Emmaville Primary School

Kuala Lumpur Yr 3 & 4

Welcome to the Kuala Lumpur Year 3 & 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Thursday 18th July
Tomorrow is the final day of the school year and what a year it has been! I have absolutely loved teaching Kuala Lumpur class this year, it has been a joy to teach the Year 4's for two years and wonderful teaching the Year 3's this year. Seeing the children progress in so many different ways throughout the year has been a pleasure to see. I can't wait to see them all progress further as they make their way through Emmaville; exciting times lie ahead. Well done to you all on a great year, have a fantastic summer and I wish you all luck for September!
Friday 12th July
This week the children have been working extremely hard as usual. We had an additional topic lesson this week, so that the children could plan then write their recounts of our visit to York Railway Museum. The children wrote fantastic recounts of their experiences at the museum and worked diligently in both lessons. As I did not share any pictures of the visit last week, here are a few photographs from our educational visit to York Railway Museum.
Friday 5th July
This week I am extremely proud of some of the girls in Kuala Lumpur class. Maddie and Ruby took part in a charity walk for 'F.A.C.T' and Evie helped to organise the event. It's lovely to see the children raising money for such a good cause and supporting a fantastic charity- well done girls! I would also like the celebrate the achievements of Aliyah and Aryana who both represented Emmaville at the Gateshead Athletics Festival. Mrs McKenna informed me that they both did incredibly, gaining silver medals for the relay and Aliyah even got a gold medal for the 60 meter sprint! Amazing achievments this week- well done to you all!

Thursday 27th June
Another action packed week in Kuala Lumpur! On Monday some of the Year 3/ 4 children were selected to represent Emmaville in a rugby tournament against other schools. On Tuesday morning, the children were all excited for ‘Step Up Morning’ where the children had the opportunity to meet their new teachers and peers. On Wednesday we had a great science lesson learning all about the digestive system! I demonstrated how the digestive system works using a banana, cream crackers, water, orange juice, plastic cups, a pair of tights and a bowl. It may sound a bit strange, but the boys and girls loved the demonstration and they are keen to continue learning about the digestive system next week… Finally, tomorrow two children from Kuala Lumpur class will be representing Emmaville at the Gateshead Athletics Festival- we know they will give it their all and make us all proud!

Tuesday 18th June
The children in Kuala Lumpur class always look forward to a morning at Prayer Space. The volunteers had set up different practical activities for the children to enjoy. One of the activities encouraged the children to think about the damage being done to our planet by global warming and another activity allowed the children to think about forgiveness. The children had a lovely morning and thoroughly enjoyed the activities organised by the volunteers.
Friday 14th June 
The children are fully immersed in their topic 'Locomotives, Trains and Rail Networks.' We had a lovely art lesson looking at different images of trains and locomotives, observing how they have changed and developed. The children then each chose one image to sketch in their sketch books. The children did an excellent job, looking carefully at the image, adding some shading and different tones into their sketches. 
Friday 7th June
A fantastic week completed in our final half term! I can't believe that we are starting our final topic of the year, 'Locomotives, Trains and Rail Networks.' This week the children spent their topic lesson using 'Each One, Teach One' cards to learn and teach one another interesting facts about trains and locomotives. The children then used their new knowledge to create informative Mind Maps. An excellent start to our final half term!
Tuesday 21st May
This morning all the children in Kuala Lumpur participated in the School Games Competition. It's the first year the competition has been held in school and it was an absolute success! The children took part in 8 different activites which were all organised and led by the year 6 Sports Crew. All of the children in Kuala Lumpur gave 100% effort in each activity and worked well in their teams, supporting and encouraging one another. In addition to this, their behaviour was excellent. A huge thank you to the Year 6 Sports Crew who did a wonderful job leading the event!
Friday 17th May
Another week has flown by and what a week it has been! The year 4's had a fantastic time at Broomley Grange, we couldn't have been any luckier with the weather, it was glorious! All the children had the opportunity to paricipate in the activities; the high ropes, the climbing wall, the slip and slide, the obstacle course, the tug of war and the zip wire. Many children did so, overcoming fears and being extremely brave even when they were nervous. The behaviour of all the children was outstanding and they represented Emmaville brilliantly... Overall a highly successful trip, with fond memories that will stay with the children.
Friday 10th May
Another wonderful week in Kuala Lumpur class. In science we continued with our topic 'electricity', this week using circuits. The children had to predict if a circuit was 'complete' or 'incomplete' and then test their prediction by building the circuit using wires, lamps and cells.
In topic, the children were discovering why earthquakes occur, where they happen, how they are measured and what to do to keep safe during an earthquake both inside and outside. Following this, the children wrote descriptions explaining what they would do in the event of an earthquake. 
In Friday's P.E. lesson the children continued to develop their dance improvisation skills. The children were given a stimulus and asked to represent the stimulus with different movements. They had some wonderfully creative ideas!
Well done to all the children in Kuala Lumpur class who have all been putting a great amount of effort into their maths and English lessons too- keep it up!
Friday 3rd May
On Tuesday afternoon we took the opportunity to make the most of the beautiful sunny weather and did ERIC outside on the field. ERIC is one of our weekly Guided Reading activities where everyone gets the opportunity to do silent reading with a book of their choice. It was lovely to do the activity outside and it was the perfect way to end the day... Hopefully more good weather will result in more ERIC time outside!
Friday 26th April
During the Art lesson this week, the children in Kuala Lumpur were introduced to the new topic which will we will be studying this term: ‘Natural Disasters’.  The children had the opportunity to  build a model volcano, which they particularly enjoyed.  All the children worked successfully in small groups and pairs to construct their models.  They all created wonderful examples of volcanoes and did so by working well together, problem solving, communicating effectively and allocating tasks.  Later in the lesson the children were able to go outside and watch while we poured our ‘special volcanic eruption solution’ into the model to make the volcano active.  The children loved this and were so excited by this lesson that many took some of the spare bottles with them to make the model at home.  If you would like to try, please click on the link and follow the instructions.  
Friday 5th April
Today we ended our topic of the Ancient Egyptians with a rotation of different activities exploring Ancient Egyptian life and culture. The children each spent twenty minutes on each of the rotations, the first rotation was 'Hieroglyphics Code Cracking' where the children had to decode the message in hieroglyphics- once they had successfully done that, they could then write a secret message to a friend in hieroglyphics. The second rotation required the children to try and create a small Egyptian hut using materials they would have used; mud, straw and water. This activity required the children to get their hands dirty and use their Growth Mindset. The third rotation was creating a Cleopatra inspired collar necklace using a gold paper plate, gems and glitter and the final activity was to create a Top Trump card on one of the Egyptian Gods. 

