Emmaville Primary School

Glasgow Yr 1

Welcome to the Glasgow Year 1 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 19th July
We have had an amazing year in Glasgow, learning so many new things. It is had to believe that it is already time for the children to move onto Year Two. Good Luck to all the children in their new class!
Happy Summer everyone!
Wednesday 10th July
We have had a lovely afternoon in Glasgow today. As part of our Fun At The Farm topic we have looked at different ways that we could create farm animal pictures using different art materials. We talked about all the different things we could use to make our images. We have used a wide variety of things. Clay, paper, cotton wool, card, tissue paper, pencils and feathers were just some of the things the children could choose to use. As you can see from the photographs we made some fantastic farm animal creations! I was particularly impressed with the concentration the children had to add so much detail to their work. Well done Glasgow - you are all budding artists!
Friday 5th July
Another busy week in Glasgow! We learnt about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores in Science and learned how to play Samba grooves in our Music lesson. One of our favourite things this week was our school sports day on Wednesday. It was a fantastic afternoon filled with so many different sports. The children were all fantastic at using their 'Growth Mindset' to tackle the races. I was especially proud of the way that they cheered on their friends in every event. 
All the children were amazing at trying their best to score points for their school house teams. It was a very close competition but the final results were: 1st - Sage, 2nd - Baltic, 3rd - Angel and 4th were team Tyne.
Well done team Glasgow you were all super sports stars!

Friday 28th June

Sometimes in our class we have circle time called Sunshine Circles. It is an opportunity for us to share some food, talk and play with our friends. We like to use this time to share thoughts and ideas with friends but most of all it is a time to have some fun! We do pizza massages and hand massages and play games with bubbles and balloons. 

Our favourite games involve the bubbles. We are using some mindfulness techniques to help us calm down when we feel frustrated. Sometimes we pop the bubbles with different parts of our bodies - noses, hands and feet. In the film clip you can see us popping the bubbles with our feet. It was lots of fun - but the classroom was a little bit smelly!


We sometimes have balloons and try to keep them up in the air. Charlotte.


Sunshine Circles is a fun thing to do with your friends. Orla


I like it when the bubbles pop on my nose. Holly


We do hand massages. Sam


I like Sunshine Circles. Lenny

Thursday 20th June
Yesterday we went to Whitehouse Farm. The children helped Mrs Lawrence to write our blog about the visit.
We fed the sheep. It felt ticklish and sticky. We went to see the piglets. The piglets were feeding from their Mummy. We had loads of fun with the piglets. After that we saw the Emus. They were running about and jumping about and the boy made a drumming noise with his throat. The emus were really fast! Next we saw the wallabies. They are herbivores and only eat grass. The tractor ride was really fun. We went around the farm. After dinner we went to see a baby owl called Max. Then we saw a lizard. He was scaly and warm. We held bunny rabbits. They were really soft and fluffy. We held guinea pigs and they were soft and cute. We held the rats. They were cheeky and tickly. We had so much fun at the farm.
Here are some quotes about our day.
The goat bit my coat! Scarlett
The tractor ride was bumpy. Lenny
A goat tried to eat my hair! Orla
I saw some yellow birds. Lydia S
I felt a skinny pig and it was really skinny. It had no hair but a bit on it's nose! Maddox
The baby emu jumped off my knees. Oscar
The goats had long beards. Rowan
Friday 14th June
Today, we were looking at healthy eating and how to prepare a healthy snack safely and hygienically. We started the lesson with a letter from a character called Bobby, who needed some advice on how to prepare a healthy snack for the Queen! We talked about why we needed to eat fruit and vegetables, and why it is important that we get our 5 a day.
First, we planned how our kebabs would look, and then spent time preparing the fruits. We had melon, apple, grapes, pineapple, banana and tangerines! Once the fruit was all ready we made our kebabs, they all looked really yummy!
At the end of the lesson, we sent a letter back to Bobby, giving him advice on how he can prepare a healthy snack safely and hygienically.
This was our reply:

Hi Bobby,


Today we made fruit kebabs! We think they might make a good snack for the Queens party.


