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Welcome to the Gateshead Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 17th July 2020
Another school year over and what a year it has been. I do not think anyone could have predicted the memories of this year!  It is sometimes hard to imagine that we had a ‘normal’ school life before lockdown where we had so much fun and achieved so many great things. I am so proud of all of the work you have produced during the last few months - you have blown me away with how well you have handled the whole situation. But now the summer holidays have arrived so it's time to relax, spend quality time with your family and have lots of summer fun! 
I am delighted that we get to spend a week together in September before you move onto your new year one class with Mrs Lawrence.
Stay safe, keep smiling and I look forward to welcoming you back to school soon.
Happy holidays Team Gateshead x
Week beginning 13th July 2020
As we approach our final week can we just say how proud we are of the children and all of the lovely work they have been producing over the last few months. It has been a very difficult situation for everyone and we feel you have all coped brilliantly. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful support you have given the children and the updates you have shared with us.
Our last week of the summer term is always full of fun and exciting activities to celebrate the end of our Reception year. With this in mind we thought the plan for this week could all be based around a celebratory Teddy Bears Picnic. We hope you enjoy the activities and have a lovely time celebrating how much your children have achieved this year.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Team Gateshead xx
Week Beginning 6th July
Hi Everybody,
It is always around the end of the Summer Term that we normally take Reception to Tynemouth for the day - it is a brilliant trip - we go to Tynemouth Aquarium to look at the Rockpool creatures in the morning and then spend the afternoon playing in the sea and on the beach...so as you can imagine, we are all very disappointed that we didn't get to do this trip with this years lovely lot. 
This week, therefore, has a seaside theme. We would love to see photos of any trips to the beach that you manage. 

Week beginning 29 June 2020

Hi Everyone!
Here is this week's suggested timetable of activities.

We have given all our children access to a free online library called Epic .https://www.getepic.com/students  It is an American site so there may be a few different spellings to be aware of. However, there are many books that you can read online and the site looks like it should be very useful. It is not linked to Oxford Owl levels or RWInc. levels but you might like to use it as a source of books to read to your child. There will be some books that your child can read too. Your class code has been posted on Tapestry.

This week we are using National Oak Academy site for Maths and one art/science activity. You might choose to use it for some writing tasks too.
There is an Art week focus, some PHSE information as well as ongoing music and story activities.
If you are still needing activities please look at BBC Bitesize.

We love seeing your photographs and updates on Tapestry and hope you have a lovely weekend and week.

Week beginning 22nd June 2020 
Hi Everyone!
Please find attached some home learning activities for next week. We're looking at all things space and aliens next week so we hope you have lots of fun! . Please remember these activities are just a guide for you so don't feel that you need to do everything on the list. We understand it is getting really difficult to work from home while home schooling. We still love receiving your Tapestry posts and updates and we're so proud of all of the hard work the children are doing.
If you have any questions or queries please feel free to send us a message on Tapestry.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and keep smiling!
Team Reception.
Week Beginning 15th June
Hi everybody,
Thank-you for all of your posts and photos this week; especially if you have sent us your fabulous writing and pictures for your report pages. If you haven't managed to do that this week, then you can still send it next week.
Next week is all about inventors and inventing new things - something that I am sure you will all be good at.
Please keep in touch, we love seeing your updates. 
Week beginning 8th June 2020
Hi everyone,
We hope you've all had a good week 'back'. 
Please find attached a suggested timetable for next week.
It would be lovely to see your photographs and updates on Tapestry next week. 
This week we have a special 'one-off' activity for your school reports that we would like everyone to do please, if possible.  
Take care, 
Team Gateshead.
Week beginning 1st June 2020
Hi everyone,
We hope you've all had a lovely half term break - the weather has been very kind to us so I'm sure you had lots of fun outdoors. Please find attached a suggested timetable for next week. It would be lovely to see your photographs and updates on Tapestry next week. Have a lovely weekend.
Stay safe everyone.
Team Gateshead xx
Friday 22nd May 2020
I can't believe another half term is over.  It has been a half term we would never have expected having but I am so proud of all the amazing work you have been sharing on Tapestry. It is so lovely to see all of the creative and fun activities that you are doing at home.  Please enjoy a restful half term break with your family and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  We all miss you very much but you're doing amazingly well! Take care and keep smiling!
Week Beginning 18th May 2020
Hi Everybody,
Here are activities for this week with a 'Witches and Wizards' theme!
Please do what you can and let us know how you get on by showing us on Tapestry.
