Emmaville Primary School

Edinburgh Yr 1

Friday 19th July
Edinburgh Dream Team class of 2018 - 2019, you have been an absolute joy to teach this year. 
You are one of the most kind and caring classes that we have ever had the pleasure to teach. Well done to each and every one of you for working your socks off this year. We have had so much fun with you and wish you lots of luck as you move into year 2. Miss Kenyon is SO lucky to be getting you.
Have a gorgeous summer and we'll see you in September.
With love from Mrs Priestley, Mrs Mackay and Miss Scanlon
Friday 12th July
On Thursday afternoon this week we decided to use the speed stacking cups.
Not only is sport speed stacking lots of fun but research shows that it has many benefits for children. It is well known for improving and enhancing:
- Hand eye co-ordination
- Reaction time
- Left and right brain activation
- Bilateral co-ordination
- Fitness
- Academic achievement
- Self esteem
There are lots of different formations that you can learn. We tried and practiced the 3 and the 6 stack. Children had the most incredible growth mindset when learning these tricky formations. They enjoyed it so much that many children were keen to ask their grown ups for their own speed stacking cups!

Friday 5th July
This afternoon we had the most fun with Mrs Lawrence. She took us for a samba lesson. We learned that samba is from Brazil. Samba bands get put into different teams with different instruments and they play different rhythms.
We learned about the different instruments:
The surdo drum - in a parade this drum is the heart beat of the music, it keeps the rhythm. This drum is worn around the neck.
Repinique drum - is played by the second in command.
Caixa drum - is played with 2 drum sticks.
Apito - is a whistle. It has 2 holes on either side, they make different notes.
Agogo - these were played in Africa but are now played in Samba.
Tambourim - it is similar to a tambourine but has no bells on the outside. It is the smallest instrument in the band.
Reco - is scraped by a stick. It is a metal instrument.
Ganza - is played by shaking it.
Frigideira - is actually a small flying pan! It means frying pan in Portuguese.
We had an amazing time playing in our groups and playing our own samba as a class.
Thank you so much Mrs Lawrence, we hope that we can do it again soon.

Friday 28th June
Wow Edinburgh Dream Team, you have absolutely blown our socks off today. Our class assembly was fabulous and we are SO incredibly proud of you. 'Jolly well done' for learning all of your parts so well, you all used the microphone and were able to speak with such confidence. The staff in school can not believe that you are only in year one and the grown ups in Edinburgh couldn't agree more. 
Our marble jar is bursting again!

Wednesday 19th June

Wow, what a fun day at Whitehouse Farm. We started off looking at the meerkats and giving them their morning snack of raspberries and blueberries. We then went on a tractor ride all around the farm, it was very bumpy! After that, it was feeding time for the bigger animals. We fed goats, donkeys and Shetland ponies. We then went to see lots of animals: sheep, lambs, llamas, alpacas, pigs and piglets, wallabies, emus, deer and birds of prey. 

It was a very busy morning before we stopped for a quick bite to eat in the barn. 

The afternoon was spent in the petting parlour, we handled a five day old emu called Elmo, a five week old European eagle owl called Max, rats called Rachel and Monica, guinea pigs called Dime and Sweets, skinny pigs called Boris and Blake and finally a hog-nosed snake and a bearded dragon. 

Throughout the day we learnt lots of amazing facts, here are some of them...

