Emmaville Primary School


Home Learning Gallery


We have been so impressed, but not surprised, at not only the amazing learning you have been doing at home but also the creative ways you have been doing it, and wanted to celebrate this with a weekly ‘Celebration Gallery’. Please find below a collection of our ‘Works of Art’. 

Charlie (Gateshead): Maths - Combining two amounts

Darcy (Gateshead): Maths - Measuring Capacity
Alfie (Gateshead): Whatever Next! Label a picture from the story
Lana (Gateshead): Well-being Week - Make a playlist of your favourite songs

Ellie (Gateshead): Supertato - Make a wanted poster to help catch the Evil Pea
Thomas (Gateshead): English - Design your own superhero
Meredith (Nursery): Chinese New Year Lantern
Amelia (Nursery): Valentine's heart threading
Macy (Nursery): Building a snowman
Billy (Nursery): Taking care of the horses
Ava (Nursery): Ice decoration
Hannah (Newcastle): Phonics - Practising green words

Imogen (Newcastle) - Maths: Days of the Week
Peter (Newcastle) - English: Wolf facts

Isabella (Newcastle) - Phonics: letter flag 
Jaxon (Newcastle) - Maths: Shape Hunt

Sophie (Newcastle) - Art: Making a Roly Poly Bird