Emmaville Primary School

Jerusalem Yr 3 & 4

Welcome to the Jerusalem Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 12th July.
The penultimate week of the school year and the hard work continues. The children continued with their branching stories and I will share a few next week on here. The children have worked hard on some very difficult concepts in computing to produce some short, well organised, illustrated branching stories. Congratulations.
On Thursday, gymnastics took place in the dance studio. As it is a smaller space, we decided to do a half class session whilst the other half enjoyed an ERIC session in the library. It was lovely to be in the beautiful, air-conditioned space reading some of the wonderful books that we have available. 
Today, the children will have brought their reports home. Writing them has been a privilege, and also reminded me of the amazing progress and achievements that the children have made this year. I am very proud of each and every one of the children in my class and I am looking forward to my final week with them next week.
Friday 5th July.
Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to York!! Photos to follow tonight.
Wednesday 3rd July.
Sports Day 2019! What a great morning we had competing in this year's Sports Day. The children enjoyed all of the activities. I think a firm favourite was the parachute games when we played sharks! I loved the fact that they were cheering everyone on and it was amazing to see all of the children do their best in all of the activities. Lots of smiles, laughter and enjoyment. Very proud of you all.
Friday 28th June.
A huge congratulations to Issac, Sam, Lewis, Jessica and Enija for representing the school at The Athletics Festival today. They were all amazing. A special congratulations to Enija; she received a silver medal as part of the Year 3 and 4 girls relay team. Jerusalem Class are all very proud of you.
Friday 28th June.
This week has been action packed! On Tuesday we enjoyed Step Up morning with our new teachers. The children on Year 3 will stay with me for their 4th year at Emmaville alongside other Year 3 children. We had a very productive and creative morning, talking about the importance of reading, and the two reading challenges that will be taking place in September. The children produced some incredible art work of their favourite books which has already been laminated, ready to display in our new classroom in September. The children have already been sorted into their houses for September; the Hogwarts/Harry Potter themed classroom will be further developed for September. I am already looking forward to a new academic year with this class. Equally happy, were the Year 4 children. They spent the morning in their new class too and came back very excited for the next step in their education.
However, we are still working hard to complete the work that we need to this year. In English we completed another short burst write. Below is a copy of Jessica B's writing. My comment in her book, 'Wow... just wow!'
I am sure you will agree how amazing it is. The image that was used to develop this writing is also below for you to look at.
Like an icy blanket, the mist surrounds the gloomy scene. Solemn people stand motionless, gravely holding the flickering candles. The deserted treehouse stands bare. Inside the treehouse, is a mysterious  light, shining mysteriously through the opening that is called a window. I stand rooted to the spot watching the boat. Curiousity invades me, as I wonder why I was drawn here like a magnet, Something about the shadowy figures seemed familiar but I can't tell what. 
Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the dilapidated treehouse. Within me. I know how desperately I want to go inside the treehouse and discover why there is a light, but something about the boat in front of me disabled me from dragging my eyes away. I stare at my candle waiting ... waiting ... waiting for what seems to me like nothing. I can hear the thumping of my heart in my chest. I feel like a statue, as for some reason, I am prevented from moving. It is like the power of the night has finally taken over me. I am so confused right now. I can't even tell whether I am alive or dead. All the emotionless people around me are staring blankly at the boat, which to me seems to be taking hours just to move a coupe of inches. The murky water is knee deep on me as I stand carpeted by a thick mist.  A feeling of impending doom posses my body. I feel defeated.
Week ending Friday 21st June.
A shorter week, but a busy one. The children attended Prayer Space on Tuesday and completed different activities which enabled them to think of many issues such as global warming, being thankful for all that we have and remembering and thinking about loss. The class thoroughly enjoyed the activities and showed a great understanding and desire to look after, and protect,  the environment and world for their future. 
The branching stories continue to develop in Computing lessons and we all had great fun thinking of alternative endings to stories. We are beginning to add images and colour to page backgrounds... I am sure we will be able to share some of them with you next week.
On Thursday morning the Year 3 children went to Thorp and participated in an orienteering event. They had great fun and worked well in teams to complete a variety of activities. Whilst the Year 3 children were at Thorp, the Year 4 children had a gymnastics lesson led by Miss Troke. I was so impressed with the determination that all of the children showed and the willingness to try some very tricky moves. Some members of the class, show great flexibility too. The lesson ended with the children working in pairs to complete some balances. There are a few photos to show you how well they all did.
Thursday 20th June.