  • A male donkey is a jack, the female a jenny.
  • A male goat is  a billy, the female a nanny.
  • A male sheep is a ram, the female a ewe. 
  • A male pig is a bore, the female a sow.
  • A male deer is a buck or a stag, the female a doe. 
  • Both male and female Jacob sheep have horns, sometimes four.
  • Mangalica piglets (search these on the internet, both the pig and piglets are very cute!) are often mistaken for lambs because of their thick curly coat. 
  • Emus are flightless birds and they are super fast runners, they can run up to speeds of 30-40mph. 
  • Different owl's have different coloured eyes, if they are black they hunt prey at night, if they are yellow they hunt during the day or if they have orange eyes they are 'dusk hunters'. 
Not only did we have a super fun day, but as you can see we found out lots of interesting facts too. 
Well done Edinburgh Dream Team. 
Wednesday 12th June
Over the last few weeks children in our 'Dream Team' have worked extremely hard with their phonics. They have been practicing how to use 'special friends', 'Fred talk', 'word' to help them read some very difficult words. We have been SO impressed by all of their hard work both at school and with the help of their grown ups at home. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for all of their super hard work. All of your efforts have really paid off. Well done Edinburgh Dream Team.
Friday 7th June
In maths this week, Edinburgh class have been looking at position. We have used shapes, toy cars, Numicon, Beebots and ourselves to find out about full turns, half turns, quarter turns and three quarter turns.
We listened to a left and right song and have been trying hard to remember our left from our right. If we use our thumb and index finger on our left hand we can see a capital L, this has helped us. 
We worked with a friend and took turns to pretend to be robots and programmers, we programmed our robots using language such as forward, right, left, half turn, left turn, full turn and half turn. Children loved this activity and were fantastic in their roles. 
We used a bean bag and followed instructions to place it in various positions. Finally we looked a at toy shelf and used full sentences to describe where the toys were.
Great maths week Edinburgh Dream Team. 

Thursday 23rd May

We have had a very exciting time in our English lessons this week. We started our week off with a surprise visit from Pirate Pete. We asked him questions about how he defeated the sea monster? Where he lived? And what was his favourite pirate food? We loved hearing about all of his pirate adventures with his parrot Perry. 

This week’s theme was all about villains and on Tuesday we thought of some amazing adjectives to describe the villains in our own stories. Just as well, as on Wednesday we received a letter in a bottle. It was from Pirate Pete! He told us that all the villains from our stories had escaped and we had to create wanted posters describing the villains using our amazing adjectives. We took on the challenge and joined the pirate crew in the hope to capture these villains before it was too late.

To end the week we had a visit from Pete's parrot Perry, who delivered us a letter from Pirate Pete. It told us that fortunately all of the villains had been caught and we were awarded with 10 marbles for our class jar!

Thursday 16th May
This week Reverend Janet visited us to tell us all about her role as a Methodist Minister. Reverend Janet is responsible for 3 churches 'Ryton Methodist Church', 'Crawcrook Centenary Church' and 'Greenside Methodist Church'. That's a whole lot of responsibility, we couldn't believe how busy her weeks are - she has so much to do!
These are some of the things we could remember that Reverend Janet does:
- Reads prayers and tells stories from the bible about Jesus and God
- Carries out baptisms, funerals and wedding
- Runs messy church groups and coffee mornings
- Visits people in hospital
- Takes the Eucharist bread and wine to people who are sick and unable to attend church
- Visits schools to carry out assemblies and speak with children
- Holds prayer meetings
- Plans and delivers 'Godly Plays'
- Carries out mass
- Completes lots of paper work!
It was lovely having Reverend Janet in our class. Thank you for coming to visit us to tell us all about your role in a church.
Friday 10th May
What a fun packed and very active half term we are having at the moment. We have been lucky enough to have taster sessions by cricket coaches who told us all about 'All Stars' cricket clubs in our area. We have also had a judo session from destination judo, where we found out about attacking and defending techniques as well as how to do a judo pin and hold our opponent down. 
For the whole half term we also have Ian in from Gateshead tennis club. The children are thoroughly enjoying these sessions. We have learned how to correctly hold a racket and the correct technique for a forehand and backhand stroke. We have played lots of fun games against our opponents and have been scoring lots of points for our house teams. 
If any children are keen to access these clubs outside of school, then please ask for further details.
Friday 3rd May
In science this half term we are finding out about our bodies and our senses. Last week we practiced naming our body parts, we drew around a friend and used post it notes to label the body parts correctly. This week we started to think about our senses and the body parts that we use for each of these senses. We focused on hearing and found out how our ear works. Our ear is made up of 3 parts - the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. Children were interested to find out that sounds move through the air in waves and that these waves travel through our ears. They were fascinated to feel these vibrations as they gently placed their hands on their throats and hummed a song. 
We went on a listening walk and heard sounds like - phones ringing, toilets flushing, doors shutting, microwaves beeping, bells ringing and Merlin the dog tip tapping!
Back in class we played a sound bingo game which was so much fun!
Super scientists Edinburgh.  
Thursday 25th April
We hope that you all had a lovely Easter break. We are starting the summer term with a new topic for this half term called 'Land of Hope and Glory'. As part of this topic we talked about how it was St George's day on Tuesday. We then used a story map for our 'Saint George and the Dragon' story. We used this story map to tell this story using words and actions. The children's story telling voices and enthusiasm amazed us all. Well done Edinburgh!

