Emmaville Primary School

Moscow Yr3 & 4

Welcome to the Moscow Year 3 & 4 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Friday 17th May


Class Moscow have had a wonderful week. Whilst the Year 4 children went off to Broomly Grange, the Year 3 girls and boys had a fun filled two days of yoga, salsa, forest school and green school experiences.


The Year 4 had an amazing time staying overnight at the beautiful Broomly Grange and were immersed in outdoor new experiences. Not only did they have lots of fun but also overcame many fears on the climbing wall, the high wires, the zip line and the obstacle course to name a few. I was extremely proud of the children for their enthusiasm, bravely and growth mindset and the super attitude they showed over the two days. They were a credit to their parents and the school.


In art, the children again were outdoors exploring observational drawing with leaves and trees.  

Friday 10th May


In gymnastics, the children continued their development of rolls by focusing on the dive forward roll and the teddy bear roll. They were also introduced to different forms of balance.


In science, Class Moscow continued their exploration of electricity by investigating circuits. They had to make predictions about whether the circuits were complete or incomplete based on their knowledge learnt in the lesson. They followed this up by testing their predictions practically.  

Friday 3rd May


In dance, the class created dance routines to represent the stages of a volcanic eruption. They included start and end positions, as well as transitions between the different stages.


For gymnastics, Moscow were introduced to new rolls this week.


Our artists created representations of a volcanic eruption using oil crayons and paint.

Friday 26th April


Our English class began the week by practised retelling the explanation model text using our story map and actions.


Class Moscow began their new gymnastics’ lessons with an external coach. The focus was on rolls which included the pencil roll and the straddle forward roll.


In art, after exploring images of volcanoes, the children created model volcanoes with materials of their own choosing. Linking with science, they experienced a chemical volcanic eruption.    

Friday 5th April


This week we have had a big focus on the Year 3/4 play and Easter.


On Monday and Tuesday, Class Moscow performed ‘Plastic Pirates’ to their families alongside both Jerusalem and Kuala Lumpur. The children we absolutely amazing. We are extremely proud of all the hard work they put into learning their lines and songs and how well they developed their confidence and skills of performance.

Class Moscow spent Wednesday morning creating their own Easter egg designs. I was very impressed with their creativity, art and craft skills, and attention to detail. After all their hard work, the class spent time looking at each other’s designs, discussing where their ideas came from and giving positive and constructive feedback. From each class, three winners were chosen. Congratulation to our top three, and a huge well done to everyone taking part.

Emmaville also held a family Easter egg competition with some amazing entries. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to explore the creations.

Congratulations to the movers in the timetables challenge.

Well done to the Year 3 children on completing their 'Pedestrian Awareness' training over Spring Term 2. The safety of our children is of paramount importance to Emmaville, both in and out of school, so we are extremely happy that they have developed their awareness and ability to stay safe. 

Once again, the children have done a wonderful job with their creative homework. It is fantastic to see how much effort, dedication and creativity they have put into it. A big thank you to their families too for the support they give with this.  

Over the term, the children of Moscow have worked extremely hard, displaying exceptional behaviour and positive attitudes. Because of this, they achieved their marble jar treat. Their choice of reward was a moving, pyjama party and treats. The class had a lovely afternoon.  

Friday 28th March


This week the children of Class Moscow have been working really hard their school play ‘Plastic Pirates’. For the last three weeks they have been learning their lines and songs, and mastering the on-stage performance. This week they had the opportunity to perform it to the school as a dress rehearsal for the two main shows next week. We thought they did a great job and will be amazing last week.


They children also had the opportunity to take part ‘Prayer Space’ whilst the Year Threes continued their pedestrian awareness training. The Year 4 girl’s has their final cricket coaching session with the Durham Cricket Association coach and we have been hugely impressed with the progress they have made with all the skills of catching, bowling, throwing, batting and running.


The rest of the class continued the development of their football skills this week with the focus on space creation. They showed very good progress in terms of moving into space whilst also applying the skills they had learnt in previous weeks.

Friday 22nd March

The Year 3 children had a great time at Thorp academy attending a multi-skills festival which focused on developing their striking and fielding skills. It was also a nice opportunity for the children to interact with the others schools at the festival. Every child represented Emmaville primary School exceptionally well.

Class Moscow and Jerusalem continued developing their skills for creating creative games. This week, we added an additional element to our target games, an obstacle course whilst continuing to focus on rules, points and challenge.

