Emmaville Primary School

Newcastle Reception

Welcome to the Newcastle Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Week Ending 8th April 2022
Superhero Sports Festival
Last week I had the pleasure of taking a group of Reception children to Gateshead Leisure Centre to take part in the Gateshead Schools Sports Partnership Sports Festival.
The children enjoyed a carousel of Superhero themed activities that tested their throwing, catching, running, and balancing skills to the maximum!
They all tried their best in what was a fun (and exhausting!) morning!
Week Ending Friday 1st April 2022
This week, one of Newcastle classes' favourite activities in our Diversity & Equality Week, was to try out Irish dancing lessons!
Shelagh from The Gorman School of Irish dancing came into school to teach us a traditional  Irish dance, step by step. Shelagh told us that this was a dance that was usually done at family weddings and birthday celebrations.
The children loved having a good go at the steps and a good giggle in the process!
Week Ending 25th March 2022
This week we looked at 'Self Regulation' in a PSED session.
We introduced the children to 'Zones of Regulation.'
The aim is to teach the children to identify emotions in themselves and others and provide them with a bank of strategies to help regulate their emotions and improve their wellbeing.

The Zones of Regulation use four colours to help children self-identify how they’re feeling and categorise it based on colour.

Over time, we hope that it will help the children better understand their emotions, sensory needs and thinking patterns. The children will learn different strategies to cope and manage their emotions based on which colour zone they’re in. Additionally, the Zones of Regulation helps children to recognise their own triggers, learn to read facial expressions, develop problem-solving skills, and become more attuned to how their actions affect other people.

Week Ending 18th March 2022
For the past two weeks, we have been looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs.
We have looked at different versions of the story, learned the story using a story map and actions, and acted out the story using puppets and props.
We have a fabulous understanding of the story now, so next week we are going to innovate the story by changing the characters.
We have thought about different good and bad characters we might use.
To finish off our week we looked at question starters then used these to ask the big bad wolf some questions to find out more information about him.
Week Ending 11th March 2022
This week in maths we have been looking at comparing amounts. The children are getting very good at being able to see how different amounts are made up without even having to count them - for example, they can see that there are 7 cakes because they can subitise (count without one to one counting) that there are 5 cakes and 2 cakes.
We have also practiced doubling numbers using our fingers - see if your child can tell you any double facts at home. 
Week Ending 5th March 2022
This week we enjoyed a fabulous workshop from The Barefoot Theatre Company.
'Tara Tickle' told us a story through songs, dances, and movement. The children thoroughly enjoyed joining in at every stage.
Week Ending 18th February 2022
As part of a whole school initiative we took part in a 'hands up' survey from Sustrans today. We talked about how we come to school now and also how we would like to come to school. Next half term the school will be working on initiatives with Sustrans, looking at how walking / scooting / biking to school is beneficial for children's mental health, their physical health & also reduces congestion.
Week Ending 11th February 2022
On Friday afternoon we took our Chinese dragon for the long-awaited parade.
We had made and decorated a body for it so that about 6 to 8 children could carry it. The children were so excited!!
It was quite tricky sometimes to coordinate all the involved arms and legs, to get the pace right and carry the fairly heavy head together, but the children worked great as dragon teams and took lots of turns so that most children could be part of the dragon. They even managed the hill!
It was great fun and we will no doubt take it out for a walk again!
Friday 4th February 2022
As part of our Whole School Collective Worship focus of 'Old and New', we have been learning about Chinese New Year.  Here are some of art and music, teacher-led tasks and continuous provision activities, that we have linked with this theme. 

Friday 28th January 2022
During maths this week, we have been finding matching pairs.
One of our continuous provision art activities was to create a small picture of something the child really liked.  These pictures were copied so that we could make our own 'Matching Pairs' memory game.  The children have loved playing our home-made game during maths and choosing time!
We also hope that the children will now be able to help at home, sorting out the clean washing by matching up single socks into pairs!
Week Ending 20th January 2022
We have had such a lovely day working with the author and storyteller Adam Bushnell.
Adam often comes to Emmaville to work with us and we always have such a great time.
Today, he told us a story about the big bad wolf and we thought of ideas of how he could be defeated. The children loved how interactive the session was and they were fully engaged throughout the session.
After the story, we made our own monster masks using felt tips and paper plates to scare the wolf away.
We also all got to meet Adam's pet tortoise, Jet who came to school with him!
In the afternoon, Adam told us a story about a knight and his dragon. We then had a try at drawing our own dragons and dressing up in real knight's armour! What a fabulous day!
Week Ending 14th January 2022
This week we enjoyed a Friday afternoon selection of activities based around Little Red Riding Hood. 
The children had their first go at a drama 'hot seating' activity. Some children got into character as The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood and the rest of the children worked on possible questions to ask them. We looked at the words that we could start a question with such as 'what, who, and where?' 
We also made some chocolate chip cakes, just like the ones that Little Red Riding Hood took in her basket to Grandma's house. 