Wednesday 24th April
  • Blogging
In computing this afternoon we have been finding out all about different ways that we can communicate with others. We thought of emails, messenger, snapchat, facetime, writing letters, facebook, writing postcards and whattsapp. 
We also learned about blogging. This is when people write an online journal, like someone who keeps a diary. 
We thought about how our class page is like Edinburgh's very own blog, which we update each week to tell people what we have been up to.
As part of our lesson this afternoon we thought we'd share with you some of the things that we've been doing today... 
"In English, we read the story of St George and the Dragon and we came up with some actions for this story." Isabelle.
"In maths, we were counting in tens." Jasmine
"This afternoon, we found out that our new topic is called 'The Land of hope and glory'." Aaron
"We have also been looking at countries in the United Kingdom." Jake Mi
"There are 4 countries in the United Kingdom. They are Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales." Charlie.
"We named the seas but this was quite tricky. There was the Irish Sea, North Sea, English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean". James
We hope that you enjoy reading Edinburgh's class blog. 
Thursday 4th April
We've had a very 'eggciting' week decorating our eggs in classes for the egg competition. The children used lots of resources and had some wonderfully creative ideas for their egg designs. All children received a 'Cadbury Creme Egg' for their efforts.
Congratulations to our winners...
3rd place - Jasmine for her 'space alien egg'
2nd place - Lilah for her 'egg lady bug'
1st place - Charlie for his 'egg army plane'.
Well done to all of our families who entered the family egg competition. A special well done to Jake My and his family for winning the overall whole school family competition. His 'Room on a broom' entry was 'eggceptional'. 
A super week with Edinburgh class - Happy Easter to your and all of you families.
Thursday 28th March
As our castles topic comes to an end this term, we thought we would celebrate how much we have enjoyed this topic, by holding a medieval banquet. The children brought in food to share with their friends and changed into their castle themed clothes. We listened to some medieval music and watched some medieval dances. We then worked in small groups to learn some medieval dance moves. 
We were very impressed with what the children could remember about medieval food. Isabelle even brought in spelt and barley for us to try and Jasmine brought in a slice of bread for each of us to use as a plate - just like in medieval times!
We had a super afternoon, what a lovely celebration. Thank you to all of our parents for your support with providing food for us to share. 
Friday 22nd March
This week in maths we have been measuring length and height. We have used words like long, short, longer, shorter, tall, small, tallest, smallest, longest.
First of all we compared length and height of pieces of string, skipping ropes and toy cars. We even compared the height of children in our class.
We then used non-standard units of measure to measure and compare objects around the classroom. The children found out that they can use anything to measure. In class they decided to use paper clips, cubes, straws, sticks, skipping ropes, bean bags, footsteps, hand spans, trays, books, match sticks, lolly pop sticks etc. We thought about how some non-standard units were more suitable for measuring certain objects for example we wouldn't use paper clips to measure the school field! 
Next we looked at rulers and children found out how they are made up of centimetres. We began to use them to measure objects around the classroom. 
To end the week we solved some measuring problems and made some length and height discoveries. We were amazed to find out that our height is the same as our arm span, also the length of our feet is the same as the length of our forearms. 
Super measuring Edinburgh. Well done!
Thursday 13th March
During art this week we have been botanical artists. We used our observational skills to look carefully at different flowers. We looked at their colours, shapes and lines. We used pencils to draw as much detail as possible, we then added colour using block paints. We think that they're pretty fantastic!
