Emmaville Primary School

Newcastle Reception

Welcome to the Newcastle Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week Ending Friday 10th January 2020
Welcome back to school!  We hope our children and families have a fantastic 2020.
As part of our Whole School Singing Focus for the Spring Term, we have learned how to sing Happy Birthday in French.  We even had two birthdays in Reception Class this week, so we were able to sing in french to them both!

Week Ending Friday 20th December 2019
Congratulations to the children in Reception for working so hard to produce a great Nativity performance!  We were so proud of you all.
Week Ending Friday 13th December 2019
Christmas Party time - with a special guest!
Week Ending Friday 6th December 2019
Here is one of the activities we have been thinking about in maths this week.
How many differently shaped models can you make with 5 multi-link cubes?
Here are some of our answers....
Friday 29th November 2019 - Christmas Stay and Play
Thank you to the parents and grandparents who made it to Newcastle classes Christmas craft Stay and Play. We hope you enjoyed joining your children for this very festive end to the week. 
Week Ending Friday 29th November 2019
This week five musicians from the Gateshead Music Service came to our school.  They played lots of tunes that we recognised from Disney Movies. It was great to dance and sing along to music played by a live band!

Week Ending Friday 22nd November 2019
In the Early Years setting we aim to 'go with' the children's interests and make use of every chance to learn in a 'real-life' context.
This week we had some wonderfully frosty mornings.  We were pleased to see that the children came to school well prepared with woolly hats, scarves and gloves.  
We noticed that the frost had formed hundreds of tiny crystals on the fence in our yard.  Getting a magnifying glass from the classroom helped us to take a closer look!
Week Ending Friday 15th November 2019
Every day, the children have time to choose which resources they would like to use within the indoor and outdoor areas.
Sometimes they choose to follow-up their learning from focused, small group sessions. Other times they explore their own ideas or share interests from home.
Here is another chance to see some of the things the children have chosen to do.
Week Ending Friday 8th November 2019
Well done Newcastle!
The children have started to learn how to tell the story of Charlie's Walk.
We have used actions and a story map to help us to remember 'what comes next'.

Week Ending Friday 1st November 2019
This week we have started our first Primary Writing Unit of work based on Charlie's Walk.
On the first day our children found a map, a feather and some paw prints in the classroom.  We talked about who these things might belong to and why they were in the classroom.   
This week our Five New Words of the Week were words that will help us to tell the story.  They are part of our Toolkit.  We made up actions for these words.
Week Ending Friday 18th October
In Reception, we value the time that we give to the children for them to pursue their own interests and ideas. Every day they are given uninterrupted time to explore the inside and outside classrooms, to follow their own agendas and to develop their own independent learning skills. It is always so interesting to observe their play. Quite often, the children will act out scenarios and scenes that are familiar to them, playing games such as families, teachers or role-playing characters from TV programmes. Other times, the children will choose to make something that they can use in their play, such as a bag, some binoculars or a watch. The children often like to go back to a game or a resource that they are familiar with, perhaps building upon their game last time or extending it by joining in with different children. Other times, it is nice to see the children try something new or for the first time, perhaps attempting some independent writing or completing an assault course outside.
Week Ending Friday 11th October
The highlight of our week this week was definately our trip to Clara Vale. Over the course of the year, we visit the nature reserve in Clara Vale and the surrounding area, three times. On each visit, we look at how the natural landscape changes according to the season, weather and time of year. Prior to each visit, we remind the children about what they saw the last time they were there. We predict what might be the same or what might have changed.
On this first, autumnal visit, we went to the orchard and learnt how to make apple juice; we collected lots of windfall, washed and cut the apples and then made juice in the apple press, very exciting and delicious! Then went to the nature reserve for an autumn scavenger hunt, finding lots of leaves, beechnuts, conkers, berries and other autumn treasures to stick onto our autumn crowns.  We finished the day off in the park where everybody had a lovely time. Luckily there was a bus to take us back to school, the children were all quite tired at the end of the day! Thank you to all our grown-up helpers, we couldn't do it without you!
Week Ending Friday 4th October
This week we have used the book Owl Babies to explore language, thinking of lots of different ways to describe what an owl looks, feels and sounds like. We even worked together to create an acrostic owl poem to enter into a competition! We also used costumes, masks, story spoons, and props to retell the story to each other. 
We created some owl art and made wanted posters for the owl mummy. Lastly, we kept a close eye on a live owl-cam showing real owlets and their mummy in their bird box:
Week Ending 27th September 2019
This week we have used the book Shark in the Park to practise our rhyming skills. We have also researched sharks in non-fiction books and on the internet - it turns out we had quite a few shark experts in the class already! Our daily phonics sessions have continued - this week we learnt the sounds c k u b and f.
In maths, we practised accurate one to one counting and in PE the children wowed me by getting changed very nearly independently (just a few inside out tights and tricky buttons!)
On Friday Jigsaw Jennie helped us in our weekly PSED lesson - this week we talked about feelings and some practical strategies to manage difficult feelings. We also had a blast attempting to make slime and baking and eating yummy shark shortbread biscuits.
Week Ending 20th September 2019
Wow! What a busy week we have had. We have introduced the children to lots of new activities this week and they have taken it all in their stride.  We have worked on our number recognition skills in maths, taken part in our first PE session where we worked on moving in a space in different ways and we were also introduced to 'Jigsaw Jenie' in our PSHE session - in this session we discussed how we use kind words and have kind hands and then we created our own class charter of golden rules to remember. On Friday we decorated our own delicious dot biscuits for snack, investigated floating and sinking and made our own fox and badger leaves for our display.
A brilliant week Newcastle class and a big 'well done' to all of you!
Week Ending 13th September 2019
Well that's our first full week accomplished; I bet there are some tired children this weekend...they have been none stop all week! We have begun some new routines including our Read, Write, Inc phonics programme. This week we have learnt the sounds m, s, a, t and d. Your child will have brought home a pack in their book bags of letter cards so that they can impress you with how much they know!
Week Ending 6th September 2019
Wow! What a busy first week at school. It has been so lovely welcoming back familiar faces from nursery and meeting lots of new ones. You should be really proud of how well your children have settled into 'big' school life. We are especially impressed with how they have coped in the main school at lunchtime. Keep checking the website for lots of photos and updates.