Have a great week,
Love The Reception Team
Monday 11th May 2020
Wow Gateshead! So many amazing creations for our VE Day competition.  Here are some photographs of your fantastic entries...
Week beginning 11th May 2020
Hello Gateshead Class,
We hope everyone is OK. Thank you again for all of the lovely up-dates.

Here are some suggested activities for next week.
We are hoping that many children from Emmaville will take part in the Gateshead School Sports Partnership dance project as we normally take part in the Dance Festival.
Take care,
Reception Team.
Week beginning 4th May 2020
Hello Gateshead Class,
Well done for another great week - we've seen lots of busy work and exciting activities happening on Tapestry this week so thank you for all of the lovely updates.
Here is the timetable for Summer 1 Week 3 'Down in the Jungle'.  We hope you have fun with lots of jungle activities!
Have a lovely weekend and, as always, stay safe.
Pirate Week!
(Week Beginning 27th April)
Hello Gateshead,
Well done for keeping up the hard work whilst you are not at school.
We have sent you some Pirate jobs to do next week as well as a bit of phonics and some maths.
Don't worry if you can't get all the jobs done, just do what you can.
Keep safe and keep smiling. xxx
Week Ending Friday 17th April 2020
Hello Everyone,
We hope you have enjoyed the Easter 'break'.
Perhaps you managed to complete some of the Easter Challenges?
If you did, we would love to see some of your photographs and catch-up with your news on Tapestry.
Here is next week's suggested Time Table:- Summer 1 Week 1.
Please also check Tapestry for more detail regarding phonics for your child.
You might like to explore the resources mentioned on the the Home Learning section of our school Web-site too.
We hope you enjoy the weekend and that your child looks forward to starting a few 'School Jobs' again next week.
Many thanks and keep safe,
Early Years Team.
Week beginning 6th April 2020
Another week of home schooling over and we're absolutely blown away with all of the amazing work and fun activities you have been doing at home. The Tapestry posts have kept us smiling so please keep them coming!
We're so impressed with all of your hard work but now it's time for the Easter holidays, so please make sure you take time to relax and enjoy your family's company.  However, if you're stuck for something to do, here are some ideas that might keep you entertained.  
Have a good Easter holiday, keep in touch and stay safe!
Week beginning 30th March 2020
Good morning everyone, hope you are all well.  Please find attached a week two timetable to use for the week ahead (if needed).  
Please keep your Tapestry posts coming as we love seeing what you have all been busy doing.
Stay safe everyone and keep smiling.
Week beginning 23rd March 2020
Please find attached an example of a timetable with activities that you may want / need to follow.
Please get in touch via Tapestry if you have any questions or if you would like to post photos / videos - we would love to see them.
Week beginning 16th March 2020
This is not the sort of week we have ever envisaged facing but I just want to say what an absolute joy it has been to be surrounded by such happy, sociable, fun loving children at this difficult time. We have tried to keep the week as normal as possible for the children creating collage rainbows for our windows, talking about friendship, estimating in maths and rugby in PE being some of our favourite activities.
In regards to home learning, we have explained to the children that they will now be completing their school work with adults at home and we will keep in touch with them via Tapestry and the class page. You should have all received your home school pack now. We will also be providing ideas for further learning on Tapestry. I will ensure that the class page is updated on a weekly basis with a list of activities to complete for the week ahead. Please just message on Tapestry if you have any questions.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your very kind donations to the food bank - we were overwhelmed with the collection we had by the end of the day! 
We are going to miss working with the children so much but, at this time, health and safety is of paramount importance. Look after each other, take care and stay safe.
Week beginning 9th March 2020
This week we visited Clara Vale Nature Reserve for the second time this year. During our visit we thought about the seasonal changes which have taken place since our last visit. The children remembered that the leaves were falling from the trees last time and that we found lots of conker shells. This time we noticed that lots of flowers were starting to grow - particularly daffodils. The nature trail which we took part in allowed us to use our senses to explore the environment even further. We used our sense of sight, touch, hearing and smell to identify different points on our map of the area. The children also enjoyed a spot of bird watching in the bird hide - we found blue tits, a robin, jackdaws and a kingfisher. The following day we reflected on what we had learnt and what we enjoyed about our trip. The children then drew their favourite part of the day. They did such a good job that we will be displaying their brilliant work in the classroom for everyone to see. 
I was really proud of all of the children on our visit - they listened and participated so well throughout the day. Everyone commented on their great behaviour and attitude. Thank you to all of the grown ups who came to help us on our trip - we hope you enjoyed your day. 