Four of Jerusalem class were part of the Quadkids team that participated in the Cluster finals at Kingsmeadow School.  They had already competed within the cluster and earned first place at this event. (This has been rewarded with a shield that will be displayed in the corridor opposite Miss Armstrong's office). Thursday's competition saw all the winners and runner-up schools within the cluster compete to go to County Finals. All of the team were very excited and showed such commitment to each of the four activities. Both Miss Kenyon and I were delighted with the behaviour and sportsmanship shown by all the members of the team. The four events were 400m, 50m sprint, howler and standing long jump. We saw many of the team scoring first and second positions within their groups, particularly in the running events. At the end of the competition the results were announced and the team placed 6 out of 13 teams. Well done to you all.
Friday 14th June.
Another week has whizzed by and the children continue to work as hard as ever.  This week I want to celebrate the children's commitment, drive and patience throughout the computing lesson. I can honestly say it is a lesson where we all learn together. At the moment we are working on branching stories; these are stories that have alternative pathways that lead to different endings. During the lesson, we were actually creating the pages, adding text boxes and headings and changing the colour and outline of these too. We then had to add hyperlinks which take is to the different pages that we create. Throughout the session we worked in pairs, but we completed the task step by step so we could all help one another. I look forward to sharing some of the branching stories with you over the coming weeks. Well done to all of Jerusalem class who continue to show great ability to work cooperatively.
Friday 7th June

Friday evening saw the last cookery club for the first group and they finished with a very successful Indian Banquet for their parents and siblings. Temperatures were hot as the children prepared and cooked a chicken rogan josh, a prawn biryani and a spinach, squash and chickpea curry. They even had time to prepare a cucumber raita to go with the naan and poppadoms. The tables were set and the children looked wonderful in their aprons as they talked about the foods they had made and then served their parents. The parents were super impressed with the food the children had made in such a short space of time too. Many of the children went back for seconds and we even had some staff visitors at the end of the session. I am looking forward to starting cookery club with a new group next week.

Friday 7th June.
A very busy week in the Year 3 and 4 phase this week. The Year 4 children have started a new unit in English and have been using actions and a story map to learn by heart, 'Adventure at Sandy Cove.' I really can tell how excited the children are about the innovation part of the PWP. Next week, we will be looking at ideas to innovate with more freedom as the children become more confident writers. We used hot seating today to look at the story from different character's viewpoints. Watch this space for some examples of their writing next week.
On Thursday, all of the Year 4 children went to Thorp Academy to take part in the annual Quad Kids competition. The children all excelled and I am delighted to say that the children won the competition. This means that the top ten highest scoring children from Emmaville will go through to the finals later this month. Congratulations to all of the children who participated but particularly Ethan, Freddie, Jessica D and Enija who made the top ten from Jerusalem Class. Well done.
Thursday 23rd May.
A fabulous end to the half term. The children have worked their socks off and have been rewarded with further progress in all subjects. This week in PE, we have practised running. I think the children were surprised with the skills required for a relay race and felt the frustrations of Olympic teams that have dropped a baton!  We also talked about the different approach that is needed for long distance running too.
In Science we carried out an investigation to recognise both insulators and conductors of electricity. The children had great fun doing this.
In RE, we finally had time to finish our retelling of the Moses story. I was delighted with the quality of the work produced and have shared an example of Lois' work. I think you will agree how impressive this work is. 
Congratulations Jerusalem class. You really do make me proud on a daily basis. Enjoy your half term and I look forward to seeing you for the final half term of the year.
Friday 17th May
Shattered but happy! I think that is the general thought of the Year 4's, after a wonderful residential visit to Broomley Grange. They were all stars! The Year 3's had a wonderful time whilst we were away too, yoga, salsa dancing, forest school activities, sports to name but a few of the activities. I am sure that they will all sleep well this weekend.
Friday 10th May.
Another week full of wonderful work from Jerusalem class. I have been so impressed with the children's enthusiasm to improve their times tables knowledge and many of the Year 3's are whizzing through their weekly challenges. Some of them (as well as the majority of the Year 4's) are now fluent in all of the tables up to and including 12 x 12, and associated division facts. Keep up the hard work.
In RE we have been looking at the story of Moses. The children are in the middle of retelling the stories and I hope to be able to share some of this work with you next week.
In Maths, we are looking at money and the prior work on decimals has certainly given the children a real understanding of pounds and pence (and the ability to convert from one to another).
In English, the children are in the middle of writing 'A losing tale,' and many of the children have created a wonderful beginning to their work. Once again, I hope to be able to share some of the finished writing next week.
I have the pleasure of running cookery club and today the children made three different types of scones; they were plain scones, bacon cheese and chive scones and finally fresh raspberry and white chocolate ones. They worked well in teams of four and enjoyed both making and eating them as the pictures show. 
