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England Year 1

Welcome to the England Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 14th May

It has been another amazing week in England class learning all about Captain James Cook, innovating our own stories about the magic ice creams pot and exploring the different types of garden plants you might find.

This week in Maths we have been working super hard. We have been learning all about odd and even numbers. Firstly, we found out what an odd and even number is. We then applied our knowledge to some interactive games on the whiteboard. These included spotting odd and even number all the way up to 100!

We then carried out an investigation to find out some of the patterns that odd and even numbers have. We found that every time you add 2 odd numbers together, it makes an even number. We also found that every time you add 2 even numbers together, it makes an even number too. Finally, we added together an odd and an even number and found that it makes an odd number.

We decided to remember some poems to help us with our odd and even numbers.


Odd poem

I’m a number cruncher and my name is Todd,

I like numbers that are odd,

All these numbers taste just fine,

If they end in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9!


Even poem

I’m a number cruncher and my name is Steven,

I like numbers that are even,

All these numbers taste just great,

If they end in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8!


We also have been working super hard in our Doodle maths this week. Every day after lunch, we have been either completing our doodle maths or handwriting. I have been so impressed with the children’s independence on the app and today we hit 100% of the class being in the green zone!


Keep up the amazing work Year 1 England!

Miss McArdle

Friday 7th May
What a fantastic week we have had in England this week learning all about Sydney, writing some amazing poems in English and consolidating our knowledge about number bonds to 10. 
This week we have been learning about aboriginal dot art with a link to our Geography work about Sydney. The dot artwork that was created by the aboriginal people often had a special meaning such as telling a story or being use as a representation of the artist.
Firstly, we thought about what we would draw to represent us and we came up with some lovely ideas such as butterflies because we are free-spirited, a heart because we are caring and a circle of hands because we are a really good friend to others.
We then went on to create the dot art using paint and the tip of a cotton bud. We were careful with the technique we used to ensure we were not putting too much pressure on the page. We used many different patterns within our pieces. 
Please see below some of the amazing pieces that the children created. 
Keep up the amazing work my England superstars!
Miss McArdle
Friday 30th April
We have had another amazing week in England this week which has been full of mysterious surprises. When we arrived in our classroom on Tuesday morning we found a mysterious pot and note. The note told us that the pot was magic and could create any mysterious food that we wished for. However, it didn't tell us the magic words! We all had a think about what they could be, stirred the pot saying the magic words and wished for our favourite foods. The next day when we arrived in the classroom, we found the pot full of porridge and a story with it! We found out that the pot was a magical porridge pot and learned the story about Poppy and her experience with the porridge pot. To help us be good story tellers, we made a story map as a class and finger puppets which we then used to help re-tell the story. 
Keep up the amazing work England class! 
Friday 23rd April
What an amazing start to the term we have had in England class. We have had so much fun out in the glorious sunshine and spending time with our friends after 2 weeks off. The children have all worked so hard this week in English, Maths and Geography. We have been learning all about Dragons and became 'Dragonologists' this week in English. The children produced some amazing descriptive writing about a mysterious dragon. In Maths, we have been exploring counting in 2's, 5's and 10's which included opening up our very own shops and investigating about some biscuits. We have also been tour guides in Edinburgh and have learnt some of the key places you might want to visit if you go there.  
This week, I wanted to celebrate the amazing work the children did in Music. We have been exploring untuned instruments in previous lessons and began to learn ways we could write Music for others to follow. This week we explored some tuned instruments in our lessons. The children were fantastic at using tuned chime bars to create a piece of music which they then noted down in their books. The most impressive thing was that after they had explored the tuned instruments and created a composition, they then went and played the piece to everyone in the class. I think they should all be so proud of themselves for doing this as it took a lot of confidence to stand up and play their composition in front of everyone.
Today, we have celebrated St George's Day. We explored the story of St George and the Dragon and we look at why we celebrated St George's Day. This was finished off with a lovely picnic of sweet baked treats and playing games outside with our friends. 
Keep up the amazing work England!
Miss McArdle
Thursday 1st April
Happy half term everyone! We have made it to another half-term which as been filled with joy and smiles when all of the children came back to school after our second lockdown. It has been so lovely to see all of the children back with their friends and they have all worked so hard this term. You all make me very proud to by your teacher England because of how amazing you all are.
This week, we have had lots of fun decorating eggs, taking part in an Easter egg hunt organised by the school council and having fun at a virtual Easter disco. The egg decorating has been absolutely amazing with angels, super pigs and even eggs of people that we know! The children have worked incredibly hard again this week especially in their Maths. We have been learning how to count in 2's and we decided to challenge ourselves to create the biggest cube tower made up of 2's which we then counted in 2's (I did help once we got past 100 as we created a tower that was 266 cubes long). The children impressed me even more when they could apply their understanding of tens and ones to tell me that 266 had 6 tens and 6 ones. They are amazing mathematicians and I am sure Mrs McKenna will be so impressed!!!
We have had some well deserved winners of competitions too that have been taking place throughout school. 
I want to give the following boys and girls and massive well done for winning different things this term:
Harry C - For coming 3rd in the school comic poetry competition. His reading of the limerick about the princess was absolutely fantastic.
Elliot S and his brother Ethan in Year 6 - For coming 2nd in the school family egg competition. Their Supertato inspired eggs were amazing!!!
Our class egg winners:
1st Place - Ayla H for her amazing angel egg which even had a gold halo and soft wings.
2nd Place - Reggie M for his super pig entry.
3rd Place - Leo G for creating an egg lookalike of himself and his little sister Ava.
I hope you all have a lovely half-term and well deserved break. It is so well deserved for your hard work during our home learning period but also since we have returned back to school.
Happy Easter!
Miss McArdle. 