Week beginning 2nd March 2020
As everyone knows we love books and stories at Emmaville and what better way to celebrate our love of reading by taking part in 'World Book Day'. The children (with the help of their grown ups) pulled out all of the stops and arrived at school dressed in their character costumes on Thursday. We enjoyed talking about who we were, which book we were from and which stories were our favourites. We had a great day taking part in a range of book related activities - well done to you all for making such a brilliant effort! 
Week beginning 24th February 2020
Welcome back everyone - we hope you all enjoyed your half term break. We had a very exciting start to our new half term with the arrival of snow. The children were so excited to get their wellies on and spend time exploring in the snow. We made hand and footprints, caught snowflakes in our mouth, made snowballs and investigated as the snow slowly started to melt. The weather created lots of amazing learning opportunities for the children to explore, predict, investigate and observe. It was lovely to see how the children used their previous learning of freezing and melting to extend their knowledge even further.
For the next three weeks we will be looking at the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. This week we have learnt the story, created a class story map, identified the beginning, middle and end of the story, played a little pigs board game, wrote some little pig speech bubbles and used puppets and masks to act out the story. Next week we will be looking at how we can innovate this story by making some changes to our class story map. 
Week beginning 10th February 2020
This week we took part in ‘Internet Safety Day’. We talked about the different types of technology which we use both at home and at school. We then listened to the story of Digi-Duck and how he keeps safe when using technology. As a group, we thought about how we need to keep ourselves safe when using our iPads, tablets, computers and games consoles. The children understood the importance of not talking to strangers online, not giving away personal information online and what to do if anything they were unsure of popped up on their screen. I was really impressed with the mature and sensible discussions which we had on this very important topic.
Have a lovely half term everyone - we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 24th February.
Week beginning 3rd February 2020
This half term the children in Reception have been lucky enough to take part in some music workshops. Mrs Matheson, from Gateshead Music Service, has been working with us every Friday morning. The children have learnt lots of new songs and dances, performed using a range of musical instruments and explored pitch, tempo, rhythm and beat. We have all thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and will continue to build upon our new musical knowledge in the classroom.
Week beginning 27th January 2020
On Monday a treasure chest arrived at school for us - inside we found lots of pirate accessories (a map, a parrot, an eye patch, some jewels and a bandana) as well as our new story. We have been learning the story 'Pirate Tom' all week - we created a story map and thought about some actions to help us remember the story. Lots of exciting pirate activities filled the classroom all week. We have enjoyed making pirate boats and hats, testing objects to see if they float or sink, pirate themed maths jobs, labelling pirates, writing messages in bottles and digging for treasure in the sand. What a super week it has been - we can't wait for lots more pirate fun next week! Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Week beginning 20th January 2020
This half term during our PE sessions, we have been working hard to perfect our throwing and catching skills. We started off the term by working on our under arm throw - we looked at what makes a good throw and how we can throw accurately. First we threw a bean bag into a target, then we practised throwing and catching a bean bag while standing on a spot. This then progressed to throwing and catching while walking around the hall and, finally, to a partner. This week the children used all of the skills they have built up and their knowledge of what makes a good throw and catch to demonstrate this with a partner, using a soft ball. I was so proud of how well the children managed this tricky skill - some very accurate, careful throwing and catching. Well done Gateshead - I'm extremely proud of you all!
Week beginning 13th January 2020
This week we welcomed a new teacher student into Gateshead class. Mr Matthews will be working with us until 23rd March. The children have made him feel very welcome and we hope he enjoys his time with us.
In maths this week, we have built upon all of our previous work on the number five and how it can be represented in many different ways (as a numeral, as words, by using blocks and Numicon, claps, stamps etc.). We used all of this knowledge to look at what the number five can be made up of (3 and 2, 5 and 0, 4 and 1 etc.). We used concrete objects and a part/part/whole model to explore this further. This really helped the children to understand their number bonds to five - we then extended our knowledge further by representing our findings as a number sentence. I was blown away with how quickly the children could recall their number bonds to five - fantastic work everyone! You all deserve a big 'high five'! 
Week beginning 6th January 2020
Happy New Year and welcome back!  It sounds like everyone has had a wonderful Christmas - the children have enjoyed sharing lots of news about their holidays.
It has been a very busy week in Reception - we were lucky enough to have visits from the Road Safety team, who showed us how to cross the road safely, and Mrs Matheson from the Gateshead Music Service, who will be completing six music workshops with us.  The children thoroughly enjoyed both sessions and I know they can't wait for their next music workshop.
