Emmaville Primary School

KS 1 & 2 Sports Days

3rd July 2019

Wednesday 3rd July saw another successful day for our annual sports days for KS1 and KS2. The sun was shining once again this year, as our children competed in their 8 events.  Before the events began, children from Year 2 danced in a wonderfully eye-catching opening ceremony, choreographed my Miss Rochester.
Four of these events were scored, allowing children to earn points for their house teams. Children at Emmaville are very aware of our seven ‘Olympic Values’ that we strive towards during sporting activities:
It was fabulous to see children displaying these values as they competed. The scores and positions at the end of each sports day were:
         KS1                                                   KS2                                            Combined
1st  Sage 1305 points                     1st Angel 3245 points                  1st Angel 4475 points   
2nd Baltic 1263 points                    2nd Baltic 3193 points                 2nd Baltic 4456 points
3rd Angel 1230 points                    3rd Tyne 3149 points                    3rd Sage 4450 points
4th Tyne 1199 points                      4th Sage 3145 points                   4th Tyne 4348 points
The winning team received 200 house points to be added to the overall scores. 2nd place = 150 points, 3rd place = 100 points and 4th place = 50 house points. Well done to all of our children for your fantastic attitude. Thank you to the ‘Gateshead School Sport Partnership’ for helping us to organise the event and to the ‘sports leaders’ from Thorp Academy for your support and encouragement when running your activities.