Thursday 7th March
What an amazing day we have had at Warkworth Castle. The children looked fabulous in their 'castle dress ups' and although it was quite cold and wet at times, they all joined in with such enthusiasm!
Warkworth castle is a 'Motte and Bailey Castle' and the children had lots of fun exploring all of the areas that we have been learning about in our topic lessons.
We started off having a look around the inner and outer bailey. We saw the ruins of the well house, the stables, the kitchen, the church and the chapel. We were able to see the stone lion on the lion tower. We walked up the steps into the gatehouse, here we saw the murder holes and where the portcullis would drop down if enemies were to attack!
Next we walked under the drawbridge and around the moat. Mrs Priestley took a photograph of us under the garderobe, she then told us that this was where the 'gong farmers' would empty out the toilets - the contents would drop down where we were standing and then run into the moat...we moved away quite quickly when we discovered this. YUK!
After lunch we were able to look around the keep. It was interesting to see where the Percy family would have lived and entertained. We saw the wine and beer cellars and the guard rooms and pits. The great halls had beautiful views out to the coastline and the fireplaces in the kitchens were so big we could fit the whole class in!
Edinburgh class you were absolute stars as always, and we've loved taking you on such an exciting educational visit.   
Friday 1st March
What a busy first week back after half term. We've had a fun packed 'Emmaville Goes Green' enrichment week.
We thought about ways that we can take care of the environment and how we can make our lives more healthy by what we eat and the activities that we take part in. 
We looked at ways that we can recycle and found out all about up-cycling items by changing them from something you may throw away to something creative. 
We really enjoyed making bottle top bugs, we used different types of plastic bottle tops and added laminated wings and googly eyes. We thought they looked fab. We then hid them in our outside area for our friends to find them on a 'bug hunt'. 
Our sure Edinburgh class could get creative at home and show you what and how they can up-cycle some items! ENJOY!
Thursday 14th February
What a busy week we've had!
On Wednesday we had an educational visit to Thornley woods. The children were so enthusiastic and their behaviour was absolutely amazing. They were so full of energy and walked a staggering 4.5 miles throughout the whole day!
We looked for wooden sculptures in the woods, where we manged to find a butterfly, a toadstool, an otter, a snake, a red kite and an owl. We then walked along the Derwent Walk into Derwent Haugh. We made 'leaf kebabs' by gathering as many different types of leaves as we could and placed them on sticks. Along the way we also completed a treasure hunt sheet, gaining points for our teams if we could find e.g. a feather, a bird box, a red kite, a woodlouse, a squirrel, some ivy etc.
There was a large hill that we enjoying running up and down - it was very steep and exhausting but so much fun. We then walked to 'Swalwell Junior Football Club' where we had our lunch, it was nice to have a sit down and rest. After our lunch we did bark and leaf rubbings before walking to 'The Land of Oak and Iron' for our bus back to school. What a day!
On Thursday we went to Thorp Academy for a multi-skills festival. We had lots of fun playing games that involved skipping, throwing, catching, dribbling etc. We managed to walk all the way there and back and think that after all of the physical activity this week our Edinburgh class must be pretty worn out!
Well done as always to our class of superstars. 
Thursday 7th February
In RE we have been finding out about baptism and what it means to Christians. On Thursday morning we visited Centenary Methodist church where we met Reverend Janet and Sam Cree. 
Reverend Janet acted out a baptism using Lacey the teddy bear! We learned about the role of the parents and godparents at a baptism and we had a chance to look at the baptismal font, the water, the baptismal candle and certificate.
