Emmaville Primary School

Newcastle Reception

Welcome to the Newcastle Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week Ending 16th July 2021
Look at our radishes!
Our children were delighted to see the results of their seed-planting earlier this year!
Week Ending 9th July 2021
It has been a busy sporting week in school with our Sports Morning and work all about the Olympic Games. 
We also enjoyed our Garden Party celebration.  We dressed up in smart clothes, played games, flew kites that we had made and ate ice cream!
Week Ending 2nd July 2021
Here are some of the activities the children have chosen to do in our outside classroom.
Week Ending 25 June 2021
Here are some of the activities the children have chosen to do in our inside classroom.
Resources, such as the peg boards are put out on the tables and it is always interesting to see what the children choose to do with them.  Sometimes they choose to re-visit an activity which might have been completed during a Teacher-led maths session - such as repeating patterns.  Sometimes they explore a completely new idea, such as seeing how many pegs can balance in a 'tower'!  Often children are inspired to have a go when they see someone else's investigation.
At this stage in the year, our writing area is often used by children who want to make books and stories.
Our cut and stick area is full of resources for children to make their own models and props for play.  It is also used to make items for our role-play area.  At the start of this half term our Space Station was a little bare.  The children have worked really hard; thinking of things we can make together such as props and decorations to improve it.
Week Ending 18th June 2021
We are lucky enough to have coach Vicky in school this half term to teach us football in our PE lessons. In these photographs you can see us moving around the yard in different ways (walking, jogging, side step and backwards). It was a little tricky to walk backwards but the children kept looking over their shoulders to make sure they didn't bump into anyone else. We paired up and took it in turns to dribble the football around the yard with our partner following close behind. I was really impressed with their turn taking and concentration. Finally, we scored some goals in the back of the net. Well done guys! I definitely think we have some footballers in Newcastle class
Week Ending 11 June 2021
Last half term, during some teacher-led sessions, we changed the lyrics to a song and chose some untuned percussion to use with each verse.  Next we added some tuned percussion to play all the time.
During our independent times we can use classroom instruments, such as the piano, to explore sounds. 
Sometimes we like to make our music 'sound like' or represent characters in a story, settings or events.  We thought that high, quick and quiet notes might 'sound' like the mouse in The Gruffalo.  We enjoyed making loud and slower sounds for the Gruffalo.
Week Ending 28th May 2021
What a lovely last day of the half term we had. Thank you for sending your children to school all 'rainbowed' up for our school Rainbow Fun Run...they all looked fabulous. We had a lovely morning cheering on other year groups from our garden, then after lunch it was our turn. The children were all soooooo fast and all ran round the entire course. They were rightly rewarded with ice lollies at the end. We then stayed on the field to cheer on some other classes. It was a lovely, sunny, celebratory afternoon. Well done everyone.

Week Ending 21st May 2021
This week in English, we have continued with our Talk For Write unit on 'Pirate Tom'. After learning the story, we are now 'innovating' the story with our own ideas by changing the characters and setting. 
The children have then drawn their own story using a story map and are beginning to write their stories using words, captions, and sentences.
We have also enjoyed making pirate props to go alongside our stories, including pirate hats, ship rats, treasure chests, and pirate bunting. 
Week Ending 14th May 2021
This week the children completed some fabulous work in Maths.
We were learning all about Spatial Reasoning - we recapped our recognition of 2D shapes that we had learned earlier in the year, but this week we extended our knowledge to learn about how shapes can be matched with each other, rotated and positioned to look different or to fit together.
We used geoboards and elastic bands, matching shape bingo, 'barrier' games and made tessellating shape pictures.
Week Ending Friday 7th May 2021
This week I would like to share some of the amazing independent work that the children do - all of these photos are just from last week!
The children are so imaginative - sometimes taking inspiration from things we have been looking at in teacher-led times; such as the amazing Meg and Mog pictures after looking at the books in English, or Niamh's fantastic technicolour Dreamcoat, after watching clips of 'Joseph...' in Music.
Quite often though, the children have their own ideas and it is at this time of the academic year that we really see the children beginning to build upon activities, model or a game. This week we saw some amazing junk model cameras being made, some excellent communication and language skills and cooperation as the children made zoos and garages with small world toys. They also practised their independent drawing and writing as they wrote invitations, made cards, decorations for the classroom and large scale mark making..
All in a days work for a four-year-old!! 
Week Ending Friday 30th April
This week I would like to celebrate how wonderful Newcastle class were in PE this week. 
The weather was a bit rubbish; cold, windy and damp, but not once did anybody grumble. They all got stuck in and tried their hardest, having loads of fun at the same time.
We were practising football skills this week, mainly passing a ball carefully to our partner or teammates with the inside of our feet. It was hard to know how hard to kick it so that it didn't go too far or not far enough. By the end of the practice, we were all getting much better at judging the right speed and direction of the kick.
We finished with a bit of goal scoring practice!
Week Ending 23rd April 2021
Welcome to the summer term!
This week we have learnt about St George's Day. We listened to a poem all about special landmarks in England. We then looked at local landmarks - lots of the children recognised The Angel of the North and spoke about visits to the Newcastle Quayside and seeing The Baltic, The Sage and The Tyne Bridge.
It turns out we have a class full of fabulous artists as the children all then recreated their favourite local landmark using watercolours and oil pastels. Aren't they fabulous!
Week Ending 19 March 2021
The children have continued to enjoy playing with their friends and getting on with their work.
The children have been using mirrors to explore and observe their facial features.  They have produced some super self-portraits!
In maths we have been counting 1p coins and finding totals.  We have also learned that there are other coins too.  We have looked at 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.  We talked about things such as two 1p coins could be swapped for a 2p coin.  A 5p coin is worth the same as five 1p coins. 
We have been moving to Irish Folk and Irish Dance music and learning about St. Patrick's Day. The children were keen to make headbands similar to the ones shown on the CBBC videos.  They even asked if we could have our own parade.
Week Ending 12 March 2021
Welcome back Everyone!
We have had a fantastic week seeing all of our friends again.
The children have been amazing.  They have slotted back in to the routines as if they were never away!
Well done!
Week Ending 18th December 2020
We had a lovely last week; enjoying lots of festive treats, from our lovely Christmas lunch to our class party, watching pantomimes and having a pyjama day. Needless to say, this term has been a tricky one for all of the children, their families and the school but the children have really done us all proud. They have taken every change in their stride and have achieved so much since September. What a bunch of superstars!! 