The children had a fantastic time completing the 4 rotations and there was a buzz of excitement in the classroom, a lovely way to round off a fantastic Topic!
Tuesday 2nd April 
This morning we spent some time looking through Kuala Lumpur's fantastic pieces of Creative Homework from this term. The children have created some wonderfully creative pieces! Take a look through the photographs that shows a selection of their Creative Homework...
Friday 29th March
Over the past two weeks the children have been designing their own fact files on the River Nile. Last week, the children focused on getting the information in their fact files and this week, they added headings and illustrations. They have worked very hard on their informative fact files with Miss Rochester- well done all of Kuala Lumpur Class.
Friday 22nd March 
Another super week in Kuala Lumpur class! The year 3 pupils went up to Thorp Academy to take part in a 'Striking and Fielding Festival' on Thursday morning, the children had a wonderful time and loved the rotation of different activities. On Friday morning, the year 3 children continued with their pedestrian training whilst the year 4 pupils rehearsed for the Year 3/ 4 production 'Plastic Pirates'. The production is really starting to come together and the year 4's have done an excellent job learning their lines... We are looking forward to the dress reheasal in front of the school on Thursday afternoon. 
Friday 15th March 
The year 3 children in Kuala Lumpur class have continued with their pedestrian training this week. The children practised crossing a road safely in between two parked cars. The children were shown how to do this safely then had a go crossing safely independently. The children did extremely well, they knew not to cross the road with their hands in their pockets and to keep looking out for traffic as they crossed the road. Well done to all the year 3 pupils in Kuala Lumpur class. 
Friday 8th March
Another busy week in Kuala Lumpur class this week! We have celebrated World Book Day, discussed International Womens Day and some children in the class took part in Ryton Music Festival. In addition, we had a fantastic R.E. lesson learning all about Braille. The children each got to read the story 'The Black Book of Colours' which is a wonderful book written in Braille and words, describing colours through the senses. The class learned about the Braille alphabet and also about Louis Braille, the Frenchman who created Braille. We ended with a discussion about what challenges the visually impared my face and the positive impact that Braille may have on their lives. All in all, a wonderful week!
Friday 1st March 
We have a had a fantastic week emersing ourselves in different activities as part of our enrichment week 'Emmaville Goes Green.' The children have done litter picks, made posters encouraging people not to litter, created mind maps suggesting improvements that could be made to school, taken part in some mindfulness activities and completed an upcycling project. Above is a photograph of the fabulous upcycled flower planter the class have created out of used tin cans. Well done to you all, a great end to a wonderful week!
Thursday 28th February 
 What a wonderful day exploring Clara Vale, even though the weather wasn't the best we had a fantastic time exploring the woodland area, bird watching and observing the wildwlife.
Below is Kuala Lumpur's class acrostic poem that the children wrote collaboratively and some of the children read in our assembly... 

