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Northern Europe Year 3

Welcome to the Northern Europe Year 3 Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.
Friday 20th November
We have had LOTS of fun in Northern Europe this week! Firstly, we started our week with a very exciting history lesson, where we learnt all about Anglo-Saxon village life. We discovered that everyone who lived in an Anglo-Saxon village contributed to its running in some way. We looked at particular roles and jobs that each villager may have had. We then explored what a typical Anglo-Saxon village would have looked like, we drew a village in our history book, making sure it was busy and thriving, as they once would have been. We also annotated all the features of our village to show we understood what it was like to live there. Take a look at the picture of our class history display below.
On Wednesday, we joined Matt Goodfellow for a virtual poetry workshop. We listened in to Matt’s unique style of poetry and joined in with great enthusiasm. He was truly inspiring!  He shared a selection of his poems from his book ‘Bright Bursts of Colour‘, which lots of us have now ordered! After listening to Matt we took to writing some of our own poetry, take a look at Rowan's poem below. 
On Thursday, we had an excellent computing lesson with Mrs Priestley all about algorithms and decomposing. We created simple Lego models and took photos to create instructions (an algorithm) for our classmates to recreate our model. By removing one block at a time we were decomposing the problem into manageable steps. Below, we have two sets of instructions, can you create the models at home?
Finally, on Friday we ended our week with a wonderful art lesson. We wrapped up and went outside to create leaf sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Take a look at the pictures below of our amazing sculptures – we are so proud of them!
What a week! Well done superstars!

My Cosy Classroom
By Rowan 

I can smell the delicious school dinners,
In my cosy classroom.

I can see colourful bunting,
In my cosy classroom.

I can hear the wind blowing,
Outside my cosy classroom.

I can hear the relaxing music,
In my cosy classroom.

I can smell the candle burning,
In my cosy classroom.

I can hear the children chattering,
In my cosy classroom.

Friday 13th November

We know how important it is to keep active, and throughout this week we have been joining Joe Wicks each morning to take part in a 5-minute mood boosting workout to set us up for our day ahead. We have also been exploring the benefits of exercise on our mood and mind. Today, the whole of Emmaville came to school dressed in our pyjamas and Pudsey Bear T-shirts and joined Joe Wicks in the final leg of his 24-hour workout, to raise money for Children in Need.

We also held a Children in Need ‘Family Bake Off Competition’, and after a very tricky morning judging all the amazing entries, we have decided that the winner is... drum roll please... Charlotte, for her amazing Pudsey Bear cake! A huge well done to Charlotte and her family!

Well done to everyone who participated and thank you so much for sending in your pictures. I hope everyone had fun making and baking and it was lovely to see so many of you getting involved.

Take a look at all our amazing entries below!

Friday 6th November

We are the champions! Wow, well done Northern Europe on a phenomenal win in our recent Times Tables Rock Star Tournament. Over half term, you have been working incredibly hard on improving your mental maths skills during this tournament. You are showing amazing progress and it’s fair to say we LOVE doing our times tables, with lots of you finishing the tournament with scores in thousands! You have all showed a massive amount of enthusiasm and determination throughout; this makes me a very proud teacher.

The top five rockers are:

1. Dexter - Monique Boals - 17,148 (the highest score in the whole tournament!)

2. Samuel.L - Spider Meisner - 10,092

3. Ellie - Brenda Childress - 3,997

4. Lenny - Jah Arm - 3,423

5. Sam.C - Mickey Burger - 1,652

We have really enjoyed taking part in the tournament and looking at all the other class’s scores each day. It is safe to say that Northern Europe have set the bar high for future tournaments!


Friday 23rd October

What a brilliant end to our first half term in Year 3. In Computing, we have been creating non-fiction eBooks, explaining the SMART Rules to keeping safe online. On Wednesday, we finished our eBooks and we are so happy with how they look! We have thoroughly enjoyed creating these books and learning lots of computing skills along the way.

At Emmaville, we strive to have growth mindsets and when we find something hard we use our safety nets and think positively. In a PSHE lesson, we discussed what somebody with a fixed mindset may say in comparison to somebody with a growth mindset. We then used photo editing software to add a black and white ‘mono’ effect to our fixed mindset photos and enhanced the colour on our growth mindset photos. Take a look at our photos below.

In art, we created some Remembrance Day art using perspective. Our art is going to be shared with the community and displayed in the local co-op. Thank you to Dexter’s mum and her friend for arranging this for us. Please see our artwork below. 

Finally, a huge congratulations to our new school council members, Ellie and Sam.C. We know you are both going to make amazing school councillors and do a superb job at representing Northern Europe!