Thursday 2nd May
Lots to celebrate once again.  In PSHE and C we have been using a new initiative called Jigsaw, It is a new approach to teaching the children and we had our first lesson today. We talked about gender and the types of jobs that males and females do. The lesson was trying to teach the children about stereotypes, reasons why some people may be more attracted to jobs than others and also why family circumstances may alter the roles and jobs that we all do in our homes. The approach starts with a game, then a short session called 'Calm Me,' which encourages the children to breathe, relax and get rid of any thoughts are worries they may have, We also talk through the Jigsaw Charter too, which are the rules for the lessons. All I can say is Wow! The children's maturity, ability to talk and listen to one another and also understand reasons why people may think a certain way, blew me away. We had a fabulous lesson, and one that made us all rethink our preconceptions and ideas. Well done Jerusalem Class.
We also had a great athletics lesson all about sprinting and relay. The children worked in threes and fours initially and worked on sprinting across the field (short distances). They then completed mini relays, but just used their hands to swap over. Finally, they were introduced to the batons and we worked on safe change overs and sprinting techniques, They all worked incredibly hard - I think we may have the next Usain Bolt in our midst. 
Thursday 25th April.
We have plenty to celebrate this week! We have started a new topic about 'Natural Disasters.' We looked at a world map and areas of the world that are most at risk from natural disasters and hazards. We watched videos of earthquakes, typhoons, floods, volcanoes and tsunamis and the whole class were amazed by the devastation that can be caused by these natural disasters.
Today, we looked at volcanoes in more detail and actually made models using plasticine and a plastic bottle. I was super impressed with the team work shown, and I love how the children in the class always make sure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. We then took one of the models outside and carried out an experiment and make the volcano erupt. It was a very successful experiment. 
Have a look at the pictures below of our models.
Well done Jerusalem class, you have come back refreshed and enthusiastic to work hard. I am really looking forward to the term ahead.
Friday 5th April,
A very busy final week of the term. The children of Jerusalem have all worked incredibly hard this term and it was wonderful to be able to talk to all the parents at parents evenings this week about the progress that the children have made. I really love to teach each and every one of the children in my class and it was a pleasure to share all their successes with their parents. Congratulations to you all.
Plastic Pirates.
Two great performances were given on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I was thrilled for you all as the hard work paid off. The singing was beautiful and the acting was incredible. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these children on the stage when they are older. Fab-u-lous!
Creative Homework.
I was so impressed by the creative homework that the children have produced this half term. We had a wonderful time on Thursday looking at all of the creativity that has been shown. I also want to thank all of the parents, carers and other relatives that have helped them with this work. Here are some photographs of the work that they have produced.
All that remains for me to say is one last congratulations to all of the children for a wonderful term. I wish you all a very happy Easter holiday and look forward to your safe return on Tuesday 23rd April. Happy Easter everyone!
Friday 29th March
Friday again. All I can say is that you are all in for a treat next week when you come to see the production of, 'Plastic Pirates.' The children performed in front of the school on Thursday and all of the children's teachers were proud of the acting and the singing that they watched. Every single child gave 100% to produce a wonderful, modern, very relevant production. Photographs will follow next week.
In English, my group spent two days completing some poetry work based on Pie Corbett's (the author and creator of the PWP) poem, 'The Cave of Curiosity. Using alliteration, the children produced some wonderful descriptions which create fabulous pictures in the readers' minds. Here are a few examples.
The River of Fear - by Miss Brewster's English group.
In the river of fear, I saw a friendly fish frantically swimming around,
A sea serpent silently waiting for it's prey,
A hungry crocodile trundling along.
In the river of fear, I heard the sweet sound of the water flowing through the land,
Boisterous birds tweeting creating an orchestral harmony
And lots of curious catfish splashing around.
The Orchard of Souls. by Jessica D
In the orchard of souls, I saw faceless people's souls screaming for help,
Trees growing wildly out of control
A dark, ominous cloud covering the gloomy sky.
In the orchard of souls I heard death coming to find people,
Disgusting, inedible food being eaten and
The screams of people eating poisonous apples.
The Alleyway of Fear. by Freddie W
In the alleyway of fear, I heard souls screaming for help,
In the alleyway of fear, I heard ratting rails and clinking chains.
In the alleyway of fear, I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder and then disappear,
I felt nothingness around my neck.
In the alleyway of fear, I smelt grime and oil - a horrid aroma.
In the alleyway of fear I heard the call of two tiny toucans, calling helplessly for their mother.