Impossible things come alive when love touches the sky

Love comes above anything else

One special bond that never breaks

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all types of love

Even if it is only one single hug that is all the love you could ever ask for

You can achieve anything with love

Only true love can bring your dreams to reality

Understanding the meaning of love is just as important as feeling it.

Friday 15th February
Kuala Lumpur class did a fantastic class assembly this morning around the theme of 'Love.' All of the children delivered their lines with confidence and sang 'All You Need is Love' by The Beatles beautifully. Those children who read the class acrostic poem did so brilliantly and the children who acted out the story of Valentines Day did a superb job. Every single one of the boys and girls in Kuala Lumpur class made me incredibly proud and they should be extremely proud of themselves. Well done to you all, a wonderful celebration of love!
Friday 8th February
As Valentines Day is soon approaching, we spent time in P.S.H.E learning about the true meaning of Valentines Day and discovering why people give out Valentines Day cards to the one they love. Some of the children were chosen to act out the story in front of the class using props and simple costumes. The children had great fun in the lesson and the actors did a wonderful job!

Friday 25th January
We've had another week immersed in our topic 'Ancient Egypt’ learning about the discovery of Tutankhamun. The children used sources of information to learn about the discovery of the pharaohs burial chamber. We then looked at different images that showed the stages of Howard Carter uncovering the tomb. I asked the children to imagine that they were the archaeologist Howard Carter, uncovering the tomb of Tutankhamun and write a diary entry from Carters point of view.

The quality of work produced by the children in Kuala Lumpur totally surpassed my expectations. I was particularly impressed with this entry…


Dear Diary,

As I saw some dusty stairs me and my team of archaeologists felt anxious about going in this undiscovered tomb. Everybody felt nervous including myself. When my team of archaeologists had been digging for ages they asked “Have you seen anything?”

“Yes” I said. I told my team that I had found an unbroken door that lead to a beautifully decorated chamber. I was amazed because I could see gold everywhere and Tutankhamun’s burial chamber and his sarcophagus with the mummy still inside! All of my friends were amazed.

When we got into the next room, we saw some hieroglyphics on the wall. However, I was unsure of what it said on the wall. Then one of my friends said “Look over here!” I went to go and see what he had found… It was a huge chariot that was seven meters high! I thought it was beautiful. In fact, my whole team thought it was extremely delicate. As I left the room, I kept on looking behind me. We were all ready to leave the room, all the shiny jewels behind us were like lights of the stars and moon.