Well done and thank you for a wonderful first half term Northern Europe. I hope you all have a lovely half term and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Friday 16th October

Another week of working our socks off in Northern Europe! In RE, we have been continuing our learning on Hinduism and Diwali, this week we created rangoli designs. A rangoli design is made up of beautiful coloured patterns and these designs are often very detailed. Rangoli designs are thought to bring good luck. During Diwali, rangoli patterns are created at the entrance to people’s homes to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi. 

In history, we have been learning about The Stone Age. The Stone Age lasted a very, very long time! It was split into three periods: The Paeleolithic period (which is the oldest); the Mesolithic period; then finally the Neolithic period which is seen as the ‘New Stone Age’. Over the last few weeks, we have been studying these different periods, exploring how people lived during these times and what their homes would have looked like. This was dependent on the time, and the country. In Britain, archaeologists have found evidence of four main types of dwellings. As part of our D&T lesson this week, we designed and created one of the four Stone Age dwellings.

Finally, we have sent our instructions off to Hogglestock in Narnia. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating these instructions and helping the servants at the Cair Paravel. Take a look at our videos below on how to make a disgusting sandwich!


WARNING: Contains revolting ingredients!

Friday 9th October
Wow, what an exciting week in Northern Europe! This week in English, we have been learning about instructional writing. We have looked closely at different texts and when studying these texts, we discovered a range of measurement vocabulary such as: slice, sprinkle, dollop and handful. We then created our own poems using this specific vocabulary. Our poems are all about what we think makes ‘a good friend’, and what the perfect ingredients are. Below are two examples of our poems. We also received a special letter from Hogglestock, the head chef at Cair Paravel, Narnia. The letter told us how the White Witch was being cruel to the servants at the castle and they needed our help to play a trick on her (in the hope to get their own back), and of course we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to help get revenge. Hogglestock had asked that we write some instructions on how to make a sandwich, to help the servants in preparation for the White Witch’s royal ball. However, instead of thinking of tasty ingredients for our sandwiches we decided to write instructions on how to make the most disgusting sandwich in the world! Our ingredients for the sandwiches ranged from ‘a table spoon of dog drool’ to a ‘sprinkle of toenails’ – yuk! We look forward to sharing some of our gruesome instructions with you.
Ingredients for a Best Friend
By Ellie M

1 slice of kindness, 
3 teaspoons of love,
6 tablespoons of helpfulness,
A sprinkle of knowledge,
50 drops of fun,
2 dessertspoons of listening,
A bucketful of eye-contact,
Half a cup of consideration,
10 dollops of respectfulness,
50 millimetres of growth mindset,
3 full cups of encouragement,
1 whole smile.

Ingredients for a Good Friend
By Samuel L

3 tablespoons of happiness,
1 bucket of love,
100g of funniness,
1 sprinkle of respectfulness,
1 slice of fun,
A drop of sharing,
50g of friendliness,
A squirt of listening.

Friday 2nd October 

Well done on another busy and fun-filled week Northern Europe, you continue to shine!

Over the last three weeks, we have been gaining lots of new knowledge about our continent Europe, but more specifically, Northern Europe. In geography, we have explored the countries which can be found in Northern Europe, their flags and capital cities. In art, we researched a very famous German artist, Paul Klee. We looked closely at his art and created our own versions taking inspiration from the shapes and colours used in his work 'Once Emerged from the Gray of Night'. After that, we used word art, to include the countries which are located in Northern Europe.

Take a look at some of our art below…(photos will be uploaded on Monday – we are allowing our masterpieces to dry!)

We have thoroughly enjoyed this week and have gained lots of knowledge about Northern Europe.

Friday 26th September
We have had a wonderful time in Northern Europe this week! We are settled in well to the routines of Year 3 and we have been working hard in all subjects (our button jar is filling up quickly!)
During our computing lesson this week, we discussed how we can keep safe when we are online by following the SMART rules. The SMART rules are safe, meeting, accepting, reliable and tell. We created posters to share with our friends and illustrate what we had learnt. In geography, we have been learning about rivers. In our lesson this week, we looked at images of rivers and identified the areas of erosion and deposition. In P.E, our sport this half term is hockey. We love these lessons and have learnt lots about the sport so far: we have learnt the correct way to hold a hockey stick; how to stop/ intercept a pass; how to do a push-pass and how to move and dribble with the ball. Very impressive Northern Europe!

Friday 18th September

… and so our Year 3 journey begins. Hello and welcome to our class blog. Here you can see what we’ve been doing in class and hear all about our week.

We've had a wonderful first week as Northern Europe, it’s been so lovely to spend time get to know each other and settle ourselves into the new ways of school, which we have all done brilliantly. There have been lots of opportunities to talk this week and we have discussed ways in which we can keep ourselves calm and relaxed if we are feeling worried. To start the week, we created a class charter, we’ve made a promise to each other to follow these rules and be the best we can be.

We are so excited for our year ahead together and celebrating the achievements we all make along the way. Well done Northern Europe, you have all been superstars!