Week Ending 10th December 2021
This week we have embraced our whole school 'STEM Enrichment Week'. Our STEM challenges all came from traditional tales; they included building the tallest beanstalk for Jack, transporting the Little Red Hen's flour on a zip line, building houses for The Three Little Pigs, and testing materials for The Gingerbread Man's boat.
Friday 3rd December 2021
Christmas has started in Reception!
The children have decorated our tree, our Kindness Elf, Buddy, is setting us daily challenges and there are lots of Christmassy activities to do around the classroom. Our usual teacher-led activities such as Maths, Phonics and English will continue over the next few weeks as well.
Friday 26th November 2021
Here are some examples of children choosing to follow-up their learning from a teacher-led session, during their own choosing time.
The alphabet mat is perfect for jumping on letters to read words "p-a-t.....pat!"
The tray of shapes can be used to create pictures or to sort shapes in to groups.  Children demonstrate their knowledge of shape names and properties when explaining what they have chosen to do.
Friday 19th November 2021
Reception loved coming to school in their pyjamas to help raise money for Children in Need.  The children had a chance to access some Pudsey Bear themed activities such as bingo, printing spots, playdough tasks and making Pudsey Bear headbands. We loved watching the news clip of the 50 drummers helping the weather man with his 24 hour drumming challenge!
Friday 12th November 2021
Reception Remembers
This week we made poppies. We explained that people wear poppies to help them to remember people who have been brave.
Friday 5th November 2021
Welcome back everyone!
This week we have enjoyed learning about two celebrations: Diwali and Bonfire Night.
We have thought about how important light is to our world.  It helps plants to grow and people to feel well.
We thought about things we could do to be 'like light'- by being kind, helping others to feel good and brightening up other people's days. 
We made sparklers for our snack using breadsticks, chocolate and sprinkles, made firework art paintings and learnt all about firework safety. 

Friday 22nd October 2021

Wow - just like that our first half term is over. It has been an absolute delight getting to know all of the wonderful children in Newcastle class - we have such a super class of children. You have all adapted to school life amazingly well and have definitely earned a well-deserved break for all of your hard work.

We hope you have a lovely half term and manage to recharge your batteries ready for our fun-filled Christmas half term. See you all on the 1st of November.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Friday 15th October 2021
This week we took part in an online workshop from the Seven Stories. An author, Ross Montgomery, read his ‘Ten Delicious Teachers’ story to us. The illustrator of the book, Sarah Warburton, then gave us a step by step guide of how to draw a monster. The children used their best listening ears throughout the session and produced some wonderful monsters.
In outdoor P.E. this week,  warmed up with a game of 'sharks'. Then we went on a Jungle Journey, practising key skills of running in a space, jumping, stopping and starting, and changing direction
Friday 8th October 2021
In maths this week, we have looked at repeating patterns. The children have made repeating patterns with resources including Lego, cubes, shapes, pegs, counters and playdough. They have also explored repeating patterns by making fruit skewers, painting pictures, using patterns in songs, using instruments, actions rhymes and dances. Excellent pattern work Newcastle class!
National Poetry Week
Here is our class performance for National Poetry Week. We think they have all done amazingly well at remembering the poem; how to speak clearly and how to ‘perform’ it with the actions. A huge well done Newcastle class!

Friday 1st October 2021
This week our focus story has been the Owl Babies. The children have enjoyed learning lots of owl facts,  learning about nocturnal and diurnal animals, acting out the story with props and creating lots of wonderful owl art! We also produced some shared writing all about what an owl might hear in the woods at night. 
To help us to revise the sound 's' we learned about and played the steel pans. We learned how to strum using the sticks to make sounds.
Friday 24th September 2021
This week our focus story has been 'Shark in the Park'. We have enjoyed learning all about sharks, acting out the story using various props, looking at rhyming words and making telescopes like Timothy Pope. 
We have also started to learn how to read!  We have learned how to read and write the sounds: m,a,s,d,t.
and have started to use those sounds to read words such as: m-a-t, s-a-d.
We have used lots of things in the classroom that start with the new sounds such as:- magnets, mirrors, looking at seeds, dominoes, dinosaurs, building towers, telescopes.
Friday 17th September 2021
We've all had a wonderfully dotty week! We started off by reading 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds, a story all about self belief and using our growth mindset to 'have a try' at things. We have also learnt 'the dot' song, enjoyed lots of dotty art and we finished off our week by making dotty biscuits for snack!
Friday 10th September 2021
This week we welcomed our new Reception Class to Emmaville.
They have been absolutely fantastic!  
We have spent lots of time getting to know each other, exploring our inside and outside classrooms as well as enjoying lunch in the Dinner Hall.