Emmaville Primary School

Extra-curricular Clubs

Steel Pan Club - Spring 2020
This term we have worked together to arrange parts for Happy Birthday and You Raise Me Up.
Most recently, we composed an original piece, inspired by a snowy day.  Bobby shared his made up section and said "It is called Ice Spear.  When you walk outside and the cold is like an icy spear going through your heart, melting all the happiness and joy in your soul."
We then worked together to add parts that might contrast and complement his part.
At the end of the session the children commented that
  • it is sometimes good to share ideas and this can improve a piece. 
  • writing parts down can help everyone remember what has been agreed.
  • it is easier to remember a part if you have written it.
  • it is interesting to find out the meaning behind a piece of music or what the composer was thinking of.  It can help you to understand it even more.

Fencing Club - Autumn 2019
The fencing team have been preparing long and hard for the inter-school competition which is held at Kingsmeadow school.
The children began learning their fencing skills 10 weeks ago and have been absolutely amazing. We always start with a fun warm up activity to get our bodies ready. As you can see from the photos we play a version of rock, paper, scissors which involves the children trying to get to each other's 'dens.' It can get very fierce and competitive but it is great for the fast thinking strategic thinking that fencing requires.
All the children involved with fencing this term have developed good thinking skills when it has come to trying to out think their opponent. The hall has echoed with shouts of 'en-guarde', parry, riposte, lunge and touche as the children have fought against each other.
All of the children have been amazing and they are so proud of all the skills that have learnt. At the end of the last fencing club week at school they wanted to show their 'grown - ups' what they had learnt. So we invited the adults in to see what they had learnt. They were very impressed!
Well done fencers!
Mrs Lawrence
Speed Stacks Club - Autumn 2019
We are learning how to Speed Stack. This is a sport of fitness, agility, concentration and quickness. It also helps to make cross brain connections as we use both hands. This year the club is for years 2, 5 and 6.
After the first couple of weeks, Bobby and Eleanor from year 6 asked if they could run the club! Why not, I thought! So they have been organising things for the last couple of weeks and they've been amazing! They have shown the younger children how to do each new stack and supported them if they've found it tricky. They've been very keen to do the timed relay and see if they could beat the previous week's time. Yup! They've beaten it again! It has been lovely to see how the younger children have enjoyed learning from the older ones, and the older ones have loved the responsibility. Bobby told me tonight "I actually feel like a teacher"!
Well done all of you!
Code Club - Autumn 2019
The first part of Code Club this term involved Year 4 children learning the basics of Scratch programming.  Scratch is a great way for beginners to learn how to use simple coding blocks to control backdrops ('stages') and characters ('sprites') to create moving scenes, games and exciting activities. 
We used the Code Club 'Shaun the Sheep: Mission to Space' special activities to learn how to make the character Lula move, get into a space craft and fly off, and to spin Shaun around.  This was all done with different elements of code, and the children learnt very quickly how to manipulate sounds, colours and movement.  
Steel Pan Club - Autumn 2019
The Steel Pan Club have spent a few weeks exploring the three types of Steel Pan that we have in school.  They have used musical exercises to help them to play together and to listen to each other.