Emmaville Primary School

England Yr 1

Monday 13th July
Hi everyone,
The final week of home learning suggestions are below. This week we're telling the time in maths, carrying out gingerbread men experiments in science, travelling to London in geography, making bugs out of natural materials in art and are thinking about what we'd like to wish for in PSHE.
We can't believe that it's the final week of the academic year, what an incredibly bizarre way to spend the last few months! We miss you all so much and wish we'd had more time together. We are so pleased that we get to have a week with you all when we return in September, before you move into year two, Northern Ireland class with Miss Kenyon. 
Have an amazing summer with your families, we're super proud of you all for tackling home learning with such 'Stickability'.
Keep smiling and stay safe.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay
Monday 6th July
Morning everyone.
Hope you're all keeping well.
Only two weeks left, how can that be? What a crazy way to spend our final half term in year one!
Please find the suggested activities for this weeks home learning. Included is two of Gateshead School Sport Partnership's Unite ideas. One being a #DrawUnite competition and the other some video tutorials by 'Skipping School' for some new skipping skills.
In science, we're communicating with others from a safe two metre distance by exploring sound and making some plastic cup telephones. In history, we're finding out all about a significant historical figure Nelson Mandela. We'll also be looking at ways to look after the world around us in RE and PSHE. Finally in music you can enjoy some brass band music.
Enjoy and as always we look forward to seeing your posts on seesaw.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay  
Monday 29th June
This week, we're looking forward to seeing some of England class boys and girls return to school. We will continue to put home learning suggestions on our class page for the remaining three weeks and hope to see any children who are still home learning on seesaw.
As there's lots of talk about making safe 'bubbles' at the moment, with our friends and families and at school, we've went with a bit of a bubble theme this week. You'll see this in the English, science and PSHE ideas. 
It would also have been our school sports day this week, so we've included some related activities. We're hoping you can create your own sports day at home for PE and linked to this the Gateshead School Sport Partnership, have launched another one of their 'unite' campaigns, this time it being #writeunite. Check it out if your child would like to enter. We're also looking at and comparing the Olympic games past and present and designing Olympic flags.
We've also included some art weeks as this week it is 'Children's Art Week'.
Only three weeks to go, keep up the amazing efforts with home schooling. You grown ups and boys and girls are really doing the most amazing job - give yourselves a 'hip, hip hurray' and move up your star charts!
Stay safe.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay
Monday 22nd July
Hi again our lovely England Dream Team,
Thank you for all of the lovely report comments that were sent via seesaw last week. It was lovely to read about some of your favourite memories from year 1.
This week as part of your home learning we will be travelling to Rio, in Brazil for some Geography and art activities and in science we've some fun 'eggsperiments' for you to try out.
Have fun and keep smiling.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay 
Monday 15th June
Hello everyone.
We hope that you're all ok and that the weather isn't dampening your mood too much. Hopefully the days will start to brighten again this week. Maybe you could ask your children to do a little sun dance! 
Please find below suggested plans for the week. As always thank you for your support and the lovely posts on 'seesaw'
Stay safe.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay
Monday 8th June
Hi everyone, please find below the suggested home learning activities for this week. Please remember these are just suggested activities, we appreciate and thank you for any support you are able to give your child. 
We have now finished our science topic on plants, so over the next few weeks we will be looking at different science tasks and will be getting hands on with some experiments!
Today is 'World Oceans Day', so we thought no better science activity than to look at the importance of our oceans and seas and to consider what we can do to protect them.
Please keep your 'seesaw' posts coming - remember these can be videos and photographs of not only home schooling but also the activities you are getting up to with your families. This is a really good way for us to be able to message the children back and to keep in touch with them so that they know we are thinking about them. 
As always, we really are missing them all. Please give them a hug from us.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay
Monday 1st June
Hi everyone,
