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Welcome to the Gateshead Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week beginning 4th April 2022
What a fun filled week we have had for our final week of the term. We have enjoyed looking at the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’, using positional language in maths during our Easter egg hunt, had a lovely trip to Crawcrook library and, of course, joined in with lots of Easter fun. 
This week we had so many class winners for various activities. Our Easter bonnet winner was Heidi, our decorated egg winners were Charlie (1st), Findlay (2nd) and Alfie (3rd) and our oracy poetry performance winner was George who innovated his own poem about giraffes based on ‘5 little ducks’. 
All of the children have worked tremendously hard this term. Both myself and Miss Holmes feel very lucky to work with such enthusiastic and delightful children.
We hope you all have a fabulous Easter break and look forward to welcoming you back
after the holidays for our exciting summer term. 
Mrs Johnson & Miss Holmes xx
Week beginning 28th March 2022
This week we have thoroughly enjoyed our diversity enrichment week. We started off by looking at the book ‘Who are you?’ We discussed how everyone is different and no two people are exactly the same. Then we enjoyed lots of activities looking at diversity in different ways. We played corners looking at how we all like different things, made jigsaw pieces of ourselves, decorated handprints for our diversity tree, explored the festival of Nowruz, enjoyed some local food tasting (stotties and pease pudding), learnt some Irish dancing, talked about our favourite animals for our Oracy challenge, performed a class song ‘let love shine’ and had a go at singing some French songs. It has been a super week with lots of lovely thoughtful discussion and a great opportunity to incorporate equality and diversity. Well done on a superb week Gateshead - you really are superstars!
Week beginning 21st March 2022
This half term our second PE unit is yoga.  We are using a virtual class called 'Yoga Bugs'. These sessions incorporate yoga moves and mindfulness through a combination of storytelling and action songs.  This week our story was linked to our English unit 'The Three Little Pigs'.  The children used their best listening ears to perfect some amazing yoga poses! 
Week beginning 14th March 2022
Wow - another busy week in Reception with so much learning and, of course, plenty of fun and laughter in the process.  One of our topics in PE for this half term is games and this week we have been focussing on developing our throwing and catching skills. During our session the children were amazing at listening to feedback and acting upon this in order to improve their skills. They remembered to aim for chest height when throwing to a partner, use an underarm throw (not too high!) and have their hands out ready to catch! It was lovely to see the determination and perseverance from the children - they definitely used their growth mindset for this session - well done for not giving up!
Week beginning 7th March 2022
This week I would really like to celebrate our wonderful maths work.  We have been comparing numbers within 10 - focusing on counting a set accurately, recognising where that number would sit on a number line/track and comparing it to another set - is it more / fewer or the same? We all worked really hard both with our partners and independently.  The children are now becoming confident in explaining their mathematical findings using a STEM sentence.  Marvellous maths this week everyone!
Week beginning 28th February 2022
As part of our 'World Book Day' celebrations we were lucky enough to have an interactive story workshop from the Bigfoot Theatre Company. We all thoroughly enjoyed the Story Tree story with Tara Tickle. We particularly loved joining in with the songs and actions. What a wonderful end to World Book Day week!
Week beginning 14th February 2022
Wow - another half term over already!  The children have worked so hard since Christmas and have demonstrated a real positive attitude towards their learning.  This week I would really like to celebrate our oracy work. Oracy skills are something that the children will continue to learn and develop throughout their time at Emmaville. First, we listened to the story ‘Freddie and the Fairy’ and looked at the golden rules Freddie needed to follow (speak clearly, give eye contact to the person you’re talking to and don’t cover your mouth when speaking). We then looked at some posters showing the four strands to oracy and the characteristics to remember when speaking and listening. We then put our oracy skills into practice by going around the circle to say what our favourite food was and why. The children were encouraged to use the word ‘because’ to add more detail to their sentence. I was really impressed with the children throughout the whole session! After half term we will be completing regular oracy sessions to further improve our skills.
Well done for a wonderful half term Team Gateshead - have a lovely break and we'll see you back at school on 28th February.
Week beginning 7th February 2022
This week was 'Children's Mental Health Week' and on Friday the children enjoyed a carousel of activities to learn more about mental health. The activities included making worry dolls, The Jar of Happiness and yoga. We also talked about our own support bubbles; all the people that help us. The children made their own support bubble hot air balloons to take home.  The day was also an opportunity for us to express ourselves in our own choice of non-uniform - we wore either our favourite colour, our favourite outfit or an outfit that reflected us.  All money raised from our non-uniform day went to Place2be - a very worthwhile charity. 
Thank you for all of your support for our Mental Health Day celebration.
