Emmaville Primary School

Day One

Well, the great adventure has started!  We've just stopped off for lunch and are back on the coach - everyone's in top form and there are smiles all around.  We're part-way through our second movie (The Lion King, of course) and looking forward to seeing the sights.  More photos later tonight...
Lunch at Watford Gap serivces; only one spilt drink!
Here we are at the HMS Belfast, where we got to see what it would have been like as a sailor during WW2.  There was lots to see, including the galley, mess rooms, gun turrets, ammunition stores and even an operating theatre!
After a short walk over Tower Bridge and past the Tower of London, we caught a river boat for a very informative (and often very funny) tour of the Thames.  We hopped off opposite the London Eye and strolled across Westminster Bridge to our coach, all the while admiring the sights, as the sun faded and the bright lights came on.
A final stop at the Hard Rock Cafe brought us some very welcome food and a rousing rendition of Queen's 'We Will rock You', turned up to full volume just for the kids.  The staff there were lovely with the children and made a point of commenting on how well-behaved they all were.  Everyone is tucked up in their luxury beds now, hopefully getting some sleep, ready for another busy day tomorrow.