We Wish You A Merry Christmas
We have been working very hard to learn the Makaton signs to 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' for a special performance to impress our families. We hope you enjoy it.
Week Ending 11th December 2020
We had a special treat on Wednesday afternoon, a Zoom workshop with Seven stories. Our storyteller "Forgetful Mel" read two Mog stories by Judith Kerr, Forgetful Mog and Mog's Christmas, supported by the children, as she really was very forgetful! There was lots of interaction with the children which they thoroughly enjoyed. We also had some props ready, so it rained and snowed on the children and there were several surprising sound effects. We also made Christmas decorations, which the children proudly presented to the Seven Stories team. Everyone joined in and we had a lovely afternoon!
Week Ending 4th December 2020
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
This week we began our Christmas preparations in earnest.
The children did an amazing job of decorating the class Christmas tree. We added decorations that we had made throughout the week - paper chains and baubles made from threading beads.
We also had a go at writing our letters to Santa and enjoyed playing in the Christmas themed workshop/post office. 
We are looking forward to lots more festive fun in the coming weeks.
Week Ending 27th November 2020
This week in maths we have been digging deeper into numbers within 5 - we have looked at how we can make or show the same number in different ways.
When we have been outside, lots of children have been interested in teaching each other games. They have played 'Grandma's Footsteps and 'What Time is it Mr Wolf?'
We have also made some lovely shiny stars for our Christmas star competition - we will proudly display them on the fences outside the classroom next week. 
Week Ending Friday 20th November 2020
Welcome back Newcastle class! You have all managed so well coming back to school this week from your time learning at home.
We only had a short week at school but we packed lots in! I know lots of you thought that playing with the parachute in PE was your favourite activity of the week!
We also worked on patterns in maths and you got so good at not only carrying on existing patterns but also making patterns of your own. 
We learnt the sound 'qu' in phonics and some children chose to make crowns fit for a queen!
Week Ending 6th November 
This week we continued our focus on numbers in maths; looking closely at 1,2 and 3; how they can be represented and how they can be made up. We also introduced 'subitising' - which is being able to know how many there are, without counting.
Subitising can help children to build images for numbers, to visualise and to learn number facts. For instance, most four-year-olds readily learn to recognise five dots on a dice, which helps them to understand the cardinal value or ‘howmanyness’ of five, which they can link to the word and symbol for 5. Structured images like this also help children to begin to see numbers inside numbers, for instance seeing four and one within five.
In English, we started a Talk For Writing unit on a story called 'Charlie's Walk'. We learned the story as a class, using a story map and an action for each keyword.
A fantastic, busy week Newcastle class...even though it was cut a little short.
Look after yourselves and work hard at home. We would love to see lots of photographs on Tapestry of what you get up to.
Week Ending 23rd October
What a fabulous first half term Newcastle class! We have managed to squeeze so much in and you have all learnt so much already!
We are incredibly proud of how well everyone has settled in and we can't wait for next half term. 
Friday 16th October 2020
This week we have learned more sounds in phonics and have continued to work in small groups during our maths lessons. We have spent some time reading Owl Babies and have thought about how to describe a feather and what an owl might hear in the wood.  We have learned about nocturnal and diurnal animals.
Friday 9th October 2020
This week we have learned more sounds in phonics and have continued to work in small groups during our maths lessons. We have spent some time reading Shark in the Park and have become very good at spotting rhyming words.  We had an exciting time on Thursday when had our first P.E. lesson!
Friday 2nd October 2020
This week we have continued to learn more sounds and have also started our maths lessons.  The children have listened to number songs and have learned how to work in a small group on an activity without an adult!  We had an exciting time on Wednesday when Mr. Saddington came in to our classroom to take our class photograph for the newsletter.
Friday 25th September 2020
What a fantastic first week we have had in our Newcastle Class! The children have settled incredibly well and have taken everything in their stride. We have loved our first phonics sessions and enjoyed having lunch in the school hall. It has been so lovely to see the enthusiasm of the children in everything they do. Well done Newcastle Class! From Mrs Wallace, Mrs Jarvis, Mrs Richter & Mrs Jude