Friday 18th January
What a wonderful week! This week in Kuala Lumpur class we have immersed oursleves in our new topic 'Ancient Egypt.' In art the class learned about hieroglyphics and compared them to the letters in the alphabet. The children then wrote their own names in  hieroglyphics and used water colours to paint their art work. I am sure you will agree that they ALL did a fabulous job! 
Friday 11th January
We have had such a wonderful start to 2019! The children have come back to school full of postitivity and enthusiasm. On Wednesday the children began their 'Self Esteem Portraits' they had to think of 10 things that they either liked about themselves or things they thought they were good at. After that, the children had to sketch their silhouettes and then write the 10 things inside their silhouettes. Then the children were asked to carefully paint over their silhouettes using water colours. On Thursday afternoon, the children got to write things they liked about their friends or things they thought their friends were good at around their portraits. The classroom was so quiet when the children were doing this and they were clearly thinking carefully about what they could write. Finally the children got to read the lovely comments their friends had written! We discussed the importance of building each others confidence and self esteem as well as your own. What a lovely start to the year!
Monday 17th December
Thank you to all the children who brought in their Creative Homework today. It was wonderful to look at all the work and effort you have been putting in at home! 
Friday 14th December
Christmas is only round the corner and the christmas spirit is growing rapidly Kuala Lumpur! As part of our Information Station time the children have loved listening (and singing) to Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas is You.' As well as this the children have continued carrying out their 'Random Acts of Kindness' as part of Advent.
During English on Tuesday the Year 3 and 4 children each wrote their own 'Christmas' acrostic poem. The children had some wonderful and original ideas for their poems and I am sure that you will enjoy reading them once they are sent home.
On Thursday afternoon, the children tucked into their delicious christmas dinners. The hall was beautifully decorated, crackers were on the table and the christmas songs were playing! 
To end the week the children in Kuala Lumpur had a well deserved Marble Jar Treat, for all their hand work this term. As part of their treat the children watched the film 'Elf' which they all seemed to enjoy immensely! 
It's been a super week in Kuala Lumpur class and the children have continued to impress me with their determination, kindness and skills. Well done everyone and I look forward to our final week before Christmas! 
Monday 3rd December
What a lovely start to Decemeber! This morning we had a great time in Prayer Space doing different Christmas activities. The children in Kuala Lumpur loved the Hopes and Dreams water tray and the Angels activity. 
Friday 30th November
What an action packed week! In Kuala Lumpur we have had a great 4 days learning all about computing! We have used Ipads, laptops and even Microbits. As well as this, we have also learned about the importance of staying safe online. The children have immersed themselves into every activity, showing great enthusiam and determination. Well done to all of Kuala Lumpur! 
Friday 23rd November
Another lovely week in Kuala Lumpur! This week I was particularly impressed with the work the children did in R.E. We began by looking at the 10 Commandments in Christianity and discussed their meaning. Then the children were asked to write their own ten commandments and they all came up with mature and caring commandments. I have chosen 10 of the children's commandments that I was particularly impressed with:
1) Thou must always be honest.
2) Thou must always listen to your parents.
3) Thou must be kind with words.
4) Thou should not covet. Be happy with what you have got.
5) Thou must be kind with words.
6) Thou shall look after the environment by picking up litter.
7) Thou shall help other people.
8) Thou shall care for pets on a daily basis (including Guinea pigs and rabbits.)
9) Thou must give hugs.
10) Thou shall share with other people if they are less fortunate than you.
Well done to all the children in Kuala Lumpur! 
Friday 16th November
Today we have had a wonderful day celebrating Children in Need! This morning we enjoyed watching Toronto's class assembly and then this afternoon the children had the opportunity to buy items from the 'Bring and Buy Sale' where all the profits will go to Children in Need. To top off a lovely day, Molly had very kindly baked some Children in Need cakes for the teachers! Thank you Molly, they were absolutely delicious! 
Thursday 15th November 
On Tuesday we watched a wonderful drama performance all about World War 1. The play was extremely informative and the children learned a lot about the war in a child friendly way. 
Friday 9th November
This week the children have really developed their computing skills using the computer programme Scratch. The children began by working in pairs to create a simple algorithm. They were also able to debug and identify errors in an algorithm that my cause the programme not to work. It was a challenging lesson but the children worked wonderfully supporting their peers and developing their skills.
Friday 2nd November 
A wonderful first week back! The children have worked extremely hard in all areas of the curriculum. Today we began our new topic of The Middle Ages and on Thursday Kuala Lumpur designed their own stained glass windows in their Art Sketch Pads. I am sure that this is the start of fantastic half term! 
Thursday 18th October
Bonjour! This week in French we focused on food and the children got the opportunity to try some different French foods including; brioche, pain au chocolat, baguette, and a variety of French cheeses. It was a lovely lesson and the children enjoyed trying the traditional French foods. Maybe next time we will taste snails and frogs legs!
Friday 12th October
Another wonderful week completed in Kuala Lumpur! The children have worked incredibly hard, especially in art. Last week, the children began making their Japanese kites traditionally known as Japanese Koinobori’s; koinobori translates as "carp streamer" in Japanese. The kites are traditionally flown to celebrate Tango-No-Sekku, a traditional event which is now designated a national holiday; Children's Day. The children followed the instructions well and constructed eye catching carp streamers. Today, the children had a lovely time flying their kites on the school field.
Friday 5th October
We have had a wonderful week in Kuala Lumpur class. On Tuesday, the Super Splash Hero's were in school informing us about the importance of being 'water wise' and ensuring that we don't waste water! The children absolutely loved the informative assembly. Then on Wednesday the children carried out a science experiment all to do with sound! On Thursday, we had Topic in which the children continued to learn about different climate zones and finally today we began making our Japanese Koinobori. As well as all this, the children have continued to work incredibly hard in maths and English. The children have almost finished writing their innovated portal stories which they have shown great enthusiasm and commitment. Well done to all of Kuala Lumpur, another brilliant week! 
Friday 28th September 
Another action packed week in Kuala Lumpur! On Thursday afternoon, we had a fantastic Topic lesson learning about different climate zones. We used atlases to identify the different climate zones around the world.
Friday 21st September
This week in Kuala Lumpur we have been extremely busy! The children have began choreographing dances in P.E, learned about the Muslim festival Eid, experimented with musical instruments in science, written recommendation emails in topic and used Google Maps to gather information about flights to other countries! The children have worked incredibly hard across the curriculum this week, a huge well done to you all! 
Friday 14th September
We have had another fantastic week in Kuala Lumpur. The children have worked extremely hard and have used their Growth Mindsets when their work has been challenging. It has been lovely to see the children work together, support one another and encourage their friends in class. This morning we celebrated International Dot Day (which is actually on Saturday 15th September) by reading the story 'The Dot' and we then used water colour paints to design our own unique pieces of art onto different pieces of card. This lesson highlighted the differences in our artistic styles and creativity!