First, it was really important that we washed our hands before we touched the fruit. This is because our hands carry germs, so when you make your fruit kebabs remember to do this as germs can make us sick. After you have washed your hands, don’t touch your mouth because that will put germs on the food.


When you put the fruit on the sticks, be careful of the spiky end and don’t swing it around. When you are chopping the fruit, make sure your hands stay away from the blade so you don’t cut yourself.


The fruit kebabs are a good snack because they are healthy, they are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals which our bodies need to work! We need at least 5 different fruits or vegetables a day to make sure we are getting enough nutrients. 


We hope this helps.


From Glasgow x

Friday 7th June
Today we compared the human and physical features of Tocauro, Mexico and Ambleside, UK. 
We learned about the different climates, cultures and living conditions and even practiced speaking some Spanish! 
The children were able to spot physical features such as mountains, lakes and weather patterns. They were also able to spot human features such as shops, churches and homes. We then compared the two places and identified the differences and similarities. 
Well done Glasgow! 
Thursday 23rd May
This week Glasgow took part in a school games day, ran by our year 6 sports leaders! This involved the children participating in a carousel of activities, using different skills such as throwing, catching, running, dribbling and jumping!
The afternoon was lots of fun and Glasgow were amazing team players, cheering on their friends and participating in every activity.
Well done Glasgow, Mrs Lawrence and Miss Pearson are really proud!  
Friday 17th May
Today Glasgow took a walk around our local area. We used a map and a key to record what we saw, and discussed the different uses of land and buildings in Crawcrook. On our walk we found and recorded on our maps: bus stops, the shops, the churches, the medical center, traffic lights and residential houses.
It was lots of fun and Glasgow did a fantastic job labeling their maps using our fieldwork skills! Lovely work Glasgow!
Miss Pearson
Friday 10th May
This week in science, Glasgow have been looking at the amazing human body and all of it's senses. Following on from our listening walk last week, today we looked specifically at touch and sight.
The children went on a scavenger hunt around the school to see what textures we could find using our sense of touch. We found things that were rough, smooth, soft, bumpy, hard and spiky. Dexter found a rough tiger in the classroom and Sam found some spiky grass outside! 
Well done Glasgow! 
Friday 7th May
In PE this week Glasgow took part in a session of cricket, which was delivered by All Stars Cricket.
We started by playing a team game called 'craters and volcanoes' which was lots of fun!
We learned lots of new skills such as how to hold our bats, and we also focused on how to aim when batting the balls. Glasgow really enjoyed playing cricket, and Miss Pearson was really impressed!
Well done Glasgow!
Friday 26th April
Today in Science we looked at the different parts of the human body, and what they are used for. We drew around Charlotte on a big piece of paper and used post-it notes to label the outline. 
We also looked at the five senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. We explored which body parts give us these senses, and what we use each sense for every day. 
Good job Glasgow! You were all fabulous!
Miss Pearson
Emails and Blogs
Today we have been learning about emails and blogs so the children of Glasgow are writing a class post together. Also today, we learnt the story 'George and the Dragon' and in maths, we explored division and grouping. The best part of today was Topic where we investigated different countries.
Friday 5th April
I am a very proud teacher tonight! Glasgow performed their class assembly today to a packed hall of grown-ups and children. The theme was Easter. We learnt lots of songs, poems and dances all with an Easter theme. Even some Easter jokes were thrown in for good measure too. All the children were absolutely amazing! They knew all their words. Their confidence was very impressive.
Well done Glasgow an 'eggsellent' performance!
Thursday 28th March