We then went on a hunt around the church and filled in a quiz sheet. We counted 9 crosses around the church, 75 pipes on the organ, 8 steps up to the pulpit and 6 banners around the church.
To finish we sang 'My God is a great big God'.
What a lovely morning! 
Thursday 31st January
This half term we are lucky to have a gymnastics coach from Grassroots, working with us once a week. 
We are having so much fun during these sessions. We have been learning and developing new gymnastic skills. So far we have practiced pencil rolls, forward rolls and backward rolls. We have also learned new ways to balance and have practiced shoulder stands. We particularly enjoyed exploring ways to balance with our partners.
Definitely some Olympic gymnasts in the making! 
Thursday 24th January
This week in art, we looked at some work by the artist Paul Klee. We noticed that he included lots of different shapes and colours when painting buildings. We used this style to create our own castle pictures.
First we used pencils to draw the outlines of our castles and to add shape details. Then we coloured each shape using bright, coloured crayons. Last of all we painted over our picture with watery blue paint. 
We think they look fabulous!
Friday 18th January
This week in Edinburgh we have been finding out about different types of castles - 'Motte and Bailey', 'Stone Keeps' and 'Concentric Castles'. Mrs Priestley and Miss Scanlon were absolutely blown away by how engaged the children were during this session. We looked at power points and photographs of castles around the UK and talked about the key features of each of these castles. 
Children produced diagrams of each of the 3 castles in their topic books, naming and describing each of them to their partner. Super work Edinburgh.
Friday 11th January
Happy New Year to you all!
It was so lovely to see all of Edinburgh's smiley faces back at school this week. They are as eager to learn as ever. We have had a nice week settling back in at school and have been introduced to our new topic 'Castle Capers'. This topic will run for the whole spring term and we're really excited as we've lots of lovely things to look forward to.
This week, children have enjoyed thinking about their goals for the year, we talked lots about what we'd like to improve and have put our ideas together in a class book called 'Going For Goals'.
Some examples of our goals were...
Ella - to get better at treading water when swimming.
Jasmine - to get better at putting my head in the water when swimming.
Jake My - to run faster
Jake M and Archie - to get the next belt at judo
Harry - to swim under water
James - to get better at writing my numbers
Sarah - to get better at roller skating
Lilah - to get better at telling the time
Holly - to get better at bridges in gymnastics
These are just a selection of our ideas but all children were able to think really carefully about this and came up with some excellent goals.
I know they'll all work hard to achieve them because we have super growth mind set and 'STICKABILITY'!
Well done Edinburgh!
Friday 21st December
The children in Edinburgh have had such a lovely week to end their first term in year one. We had a fabulous Christmas party on Wednesday afternoon with party games, dancing and yummy party food.
We have also made some gorgeous reindeer Christmas cards, using our footprints. We had to paint one of the soles of our feet brown and then printed it onto card, we then added googly eyes, pipe cleaner antlers and a button, red nose for Rudolf. We have also enjoyed making lolly pop stick decorations to put on our Christmas trees at home.   
Mrs Mackay, Mrs Priestley and Miss Scanlon would like to wish all of our gorgeous 'Edinburgh Dream Team' and their families a very 'Happy Christmas'. 
Friday 14th December
Christmas festivities have certainly begun this week in Edinburgh class. The children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas jumper day and delicious Christmas dinner on Thursday.
Throughout the week we have been learning about the Nativity Story. We worked in groups to put pictures in the correct order, we then created a story map. We used this story map to retell the story in our words. We hope you enjoy our performance.  