Welcome to the second half of the summer term. We can't believe that we're in the final half term of year one already, especially in such strange circumstances..
We hope that you have had a nice half term holiday. The weather has been so beautiful, we hope that you have managed to enjoy the sunny days.
We hope that you enjoy this weeks plans which are attached below.
We look forward to seeing what you get up to on 'Seesaw'.
Keep smiling everyone, we miss you lots and lots!
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay 
Monday 18th May
Hi everyone. Hope you're continuing to stay safe.
It's been lovely to see so many posts of all of your fantastic home learning efforts. We appreciate it's tricky trying to juggle everything at home right now but we truly are blown away by how engaged the boys and girls are and by how supportive you grown ups are too. We thank you so much for your continued support. If you've got your own star charts at home then move yourselves right up and then give yourselves a 'Hip, Hip Hurrah!' (we're sure your children can demonstrate this)
Please see below this weeks home learning suggestions and remember it's the last week of this half term, so you can all have a very well earned week off next week.
We miss our 'England Dream Team' so much.
Stay safe.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay 
Monday 11th May
Thank you to all the families that entered our school VE day competition. Your houses looked beautiful in your red, white and blue bunting and your cakes simply looked delicious! We thought we'd share with you all of the amazing entries...  
Monday 11th May
Hi everyone, we hope that you're all well and are continuing to stay safe.
We hope you had a good bank holiday weekend and that you enjoyed any 'socially distanced' VE Day celebrations.
Thank you to all of the families that entered the VE Day competition and thank you to the grown ups for your support in doing this. We will be uploading photographs of all of the entries at 9am this morning as well as announcing the winner - so get your 'drum rolls' ready!!!
Please see below our suggested activities for this week and as always we look forward to seeing your photographs and videos on 'seesaw'.  
Keep smiling England class, you're doing an amazing job and we're so proud of all of you.
We miss you all so much.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay
NB: As of this week, we will be uploading the maths worksheets and answers for you, please see them attached as PDFs below.  
Monday 4th May
Here we are in May already and here we are at the beginning of another week home schooling. This week is now our 5th week learning from home and we continue to be blown away by both the incredible support from the grown ups and the incredible effort from the children.
You are all without a doubt, proving that you have that amazing quality of 'Emmaville stickability' and we really couldn't be prouder. So move yourselves up your star charts and give yourselves a HUGE pat on the backs.
Please see below the suggested activities for this week. 
We look forward to seeing the children's gorgeous smiles on the videos and photographs on 'seesaw', they really do brighten up our days, so thank you so much for sharing them.
Take care of each other and stay safe.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay 
Monday 27th April
Hi everyone, hope that you're all well and that you enjoyed last weeks 'learning at home' tasks.
Please see the PDF below for this weeks suggested activities.
Remember to click on the different links to access the related websites. If you don't have access to a printer for some of the activities e.g. the maths, you could still watch and discuss the video links with your child, then carry out the tasks on paper rather than the suggested worksheets.
Thank you as always for your continued support, it really is a delight seeing all of your efforts on 'Seesaw'.
Keep up the amazing work and a big 'Emmaville jolly well done to you all'!
Stay safe.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay 
Monday 20th April
Hi everyone,
We hope that you've all well and that you've had a lovely Easter holiday with your families. We're sure that the Easter bunny was able to visit with lots of yummy chocolate treats!
Welcome back to the start of our summer term. We're so pleased that the sun is continuing to shine and hope that you're managing to enjoy some very important outdoor time with your families. 
Whilst the schools remain closed, we will be updating our class page weekly with some ideas of activities that you can do for that week. Open up the pdf document below to view the activities, there are some links available too, that you can click on to help you further with the tasks.
We appreciate that home schooling can be tricky and are extremely grateful for all of your efforts.
Remember you can share what you have doing with us via 'Seesaw'. 
We're sad that we're not getting to see all of your gorgeous faces and happy smiles but we hope that you enjoy these activities.
Miss you all lots.
Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mackay 
Friday 3rd April
