Emmaville Primary School

Year 1 Multi-skills at Thorp Academy

12th February 2020

On Wednesday 12th February, all of our year one children took a very wintry walk to Thorp Academy for a multi-skills festival. It was our first visit to Thorp Academy for one of these sports cluster events, where we participate alongside other primary schools within our cluster.
We worked in small groups and moved around from one sporting activity to the next. The activities were organised and delivered by ‘Young Sports Leaders’ at Thorp Academy. Many of these leaders were past pupils at Emmaville; they were brilliant sports leaders when in our primary school and they were even more brilliant today as Thorp Academy’s new Year 7’s. Mrs Priestley was SO proud of them. Our year one children thoroughly enjoyed their morning, where they developed their skills, throwing, catching, bouncing, kicking, hurdling, running and skipping. What a busy morning, with lots of fun activities and a walk to and from Thorp Academy… we bet they slept well that night!