Thursday 6th December
As part of our 'Terrific Toys' topic, we borrowed a resource box from 'The Discovery Museum'. This afternoon we had the opportunity to handle these toys. We had to be very careful as some of them were quite fragile. We found out what they were called, what they were used for and how old they were. The children loved this activity and found it very interesting. They recorded their findings in their topic books.
Thursday 29th November
This week has been our 'Cracking Computers' enrichment week. We have had such a busy time laptops, ipads and programmable toys. We have been finding out all about the importance of keeping safe on the internet and have designed posters. We used Beebot and ALEX apps on the ipads and we worked with the year 5/6 children in New York, who helped us to use the 'Scratch' computer program on the laptops.
One of our favourite activities this week was the 'Makey' workshop that was ran by Gateshead Library Service. Children worked with a special piece of technology called a 'Makey', this was used in a circuit and connected to the 'Scratch' program on the laptops. We worked with our partner to complete the circuit and added sound affects through 'Scratch'. We made a circuit with 6 children, then 12 children and finally the whole class of 27 children - we thought this was fascinating that the circuit could be carried through our bodies! 

Wednesday 21st November
Last week we watched a video link, where a little boy made a car using a plastic bottle and some lids. We explored different ways to make wheels and axles using construction toys. This week our challenge was to begin to make these cars. We needed a bottle for the main part of the car and 5 lids, which were used for the wheels and top. To begin with, we tried to use a straw for the axle but after trying this with quite a few cars, we realised that this wasn't strong enough. We thought about what we could use instead. The children suggested pencils or sticks. We then tried both of these and decided that the sticks and some clay worked brilliantly.
This was excellent problem solving Edinburgh! We needed a little help from the adults in the class to help us to put holes in the bottles and lids. Some of us managed to finish our cars and even added designs to make them look good. The rest of us will be finishing them next week.
Friday 16th November
Today Edinburgh class were lucky enough to visit Crawcrook library. We walked sensibly with our partners and were met by the librarian. We sat down and listened to her reading the story 'Bathroom Boogie', in the story items in the bathroom came to life when the house was empty. It was a funny story. After that we played corners using the main characters from the book; toothbrush, flannel, toothpaste and shampoo. It was so much fun!
We were then able to chose our own book to keep in our trays at school. We look forward to reading them back at school.
A lovely visit this afternoon and super behaviour Edinburgh!
Friday 9th November