Friday 26th March

 This week we have had a super week in England learning all about Mother Theresa, consolidating our learning about numbers to 50 and building on to our multimedia stories on 2CAS.

This week I wanted to share the fantastic work the children have been doing within our English session on a Friday. We have been using this session to work on our creative writing. Last week, we worked on writing all about a bubble adventure and this week we had an image of a creature which we used as stimulus to write about. The children thought about what the creature looked like, where it came from and ideas about if it had magical powers or not. The children then went on to independently produce some amazing superhero sentence writing. They included all of things you need to be a super sentence hero such as capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Here are some of the children’s ideas:

‘The dragon eats dragon food and drinks milk.’ – Elijah

‘He knows his ABC’ – Bodie

‘She can breathe love hearts and walk in lava’ – Evie

‘I think it could be half snake and half dragon. It is called lightning breath because his fire is as fast as lightning.’ – Oliver.

Friday 19th March
What another amazing week in England this week! The children have all worked so hard this week within our lessons. We have had lots of fun creative writing about our bubble adventures in English, creating stories during computing and learning all about Mumbai in India.
This week I wanted to share the amazing work that the children have been doing within our Maths lessons. They have been looking at addition and subtraction within 20. We have been really thinking about using our Maths vocabulary and reasoning during our lessons to explain how we have worked out an answer. Today, we completed some problem solving in small groups thinking about how we could solve the comparing problems. They were all amazing at working together in teams and discussing how they could solve the problems. 
Friday 12.03.21
We have had an amazing week back in England class this week. It has been so lovely to see all of your smiling faces and catch up with you all finally in person. 
I've been so impressed with your attitude when you have returned back and the work you have produced has been amazing!
We have learned all about Neil Armstrong this week, composed our own music and looked at what being a good Samaritan is. I was so impressed with our work on mindfulness and our feelings this week. You have produced some amazing art work pieces and drawings to show how you are feeling. It was lovely when a lot of you shared these with the rest of the class.
Keep up the amazing work England class!
Seesaw Stars of the Week
Oliver - For his amazing dinosaur pop up art and show that he created during his well being time.
Neave - For her amazing story map and video of her reading her story. 
Jamie - For his fantastic home made pom-poms which he used to yarn-bomb outside his house. 
Keep up the amazing work!
Friday 18th December
What an fantastic end to the term we have had this week. The children have been so excited to break up for Christmas but have had a wonderful week celebrating with their friends in class. We have had visits from elves, a pantomime afternoon and a Christmas party.
After only a couple of months back in school and Year 1 , I have been so impressed with their attitude and kindness towards others but they have blown me away this week. They have created decorations and cards for a local hospital in the area. They created these small gifts to give to the patients on Christmas Day who wouldn't be able to see their families. The children also made a wonderful card for all of the staff to say thank you for being an NHS hero during the global pandemic. 
I am so proud of all of the class and I hope they all have a wonderful Christmas. 
Miss McArdle. 
Thursday 10th December
Another amazing week with my England superstars. They have been working so hard in their Maths and English lessons. I was amazed at their work all about 2D and 3D shapes. They have also produced some super sentences all about the Nativity. Every week they amaze me with the stories they can produce and we love having time to share and listen to each others stories. 
We wanted to share with you something we have been learning in our class. We decided because we couldn't sing a lovely Christmas song this year, we would learn some sign language to a Christmas song. The children wanted to share their lovely comments with you:
Oliver - I loved learning sign language!
Grace - We wish you a Merry Christmas from Year 1 England.
Jamie - I loved learning a sign language Christmas song.
Freddie - Sign language is so fun and a way people communicate if they can't hear. 
We hope you enjoy our way of spreading some Christmas spirit!
Miss McArdle.