We're so impressed with all your hard work over these past two weeks. We're sure it's not easy doing it away from school - but it's very nearly the start of the Easter holidays, so please make sure you take time to relax and enjoy your family's company.  However, if you're stuck for something to do, there are some ideas in the pdf below that might help keep you entertained.
In addition, one of Emmaville’s favourite visitors, Adam Bushnell, is telling a story every day at 2:30 pm on his YouTube channel. You can even leave him a message if you want to -  Emmaville has already had some shout-outs. 
Have a very happy Easter!
Mrs Mackay and Mrs Priestley 
Tuesday 31st March
Hi England class,
We hope that you're all doing ok?
We're so proud of you for all of your updates on the new 'seesaw' app. It's lovely to see you completing your home learning activities and for us to see photographs of you and examples of your work.
Seeing your little faces brightens up our days. So PLEASE keep them coming. 
We thought we'd add a document with some reading apps and website ideas for you little bookworms to have a look at with your grown ups at home.
Mrs P and Mrs Mackay
Monday 23rd March
Hello to all of you lovely children. I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend, and the school day has started well today! I have posted a suggested timetable below of the kinds of things you could be doing and useful links, as well as the ideas which were sent home in your packs, but please don't feel you have to stick to this; a range of different activities is great. Do what works for you and your family. We will be posting regular updates here. Stay safe and keep smiling, can't wait to see you all soon. Mrs Mackay and Mrs Priestley x
Friday 20th March
In these gloomy times, we decided that today we would spread some joy and happiness. 
We're a little sad as we'll miss our school friends whilst school is closed, so we have painted rainbow pictures to put in our windows at our homes. We're asking our friends if possible, to go on a walk to get some fresh air and see how many rainbows they can spot... like a huge 'rainbow treasure hunt'. If you see one don't forget to give your friend a wave.
We also talked about the amazing work that the staff at the hospitals are doing for the sick. So we made some thank you cards which will be sent out to different hospitals in our area. 
Finally we've been thinking about the residents in care homes and we thought that they may be feeling sad and lonely now that they are no longer allowed visitors. We have tried to cheer them up by making happy cards. 
Some of us then walked along to deliver them to Lindisfarne Care Home and Addison Court.
Well done boys and girls we are so proud of you and know that you have managed to spread lots of happiness.
Thursday 12th March
This half term it is England classes turn to have coaching for gymnastics from Miss Troke, a gymnastics coach from Grassroots.
So far we have been learning how to do lots of different rolls, like pencil, forward, tuck and pike. 
This week after our warm up and stretches led by Noah and Lexie, we were shown how to do a dive roll.
With a partner, we were shown how to do this new roll over a friend!
Miss Troke then made these dive rolls even trickier as she challenged us to increase the length and height of our rolls. The length was increased as our friend moved further away from us, so we had to really stretch to roll over them. It was also made trickier by increasing the height of the roll as our partner moved into a plank and we had to stretch to roll over the top of them! We had so much fun and can't wait to see what Miss Troke has in store for us over the next 3 weeks. 
Thursday 5th March 2020
Today we had a great day celebrating 'World Book Day'. The children all looked amazing in their costumes, everyone made such a brilliant effort. Well done! We had princesses, animals, footballers, superheroes and more. We learned that the first world book day was in 1995 and it is a celebration of authors, illustrators but most importantly, us as readers. The children had the chance to draw an illustration themselves of their costume and write about why they chose to dress up as that character. Happy World Book Day :-). 
Thursday 27th February 
On Tuesday this week we enjoyed Godly plays when Reverent Janet and Sam Cree from Crawcrook Centenary Methodist Church visited us. Reverent Janet shared with us what Christians believe happened right back at the beginning, the 7 day creation story. Reverent Janet told us first, there was nothing but a big smile but then God created light and dark, land and sea, animals and humans, trees and flowers, day and night, birds and fish and of course, a day of rest too! We had the chance to talk about which we felt was the most important to us and the debates the children had were great. It is brilliant to see the children sharing what they feel and believe. We then had the chance to make some of our own creations using lego, clay and arts and crafts. We could also share some Bible stories with our friends.
Thank you to Reverent Janet and Sam Cree, we are looking forward to next time already. 

