Emmaville Primary School

Day Two

We started the day with a proper fill-your-boots breakfast and then a lovely ride into the Big Smoke, listening to all the wonderful comments that had been left by friends and family.  Don't worry if you can't see yours on the website, as there have been one or two glitches with the new commenting system - they are all there on the moderating screen, which is what was used to read from this morning.
Anyway, the weather has been very kind to us, as you can see from the photos from our visit to the Tower of London.  From the Queen's sparklers to Henry VIII's actual suit of armour, we saw almost a thousand years of history.  Oh, and one of the ravens hopped over and pinched one of our sandwiches.
The second part of our day saw us waving an afternoon hello to the Queen (I'm sure I saw the curtains twitch), before being treated to a 'fly-past' from the Household Cavalry.  A very leisurely walk through St James' Park - and what seemed like the start of Spring down here - brought us to the Fire and Stone restaurant in Covent Garden.  The day was topped off by an awesome performance of The Lion King at the Lyceum theatre; amazing costumes, incredible sets and fantastic performances.  There are some very tired children getting some much needed sleep now, but I'm sure tomorrow's encounters with real animals will wake everyone up just fine.