For the Year 3 and 4 school play, the children of Moscow created plastic fish and bird props.

This week was the final week of our BA Year 2 students. Class Moscow were sad to say goodbye but thankful for the time with them. We wish them all the best with their future career in teaching.

Friday 15.03.19

This week the children of Moscow have been working hard on preparing for the Year 3 and 4 school play. Year 4 have been practicing their lines whilst the Year 3 group have been getting reading for their singing roles.


Some children from Year 4 have also been to an hockey tournament where they played against other schools. Everyone did Emmaville proud.

Year 3 have been focusing on making our own creative games this term. This week we created an aiming game. The children we allowed to use a range of resources, and had to create a set of rules, a scoring system and ways to challenge all participants.

Friday 8th March

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, the children came dressed as some of their favourite book characters.

In art, the children have been developing their skills with oil pastels to create Egyptian Pharaoh images. They gathered ideas by analysing mufti-media images and applied these to their creations.

After all their hard work creating an ‘Emmaville Goes Green’ banner, Moscow have now displayed this to remind us of our eco-goals.

On Monday, Emmaville hosted ‘Sensation – The 8 Senses Event’. The event was raising awareness of how we can use a range of senses to develop our emotional intelligence and introduce strategies that can help us become more aware of and regulate our emotions.

Friday 1st March

This week was the ‘Emmaville Goes Green’ Enrichment Week. We have had a whole week of eco-based learning and experiences to inspire our children to care for our environment.

The children had some excellent Forest School based opportunities which included creating leaf-based animal art, tree identification from buds and leaves, and a creativity focused reflection of the week’s learning.

Class Moscow worked on a group project to upcycle their old clothes and an old bedsheet into a ‘Emmaville Goes Green’ banner representing the habitats and wildlife that they want to see in the local and global environments for years to come.

The children were introduced to the idea of upcycle during the week and took part in a workshop to upcycle old materials into a notebook.

Plastic pollution is a serious global problem so the class learned about the problem, causes, effects and possible solutions. They applied this knowledge to create a storyboard and script for a Plastic Pollution Awareness Video. We look forward to making these videos next week with our green screen.  

The children of Moscow had a wonderful trip to Clara Vale Nature Reserve. The education visit linked to the enrichment week, but also gave the opportunity for the class to apply their learning of ‘Habitats and Living Things’ from science in context. Of equal importance, it gave them the chance to connect with nature and feel the physical and mental benefits of outdoor activity in a natural environment. At Clara Vale Nature Reserve, we learnt about the different trees and how we can identify them, we had the opportunity to watch and identify birds, we learnt about the conservation project and the local history of the mining village, and we were able to freely explore the wonderful reserve. The children very much appreciated the passionate and expert guidance of the Clara Vale Conservation Group volunteers.

The Year 4 girls began their five-week programme of cricket training. The focus this week was on catching and clear progress was made from start to finish.

Linking with the theme of the week and our prior learning in science, Class Moscow researched ways in which they could improve the school grounds to make it more eco-friendly and promote habitat development. They applied this knowledge to develop a School Grounds Improvement Plan which included a map, key, explanation of their suggestions, sources of funding and people who could support the project. We hope that some of our ideas will be taken on board by the new ‘Green Club’.  

To start our week of ‘Emmaville Goes Green’ we set about being the change we want to see by collect litter on our grounds.

Friday 15th February

In topic, Class Moscow learned about how the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead. They then applied this knowledge and scientific understanding to predict and investigate what happens when a tomato is mummified with regard to its condition and weight. We look forward to finding out in a few weeks how our predictions were.

This term we have been developing our skills in Hockey. This week, we worked on shooting, which followed on from our prior learning of controlling, passing and dribbling. All of our skills have been developed in game situations in conjunction with communication, awareness, movement and teamwork.  

Class Moscow showed off their Creative Homework based on the theme of The Ancient Egyptians.

Friday 8th February

On Tuesday, it was Chinese New Year, so to celebrate the year of the pig, we were immersed in Chinese New Year opportunities.


First, we learnt about the Story of Nian, the Chinese New Year legend which explains where many of the traditions come from. To scare away the man eating underwater monster called Nian, villages put out firecrackers, firelights and red paper. This tradition continues to this day. We really enjoyed role playing the story.

Burning incense sticks and thinking about what we are thankful for is part of the New Year celebrations. We enjoyed the peaceful time and the smell too.

