Emmaville Primary School

Emmaville School Games Day

21st May 2019

Tuesday saw our first ever ‘School Games Day’. This was organised by Emmaville’s ‘Sports Crew’. The ‘Sports Crew’ is made up of our year 6 sports leaders, along with our house team captains and vice captains. Children planned the whole event which included a carousel of 8 activities. They worked together to plan and organise their activities, along with the equipment that they would need. These carousels ran 3 times throughout the day, first for the Year 3/4 classes, then for the Year 5/6 classes and finally for the Year 1/2 classes.
Our ‘Sports Crew’ were incredible at setting up, explaining and demonstrating their activities, recording and totalling scores and organising and encouraging all the children. This day was such a HUGE success thanks to our ‘Sports Crew’ and without a doubt it will be on our calendar as an annual sports event. Thank you to each and every one of you for your outstanding attitude and commitment to this event: Harry, Taylor, Faye, Lauren, Carly, Alex, Caitlin, Erin, Hugo, Michael, Joseph, Darius, Theo, Haaniyah, Sam, Josh, Jay.
Points were totalled across the whole day and were announced at a very exciting assembly at the end of the day. For this event the scores were: 1st Place: Tyne – 6101 points 2nd Place: Angel – 6007 points 3rd Place: Baltic – 5722 points 4th Place: Sage – 5552 points.
Well done to all year groups for participating with such enthusiasm and for your determination at earning lots of points for you house teams. Super team work and a ‘jolly well done’ to everyone.