In the alleyway of fear I heard ... nothing.
I think that you will agree the children's vocabulary is improving and is now extensive and they are writing very creatively. Well done to you all.
Friday 22nd March.
I cannot believe that we are at the end of week 4! The saying time flies when you are having fun is so true. Once again so much to celebrate ...
First of all a huge congratulations to the cross country team, especially the 6 children from Jerusalem class that represented the school this week. Miss Armstrong rang me in the evening to tell me how all of the children had given 100% and how proud she was of them all. One of the Year 6 boys won the boys race out of nearly 150 competitors and helped the team to overall first place. The Year 3 and 4 children also did brilliantly. Sam C, after being 'squashed' out of the start, and falling over, did extremely well and came second overall gaining a silver medal. However, all of the children gave their all and, because of this, gained third place overall too. Congratulations to all who took part.
As you will be aware, the Easter production is fast approaching and so this week has seen a few more rehearsals, and the stage is up. All of the teachers involved are impressed with their determination to learn their lines as well as the children's singing and acting abilities. It really is beginning to take shape and I can't wait for you all to enjoy it in the final week of term.
In Maths, the Year 4 children have been learning about decimals and they are beginning to understand the relationship between decimals and fractions. They have used this in some problem solving this week and the work being produced is fabulous.
There will be photographs next week of my English groups finished explanations as well as some examples of  poetry. Hopefully a few pictures from the rehearsals too to give you all a sneaky pic at what you have to look forward to. 
Friday 15th March
So much to celebrate and share with you this week!
First of all, a huge congratulations to all of the Year 3 and 4 children as we begin rehearsals for our end of term show; Plastic Pirates. After auditioning for roles last week, the children have impressed us with their willingness and enthusiasm to learn their parts. Today, we took the children into the hall for the first time and the show is already looking like it's going to be a real treat for you all. Watch this space.
On Thursday, some of the Year 4 children represented the school at a hockey event. Miss Kenyon was super impressed with their sheer grit and determination and, although we did not make the finals, the children performed well and came second.
The Year 3 children are enjoying pedestrian training and photos will follow next week to show you what they have been doing.
My English group have been learning about explanation texts and have completed the planning module this week. I am really looking forward to looking at, and reading about, their own inventions within their writing. Look out for some examples on here next week.
Finally, I just want to share the successes that the Year 4 children are having within their swimming lessons. Many children are now having their lessons in the big pool and there are now three different groups in the big pool. Many of the children can swim 25 metres (the length of the big pool) and some can do this using many different strokes too. No wonder we are all exhausted and ready for the weekend. Congratulations to all in Jerusalem class; you are amazing and never cease to impress me!
Thursday 7th March.
Today in topic, we studied chronology and the children were able to sequence key events that happened in Ancient Egypt. The children looked back at events that happened nearly 6000 years ago and have shown a clear understanding, and a great enthusiasm for all things Egyptian. At the end of the topic lesson, we unveiled our 'mummified tomatoes.' Once we had got used to the smell of the mummification processes, we weighed the tomatoes and observed the changes in the appearance of the tomatoes. All of the tomatoes had reduced in weight and some had almost halved in weight. The example in the photograph shows the 'wrinkled skin' and the drying effect that the natron salt mixture had. We can only imagine what it was like to actually mummify an Egyptian king or queen! Wonderful work.
Wednesday 6th March.
World Book Day was celebrated at Emmaville today and what an incredible sight it was to see all of the children in their wonderful costumes. We had many characters visiting from Hogwarts, as well as many characters from classics such as Mary Poppins and Robin Hood. You all looked amazing. Well done.
Monday 4th March
The Year 4 girls enjoyed a fantastic cricket coaching session on Monday afternoon. We have some budding stars among them.
Thursday 28th February
Another productive day during our enrichment week. Today was up-cycling day. We had three tasks to complete in class. Two individual projects and one class project. We were also involved in a fantastic workshop that enabled all of the children to make their very own notebook which they should have brought home with them today. There was a real buzz around the whole school, but particularly in our class. The children worked cooperatively and made t-shirt bags, wonderful tealight holders and we also gave our bookshelf a 'Harry Potter' makeover. I think we impressed ourselves and are all delighted with the results of everything that we have made. look at the photos and see what we have done.
After our fabulous trip to Clara Vale yesterday, four girls were inspired to make journey sticks at home. I was so impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity shown. Well done.
Wednesday 27th February.