Another tradition is the wishing tree. People write on a note a wish for the year or something they are thankful for. They then tie this to an orange and throw it into the tree. Being the environmentally friendly class, we didn’t throw it in tree, but we did create some lovely notes.

After that we created our own fortune sticks. These were shaken so that one falls out and the number that is on it tells you your fortune.

We also had the chance to have a tea ceremony and try some delicious Chinese food. Lots of us really liked the flavours and want to try more.

In RE, the children have been discovering the miracles of Jesus. One of these was the ‘Calming of the Storm’. The children learnt about the story and explored what dialogue the disciples may have been using during this experience. They then created model boats with the disciples and dialogue.

In science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats. This week, we discussed local habits and threats to these from human activity. The children enjoyed identifying habitats and threats before creating a map of these and explaining their learning.

Friday 1st February

In ICT, we have been developing our skills for using an online search engine to research about Ancient Egypt. The boys and girls of Moscow also learnt how to use the shortcut key for copy, paste and undo for recording their information.

This week, Class Moscow and the other Year 3 and 4 classes took part in the trials for the cross-country team. Three girls and three boys were chosen to represent Emmaville in the forthcoming cross-country tournament. Everyone who took part did extremely well and ran their socks off but I was very proud that of the six chosen, four came from Class Moscow. We are looking forward to the competition.

Friday 25th January

Continuing with our topic, the archaeologists of Moscow used different sources to learn about the discovery of Tutankhamen. We then role played the discovery with the plan of writing a diary entry of our experience next week.  



Our Moscow scientist were developing their skills of classification by using a spider key to classify vertebrates.

This week in art, we have been developing our skills with water colours to create a sunset colourwash linked to our topic of Ancient Egypt.

Friday 18th January

In English we are learning how to write a discussion text. We have discussing whether children should be allowed screens before bed, and as part of the Primary Writing Project we learn a model text by heart to help with our writing. Role play and acting out the text is a key element of this and the children had fun doing that this week.  

In new topics is ‘The Ancient Egyptians’. This week, the children were introduced to the topic and developed the skill of using different sources to find out information about the past.

In science, our new topic is ‘Living Things and Habitats’. The skills the class developed was classifying and choosing appropriate classifications.

Linked to our topic, Class Moscow learn about Egyptian Hieroglyphics in art, and designed their own name using hieroglyphics.

Friday 11th January

To end the week, we continued our teamwork, creativity and problem solving opportunities. We were given the challenge of saving Sam the worm who had capsized. He need to have his boat turned back around, his life jacket on, be put back in his boat with his oar on top. The catch was that we could only use paper clips to touch any of the items. The children of Moscow said “Challenge Accepted!”.

As part of our PSHE focus this week, we did some work of self-worth and self-esteem. We discussed what we were good at, what we liked about ourselves and how we were proud of ourselves. We then put our ideas onto self-portraits and developed painting skills with water colours. 

As part of our PSHE focus this week, we did some team building and problems solving theme. The children were given the challenge of constructing the highest standing tower using marshmallows, spaghetti and some sticky tape.

Following on from the New Year’s Celebrations, Class Moscow set our own resolutions and goals for the year. We created resolution balloons with targets for the year for both home and school life.

Friday 14th December

No photos this week but Class Moscow have had had a great time. On Tuesday, we went to the Northern Stage to watch a performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’. This was followed by our ‘Marble jar Treat’ on Wednesday of a pyjama party with teddies, snacks and a movie. The year 4 children also had their opportunity to watch the Year 1/2 Christmas performance. On Thursday, the whole school devoured a lovely Christmas dinner. Throw in further exploration of solids, liquid and gasses in science, development of our suspense story in English and continued improvement of our multiplication and division understanding in maths, and it’s been a great week. And to top it off, Class Moscow created their own Christmas Quiz in ICT using all the skills they have developed over this term.

Friday 7th December

The Moscow mini-scientists developed their scientific vocabulary as well as their annotating and labelling skills in science. We explored the water cycle by recreating it in the classroom with a jug, hot water, a tray and ice. After investigating what happens when a liquid is heated and then the gas is cooled we applied this knowledge to the water cycle. The final element was to write a report of our investigation using the scientific vocabulary, annotations and labelling. 

The Year 3 and 4 children were involved in some Forest School based experiences this week. They thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor learning environment and put their trust in others to guide them in their learning. This opportunity helped them develop communication, teamwork, and trust whilst engaging a range of senses.  

