Emmaville Primary School

Thornley Woodland Walk

13th February 2019

The children in Year 1 had an exciting day at the woods…
We got on the bus and went to Thornley Woods - Cara
First of all we looked for animal sculptures – Isabelle
We also looked for different types of leaves – Rowan
We used a treasure hunt sheet and got points for finding things like… bird boxes (Finlay), squirrels (Lacey), a feather (Orla), spider (Lydia).
We collected different leaves on sticks and made a leaf kebab – Holly
We went on an adventure and found a leaf den – Cameron
We ran up a big hill, as fast as we could. It was fun running back down – Ollie
We had lunch at Swalwell Junior football club – Ebba
Last of all we used a piece of paper and a chunky, crayon and did leaf and bark rubbings – Lydia
We got back on the bus at ‘The Land of Oak and Iron’ and we went back to school – Ruby
The children were absolute stars. They walked their little legs off, walking approximately 4 and a half miles throughout the day but they never complained once. We all had a great day. We would like to say a BIG thank you to ‘Swalwell Juniors football club’ who opened up their venue especially for us to ensure that we had a comfortable place to sit and eat, as well as to warm up and use the bathrooms!