What a wonderful day we have had at Clara Vale today. We visited the nature reserve to learn more about our science topic of habitats and the natural environment. The volunteers, Rose and Dot, were amazing and taught us so much about the classification of the different trees and plants. We were lucky enough to spot a wide variety of birds including; yellow hammers, bullfinches and blue tits. It was fabulous to see them in their natural environment too. I really feel that we all learnt so much today . Thanks to the parents and grandma who helped on our visit. I think we will all sleep well tonight.
Thursday 14th February.
We had a lovely PSHE and C session this afternoon and talked about Valentine's Day and how it is a day to be thankful for our friends and spread happiness.  We spent time, sitting in a circle, telling one another what we liked about each other. It was very uplifting, and all of the children were smiling when they heard what the other children liked about them.
  In Art this week, we looked at some pictures of Ancient pharaohs. Using black and white profile pictures of the children, the children transformed themselves into pharaohs, They did this by looking closely at geometric patterns and also pictures and photographs. I think you will agree that the children look amazing!
It has been an incredible half term and you should be very proud of each and every member of the class as they have worked enthusiastically and have produced work that they should be very proud of. I hope that you all have a fabulous half term.
Creative homework.
This week we took time out to look at the creative homework that we have completed this term so far. I was blown away by the creativity shown. I think the children all enjoy looking at, and commenting on all the wonderful homework that is created.Thank you to all the parents, relatives and friends that helped the children complete such amazing homework. Well done. Here are just a few photographs, showing just a small proportion of the work that they have completed.
Tuesday 5th February.
Happy Chinese New Year. What a wonderful afternoon we had, learning about, and celebrating the start of Chinese New Year. This year, is the year of the pig. However, we went further back in time and looked at the actual story behind Chinese New Year; that of the monster Cian. After exploring this story, we looked at many of the traditions that are celebrated at this time of year. The children participated in a Tea drinking ceremony, made a Wishing Tree, had quiet time reflecting on what they should be thankful for by lighting incense sticks, made fortune telling sticks and tasted some Chinese Food. We learnt so much and had such fun doing so. Many thanks to Mr Elliott for sharing some of his treasures that he had collected on his travels. 
Monday 4th February.
We had a very busy Maths lesson today, exploring fractions using Cuisenaire Rods. Many of the children grasped the concept of ' a fraction of' using this equipment. The practical exploration enabled the children to make and compare fractions of a whole. The mathematical vocabulary used, and the partner work observed, was amazing. Congratulations to all of my Maths class.
In Science, we went out and about to explore the habitats within the school and further afield. We also looked at the impact that changes in the environment can have on natural habitats, and in turn the wildlife we see. The children were amazed in the changes in recent years in our local area and the impact it has. We came back to class and talked about what we can do to help the local wildlife. Next week, we will be creating posters on looking after our local environment and encouraging wildlife. Hopefully, we can share these with you next week.
Friday 1st February. 
It has been a cold and snowy week but the weather has not stopped the children at all! They are working so hard and this week I have been so impressed with the helpfulness and kindness that they have shown to one another. They really are a credit to you all.
Cross country
Later in the year, 12 pupils from Year 3 and 4 will represent the school at a school cross country event. All of the pupils had the opportunity to run a long distance course to earn a place. The children were eager to do their best and, despite the freezing conditions, they were all amazing, There are a few pictures of children from all of the classes in Year 3 and 4 running. The boys race were fiercely contested and the top 4 had to do a 'run off'. It was incredibly close and the leading boy kept changing. They certainly pushed one another and I am sure that they will do their best in the cross country competition in March.
Topic this week was great fun as the children learnt about the processes involved in mummification. We started the session by making our own mummies. Gryffindor table definitely had the most success making 'mummy Callan.' They all produced some fantastic writing about the mummification process. Ask them about the gruesome way the Ancient Egyptians got the brain out of the body! it was a long and expensive process and the children have been quite intrigued by it all. Well done to you all.
Friday 25th January.
Another week has flown by; it really is true that time flies when you are having fun. This week in topic we have looked at Howard Carter and his discovery of the intact tomb of Tutankhamun. The children produced
 some wonderful diary entries in the role of Howard Carter, describing how they felt as the famous archaeologist. Some of them are on our topic display in the classroom.
In Science we have been looking at the use of a classification key to sort the different type of vertebrate. By using questions we were able to identify mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. It was great fun using this method to sort the animals.
Wednesday afternoons see the KS2 corridors full of the sounds of music. As the Year 4 children are being taught trumpet, I teach the Year 3 children the penny whistle. I am delighted with the enthusiasm and determination to learn how to play the instrument, that the children show. They are trying hard to keep their left hand at the top of the instrument, breathe correctly and play all the notes properly too. There are some photos of the two groups  and also a few videos of the children performing to one another too. Performing is an integral part of the music curriculum and the children are so proud to show of their musical talents. Well done to you all.

