Emmaville Primary School

Extra-curricular Clubs

Speed Stacks Club - Autumn 2019
We are learning how to Speed Stack. This is a sport of fitness, agility, concentration and quickness. It also helps to make cross brain connections as we use both hands. This year the club is for years 2, 5 and 6.
After the first couple of weeks, Bobby and Eleanor from year 6 asked if they could run the club! Why not, I thought! So they have been organising things for the last couple of weeks and they've been amazing! They have shown the younger children how to do each new stack and supported them if they've found it tricky. They've been very keen to do the timed relay and see if they could beat the previous week's time. Yup! They've beaten it again! It has been lovely to see how the younger children have enjoyed learning from the older ones, and the older ones have loved the responsibility. Bobby told me tonight "I actually feel like a teacher"!
Well done all of you!
Code Club - Autumn 2019
The first part of Code Club this term involved Year 4 children learning the basics of Scratch programming.  Scratch is a great way for beginners to learn how to use simple coding blocks to control backdrops ('stages') and characters ('sprites') to create moving scenes, games and exciting activities. 
We used the Code Club 'Shaun the Sheep: Mission to Space' special activities to learn how to make the character Lula move, get into a space craft and fly off, and to spin Shaun around.  This was all done with different elements of code, and the children learnt very quickly how to manipulate sounds, colours and movement.