Friday 4th December
We have had another fantastic week in England. Firstly, we had a visitor from the North Pole called Elvis. He has been sent from Santa Claus to see who is going to be on the naughty or nice list however he has been causing lots of mischief! Today when we came in, we found he had decided to have a glitter bath with one of our rubber ducks from the reward box. I wonder what he is going to get up to next.....
One of our highlights this week was our Science lesson today all about the senses and in particular 'smell'. We carried out an experiment where we had to guess what we were smelling in each pot. The children were so good at identifying the different smells such as coffee, lemons and minty toothpaste.
Keep up the amazing work!
Miss McArdle
Friday 27th November
We have had a lovely week in England this week. I have been so impressed by the work they have produced and they have made me so proud of the progress they have made.
We had lots of fun making Christmas stars which are going to be put outside of school and e have been learning all about the Christmas story in our RE lessons and the gifts that Jesus was given. It is so lovely to see how excited the children are about Christmas - it matches how excited myself and Miss James are for Christmas!
One of our highlights this week was learning all about Madrid, the capital city in Spain. We made postcards for our families as if we were in Madrid. We included lots of pictures of different places in Madrid such as the Royal Palace and the oldest restaurant in the world. The children absolutely love learning all about new places in our Geography lessons including visiting them on google earth.
Have a lovely weekend my Year 1 England superstars!
Miss McArdle.
Friday 20th November
Well done to all my England superstars for a fantastic week. They have been so independent yet again and have been putting 100% into all of their work.
This week we have been doing lots of exciting things including innovating stories, creating a friendship wreath and learning all about Florence Nightingale.
One of our highlights has been our science lesson all about the sense of 'hearing'. We firstly talked about the senses and why hearing might be considered to be very important. We also discussed about how people who can't hear, use their other senses of sight to help them understand sounds around them. This included us practicing some sign language but watch this space as we will give you more of an update before Christmas....
We then went on a sound learning walk around the school and outside. We listened to various different sounds. Evie could hear the rain on her hood, Elliot could hear the balls bouncing on the ground from a P.E lesson taking place, Bodie could hear the water trickling down the drain and Leo G could hear the cars on the road outside of school. You all could be like Spiderman with his 'spidey senses' of being able to hear!
Well done for another amazing week Year 1!
Miss McArdle
Friday 13th November
We have had yet again another amazing week in Year 1 England. I say it every week however they have blown me away this week with their independence and effort throughout all of our lessons.
We started our week by talking all about Remembrance Day and how important it was to remember all of the soldiers who had died. We created our own individual poppies and created a class wreath. Everyone has commented to say how beautiful it was and I am so proud of the children for their attitude towards Remembrance Day. 
We have also been learning this week all about Stonehenge. The children created their own Stonehenge models using playdough and we went outside to have a go at being Stonehenge. They were fantastic at thinking about the shape and placement of the stones.
On Wednesday, the children completed a cold write for their new English topic of Jack in the Beanstalk. The cold write is something quite tricky due to the children not being given a lot of support. This was something they struggled with at the start of the year during their first cold write however I was absolutely blown away with the stories they produced. They were so detailed and so lovely to read but the best thing about the cold write was that they were so independent. You should all be so proud of yourselves!
Today we have celebrated Children in Need. We had an amazing family bake off competition with Oliver Maxell and family winning for their amazing Pudsey bear krispies. They look so delicious!!! We joined Joe Wicks for the last 25 minutes of his 24 hour workout this morning. The children were shouting to encourage Joe and their classmates throughout the session which was such a lovely supportive thing to see. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Miss McArdle.
Friday 6th November
What an amazing first week back Year 1 England! We have been working so hard this week in our Maths, English and Science lessons. I have been so impressed in how well all of the children have came back to school.
One of our highlights this week has to be our lesson on Thursday afternoon to celebrate bonfire night. Although we all weren't able to go to any firework displays due to the lockdown, we were able to watch some of the best firework displays on YouTube. We loved watching the New Years Eve firework display in London. We decided to use some oil pastels and chalks to create our own firework pictures. They were full of different colours and patterns. See below our fantastic artwork that we created.
Keep up the amazing work Year 1 England!
Miss McArdle.
Friday 23rd October
Happy half term everyone! It has been an amazing first half term with you all and I couldn't be prouder of how well you have all settled back into school and new routines. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know each and everyone of you. You should all be so proud of yourselves England.
