Emmaville Primary School

July 2021

19th July 2021

Oracy - Emmaville Speech Challenge 2021

This year we held our first Emmaville Speech Challenge. The topic was:

If I had an hour, I would…


Well done to everyone who took part. We were very impressed with your speeches. The teachers all had a really tricky time choosing their winners. Here are our class winners and what they would choose to do if they had an hour:

Reception Newcastle – Niamh – have a slumber party and have lots of snacks

Reception Gateshead – Ellie – go to the beach and make sandcastles

Y1 Scotland – Charlie – play with my hot-wheels car

Y1 England – Bodie – visit lots of places in England

Y2 Wales – Grace – play music to be happy

Y2 Northern Ireland – Owen – spend time with my family

Y3 – Northern Europe – Charlotte – do crafts

Y3 – Southern Europe – Sarah – ride a bike

Y4 – Africa – Max – go running

Y4 – Asia – Ivy – play Roblox

Y5 – Antarctica – Frank – play football

Y5 – Oceania – George K – walk my dog

Y6 – South America – Athena – go walking

Y6 - North America – Selene – write a story


Miss Armstrong and I had an even trickier job picking the overall school winners. A huge WELL DONE to:

1st place Athena

2nd place Sarah

3rd place Owen