Friday 14th February

On Wednesday this week we took part in a multi-skills festival at Thorp Academy alongside other primary schools in our cluster. We had such fun working in small groups moving around the HUGE sports hall doing lots of different activities including throwing, catching, bouncing, kicking, hurdling, running and skipping. All of the activities were ran by ‘Young Sports Leaders’ at Thorp Academy and they supported us to listen and develop our skills. We were also lucky enough that the wet and snowy weather stopped for us to walk there and back! Thank you Thorp Academy for such a great morning. Also a BIG well done to the children who all joined in and tried their best, we are so proud of you.

Thursday 6th February 
This week in golden time we were really impressed with our teachers in the making. The children took it upon themselves to teach their friends using the 'Read, Write, Inc' phonics cards - they have obviously been watching us very closely! Our little teachers were amazing at reminding their pupils to look for 'Special friends, fred talk, word' and 'my turn/your turn'. It looks like we can put our feet up in future phonics lessons and hand it over to our apprentices.
Fabulous phonics England! 
Thursday 30th January
This week we have been finding out about Chinese New Year. In assembly with Miss Armstrong on Tuesday, we listened to the story of the Chinese Zodiac. In this, an Emperor tried to end an argument between 12 animals as to which of them the new year should be named after. He decided that they should have a race and the New Year would be named after the winner. The animals had to race across a river. At the end of the race the Emperor decided to reward all of the animals for finishing the race by giving each of them a year in the calendar in the order that they finished the race.
The finishing order from 1st to 12th was:
Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.
This year is the year of the Rat.
We found out about how people celebrate Chinese New Year with special meals, fire crackers, lion and dragon dances, music and dancing. 
In art club we used colourful clay to model one of the 12 animals from the story.
What an exciting week!
'Kung hei fat choy' 'Happy New Year'.
Wednesday 22nd January
In geography this afternoon England class thoroughly enjoyed learning about compass points. We looked at a real compass and talked about its uses for helping people with directions. We talked about the 4 main compass points North, South, East and West and then played a game where we pretended that our bodies were compasses and our arms the pointers. We had to listen carefully to a compass point being called out, then turning our bodies to face the right direction.
Using an atlas, we noticed that lots of the pages had pictures of a compass on them. We used a map of the UK to find cities that were in the North, South, East and West and then a world map, to find countries that were to the North, South, East or West of the UK.
The children discovered that China is to the East of the UK, Canada is to the West, South America is to the South and Greenland the North.
Finally to finish off, we used our understanding of compass directions and followed a set of instructions to follow directions around a classroom.
Children worked particularly well this afternoon and by the end of the session, we think that they were all compass experts - well done England class!
Thursday 16th January
This week in English as part of the 'Primary Writing Project' we have used a story map to retell the story 'Whatever Next'. We have practised using our very best story telling voices and thought, as a class about actions that would help us when retelling the story. We hope you enjoy our performance...

Thursday 9th January
Happy new year to all our children and their families. We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.
This week in England class, we have been thinking about our new years resolutions. We came up with some class resolutions and talked about why we think that they're important...

Our New Year Resolutions for 2020.

  • Be kind to everyone and prove it by being kind to everyone.
  • Listen to other people.
  • Look after each other and our classroom and all the things in it.
  • Help each other.
  • If someone gets hurt or is feeling sad give them a cuddle.
  • Stop using plastic because it breaks our world. Recycle your plastic so we can make something new with it.
  • Cross your legs on the carpet.
  • Help and look after all the animals in the world.
  • Stop littering the whole world because it hurts animals and plants. Keep the world clean and tidy.

By England

I'm sure you'll agree that their ideas are pretty amazing. Staff were particularly impressed with the children's awareness of environmental issues - we are so proud of our little eco warriors!

Thursday 19th December
England class are all partied out!
What a fabulous morning at our Christmas party. We danced, played games, ate party food and danced some more. We thought our grown ups would like to see some photographs...

Tuesday 17th December

We had quite a magical start to our day this morning...

We all got on the bus to go to Gibside for a reindeer trail. We had to look for reindeer sacks. We found 9 sacks they all had the names of Santa’s Reindeer on. We found Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Dancer and of course Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. We played Christmas Corners where we had sing Christmas songs. We sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells, Oh Christmas Tree and When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney. We smelt all the herbs that are used to make the Christmas stuffing. We found out about the boy and girl holly. The girl holly has lovely red berries and the boy has no berries. Then we went and toasted marshmallows. We put the marshmallows on a long stick so we didn’t get burned and put them in the fire. They were delicious. We were all given a chocolate and got on the bus to come back to school. We had a lovely Christmassy time.