This week we have been learning all about Cape Town in our Geography lessons. We had a look at where Cape Town was on Google Earth and found out that it was founded in 1652. We looked at the special mountain that overlooks cape town called 'Table Mountain'. The children were fantastic at telling me some of the human and physical features in Cape Town.
In RE this week, we have been following on our learning about the Creation Story. We spoke about how Christians might look after the world and how God might feel if we didn't look after the world. Some of our ideas were that we should look after the plants and animals and make sure that we don't leave rubbish on the floor. Everyone showed how we can be good citizens and care for the world that is around us. 
Have a wonderful break Year 1 England and stay safe.
See you all soon, Miss McArdle.
Friday 16th October
What another amazing week in England this week learning so many new things. We have worked so hard at creating our class learning charter this week during our Jigsaw PSHE lesson. We have thought about the rights and responsibilities that we have, such as making sure everyone has the right to learn. We also discussed some of the rewards and consequences we could use for people who don't follow our learning charter, such as moving up or down the star chart. 
Today, we had a special arrival in the class. When we came back from break time, we found a box in the middle of the carpet. We were all unsure of what could have been in the box and some of us thought it might be some toys or food. When we opened it up, we found a letter. When we read the letter together, we discovered it was one of Samuel Pepys' diary extracts from the Great Fire of London. We became historical experts at learning all about the Great Fire of London, making sure to be delicate with the historical artefact. We used empathy to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who had experienced the Great Fire of London and thought about the different senses and what we would be able to hear, smell and see, such as burning houses, loud bangs and the smell of smoke. 
It has once again been an amazing week in England. I hope you all have a well deserved break over the weekend ready for our new learning on Monday. 
Miss McArdle.
Friday 9th October 
We have been continuing our learning of 'Supertato' in English this week. We have created our own story maps of the 'Supertato'. I have been so impressed by all of the story maps we have made as they have been so detailed and colourful.
Our biggest highlight of the week has to be our kung fu punctuation. We have been learning all about using punctuation in our work and decided to use some kung fu movements to remember such as 'ha' and a punch for a full stop. If you see any of the children, ask them to be the experts and show you the moves. They could 100% be masters of kung fu!
I am once again so proud of all of the children. They are growing into wonderful young people and are an absolute pleasure to teach. They have once again all shown fantastic growth mindset in all of our lessons- keep up the amazing work Year 1 England!
Miss McArdle
Friday 2nd October
Wow! What another fantastic week in Year 1 England. We have had so much fun this week learning the story 'Supertato' in English. We have retold the story using actions and wrote some fantastic sentences about 'Supertato' including that he can fly, he wears a red cape and he can set traps. The children have all been so independent in their writing and I have been amazed at all of their ideas. We have explored about having a growth mindset and not giving up. They have all shown great determination within all of our lessons this week. One of our favourite quotes has been 'Be like a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear a crown. Be sweet on the inside'.
Another highlight of our week has been our daily go noodles which have included some crazy dance moves. . See below a photo of their amazing dancing to the kids bop shuffle - one of our class favourites.
Keep up the amazing work England! I am super proud to have you all in my class. 
Miss McArdle
Friday 25th September
We have had another amazing week in England. I am so proud of how well all of the children have settled themselves into Year 1 and new routines. My star chart is always filled with so many of the class on gold on Friday.
One of our highlights this week has been meeting Abbey Owl during our RE lessons. We spent this week exploring the topic of creation. We each created something that we wanted to share with abbey owl. The creations we made were fantastic and she was so happy with what we had made her. We discussed how it felt to have created something and how we would feel if someone else damaged our creation. 
Keep up the amazing work Year 1 England!
Friday 18th September
Welcome Year 1 England to our class page which will keep you updated with all of things that we are doing throughout this year. 
We have had a busy but fantastic week in our new class. I have been so impressed by all of the children this week for how well they have settled into Year 1. They've been so good at learning all of our new rules and routines. 
We have been making so many different things this week including our own wishing stars, jars of happiness and portraits. The highlight of our week had to be meeting our class worry monster. We created our own worry monsters that had all of our worries on and fed our class worry monster. When we checked the next day, they had gone! 
Well done to you all for such an amazing first week in Year 1. I am so looking forward to spending this year with you all. 
Miss McArdle.