Emmaville Primary School

Newcastle Reception

Welcome to the Newcastle Reception Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this term.
Week Ending 7th July 2023
Well done to everyone for taking part in our Sports Morning!
The children listened so well to instructions and encouraged those who were running the races!
What a great morning we had!
Week Ending 30th June 2023
This week the children used 1 pence coins to show different amounts of money.  We also showed the children 2p, 5p and 10p coins and explained that, for example, we can use a 5p coin instead of 5 pennies to pay for an item.
Week Ending 23rd June 2023
The children have taken part in a couple of history based, teacher led, activities using items in artefact boxes from the museum.   One box had various household items inside, both old and new. The children enjoyed handling and using the objects then identifying whether or not they were old or new. The other box had items from the seaside. We looked at some photographs and identified both similarities and differences, about the seaside, between the past and the present day. We then looked at and carefully handled some seaside objects from the past. It was amazing to see how so many things have changed over time.
Week Ending 16th June 2023
This week our maths focus has been pattern. We have been recognising, describing, and creating patterns using a wide range of materials. 
Week Ending Friday 9th June 2023
Thursday 8th of June is World Oceans Day.  To help us to think about how special our oceans are, we read Dear Greenpeace by Simon James.  Here are some pictures of some Ocean and Whale activities that we took part in.
Week Ending Friday 26th May 2023
This week, Reception enjoyed meeting the newly hatched ducklings that nursery are currently looking after.
As we had already studied the life cycles of butterflies and frogs, the children were able to link their prior learning to the life cycle of the duck.
The children loved having the opportunity to have a cuddle - they were quite wriggly!!
Week Ending Friday 19th May 2023
This week in Reception, we traveled to Africa!
We looked at where Africa was, using the globe and Digimaps.
We listened to two stories, set in Africa; Handa's Surprise and Anansi the Spider.
We learned all about African instruments and made our own percussion instruments to dance along to some traditional African music.
We compared animals that we might see in the United Kingdom to those that might be found in Africa.
We also produced some amazing spider pictures, in the style of the illustrations from our Anansi the Spider book.
Week Ending Friday 12th May 2023
This week we have looked at Life Cycles - in particular the life cycle of a butterfly and the life cycle of a frog.
We had 'real life' examples of both creatures to observe. Our caterpillars had just begun to turn into cocoons, and so that was an excellent opportunity to talk about what they had been before the caterpillar stage and also what they would be after the cocoon stage.
Our tank of tadpoles was fascinating to watch and the children learned more about how they started off as frogspawn, and then turn into froglets, and then frogs. The children produced some fantastic life cycle lily pads to demonstrate their understanding of the life cycle process.
The children also loved making their own Hungry Caterpillar-inspired fruit kebabs for a snack on Friday; as they learned all about the healthy foods that the caterpillar managed to eat.
Week Ending Friday 5th May 2023
Coronation crowns, parades & pants!
We finished a very celebratory week on Friday with a morning of crown making, a noisy instrument-filled parade around our gardens, and listening to the wonderful book; The Kings Pants by Nicholas Allan. The children then also designed their own pair of pants fit for a King!

Week Ending Friday 28th April 2023
This week I have posted some lovely videos of the children's dance lessons in PE. Their finished dance is  titled 'Under the Sea!'
The children worked on reenacting the movements of different sea creatures, including sharks, crabs, fish, mermaids, starfish, and jellyfish.
They then put these movements together, using the stop-and-start that they heard in the music.
I am sure you will agree, they are very creative. 
Week Ending Friday 21st April 2023
We had a lovely day at Hall Hill Farm this week.
In the morning we got to hold little chicks, guinea pigs, and rabbits, and we fed goats and little lambs. We even had a go at milking a cow - not a real one though! We then had our lunch in the barn, everyone was very hungry by then.
In the afternoon the sun came out and it warmed up a bit for our walk, we saw lots of animals, including wallabies, and we fed sheep, alpacas, and even llamas. The children were very good at feeding the animals and thought it was very tickly when they took the food out of our hands.  After a very bumpy tractor ride, racing the llamas, we had some time in the play park.
A great day was had by all; thank you to all of the parents that came along to help.