Thursday 12th December
On Wednesday this week we used the Beebots in our computers lesson.
Beebots are programmable toys. We learned new words and their meanings and we tried to use these words when programming the Beebots.
Algorithm - a set of instructions to allow you to complete a task
Debug - checking to see if a computer program works and changing it if it doesn't
Sequence - putting the instructions in the right order
We used the buttons on the Beebot to give it a sequence of instructions to follow. The buttons were...
forwards, backwards, right turn, left turn, cancel, pause, go
We had so much fun moving the Beebot on the large toy shop mat.
Thursday 5th December
We have had such a fun morning at a Christmas bauble workshop. They look absolutely amazing and we know they'll look beautiful on your trees at home. The children in England class would like to tell you all about it...
This morning we decorated some Christmas baubles. (Millie)
We had to choose one colour and we used it to paint the background. (Drew)
We used white paint on a sponge to make a snowman (Eva Liegh)
If we wanted to change the snowman into a penguin we painted the outline of the snowman black. (Noah)
We then decorated the snowman with legs, and arms and a nose. (Florence)
I added a scarf and even a mustache. (Leo) 
We used white paint to add snowflakes to our baubles. (Lexi P)  
Tuesday 19th November
This week we have been finding out about 2d and 3d shapes. We looked at circles, squares, rectangle and triangles. These are all 2d shapes. We talked about how they could be the same but different.We looked at cylinders, spheres, cubes, cones and cuboids and talked about their different properties. We then became shape detectives and looked around our classroom and school to see which 2d and 3d shapes we could discover. We found lots of 2 and 3d shapes in our environment.
Friday 15th November
Over the last few weeks in our 'super science' lessons we have been finding out about our bodies. 
We have named and labelled body parts and found out that we have 5 senses. 
We smell with our noses. 
We touch with our hands.
We listen with our ears.
We see with our eyes.
We taste with our tongues.
This week we explored the sense of touch.
We used a 'feely box' and our sense of touch to feel and describe what some hidden objects felt like. We then guessed what the objects were.
There were shells, cotton wool, pine cones and cellophane.
Finally, in our science books, we drew around our hands and then stuck on 5 different types of materials onto each of our finges. They all felt very different, we talked about how each felt to our friends.
What super scientists this week England class. Well done!

Friday 8th November

As part of history this year we will be learning about the lives of significant individuals. This week we looked at the life of Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale is remembered for being a truly, inspirational nurse.

After dressing up our very own Florence as nurse, we learned that…

Florence Nightingale lived 200 years ago.

She was born in 1820 in Florence, Italy. She was named after the town where she was born.

Her family moved to Derbyshire, England after Florence was born.

As Florence grew up, she developed an interest in helping others.

She decided to train as a nurse.

In 1854, Florence traveled to Crimea, to help the wounded British soldiers who were fighting in the war.

Florence Nightingale taught people about the importance of nursing and of keeping hospitals clean and free of germs.

'Florence Nightingale gave the soldier's good food'. Willow

'She made the hospitals clean.' Georgia

'Florence Nightingale gave them clean water'. Eva Liegh

'She made sure the soldiers had enough beds.' Ethan

'Her other name was lady of the lamp'. Noah

'She carried a lamp around and chatted with the soldiers'. Evan

'She gave the soldier's clean bedding'. Riley

'She gave them clean bandages'. Ella

'She made a school for nurses.' Millie

After learning lots of facts about Florence Nightingale, we worked in groups to sort statements into ‘before’ and ‘after’ Florence Nightingales work. We decided that we would much rather have to visit hospital after Florence Nightingales changes!

Children really blew our socks off with how much they could remember and in English on Friday, they were able to write about facts that they could remember.

Superb work this week, England class.

