘Wonder’, the children were able to draw their own special qualities and talk about these in a group.

Nursery are very excited for the Children in Need bake sale on Friday and hope it raises a lot of money.

Week ending Friday 8th November 

This week we have talked about Bonfire Night. The children could talk about the bonfire’s that they had been to and the fireworks that they had seen. We spoke about what they looked and sounded like. This helped us when we made firework paintings and we did a firework dance with sound effects!

We have also practiced our listening skills by playing games with musical instruments. The children got the chance to experiment with lots of instruments and then we challenged them to see if they could stop and start playing at the correct time. We also tried to play them quietly, loudly, quickly and slowly. By far, the most popular instrument was the trumpet!!

We have also put our pumpkins from last week to good use by picking out the seeds and planting them. Hopefully you might be able to plant them somewhere outside with your child at home to see if you get any pumpkins for next year!

Week ending 1st November


This week, our activities have been Halloween themed. We have enjoyed role- playing in the witch’s kitchen area, had lots of messy fun with pumpkins and made Halloween crafts like cotton wool ghosts and paper plate spider webs.

We have listened to Halloween themed stories ‘Splat the Cat’, ‘Spider Sandwiches’, ‘Spinderella’ and Funnybones’. Then we did activities linked to these like making our own Halloween sandwiches.

All of the children have been practising their gross motor and fine motor skills by doing dough disco, scissor skills and squiggles whilst you wiggle to the song ‘Monster Mash’.

Week ending Friday 18th October

This week we have looked at ‘Us, Our Families and Where We Live’. We started the week by singing songs about our body parts like ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’. We also drew around each other and named all the body parts we could see. We read books about families, especially ones that had babies and children in. We loved looking at photographs of each other as babies and talked about the differences between what we are like now and what we were like as babies.

We also talked about where we live, drawing our houses and who lives in them. We investigated our school grounds by using a map. We went on a spotters walk to see if we could tick off everything on our spotter’s sheet, like the big playground equipment and the bike sheds.

We had a special visitor on Tuesday and Wednesday. The storyteller, Adam Bushnell came to see us to tell us amazing stories. The children found him so funny and were brilliant at listening and joining in.

Week ending 11th October 2019


This week, we have been learning all about Autumn.

We have been on an autumn walk, found colourful leaves, conkers, pine cones and acorns. We have used our autumn treasures to make leaf hedgehogs and autumn crowns.

We have made delicious hedgehog bread and leaf biscuits and have even used clay to make our own little hedgehog friend.

Our favourite stories this week have been, ‘The Curious Little Hedgehog’, ‘The very Helpful Hedgehog’ and ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’, along with some fun autumn songs.

On Friday, we had lots of fun in our new outdoor tepee and mud kitchen area. The children in nursery enjoyed role-playing in the kitchen, exploring the outdoor area and singing songs in the tepee.

Week ending Friday 4th October
This week we have started our Talk For Writing story, Rosie’s Walk. We start by reading the story to the children, then we add in an action for each key moment. The children learn the story by joining in with the actions. Next, we draw a simple story map with the children, showing the order in which key events in the story happen. This means that by practicing with the actions and the map, the children can tell the story by themselves. 
We have also enjoyed a Listening Walk around school, Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle and lots of dressing up!
Our lovely two-year-olds also went exploring in the woods to stamp, crunch and kick about in all the autumn leaves! 
Week ending 20th September 2019

This week we have welcomed lots of new friends into nursery. It has been so lovely to have you all in full time after meeting you at your visits in the last two weeks.

We have been very impressed with how quickly they have settled. 

We have been playing lots of ‘getting to know you’ games, including singing lots of songs to learn each other’s’ names.

The children have also enjoyed drawing pictures of themselves and talking about their families.

The class guinea pigs have also been a firm favourite this week and have had lots of cuddles from everybody.

Week ending 13th September 2019


This week, the children have been superstars welcoming our new nursery children into the setting and have made lots of new friends.

We have had a pirate theme all week and have been on lots of fun pirate adventures. Children have been role playing, hunting for treasure, listening to stories, drawing characters, making pirate hats and singing lots of songs. One of our favourites was ‘Five Little Pirates’.


Five Little Pirates

To the tune of: Five Little Ducks

Five little pirates went out one day
Over the seas and far away.
The captain said. “
Yo, ho, ho, ho!
But only four little pirates came back home.


Four little pirates…
Three little pirates...
Two little pirates...
One little pirate...

Sad old captain went out one day
Over the seas and far away.
Sad old captain said, “
Yo, Ho, HO!!!!!!!
And five little pirates came right back home.