Week beginning 31st January 2022
What a busy week we have had in Reception this week - so much wonderful work happening across all areas of the curriculum.  On Friday afternoon we finished off our week with a fabulous rotation of Chinese New Year themed activities. We read The Great Race story to learn all about how the zodiac years were named after animals. We then had our own animal races outside.  We had a try at tasting lots of different Chinese food (noodles definitely got the winning vote!)  We also looked at Chinese New Year traditions from all over the world. Finally, we made our own Chinese dragon using boxes, paint and collage materials.  
Have a lovely weekend everyone - and a big 'well done' for another superb week!
Week beginning 24th January 2022
This week we have completed lots of work inspired by the Big Garden Birdwatch. The children took part in lots of different activities: we watched a PowerPoint about garden birds and how to help them in the winter, we listened to a story about birds, did some bird colouring and bird making in the art area, we went out for a bird spotting walk and made our own bird feeders. We talked about where to put our bird feeders and what sort of birds we might see in our gardens.
If you would like to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend you can follow this link:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Week beginning 17th January 2022
What a wonderful end to a super week in Reception.  Yesterday we had a fantastic visit from the author and storyteller, Adam Bushnell.  Adam often visits Emmaville to work with us and his funny, interactive sessions are always a big hit with the children.  We enjoyed listening to Adam's stories about a big, bad wolf and a knight with his dragon - he had lots of props to show us and we joined in with lots of story actions.  We also had two art pieces to complete - making a monster mask with paper plates and drawing our own dragons.  The children had such an amazing day - Adam was very complimentary about the children with their super participation and listening skills.  Well done Gateshead class - you were a real credit to Emmaville!
Week beginning 10th January 2022
Wow - another busy week packed with fun and learning! This week I would really like to celebrate our wonderful maths work.  We have looked at capacity and used water, rice, sand and collections of small objects to explore the concepts of 'full, empty, half full, nearly full and nearly empty'. We also ordered containers from empty to full and made playdough using a recipe of full and half full cups.  The children have worked really hard throughout the week and have blown my socks off with their super work on capacity - well done Gateshead!
Week beginning 3rd January 2022
A big welcome back and Happy New Year to our lovely Gateshead class. It sounds like everyone had a super Christmas holiday. The children have settled back into the school routine very well and have worked really hard all week. On Tuesday we welcomed a student teacher into our class. Miss Teasdale is from Northumbria University and will be spending the next three weeks working with us in Gateshead class.
This half term in our indoor PE sessions we will be introducing the children to gymnastics. This week we practised some gymnastic positions including a pike and a straddle. We thought about how a gymnast positions their body and we worked hard to perfect this pose by making sure we pointed our fingers and toes. I was really impressed with our super listening and beautiful poses - we have some very talented gymnasts already!
Week beginning 13th December 2021
What a wonderful end to our first term. This week we have enjoyed lots of Christmas fun with our Christmas lunch, Christmas jumper day, Christmas party and, to finish off, our marble jar pyjama day treat this afternoon.
It has been an absolute delight to work with such lovely children this term. You have all worked so hard and really deserve your break. We hope you all have the most amazing Christmas with your families - see you all in 2022!
Love Mrs Johnson & Miss Holmes xx

Week beginning 6th December 2021
What a fabulous week we have had for our STEM enrichment week.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and this week we had a daily STEM challenge linked to some of our favourite traditional tales.  Each challenge needed collaboration, communication, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity skills which the children demonstrated in abundance!  It was a wonderful week where the children used their growth mindset and higher level thinking skills to complete each challenge.  Well done Gateshead - you STEM superstars!
Please enjoy looking at some of our photographs from a superb week...  
Week beginning 29th November 2021
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We have had a very festive filled start to December in Reception class.  We have continued with our non-fiction unit (lists) by writing our own Santa lists, had a lovely visit to Crawcrook library for some Christmas stories and started lots of Christmas crafts in our Santa's Workshop. The children have been working particularly hard during our music sessions - practising their singing and learning lots of new Christmas songs.
Great work everyone - we can't wait to continue with more festive fun over the coming weeks. 
Week beginning 22nd November 2021
We have had a very busy week in Reception this week.  We have started our non-fiction unit in our Talk for Writing sessions and we have been working on 'one less' in maths. We have also concluded our ‘Jungle Journey’ adventure in PE. Over the past two months the children have worked super hard in these sessions to develop many movement skills, such as, balancing, throwing, catching, jumping, slithering, walking, running and hopping. Well done for a fantastic first PE unit Gateshead!
