Emmaville Primary School

Newcastle Reception

Welcome to the Newcastle Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week Ending 5 July 2019
EYFS Sports Day
Week ending 14th June 
This week the children enjoyed visiting Clara Vale. The children completed a spotters walk looking for wildlife and different types of plants, pond dipping and bird spotting. 
During Primary Writing Project lessons, the children have enjoyed learning the story Jack and the Robbers through a story map and creating actions. 
The children have also enjoyed playing in their new ice cream role play area, serving customers and making ice creams!
Week ending 7th June 
This week we have had a visit from Supertato. The class have been set different challenges each day from Supertato. This included designing their own superhero, choosing it's superhero power, creating their own superhero vegetables and creating their own superhero story. The children have designed some fantastic superheros! 
In Math's, the children have been ordering numbers to 20, counting to 20 and finding one more and one less than a given amount. 
Week Ending 24th May 
This week the children have learnt how to share amounts equally in Maths. The children were fantastic at sharing amounts equally and identifying if an amount had not been shared fairly. The children have enjoyed innovating their stories for Primary Writing Project and have thought of some great ideas for their own stories, creating a story map to discuss their ideas. The children have been developing their sentence writing skills this week, working towards writing their own independent sentences. 
Week Ending Friday 17th May
Last week we looked at halving in Maths. The children were able to half amounts and shapes. The children could determine whether something was halved by saying if it had two equal halves or not. The children looked at matching halves of shapes, cutting halves of shapes, halving pizzas, slices of bread and kitkats. The children also halved amounts by using cubes and pirate coins. 
Week Ending Friday 17th May
This week we have enjoyed the lovely weather!
It has been great to see so many children coming to school with sun-cream and sun-hats.
They have used these if they choose to play out of the shade.
Thank you!
Week Ending Friday 10th May
This week in phonics we have started to introduce the children to the Set 2 phonics sounds. We have popped a pack in the children's book bags so they can practice our new sounds at home. This week we have learnt ay, ee, igh and ow.
In maths, we have looked at doubling numbers using ladybird spots, pizza toppings and magical pirate treasure chests to help us!
We have also loved playing in our new garden centre role play area, practising our shop keeper and gardening skills!
Week Ending 3rd May 2019
Singing Games and Growth Mindset.
This week in music, we learned some singing games with actions.  
We sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat, whilst holding hands with a partner and moving backwards and forwards.  Then we tried it as a two part round. 
Next we learned A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea.
Some of the actions were quite tricky!  We talked about having to try again and again without getting upset!  Our brains just need a bit of time to learn it all.
Week Ending 26th April 2019
Welcome back after the Easter Holidays; we hope you managed to get out and about and enjoy the lovely weather we had.
The children have come back refreshed and ready to start the summer term - always my favourite! We are starting to make lots of plans for everything that we will do in the coming weeks; trips out, sports day, visits to Year 1, lots of outdoor learning, and our end of year assembly. All the dates and details of which will follow soon.
The children, of course, need to keep working really hard and we thank you for your continued support in helping your child practise their reading books, word and number cards on a regular basis. 
This week we got stuck back into maths with some addition - the children picked this up really quickly and have begun to write number sentences to go with their practical findings.
We have also started to practise some sports day skills in PE - some great beanbag balancing, throwing, aiming and catching - well done.
Week Ending 15th March
This week in maths we have been learning about estimating - we have practised having a 'sensible guess' at the amount of blocks in a box, segments in an orange, jumps we can do in 30 seconds to name just a few! We have then checked our estimates with careful counting.
Week Ending 1st March 2019
This week we have enjoyed joining in with our whole school Enrichment Week, ‘Emmaville Goes Green’.

The aim of the week was to enable the children to find out about environmental and world issues at a level that was relevant to them. These included:

Waste – can we recycle at school and at home?

Transport – can we walk or scoot / bike to school and use the car less?

School Grounds – how can we make our immediate environment better?

Upcycle – can we make use of things we would normally throw away?

Healthy Living – can we try some new foods and eat snacks that are better for us?