As part of this half terms topic 'Terrific Toys', we have been talking about the toys we like to play with at home. We brought in a toy from home to share with the class. In art, we used our growth mind-set as we completed observational drawings of our toys. We had to use our observational skills to look carefully at shapes, lines and colours. We tried to improve our work by listening to our friends advice.

Great work Edinburgh!

Friday 2nd November
Edinburgh have had a 'spooktacular' time in class this week when Witch Mackay and Witch Priestley visited to teach them maths and English. We used cauldron ingredients to help us with some addition sentences in maths and we even used the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols to compare these spooky calculations.
In English, we listened to the story 'Winnie the Witch' and then we discussed what we were dressing up as for Halloween. We followed a story map to sing and perform 'A Witches Brew' song. We then described ingredients using interesting adjectives and then put them together in our own 'Magic Brews' for our class spell book.
We gave some thought into what would happen if we cast our spells on people... SO BEWARE!
Thursday 18th October
Yesterday, children in Edinburgh class brought in their creative homework for this half term. We were absolutely AMAZED at both their creativity and the standard of the work produced.
Thank you so much to all of our Edinburgh parents for your support in helping your children to complete these tasks.
Children were so proud to be able to share their work in front of the whole class.
We saw... online weather forecasts, rain gauges, weather reports, children's fact files, Edinburgh fact files, number and shape work (to name a few!)
A huge well done once again to our 'Edinburgh Dream Team'.   
Thursday 11th October
This week the children in Edinburgh have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to use the laptops. They practiced using the 'track pad' and the keyboard, then found out how to use the internet to search for information.
With a partner they searched for 'Crawcrook weather'. They then used the control and P key to print out this page for their topic books. Great listening skills and team work Edinburgh.  
Tuesday 2nd October
Today we had Northumbrian Water Super Splash Heroes in school. They really were super heroes as they knew all the different ways we can look after the world by saving water. They did need a little bit of help from us and asked us to use our eyes and ears and get water wise. We have to turn bad water habits into good ones. We can do this by turning off the tap while we are brushing our teeth, have a timer in the shower so we don't waste water and just use the small flush button on the toilet when you have a "wee!" 
They told us lots of fascinating facts about water - the most important one is that water is very precious, as only 1% of the Earth's water is fresh water that we can use. 
We went on the Northumbrian Water Website and ordered a free water saving kit. See if your child can show you how to do this at home.
Friday 28th September
This week we have been 'super scientists'. As part of our 'Wonderful Weather' topic, we have enjoyed a visit from BBC weather presenter, Paul Mooney. He told us all about his job as a weather forecaster and gave us lots of tips for our own forecasts. We also named and described each of the four seasons, completing some very detailed seasons wheels and also art work to show the differences between the seasons. 
Children were so excited for our celebrations assembly this morning; thank you to all of the grown ups who came - we hope that you enjoyed it. We thought you'd like to see our weather forecast once again!
Friday 21st September
What a busy week we have had in Edinburgh this week!
As part of our 'Wonderful Weather' topic we have talked about different types of weather. We shared with our friends some of the different activities we enjoy with different weathers. We also talked about how our clothes vary depending on the weather. We watched some weather forecasts from the UK and some local reports from weather presenter Paul Mooney. We used these to get our own ideas of how to present a weather forecast which we did in small groups with our friends.  We were very good at warning our audience about Wednesday's storm Ali! 
We have also completed a dance this week, to show the movements of a ball. We were able to listen to changes in music and show how a ball can bounce, be thrown, spin and roll. The children absolutely loved these PE sessions. They were able to use a range of body parts and their imaginations to move in some very creative ways. Well done Edinburgh!
Friday 14th September
This week as part of our settling in focus, we have thought about the importance of being kind. We listened to a story called 'How full is your bucket?'. We discussed how we all have an invisible 'bucket of kindness' above our heads. If this bucket is full, we feel good, but if this bucket begins to empty, we can feel bad. We can fill our buckets by saying and doing kind things to others.  Also if people say or do kind things to us, this drips into our buckets to keep them full. Unfortunately, if people say or do unkind things to us, our buckets can begin to empty. Edinburgh class have worked especially hard to keep everybody's buckets full in school and they are doing an amazing job. Some of us were very brave and even stood up in whole school celebrations assembly to share our kind ideas...
Looking after younger brothers and sisters (Keavey) Playing football with others (Gabriel) Play with others if they look lonely (Harry) Tickling others to make them laugh (Cameron) If others are struggling we can help (Libby) Saying sorry (Cara) Telling a teacher if friends are hurt (Holly) Giving cuddles (Archie) If people feel scared, we can help to make them feel better (Lilah) Sharing (Ruby) Helping friends when they are hurt (Charlie)  Helping others (Jake Mi) Thinking before we do something that may upset others (Sarah)
What very kind children we are!
Friday 7th September
Wow Edinburgh, what an amazing first week! You have all settled in so well to your year one class. What a big step it is moving up from reception and you have all coped incredibly well. We are so impressed with your kind and caring attitudes, you look after your friends so well. 
What a busy week the children in Edinburgh have had. They have been finding out about the importance of our routines and have helped to put together some classroom rules that they feel are important. 
They have created 'friendship flowers' for their friends by telling their friends what they think their good qualities are. Children have also coloured in their own superhero and decided what they think their super strength is. Which have lots of strengths like, running fast, skipping and reading. 
We have looked carefully at our faces and talked about how we are all different, we tried to complete half of a portrait... it was quite tricky but we have amazing 'stickability'. 
Mrs Priestley and Miss Scanlan couldn't believe how quickly the children got ready for their first PE lesson this week.
Children are in one of four house teams 'Baltic', 'Sage', 'Tyne' or 'Angel'; they found out which team they are in and have already started collecting house points for their teams!
Keep up the amazing work Edinburgh, we look forward to spending the year with you.
Mrs Priestley, Mrs Mackay and Miss Scanlan