Week beginning 15th November 2021
This week we have produced our own innovated story maps using our toolkit and magpie lists.  The children thought of their own character to go on a journey to find his/her mum.  We worked really hard to remember to use time connectives and adjectives when retelling our stories. Here are a few examples of our super maps - as you can see we even used our phonics knowledge to have a go at writing initial sounds or words to label our maps.  Amazing work Gateshead class - I am very proud of you!
Week beginning 8th November 2021
Another fabulous week with our Talk for Writing work.  This week we began to innovate our dinosaur story. This involves adapting the original class story map with our own ideas. We decided to change the story characters and made a magpie list of ideas before voting for our favourites. As you can see from the photograph our story was innovated to become ‘The Little Rainbow Unicorn’. Next week the children will draw out their own innovated story maps using all of the steps we have modelled this week. I can’t wait to share some of them with you next week.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Week beginning 1st November 2021
Welcome back everyone - it sounds like everyone had a wonderful half term with lots of spooky Halloween fun!
This week we have started our new Talk for Writing unit with our new story 'The Little Green Dinosaur'.  We have spent the week getting to know our text through lots of retelling using our story map and actions.  The children have enjoyed many dinosaur related activites around the classroom and we have learnt lots of information and facts about dinosaurs.  Next week we will begin to innovate our story - changing the story characters to create our own version.  
It has been a superb start to the half term - I am really proud of all of your hard work this week Gateshead.
Week beginning 18th October 2021
For this half term our PSHE theme has been ‘Being Me in My World’. In this weeks session we were thinking about how the words we use can hurt people on the inside. We took part in an experiment where we passed two apples around our circle. For the first apple we said lovely comments like "you're so shiny","you look beautiful" and for the second apple we said comments like "I don't like you" and "you're not my best friend". We then cut the apples open and noticed that, although they both looked the same on the outside, the apple we were kind to looked fresh and healthy whereas the one we were unkind to was all bashed and bruised. We discussed how this is the same with the words we use - although people can look fine on the outside our unkind words can really hurt them inside. We then tried saying sorry to the bruised apple but noticed that it still didn't take the bruising away. The children showed lots of empathy towards the apple and lots of thoughtful discussion was generated. This truly reflects the lovely first half term we have spent together. The children have already formed some wonderful friendships and have really embraced their first few weeks. I hope you all have a lovely half term and enjoy a well earned rest before our festive fun begins. 
Week beginning 11th October 2021
I can’t believe our first half term is almost over - it’s true what they say, time really does fly when you’re having fun! This week I would really like to celebrate all of the amazing phonics work the children have been working on for the past six weeks. I always feel so privileged to begin the children’s reading journey with them - it is a joy to see them learning to read words and developing their phonics knowledge. Since September we have learnt our set 1 sounds and recently we have started to use these sounds to make and read words on our magnetic boards. I’m so proud of how hard the children have been working in their phonics sessions - I know Fred the Frog is very impressed too! Well done Gateshead class - keep up the amazing work.
Week beginning 4th October 2021
This week the whole school have been celebrating National Poetry Week.  Each class was given a poem to learn and perform - Reception class had the poem 'A Basket of Apples'.  The children have worked hard throughout the week on learning the words and actions, performing using a clear voice and facing the audience. I am so proud of our finished performance - the children showed great confidence and oracy skills to produce a wonderful recital!  Well done Gateshead Class! 
Week beginning 27th September 2021
It has been another wonderful week in Gateshead class. The children have continued to shine with their super work ethic and enthusiasm for learning. This week we introduced maths to the children and our main focus involved looking at ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. We used a range of manipulatives (cubes, counters, plates and five frames) to help us understand this concept. The children showed a good knowledge of identifying more or fewer from two different groups and articulated their findings in a sentence, for example, “This group has more because 6 is more than 2”. By the end of the week the children were able to demonstrate what they had learnt through pictorial representations! Fantastic work this week Gateshead class - keep being the superstars you are! 
Week beginning 20th September 2021
Another fantastic week in Gateshead class! This week we have introduced phonics, PE and PSHE to the children. They have shown a real positive attitude towards their learning which is a delight to see.  This week I would really like to congratulate the children on their super PE work. We took part in two sessions both indoors and outdoors and the children were amazing at using their best listening ears to listen to and follow instructions. Our main focus for this term in PE is developing our fundamental movement skills and we have made a wonderful start. A big ‘well done’ to all of our Gateshead superstars! 
Week beginning 13th September 2021
A big welcome to all of our new children and their families. We have had a fabulous first week in our new Gateshead class. The children have loved exploring their new environment and have enjoyed building relationships with both staff and their peers. Every one of them has amazed us with how well they have settled into the new class routines and blown us away with their enthusiasm towards everything we have introduced. We are so excited for our year ahead - we are going to have so much fun! Well done to you all for a fantastic week!