Emmaville Primary School

Day Two

A few photos from today, more later, after dinner!
Our first stop of the day was at Ipres, the historic city that was completely shattered in the early stages of the First World War, and then subsequently re-built brick for brick, exactly as it was.  We visited the In Flanders Field Museum, not just a collection of artefacts, but a necessary memorial to one of the most harrowing conflicts in human history.  
Immediately after the museum, we made the short journey to Tyne Cot Memorial Cemetery, the largest Commonwealth Cemetery in the World, where nearly 12,000 soldiers who died in the First World War were buried.  Many of the children had researched their own surnames, and were able to find them on some of the gravestones.  It was a truly moving experience, particularly following our time at the museum, and as you can see from the photos, the place is beautifully immaculate; it was a privilege to be able to visit.
Next on the itinerary was the beautiful city of Bruges, capital of the Belgian province of West Flanders.  It's a place of cobbled streets, canals and sooo many chocolate shops.  We wandered through parks and meandering lanes, to reach our guided boat tour of the ancient waterways, finding out plenty of interesting and often amusing facts from our very knowledgeable guide.  
Past experience led us back to a particularly nice waffle cafe, where the children were treated to the most amazing waffles and ice creams.  Of course, we called in at our favourite chocolate shop (next to a museum of torture, in case you were wondering about some of the photos...) so never fear, some of Belgium's finest is heading your way!
No day out would be complete without the obligatory run-around-like-a-lunatic session, so here it is...
The children have been a dream, and you would all be so proud of them.  A few people have already commented on their excellent behaviour and how calm they have been.  Your website comments have been extremely well-received, so please keep them coming, and don't worry if you can't see yours - they are all coming through to the admin page.