Emmaville Primary School


24th March 2020

A huge hello to all our lovely children.

I did not get the chance to say bye to you individually on Friday and I would have liked the opportunity to do that.  However, as we have many pupils in our school, that was virtually impossible.  So today, I wanted to send you all a little message to say that even though school has been open for children whose Mummy or Daddy are key workers, it has not been the same without all of you being in school with us.  In fact, we only had 17 children that we had to look after today, a very small number, which means that there will only be a minimum number of staff in from now on, to look after any of you that come in to school.

As all of the staff were in school today, we gathered in the hall to have our photographs taken so that we could send you a cheerful greeting from us, just to remind you that we are all thinking of you and missing you.

For those of you who have been at home today, I hope you have been very good for your grown-ups.  Please make sure you do exactly as they ask, as it is so important to follow the rules set out by them; we need to keep you healthy and safe.  Remember the handwashing rule – sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice whilst washing your hands!

Thank you for displaying your rainbows in your house windows; many people have commented upon how lovely and cheerful they look.  Remember, at the end of the rain there is a rainbow to make us smile.

Hopefully children, it will not be too long before we see each other again, until then take care.

Love from

Miss Armstrong