Emmaville Primary School

Scarecrow Competition Entry

30th June 2020

Whilst many of us at home have been building scarecrows for the NE40 Battle of the Scarecrows competition, the Year 6 bubbles at school have been busy with Emmaville's own entry.  Lots of suggestions were thrown into the hat by the children, but one that seemed to fit the bill was a nursery rhyme idea.  Each group of children worked on one of three separate straw-filled characters: two Emmaville pupils and Humpty Dumpty.  A book of nursery rhymes was also created, and the complete set was mounted on top of our school sign at the front gates. 
The competition was conceived as a way of putting smiles on everyone's faces; I'm sure that if you pass the school in the next few days, you'll certainly have a big grin on yours.  Well done to the children for all their hard work work and enthusiasm.