Friday 18th January. 
I can't believe that another week is over! Time is literally flying by. This week, the children have produced some fantastic work about Ancient Egypt and how we can use various sources to find out about the past. The class thoroughly enjoyed looking at photographs of artefacts and trying to think what they may have been used for and who they may have been owned by. I am looking forward to the coming weeks then they will be able to find out so much more about all of these things.
On Wednesday, I have the pleasure of teaching all of the Year 3 children how to play the penny whistle. I want to say how delighted I am with their enthusiasm and determination to play this instrument. They are now able to play quite a few songs that you will be able to recognise and have even been playing a duet  a tune in two parts)! Well done and keep up the hard work. We look forward to sharing our new talent with you soon in assembly.
Monday 7th January 2019
Happy New Year! What a wonderful first day back and a brilliant start to the term.
In Maths the children worked practically in groups to 'make' the 11 times table. Many of the children have a good understanding of this. However we investigated  that by using our 10 times table and our 1 times table we could easily work out our 11's. We then used this knowledge to solve problems. A fantastic lesson.
In PE, we played team games. I was super impressed with the team work, cooperative skills and physical ability shown. We had great fun too and many team points were earned.
Friday 21st December
A wonderful ending to a brilliant term in Jerusalem class. We were sad to say goodbye to Stella and Sam today but they had a great send off. The party and Christmas film went down a treat. I just want to say a huge thank you to every one of the pupils for working so hard this term. Looking through the website, I think you will agree we have had an extremely busy term and the children have achieved so much. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you all.
Wednesday 19th December.
A lovely afternoon spent watching 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.' The class were silent (apart from when hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream was served.) For some of the children, it was the first time that they had seen the movie and the overall verdict was - FABULOUS! 
Tuesday 18th December.
What a Christmas party! The children had lots of fun playing 'A Trip to Mars, Corners, Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues.' All of the children looked gorgeous in their party clothes and really enjoyed the party tea that was provided by the school. Thanks to all of the adults who helped set up the party too.
Friday 14th December
Christmas is approaching and there are only 11 sleeps until the big man arrives (if we have all been good). We enjoyed 'A Christmas Carol' at the Northern Stage; it was a fantastic production and all of the children seemed to really enjoy it. On Wednesday, the Year 4 children watched, 'Lights, Camel, Action!' What superstars we have in Year 1 and 2, we were entertained by their singing, dancing and acting. Christmas jumper day followed and the children enjoyed a scrumptious Christmas dinner prepared by the lovely kitchen staff. As well as the Christmas activities, the children have completed revision sessions in Maths, uplevelled sentences in English and produced posters to show their knowledge of states of matter! Today we said a sad farewell to Miss Pizzuti who has now qualified as a teacher and we all wish her the best in her future career. She was overwhelmed by the cards and send off from the class and says she will keep in touch. Looking forward to another Christmassy week of parties, Christmas crafts, a Christmas maths mystery, Harry Potter films and maybe even a sneaky view of Elf with hot chocolate, It doesn't get more Christmassy than that.
Wednesday 13th December.
A few photos from our well deserved marble jar treat this week. They enjoyed our 'games afternoon' and the classroom was full of happy faces and enjoyment.
Monday 10th December
I had the privilege of accompanying Mrs Jarvis and the choir today, as they visited two of the residential homes in our area, It was a wonderful afternoon and the elderly people thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas carols and songs that filled the rooms. It was a real delight to see their faces light up, especially when then members of the choir went around to talk to the residents and wish them a Merry Christmas. Well done to you all.
Friday 7th December.
Wow! Super proud of my class today. They performed a brilliant class assembly all about CHRISTMAS! They learnt all of their lines, the poem, song and short burst writing. They really gave an incredible performance and I am sure that all of the parents, relatives and friends who came to watch enjoyed it immensely. Well done to all of the class.

Monday 3rd December.
Today, Jerusalem class visited the prayer station in the dance studio. The children were shown around various activities that taught them about Christmas and what Christians believe. They were given time to think of people who are less fortunate than themselves and also to think about the journey taken by the wise men and the shepherds to visit the baby in the stable.  With the New Year also looming, they also thought about their hopes and aspirations for the future too. They all had a wonderful time.
Tuesday 28th November.
What a wonderful day the children have had. The computing enrichment week is proving to be a real hit with the class. Today they attended a 'Makey Makey' session which was run by staff from Crawcrook Library. The children loved the opportunities to use different materials to create interactive circuits which then were programmed with Scratch. It sounded really technical and difficult but the children proved to be technology wizards! They had so much fun.
