Emmaville Primary School

Day Three

So, what happens when you give an eleven-year-old 20 euros and set them off in a french market?  A whole cucumber, several baguettes and an inflatable Dora the Explorer doll, it would seem.  There's no accounting for taste, or even sense, but my goodness, the kids had a lot of fun in Boulogne sur Mer this morning.  Everyone made a real effort to ask for things in French and there was even some haggling going on, which was great to see.
Just as we decided it was time to say au revoir to the market, the sun came out and warmed our way up to the ancient city walls.  The old part of Boulogne was built by the Romans in the 2nd century, and remains one of the best examples of fortifications in Northern Europe.  The tree-lined walk along the rampart tops was very pleasant, after which we descended to amble the length of the old town, where Miss Armstrong was delighted to find a shop selling purple berets.  They were certainly useful for long-distance identification of adult members of the Emmaville party...
On to the Nausicaa Sea Life Centre, situated on the town's seafront, which has had a huge facelift since last year.  As you can see from some of the photos, there are now some vast aquarium tanks, with what must be the biggest sheets of glass in the world, holding back all manner of incredible creatures.  There were jellyfish, sharks, rays and penguins, amongst many others; we even got to see the sea lions being fed and trained.  What a fantastic experience!
One of the clever new features was a green screen, where the children could make these gif files...

As if all that wasn't enough, we ended the evening with a visit to the bowling alley, just around the corner in Calais.  There were some interesting bowling styles, as well as some pretty sharp shooting; our star bowler was Heather, with a score of 114.  We also had time to hit the arcades, before making our way back to the hostel.  Some very tired children, but what a great day we've had.