Week Ending 8th February 2019
This week we had a special visitor in our classroom to tell us all about Road Safety. We got the chance to dress up as lollipop people and practised crossing the 'roads' safely using 'stop, look, listen, think.'
We also celebrated Chinese New Year by making a huge Chinese Dragon Head to then take on a Chinese Dragon dance around school!
The absolute highlight of our week though was our trip to The Northern Stage to see the amazing performance of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We all loved it!
Week Ending 1st February 2019
Primary Writing Project
This week we have started a new three week unit of work about Peter and the Wolf.
We have acted out the story, made story maps, written descriptions of the characters and have listened to and moved to the music by Sergei Prokofiev.  
We have found out that each character is represented by music played by different instruments.  On Friday we looked at two of the instruments which are part of the string family.  These instruments play the music for the main character, Peter.  We noticed that the small violin, made a higher sound than the large violincello.
Week Ending 25th January 2019
This week we have embraced the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.
We introduced the idea of counting and recording using tally marks. We put the method to the test by walking around the outside of school looking for birds to count.We spotted blackbirds, sparrows, pigeons and seagulls.
We also made bird feeders, so that the children can maybe put them up in their gardens to attract lots of birds for the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend (one of the new homework tasks). 
We talked about what birds we may see in our gardens, why they need help in winter and how we can help them. We then made our own bird feeders by threading bread, raisins, apples and cheese on wire. It was quite fiddly and good practice for fine motor skills! The children were all very good and are convinced that they will have very happy birds in their gardens this weekend. Hopefully you can find a place to hang the feeders and good luck with the bird spotting!
Week Ending 18th January 2019
Primary Writing Project
This week we have been reading Owl Babies.
We have used costumes, story stones and puppets to help us to retell the story.
We have learned about nocturnal animals and sorted pictures of nocturnal animals according to their size.
We held a real feather and thought about words we could use to describe it.  We worked together to describe an owl based on a photograph.
Week beginning 7th January 2019
Happy New Year and a big welcome back to you all! We have talked a lot about Christmas and it sounds like everyone has had a great time.
The children have settled back into their first week really well and what a busy week it has been.  Our Primary Writing Project focus has all been based around the story 'Shark in the Park' - we have enjoyed many activities linked to the story, such as, shark hunting, acting out the story in the tuff tray, rhyming activities, describing sharks and designing, making and testing boats to float.
We also thought about goals we would like to work towards and achieve in 2019. Mrs Richter has displayed these on the display board in the classroom. I know you will all work hard to achieve your goals!
In our Maths sessions we have been looking at 2D shapes - the children loved going on a shape hunt around school.  They were fantastic at finding many different shapes in the environment.
To finish off our busy week we made some delicious scones for our snack on Friday.  We all took turns to mix the ingredients together and then we used cutters to make our own scone. Delicious smells filled the classroom all morning.
Well done Newcastle for a great first week back!
Week Ending 21st December 2018
In our last two weeks at school we have been really getting into the Christmas spirit. We have been to the theatre to watch The Three Bears at Christmas, performed our Nativity play 'Nursery Rhyme Nativity' in front of the whole school and our parents, we have made lots of Christmas crafts, cards and presents with our parents at our stay and play sessions and we have partied our socks off at the Early Years Christmas party. Here are some of our photo highlights for you to enjoy!
Have a lovely Christmas and see you back on Monday 7th January. 

Week Ending 7 December 2018

Primary Writing Project

This week a mystery basket appeared in our classroom.  

First we asked questions about the basket and its contents.

Next we thought about what might be in the basket.

Finally we looked in the basket and wrote about what we found.


Week Ending 30 November 2018

Music and Short Burst Writing.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been listening to Scottish Dance music and Scottish Folk music.  On St. Andrew's Day we looked at images from Scotland, chose our favourite and wrote about it.

Week Ending 23 November 2018

Primary Writing Project

Over the last four weeks we have been working on a ‘Story Writing’ unit of work.

A ‘good character’ (a chicken) goes for a walk and is followed by a ‘bad character’ (a tiger).  In the end the ‘good character’ gets home safely and isn’t eaten by the ‘bad character’!

The story focuses on using positional language (across, around, over, through, under, past) and also uses some of the time connectives used in our previous unit (first, next, after that, then, later, finally).

We read Tiddler by Julia Donaldson and watched the trailer for Finding Nemo.  We ‘Magpied’ great ideas for characters and objects found under the sea.

The children made up their own story using these ideas.  They drew a story map of their story and told their story to the teacher. 

Week Ending 16th November 2018

We finished a busy week with a great day for Children In Need. We took part in various Children In Need themed activities and then enjoyed spending our donations at the Bring and Buy Sale.