Later in the day, the children had opportunities to work with Rio class. The team work was wonderful and they worked cooperatively to design a quiz on Scratch. Their keyboard skills, debugging skills and their ability to build and design using the laptops was inspiring.
They have also looked at e-safety and started to design posters to encourage the safe use of computers by children and adults alike.
Later this week(after working in groups) the children will present their app designs in a 'Dragon's Den' set up. More details to follow next week about their apps. 
Well done Jerusalem computer wizards.
Friday 23rd November.
Year 4's spend Friday afternoon's at Blaydon Leisure Centre. I am so very proud of all of the children and cannot tell you how much progress they have made. Children who were frightened to put their heads under the water are now swimming at least 5 metres. They are confident, excited and enjoying their time in the pool and they are all a credit to you. We are hoping that after Christmas, some more of the children will be able to be moved into the big pool. Congratulations.
Friday 23rd November.
 This week the children have worked super hard in their music lessons. All of the year 3 children are being taught how to play the penny whistle. They now know the notes B, A and G and are also learning about notation and the number of beats in a bar. The children know that their left hand has to stay at the top of the instrument. I am hoping that in a few weeks time, I will be able to share a video of the children playing a tune.
Mrs Lawrence celebrated the Year 4's in celebrations this week too! She was full of praise for their enthusiasm and knows that a lot of the children are practising their instruments at home.
Friday 16th November.
What a wonderful Children in Need Day we have had. The children all looked splendid in their spotty clothes, ears and face paints. I know that Toronto Class really appreciated everyone helping them raise money. Well done to you all.
Monday 12th November.
I want to celebrate the short burst writing that my English group produced today on an image that was shared in order to get the children to write and create suspense. Miss Pizzuti and I were amazed by the quality of writing and the vocabulary that the children used too.
Here are a few examples for you to read.
The damp room filled with darkness and gloom.
The spider- like face stares greedily, screaming for the boy.
Oozing fingers reach towards the prey violently.
The ghostly body drips out of the computer, dragging his ripped cloak with him.
The boy crouches down anxiously... down and away from the ghost. 
Sam T
The desolate room is filled with darkness, gloom and something ominous.
The spider-like eyes are gazing mercilessly at the whimpering boy.
The liquid like fingers are reaching out hauntingly towards the victim, oozing along the floor.
The ghostly figure's body, like ripped curtains, towering.
The petrified boy freezes, staring at 'it'.
The pip-like eyes stare eerily at the terrified child.
The deadly mouth roars deafeningly around the black room.
Snake-like fingers slither towards the occupied chair.
The computer is the portal for the spider like ghost.
The whimpering boy huddles up to protect himself.
Monday 12th November.
Following on from last week's poppy information on Remembrance Day, Sophie's dad brought in a wonderful box of artefacts, photographs and letters that belonged to her two great-great grandads from World War 1. We were very honoured as a class to be able to look at the contents and read the letters that had been sent. The children were fascinated by the Christmas cards, letters home and a gift from Princess Mary from  Christmas 1915. Sadly, one of the brothers died in the war and there is a heart-felt letter from one of the brothers to his sister back home, telling of the funeral. It really felt like we were part of history. Thank you so much for sharing this with the class Sophie.
Friday 9th November.
This morning, a very excited Neve entered the class with a knitted poppy that she had found in the village on her way to school today. The name on it: William E Guy. As a class, we looked up the name and found out that he used to live in Beech Terrace in Crawcrook, that he served in 'D' Company, 1st/9th Bn Durham Light Infantry (Territorial Force) and that he sadly passed away in July 1917 in France due to wounds from a bombing accident. He was only 23 years old when he died. It really made us think about the sacrifice that so many men and women made 100 years ago for us all, during the First World War and the importance of Remembrance Day. Today, Jerusalem class want to remember William E Guy and thank him for the service he gave to his country.
                                   William E Guy   Click here for more details
Friday 2nd November.
A great start to the new half term. Many new topics have been started this week including our new science topic of 'States of Matter.' We had a great afternoon investigating solids and liquids and the children's questioning skills and ability to explain their findings were amazing. Look for the videos on here next week! We have also started a new topic about 'The Middle Ages.' I really enjoyed finding out all of the interesting facts that some of the children knew because of their creative homework. There seems to be a lot to learn about battles, plagues and punishments! The class worked hard in groups to make a timeline and they definitely learnt about chronology. Very impressive work. I am already looking forward to next week. Well done to all of the children in Jerusalem Class.