Some of Class Moscow took part in the Year 3/4 Gateshead Cheerleading festival. They performed their routine for us before the big performance and were absolutely amazing. All the children who took part had a brilliant time and made the Emmaville family very proud.

Class Moscow had the opportunity to explore the Christmas Story during Prayer Space.

Friday 30th November

This week it was ICT Enrichment Week. The children of Moscow had a brilliant time immersed in computer based experiences, gaining new knowledge and developing personal and academic skills.

We started by learning about the history of computing. From this, we created a human timeline and then worked in groups to create our own visual and written timelines.

One of the big challenges this week was to create our own apps. We explored apps that we use and worked in teams to share and develop ideas before presenting them to the rest of the class.

We were very lucky to have Gateshead Libraries come in and give us the opportunity to experience and explore ‘Makey Makey’.

Through Gateshead Libraries, we also had the chance to get hands on with microbits. These are mini computers that can be programmed with LED displays and sounds. It is possible to borrow these from the local library, so please go along, support the library and have fun with the microbits. 

An important aspect of computing and the internet is e-safety. The children of Moscow learnt how to be safe online and shared their knowledge in a poster.

Moscow were thankful to the Year 5 and 6 New York class who came in and helped develop our ‘Scratch’ skills. The older children were excellent mini-teachers.

The school iPads were put to good use whereby Moscow were given the freedom to put all of their ‘Scratch’ skills to use and experiment however they wished.

Friday 23rd November

This term, Moscow have been developing their programming skills with the Scratch programme. Their task is to create a quiz with the programme. They have created an algorithm with open and closed questions. They have also added variables depending on the answer to the questions. The children are doing a great job and still have some additional skills to learn before creating their final product.  

As part of the Primary Writing Project, Moscow English Class are developing their skills for writing suspense in stories. We started looking at ‘the Nightmare Man’ which has great elements of suspense. As part of this, the children developed questions to asked the main characters and then hot-seated as the characters to answer them. The class came up with some excellent questions which was more than matched by the answers of ‘Sally’ and ‘Sally’s mum’.

For RE, Moscow continued to learn about the stories for the bible and the morals contained in them. This week we learnt about ‘Jesus Feeds the 5000’. To help engage with and internalise the story, the children took on characters from the story and role played the events. They had great fun which helped them when it came to re-telling the story.

In English, we have been exploring new vocabulary linked to our suspense story, ‘The Nightmare Man’. As part of the exploration, the children created their own actions for the vocabulary which other partners and then the class had to guess. They love this way of learning language.

Our mini-athletes have been developing their own PE activities. They learnt about the importance of warming up and stretching the muscles that will be used in an activity. They were then tasked with designing a warm up and activity that would then be taught to their peers. The children have been excellent mini-teachers whilst developing their teamwork, leadership and communication skills. I would not be surprised if some of them were back at Emmaville as adult teachers in the future.

Friday 16th November

It was Children in Need this week and Class Moscow helped support the cause with non-school uniform donations. As well as this, they contributed to and bought from the ‘Emmaville Bring and Buy Sale’.  

In topic, we have been exploring the Middle Ages. This week, Moscow were introduced to the Feudal System through role play. They took on the roles of king, barons, knights and peasant. Each peasant started with 10 M&Ms to represent the crops they had worked to produce, but had to give a certain amount to each of the knights for the lease of the land. This continued from knight to baron and baron to king. The role play led to an interesting discussion about the purpose and fairness of the system.

Friday 9th November

This week in science, the children of Moscow have been applying their knowledge of solids, liquids and gasses through role play and video presentations.

Following on from the previous week’s stain-glass designs, the children transferred them to laminated paper using sharpies. They beautiful creations will be displayed on our classroom windows.

Friday 2nd November

The scientists of Moscow started their exploration of solids, liquids and gasses in science this week. They developed a range of skills including comparing and grouping.

Linking to RE, our mini-artists developed their creative skills by designing their own stain-glass window images after exploring a range of examples.

In RE, Moscow were introduced to the story of Jonah and the Whale. After reading the story as a class and ordering the events, the children worked in groups to role play the events.

Friday 19th October

As part of the Primary Writing Project, the children of Moscow use actions to help them recall stories and their sentence patterns. This week we practised key connectives suggested by Pie Corbett.

Class Moscow really enjoyed coming into school in non-uniform which was made even better as it was for the worthwhile cause of helping fund a school defibrillator.

Our mini-scientists had a great time developing their skills of investigation whilst exploring factors that change pitch. They created and adapted instruments to see what impact the changes had on pitch.