In Glasgow we have been really lucky to be having some superb gymnastic coaching from our Grassroots gymnastics coach Miss Troke. Over the last few weeks she has been teaching us a range of different gymnastic skills. This week we have been learning high dive forward rolls! As you can see from our photographs we had a lot of fun trying to perfect our rolls. It was a really tricky manoeuvre for us to do. When we had managed to do a high forward roll, Miss Troke then made it even harder and asked us to try to dive through a hula hoop! Glasgow set about the task with their usual 'Growth Mindset' attitude and didn't give in until they were successful - although there were some very 'wonky' rolls!
Well done Glasgow - you were amazing!
Friday 22nd March
We have been designers and engineers this week in Glasgow. We have been looking at levers and how to build them in the form of opening and closing drawbridges for our castles. The children were given time to work and discuss ideas with their work partners. They were given a wide range of equipment on their tables to help them to think what might be used in the construction process. Cardboard, paper clips, paper fasteners, masking tape to name but a few items. We also had to think about recycling within our project so we didn't use plastic straws but made tubes out of paper instead! When we had completed our initial design it was time to create. There were some really fantastic ideas as to how to cut the drawbridge out and then re-attach it so that this would hinge to allow it to open and close. 
I was so pleased with how the children worked together to share ideas between the working groups and how they used their 'Growth Mindset' to not give up with this tricky challenge. Well done Glasgow!
Tuesday 19th March
In Glasgow we talk a lot about how to be good friends with each other and how we can be nice to each other. We had a new arrival to our class last week and all the children in Glasgow have made her feel incredibly welcome. She has so many people to play with! Scarlett is our star of the week! We also learnt how to be nice to each other by giving each other a 'Pizza Massage!' After Mrs Lawrence had been on a training course we talked about some of the things I had learnt - Pizza Massage being one of the things. The children were really enthusiastic to give it a try. So we sat in a circle and massaged each other. It was a really nice few minutes of being kind to each other. I know a lot of the parents in Glasgow have also been reaping the benefits of these lovely massages too!
Thursday 7th March
Wow! What a day we had today! We went to visit Warkworth Castle in Northumberland as part of our Castle topic. We set off bright and early dressed in our castle themed costumes - lots of knights, Queens, Kings, Princes and Princesses boarded the bus and we were off!
When we arrived we went to explore what we could see in the Bailey part of the castle grounds. As you can see from the pictures we saw the well, the ruins of the church and the gatehouse. We had fun looking down the murder holes and imagined what we could throw down on our attackers! Into the moat next to imagine how hard it would be to run up and attack the castle wearing all of our armour carrying our swords - very tricky we decided.
After lunch - obviously a trip highlight - we went to investigate all the different rooms we could see in the castle. As you can see from the photos two of our boys found the toilets and made us all laugh by sitting on it together! We couldn't believe all the different ways and secret tunnels we could find to get around inside the keep - so many stairs. 
At the end of the visit we all thought that it would be best to be the rich owner of the castle who got to live in comfort in the warm parts of the castle keep rather than being a poor servant!
A thoroughly enjoyable day. Glasgow were absolutely brilliant and so enthusiastic to learn. We'll all sleep well tonight!
Friday 1st March
Our week has been amazing! It has been our Enrichment week called Emmaville Goes Green! We have learnt all about our environment and what we can do to help to look after it. At the beginning of the week we looked at our outside area and thought that it would look better with some more plants and flowers. We decided to up-cycle some wooden pallets to make into flower beds.
We sanded the pallets first to take out the splinters. Then we had to paint them. We chose green so that it camouflaged into our garden. Mrs Lawrence had to give most of us a wash after the painting! Next we had to  buy compost and the plants. We lined the holes in the pallet with weed membrane then filled the holes with compost.
Then we planted the plants and watered them to help them to grow. Finally we were finished! We all think that they look amazing! 
We up-cycled bottle tops to make bugs. Rowan
We made a flower bed. Maddox
We learnt about healthy living. Charlotte
Some of us went to the shop to get some vegetables to make soup. Lenny
It was yummy and scrumptious! Finley