Friday 19th October,
The first half term is completed. I want to congratulate all of the children on all of their achievements over the last seven weeks! Their writing, problem solving skills, science investigations, art work, music appreciation, computing and map skills have all developed and they have produced some fabulous work that they should be very proud of.
This morning, we spent some time looking at the creative homework that the children have produced and I am blown away by the ideas, the creativity and the models produced. I have learnt so much from the children about different cultures around the world and loved watching Lily, Jessica and Thomas' PowerPoint presentations. I hope that you all have a  wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing all of the children on the 29th October.
Thursday 11th October.
Whilst preparing for Celebration Assembly tomorrow morning the teachers in the phase have looked through the photographs that we have taken of the children so far this year and I have to say I am totally overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of work that the children have produced across the whole curriculum. Their enthusiasm and desire to succeed, continues to allow all of the children to improve their skills in all subjects, The children continued to work in pairs to complete their Japanese windsocks. The end results look fabulous and, because of the wonderful weather that we have been lucky enough to have, the children were able to go out and fly their kites on Tuesday. Great fun was had by all.
I must also congratulate my English group who have completed their innovated portal stories based on Elf Road. We have had a lovely session this week with candles and soft music playing whilst they edited and then copied out their work for display. The children were very proud of their finished stories as was I. Well done to another wonderful week.
Thursday 4th October.
A fun-filled week. The children are producing quality work across the whole curriculum. Their innovated portal stories are showing a clear understanding of the key features and the children are showing an increasing awareness of vocabulary and the importance of the choices they make.
One of their favourite lessons this week has been the art session where they have begun making Japanese Koinobori. A little lesson for you all now: Koinobori meaning "carp streamer" in Japanese, are carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango-No-Sekku a traditional event which is now designated a national holiday; Children's Day. These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other non-woven fabric. They are then allowed to flutter in the wind. The children have worked with a partner and carefully cut out, and then glued the scales onto a background. They have showed impressive cutting skills, an eye for pattern, as well as great partner work  . They should be finished next week and I cannot wait to show off the finished kites next week. Well done to the whole class.
Friday 28th September.
In PE the children have enjoyed choreographing their own dances to that 80's classic, "The Eye of the Tiger." They used skipping skills, gymnastic skills and boxing moves. They rehearsed their dances and then performed them to one another. A great lesson. Well done
Because the children were so good at learning the story of Elf Road, they have been able to plan their innovations with great success. This week we developed our knowledge of descriptive language to describe food. We had a feast in the class and came up with some brilliant vocabulary which we then used in our own descriptions. 
Friday 21st September.
Another action-packed week for Jerusalem Class. In English, the children have started work on a portal story called 'Elf Road.' They have had great fun thinking of actions and pictures for the story maps and have to try and learn the story over the weekend. Enjoy!
Science lessons were noisy this week as we continued to find out and investigate sound! The children looked at the many different ways that sounds can be made and all got to play a variety of instruments. I was very impressed with their written investigations too.
Within topic, the children were given the job of planning Miss Armstrong's holiday for summer 2019. They used Google Maps and their computer skills to find out prices and have then written an email to Miss Armstrong with a variety of information to help her choose the best holiday possible. The cooperative work and enthusiasm to do well was wonderful to see. Congratulations to all of the children. 
Friday 14th September
The second week is over - how time flies when you are having fun! The children have continued to work well together and are so eager to help and support. There are a few photographs of the team building work that we did. I think you will agree that they worked well together. We have also split into our English and Mathematics classes this week. Once again, the children have impressed me with their willingness and desire to do their work and they have really concentrated on improving their vocabulary choices this week. If any of the children have an atlas at home, they could continue to look at countries and flags from around the world. In topic this week, we looked at developing their map skills - looking at continents and countries of the world. They really seem to be enjoying this work.  Looking forward to what next week will bring.
Friday 7th September
Wow! I am so impressed with the children of Jerusalem Class! They have settled so well and are working brilliantly together. We spent the first week involved in team building activities and faced many challenges including how to protect an egg from being dropped from a great height. The class are also enjoying the Harry Potter theme to the class and I feel that there are  house-elves using their magical powers, as it is always so clean and tidy. I can't wait to see what we can achieve together this year. Well done to you all.
In PE, we played team games. I was super impressed with the team work, cooperative skills and physical ability shown. We had great fun too and many team points were earned.
In PE, we played team games. I was super impressed with the team work, cooperative skills and physical ability shown. We had great fun too and many team points were earned.
In PE, we played team games. I was super impressed with the team work, cooperative skills and physical ability shown. We had great fun too and many team points were earned.