In our maths sessions, we have been working on our number bonds to five.  We used the book 'Maisy goes Camping' to help us understand that five can be made of different numbers in a range of different ways.  I was really impressed with the children's knowledge and quick recall of their number bonds by the end of the week.
Have a lovely weekend everyone - you have all worked super hard this week!
Week beginning 16th December 2019
Wow! What an amazing end to our first term in reception.  The children performed brilliantly for their very first Nativity play.  They were an absolute credit to Emmaville with their wonderful singing, amazing costumes and brilliant dancing throughout both our dress rehearsal and the main performance.  All of the staff were extremely proud of how brave and enthusiastic the children were and I'm sure you were all very proud of your children too.  Well done everyone! 
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, catching up on some precious family time. See you all in 2020!
Week beginning 9th December 2019
What a wonderful festive week we have had. We have enjoyed lots of activities linked to our new story, 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. We have also enjoyed lots of other Christmas activities - our Christmas party and Christmas lunch being two of our favourites. Our highlight of the week was our visit to the theatre on Friday. We visited the Northern Stage to watch the production of 'Wolf'. It was a fabulous show and the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed it. I was incredibly proud of all of the children on our trip - they were absolute superstars and a credit to Emmaville. Well done everyone - I can't wait for another exciting week to end our fabulous first term.
Week beginning 2nd December 2019
Another busy and fun filled week in Gateshead class. We have extended our shape knowledge by introducing the children to 3D shapes - we have learnt the names of these shapes and discussed the properties of the shapes. We have also sorted lots of different shapes into 2D or 3D categories. The children have worked very hard on this and really impressed me with their knowledge.
We had a very exciting end to our week when, on Friday, some of our grown ups came to join us for a festive stay and play session. We all enjoyed getting glittery and creating some amazing cards and decorations. Thank to all of those who were able to join us - we hope you enjoyed your morning.
Next week our festivities will continue, as we introduce the children to a new festive story and lots more Christmas activities.
Well done Gateshead for another brilliant week!
Week beginning 25th November 2019
This week we have enjoyed learning all about 2D shapes. We have learnt the names of some 2D shapes and talked about their properties. We know that 2D shapes are flat shapes and we went on a shape hunt around school to find different shapes in our environment - we found so many shapes and made a tally on our spotter's sheet. We have also enjoyed making play dough shapes, using shapes to make our own painted pictures and dinosaur pictures, fed shapes to different shape monsters and made shapes using elastic bands. Brilliant work this week everyone - keep up the hard work!
Week beginning 18th November 2019
Wow! What an egg-citing week we have had.  On Monday we received a special delivery - it was a huge egg with a letter from Daisy the dinosaur. The letter explained that our next story was all about 'The Little Green Dinosaur'.  We have spent this week learning the story, making a story map and learning some key vocabulary and actions. We have also enjoyed lots of dinosaur themed activities, such as, dinosaur play dough, freeing the dinosaurs from the ice,  labelling dinosaurs and making dinosaur pictures. On Friday we noticed that our egg was cracked but there was no dinosaur to be seen - we think that Daisy may have gone looking for her mummy, just like the little green dinosaur from our story. We hope to hear from Daisy again soon. Another super week Gateshead - keep up the great work!
Week beginning 11th November 2019
This week in our PE session we built upon the fundamental movement skills which we have been working on over the past few weeks. We continued with our 'Jungle Journey' and used our balancing, sliding, throwing and catching skills to work with a partner. We moved like lots of different animals to perfect our techniques and had lots of fun in the process. Some of our moves were quite tricky this week - especially the hippo and crocodile moves - but the children didn't give up. They all showed a great growth mindset in order to successfully move like these animals. Well done Gateshead - another fantastic week!
Week beginning 4th November 2019
Another fabulous week in Gateshead Class. We have enjoyed lots of firework themed activities throughout the week - we even moved like different fireworks in PE and enjoyed describing how we were travelling (zooming, shooting, whizzing). This week I really want to celebrate our love of reading in Reception. The children have fully embraced our first Talk for Writing story (Charlie's Walk) by telling the story with enthusiasm using actions and a story map. This has then inspired the children to create their own story maps and tell their own stories using their favourite picture books. We love reading a range of story books to the children and have decided to give them some ownership of the stories we read by introducing a daily story vote to the children. This involves reading the blurb from two stories at the beginning of each day - the children then have the rest of the day to decide which story they would like us to read. Each child places a cube on their chosen book and at the end of the day we count the cubes and read the story which has the most votes. As you can see from our photographs this week we are developing into a class full of readers.