Week Ending 10th November 2018

On Friday we watched the CBeebies clip "Poppies" then talked about why we wear a poppy and what happens on Remembrance Day. Some lovely, thoughtful discussion took place - especially after our poppy clip and we had lots of interesting questions from the children. Next, we worked together to create a Remembrance collage which we have displayed in the classroom.  Finally, we made our own poppy biscuits ready to eat in the afternoon.

Week Ending 2nd November 2018

We have had a great week back after the half term holidays. We have been enjoyed celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night. 

In maths we looked at the concept of 'subitising' - the quick recognition of  amounts and number patterns without having to count them.  You could practise this at home by holding up different amounts of fingers on one or two hands or showing different faces on a dice. 

In phonics we have recapped some of the sounds we have learnt so far and learnt new sounds l, h and sh.

Thursday 18th October 2018

We can't believe that our first half term together is over!

The children have settled really well and have been a pleasure to work with.

We hope you all have a lovely break and the children catch up with some well deserved rest ready for our Christmas term.

Week Ending Friday 12th October 2018
Clara Vale Trip
What a lovely day we've had in Clara Vale! The children were super well behaved and had lots of fun. We walked down to the village hall and had juice and biscuits. Then we went to the orchard where we used the apple press to make some delicious apple juice. 
Next we had our much anticipated lunch in the hall. 
Then we went to the nature reserve where we went on a scavenger hunt to find lots of different shapes and textures; we did some pond dipping and investigated all the creepy crawlies that we found in the water and we built some fairy dens. 
Finally, after a short play in the park, we took the bus home. We had lots of help from members of the Clara Vale Conservation Group, thank you very much! Everybody was quite tired at the end of the day, the grown-ups included
 Wednesday 3rd October 2018
Primary Writing Project
To introduce our theme of Harvest, Farmer Johnson and Farmer Jarvis came to visit us. The children thought they were very funny and looked a lot like Mrs Johnson and Mrs. Jarvis.  
Next, we read books and watched clips of videos about farming and harvest time. We collected useful words on our Magpie Words flip chart page.
After that, we thought about the steps taken by the farmer to grow crops. We worked together to draw a map of the steps.
Friday 28th September 2018
We have started our phonics lessons this week and have learnt the sounds m, a, s and d. We have a 20-30 minute session in the morning where we teach the children the new sound, revise previously learnt ones and have a go at writing them in our phonics books; we work with magnetic boards to identify different sounds and, very excitingly, already make up our first words! We have also met Fred Frog, who helps us to sound out and blend words. 
During the day we offer lots of sound-related activities to support our learning, so we painted mountains and made paper mice, we baked apple crumble and did some apple printing, we sowed seeds and had a go at speed stacking and, as you might remember, even dressed up as 'd'-animals on Thursday ... 
We are aiming to learn four new sounds most weeks and will keep you up to date which ones we have taught; so if you come across any words with those initial sounds you could maybe talk about them. 
There are also some sound cards and games ideas in the children's book bags to support their learning if you have 5 minutes every now and then during the week.
Fun Friday!
On Friday morning we had a carousel of activities for the children to take part in. These activities linked to our topic, phonic sounds we have looked at this week and the interests of the children. We had four focussed activities, which were painting dinosaur handprints, making our own bread, a music session and we also had a visitor in class - David - who showed us some magic tricks using mirrors, magnets and money. The children used their listening ears very well throughout the morning in order to follow instructions and take part in the activities. We plan to do activities like this once every week - which will usually be on a Friday morning - as the children really enjoyed their busy morning
Wednesday 19th September 2018
Last Saturday was International Dot Day (15th September) and during the week we did lots of dot art activities after reading the book "The dot" by Peter Reynolds. We started with a huge reception dot, where we worked all together - the children painted and printed and filled the whole dot with colour. Some children did their own dot pictures on the easel, choosing their colours and patterns. We then carried on during the week, printing dots and circles, making collage dots and pictures made out of dots. At the end of the week we put it all together on our dot-display.
Wednesday 12th  September 2018
We have had a great start to our Reception Year in Newcastle class. We are very proud of all the children; they are settling in to their new surroundings with their new friends very well. 
Please keep an eye on the class page to see what we get up to. 
Wednesday 5th September 2018
We had a great time singing and dancing along to music, from Disney films, performed by a live band!