Wednesday 30th October
We really enjoyed looking at all of the books at the book fair before the half term holidays. On Tuesday, we spent time looking at the new books that were bought at the fair. We shared the new books with our friends. We talked about which ones we enjoyed and what they were about.
Mrs Mackay read lots of stories to us and we were fantastic at listening.
We thought about why we enjoyed reading... 
Reading is important because you need to read the signs. Noah
Reading is great because books are interesting. Emily
Reading is nice because you can read to your friends. Willow
Reading is great because stories are good. Drew
Reading is fantastic because you learn new things. Caro
Reading is good because you need it to go to work and use the computer. Oliver R
Reading is good to learn our sounds. Holly
Friday 18th October
We have ended our first half term in year one with a very busy enrichment week.
During the week we have been finding out lots about our new class, England.
We listened to the story of St George and the dragon and we learned that St George is England's patron saint. We drew pictures of St George and wrote sentences. We then used modelling clay to make our own dragons and we described our dragons using lots of adjectives.
Throughout the week we learned SO many facts about England and we used this information to create our own England fact books.
'England is the biggest country in the UK. England's capital city is London'. Drew.
We coloured in and named the 4 different countries in the British Isles 
'Roses are the national flower for England.' Willow and Millie.
We used red card and our cutting skills to make a red rose.
'England's St George flag is red and white'. Ethan
We made our own flags and created some bunting for our classroom
'We listened to and joined in with the national anthem, 'God Save the Queen.' Sophie M
 'We ate yorkshire puddings, which were delicious.' Georgia
What a busy week England. Well done.
Friday 11th October
As part of our 'Memories, Memories Memories' topic, children in England class have been designing, making and evaluating memory bags. The children had so much fun and we were so impressed with how they carefully copied their designs when making their actual bags. They were all beautifully done and are so unique and creative.
This week children brought in some of their favourite memories to put in their bags. Children thoroughly enjoyed sharing these memories with their friends. They told us about favourite holidays, birthdays and events. We looked at photographs and pictures that they had drawn. It was lovely to see how confident they were when sharing these with others.
Wednesday 9th October
Hi everybody. In computing this afternoon we are finding out all about different ways to communicate using technology.
We have been looking at emails. We found out what they are and how we can send them. We had a conversation with Scotland class using Mrs Priestley's email account but we needed to know Mrs Lawrence's email address first. It was very exciting when we heard a 'ping' to inform us that we had received mail. We think that emails are a good way to communicate backwards and forwards with others. 
We have also been finding out about 'blogs'. We decided that this class page is like our very own blog. We like to update it weekly to inform readers what we have been up to in class but it is different to emailing as people can't write back to us. Super work England class.
Thursday 3rd October
This week in maths we have been looking at how we can partition numbers. We have used part-whole models to explore this. First of all, we used bean bags and hoops to look at all of the different ways that we could partition the number 8. We then worked with our partners, using counters to partition the numbers 4 and 5. 
Finally we recorded in our books, looking at the ways that we could partition the number 6 and then the number 7. We used full sentences to describe what we could see e.g. 6 is the whole, 4 is a part and 2 is a part, 7 is the  whole 6 is a part and 1 is a part etc.
Excellent work England Class.

Thursday 26th September

This week, as part of our 'memories, memories, memories' topic, we looked at a resource box from Beamish museum. This box was full of old toys.

It included: yo-yos, diabolos, whip and tops, cup and balls, Jacob’s ladder, a skipping rope, a teddy bear, a ceramic doll, a peg doll, a pack of snap cards, some quoits, small wooden spinning tops, pick up sticks, dominoes, zoetrope, a draught board, a flick book and a large metal spinning top.

We talked about who might have played with these toys and decided that it would be boys and girls from a long time ago. We wondered if their parents and teachers may have played with them too.     

Some of the children recognised some of these toys and told us:

Delilah has played with a cup and ball.

Oliver M has a spinning top at home.

Oliver J and Noah have some pick up sticks.

Georgia and Lexie P have zoetropes at home.

Willow had a Jacobs ladder when she was a baby.

Riley has played with a spinning top before.

Owen has used dominoes at his house.

Joseph and Oliver R have yo yos.

Leo and Eva Leigh have dolls.

Emily has a peg doll.

The children had some excellent questions about these toys as we discussed:

Why they made be made out of these materials?

Where the materials may have come from?

Who made the toys?

How old are the toys?

Why is the doll so delicate?

What an interesting lesson Edinburgh. Well done.

Friday 20th September
This week we have been thinking about our new topic 'Memories, Memories, Memories'. We have talked about what it means to have memories.
Emily was able to tell us that 'memories are things that we remember from a long time ago'.
We each thought about and shared a favourite memory with the class.
We then drew a picture and wrote about it in our topic books. 
Drew remember when it was the first time he walked with his stroller.
Willlow remembers going to the cinema.
Riley remembers spending time with his uncle Carl.
Deliah remembers going to the bike place.
Lily-ann K remembers falling over at school and hurting her knee.
Oliver R remembers going to the skate park.
Joseph remembers going to clip and climb.
Sophie B rembers going to the soft play when she was two.
Leo remembers going to spider man world.
Super work all of Edinburgh class!
Welcome to the Edinburgh Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday September 13th
Welcome to Edinburgh Dream Team, class of 2019 - 2020...
Wow what a busy first two weeks in Edinburgh class. We appreciate that it is a really big transition moving up to year one from reception class but we are super impressed with how well the children are coping. Children are learning lots of new routines and are settling in really well. 
We have been thinking about the importance of being kind and have listened to some stories -
'Have you filled a bucket today?' and 'How full is your bucket?'
We have been talking about how it feels when people are kind and unkind and what we can do to be kind to others.
We are learning how we can be 'bucket fillers' and not 'bucket dippers'.
In class we have made our own buckets and we are beginning to fill these will drips (pom poms) every time we are kind to others. 
HUGE well done Edinburgh - keep up the great work!