Week beginning 28th October 2019
Welcome back everyone - it sounds like you all had a wonderful half term. The children have worked incredibly hard this week as we have been very busy with activities linked to our new story (Charlie's Walk) and, of course, lots of Halloween activities. I have been especially proud of our brilliant maths work this week. Last half term we did lots of work on counting quantities accurately and this week we used all of this knowledge to work on comparing different amounts. We introduced the children to the mathematical vocabulary of 'more' and 'fewer', we then used this vocabulary to talk about and compare quantities. We used lots of concrete resources to help us (cubes, pirate coins, sweets and counters) and we worked really hard to talk about our comparisons using full sentences, for example, 2 is fewer than 5, 4 is more than 1. If we were unsure of the quantity we had we used five frames to help us count our objects accurately. The children have been so enthusiastic about their maths work this week so a big 'well done' to all of you - what a fabulous start to our half term!
Week beginning 14th October 2019
What a fabulous start we had to our enrichment week. The author Adam Bushnell came in to tell us a story about his pet dragon - the children were absolutely mesmerised with his fantastic storytelling. They were super listeners and loved taking part in his interactive story. For the rest of the week we enjoyed learning all about our class names, Gateshead and Newcastle. We talked about famous landmarks and songs from our area. We even had our own North Run/Blaydon Race on the large school yard. The children are now North East experts! 
The children have made a brilliant start to their Reception year and we can't wait to continue with their journey. Happy holidays - have a great half term break!
Week beginning 7th October 2019
Another week over and what a fun packed week it has been. We have enjoyed lots of 'Peter Rabbit' activities linked to our story of the week. In our maths sessions we have focused on sorting objects, people and pictures according to different categories - some of which was quite tricky but the children didn't give up and showed a great growth mindset in persevering with this task. We have also looked at the season of Autumn - talking about how our environment is changing and investigating lots of autumnal objects. To help us with this task we went to Clara Vale for our very first school trip - we found lots of signs of Autumn and got the chance to make our own apple juice! The children were full of enthusiasm on our trip and we all had a wonderful time - thank you so much to all of the grown ups who came to help us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!
Week beginning 30th September 2019
What a wonderful owl filled week we have had. We have looked at the story 'Owl Babies' and acted it out using puppets, fancy dress costumes and story spoons. We have enjoyed lots of owl related activities - making owl collage pictures, sorting nocturnal and diurnal animals, owl poetry, short burst writing about what the owl babies heard and making owl models with kitchen roll tubes. I was particularly impressed with how amazing the children were at learning the words to our song of the week 'a wise old owl'. 
A fabulous week Gateshead - keep up the hard work!
Week beginning 23rd September 2019
Another week over already and it's true what they say, time really does fly when you're having fun!
This week we have been looking at the story 'Shark in the Park' by Nick Sharratt. We have enjoyed lots of shark activities including shark art, acting out the story using small world and story spoons, making telescopes and going on a shark hunt, playing rhyming games and finding lots of shark facts. We also produced our first piece of short burst writing - it was amazing, we have lots of shark experts in Gateshead class!
In maths we worked on counting accurately using one to one correspondence and in PE we practised our balancing skills. 
Another great week everyone - keep up the great work!
Week beginning 16th September 2019
Wow! What a busy week we have had. We have introduced the children to lots of new activities this week and they have taken it all in their stride.  We have worked on our number recognition skills in maths, taken part in our first PE session where we worked on moving in a space in different ways and we were also introduced to 'Jigsaw Jenie' in our PSHE session - in this session we discussed how we use kind words and have kind hands and then we created our own class charter of golden rules to remember. On Friday we decorated our own delicious dot biscuits for snack, investigated floating and sinking and made our own badger and squirrel leaves for our display.
A brilliant week Gateshead class and a big 'well done' to all of you!
Week beginning 9th September 2019
Our first week of full days was a huge success - the children have been superstars all week and have settled into our routines brilliantly!  This week we have had lots of fun in our first phonics lessons. We learnt the sounds m, a, s, d and t and were also introduced to 'Fred Frog' who helps us with our sounds. We have also celebrated 'International Dot Day' by listening to the story of 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds and also learning 'The Dot Song'. The children then created some brilliant dot art work using a range of techniques including collage, painting, printing and using pastels.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Week beginning 2nd September 2019
Welcome to all of our new children and families.  We have had a great first week settling into our new classroom and surroundings.  The children have fully immersed themselves in all of our activities and have taken everything in their stride.  It has been lovely to see so many smiling faces arrive at school each morning - I'm sure we're going to have a fantastic year together.  Well done to you all on a brilliant start to your time at Emmaville!